RatchetGxds Pour Decisions 2

Kick start your year with some dope samples from your favorite fellas with the follow up to last year's, "Pour Decisions". It's a celebration bxtches.
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Ghost Syndicate Audio Ghostek Artist Pack Vol.2

It’s time you livened up your production workflow with a surge of fresh and polished sounds of Ghostek Artist Pack Vol.2, a sample collection that embraces a number of production styles and sounds, ranging from Dubstep to Drum and Bass, Future Garage and Grime.
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Explainer Sound SFX library

Everything you need to create dynamic soundtracks for explainer videos and motion graphics. Over 2000 ROYALTY FREE sounds that will captivate the ears of your audience and make your videos sound world class
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Guitar for Beginners - The 7-day Beginner’s Masterclass: Teach yourself your favorite songs not learning boring music theory

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments to learn, and it’s not difficult to see why. Let's face it, guitar-playing is cool - after all, who wouldn't want to sound like Springsteen or Slash?
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Piano Walking Bass: From blues to jazz

Walking bass is an essential element in blues and jazz music. The walking bass hitting a new note on every beat of each bar is a moving force in this kind of music. However, as a solo pianist it can be tricky to get the left hand going while playing melody, harmony or even a solo in the right hand. This book will walk you through some of the common walking bass lines starting with easy blues patterns and progressing to more advanced jazz lines. It will guide you with some simple rules to make your own bass lines and it will bend the rules to make more interesting lines as well.
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Splice Sessions West African Voices

Recorded at Laboutique Studios Dakar, Senegalese singers Tidiane Batjily and Marietou Kouyate laid down improvised vocals in the style of Malian traditional folk (of the country Mali), mbalax, and Afrobeat. These vocals are powerfully stunning and mesmerizing.
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Splice Sounds Hodge Sample Pack

Bristol, England's Jake Martin produces heavily percussive club music under the name Hodge. While his tracks veer between house, techno, and post-dubstep styles, they're generally united by a common thread of strong rhythms and massive bass. Martin's initial releases as Hodge were immersive deep house tracks similar to his work as part of Outboxx, his duo with Matthew Lambert.
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Soul Surplus Rainy Season

Nothing sets the mood better than overcast weather, and rainfall. There is something about the dark undertone and dampened atmosphere that creates a space for the most deep and profound thoughts to run throughout our minds. "Rainy Season", our newest addition to the library, is the perfect soundtrack to a cloudy day. Dark textures of resampled synth pads, Fender Rhodes, and gritty synth basses set a dreary tone throughout each loop.
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Sunday Supply Lofi Motel Daylight

Welcome back, step in and enjoy Lofi Motel – Daylight. The suns out and things seem brighter, but the pool is out of order. Lofi Motel – Daylight brings you the best in chilled out, uplifting instrumental hiphop and chill trap. Lush melodies, with layers of guitars and faraway otherworldly vocals transport you to lofi heaven. Inspirational song starters and individual ideas and melodies perfect for dropping into your songs.
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Jammcard Samples Cory Wong Fourth Position Funk

Cory Wong - Fourth Position Funk Pack offers a collection of guitar licks, lush leads, multi-layered melodic stacks, funked out basslines, one-shots and creative fx crafted and curated by guitarist, songwriter, producer, and Vulfpeck member, Cory Wong. With hundreds of guitar and bass loops & one-shots, each sound has been meticulously recorded, mixed, and designed, offering a treasure trove of strung out samples catered for funk, r&b, soul and beyond with the Cory Wong stamp of approval.
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Test Press Serum UK Grime

Dropping the first ever ‘UK Grime Serum preset pack’ capturing the current sounds from the underground UK Grime scene! The pack contains 100 pro-designed patches including: speakershaking basslines, classic dancefloor style keys and real sounds, rattling sub-basses, jagged style FX noises, stack patches and a selection of drum sounds.
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Junoav Curiosity Voyager (Pro Pack)

Step up your film game and enter into a new dimension of audio-visual wonder with our freshest and biggest release to date. Containing over 100+ uniquely processed sound effects, 85+ glitch-inspired video clips, and 4 original soundtracks to add to your creative arsenal, this highly awaited asset pack is one like no other…
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OwnHammer Impulse Response Libraries 112 RECT VTP-12A

The "112 RECT" is based on and seeking to recreate the sound of a MESA/Boogie® 1x12 Recto® cabinet. speaker The "VTP-12A" is based on and seeking to recreate the sound of a 12 inch, 8-ohm, 75-Hz cone Celestion® T5901A V-Type speaker made in July of 2013.
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York Audio HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

The York Audio HWAT 412 FN50 Lite Cab Pack is based on a vintage Hiwatt™ SE4122 4x12 cabinet loaded with the original Fane™ “Purple Label” 50 watt speakers from 1977. The tone is warm and unique with incredible vintage character unlike anything else we offer. Voiced on the darker side, this rear-ported cab brings a thick low end you can feel while the midrange retains rich vocal-like qualities and 70’s grit. The top end is very smooth, and speaks without harshness in the presence frequencies with a nice airiness that compliments the low end wonderfully.
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York Audio MTCH 212

The York Audio MTCH 212 is based on a Matchless ESD 212 loaded with custom voiced Celestion M25 and H30 speakers exclusively made for Matchless products. This Cab Pack perfectly captures that signature tone for gorgeous etherial cleans, Class-A grit, and singing leads. Multi-mic mixes are included for each speaker as well as speaker blends of the M25 and H30 speakers for some beautifully complex tones.
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