PSE: The Producers Library Thunder and Rumble

Thunder and Rumble is a collection of powerful sounding One-shot samples that occur when weather is less than ideal. The sounds in this pack consist of both real world thunder as well as synthetic interpretations of thunderstorm effects. The sounds in this pack are great to add an ominous atmosphere to your productions.
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Udemy Everyone Can Sing! Your Singing Course

After 10 years of coaching all levels of singers I decided to share my knowledge with You. I’ll take you on a musical ride. After certification in many vocal schools like - Speech Level Singing, Institute for Vocal Advancement, Modern Vocal Training I have a lot of my own thoughts and conclusions. This course is an essence of over 10000 lessons I gave.
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Udemy iZotope RX 9: From 0 to Hero

Hi, and welcome to the most complete and up-to-date tutorial of the iZotope RX 9. Here we’re going to take a detailed look at every setting, module, and function of this powerful audio repair and restoration tool. While going through, we will discuss and actually try every component of the RX suite on various problems that audio recordings can possibly have. You also have access to all the audio files used in this course. After every chapter, you’ll be optioned to pass the quiz about the learned material, so you can check yourself.
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Udemy Mastering Music Using Izotope Ozone 9

Mastering EDM music and all the other genres can be a hard process. Mastering techniques are a different cam to mixing music. Its that final step in mixing and mastering that can be the final push to making a good track sound great.
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Dropgun Samples ARCANDO Vocal Future Pop 3

The producer & sample pack creator ARCANDO has become one of the most influential names in the current EDM industry. With his previous two sample packs reaching the top 10 most downloaded on Splice, he strikes back with another “must-have” for producers and musicians: Arcando’s Vocal Future Pop Vol. 3, in collaboration with the popular vocalist Britt Lari.
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Groove3 Studio One 6 Explained

Join Studio One guru Eli Krantzberg for a complete walk-through of Presonus's Studio One 6! With a runtime of over 6.5 hours, Eli leaves few stones unturned in this comprehensive Studio One video manual course. Whether you're brand new to Studio One or a long-time user that just wants to learn about the new bells and whistles, Eli's got you covered. From audio recording to mixing, MIDI parameters to automation, plug-ins to editing and much more, you'll be ready to start making music immediately after completing the course with a thorough command of this DAW's impressive list of features. These videos are for new Studio One 6 users.
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SOUND7 Outrun Vol.2

64 SYNTHWAVE PRESETS FOR REPRO-5 Are you finding other synthwave presets lacking? You don't want to waste countless hours shoe-horning a mediocre sound into your productions to then not be happy with it at the end.
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Driven Sounds Spektralisk Xebra

Xebra is a set of wavetables and patches for u-he Zebra synthesiser. Included content is designed to inspire you to create your own sounds by using the included wavetables and template patches. Apart from that there are additional patches derived from the templates and lot more sounds only found in full version.
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Driven Sounds Spektralisk Propulsion

Propulsion is a set of sounds for u-he Repro-1 synthesiser. Analog at the core enhanced with the digital, this sound set is focused mainly on saturated, driven and dynamic sequences. Ready to add energy and sense of urgency to your tracks. There are also basses, atmospheres and sound effects added for more variety. All of the presets have mod wheel assigned for quick alteration of the sounds. If you're into heavily distorted and saturated sounds, this sound pack might be something for you.
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Touch the Universe Orbital Momentum

We are excited to announce Orbital Momentum for U-he's Hive 2 synthesizer, which has an impressive, modern sound with a powerful feature set and a relatively easy to use layout. It is simply superb sounding and all the more impressive due to its low cpu load. It is similar in archeticture to the famous sylenth synthesizer, however, Hive has plenty of its own unique character and a more advanced feauture set than its forebearer. It is 100% perfectly suited for all Ambient and Electronic music genres. This is our second soundset for Hive, and thanks to this new update (as of July 2019) they sound amazingly good! They are also filled with unique lush pads and many exotic goa trance style lead and glides. An optional "Expansion" version is available for an additional $5 containing 17 MIDI files taken from the audio showcases.
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The Unfinished Refrakt DARK EDITION

Zebra Refrakt: Dark Edition is a collection of 300 patches for Zebra2 and ZebraHZ. Refrakt explores a grittier, edgier side of modern action scoring, providing depth, distortion and dynamism.
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The Very Loud Indeed Co Spiegel

Zebra + HZ Spiegel is a collection of 240 cinematic patches: all 120 patches from our Zebra Spiegel soundset, plus modified versions of those patches for ZebraHZ, a version of Zebra2 customized for legendary composer Hans Zimmer, which he used on his scores for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.
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u-he Bazille Cookbook

A 280+ patch soundset plus the ultimate compendium of Bazille knowledge, all cooked up and served hot by our very own Howard Scarr. Apart from describing techniques used in each and every patch in the soundset, the 118-page book (PDF) is also stuffed with interesting tips and little experiments. This combination of soundset and book should keep Bazille fans engaged and exploring for a very long time.
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Triple Spiral Audio Solitary

Solitary is new soundset for Hive 2 by Triple Spiral Audio and contains 116 presets, 112 custom wavetables and also a unify version (optional). Inspired by a wide variety of artists such as Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Olafur Arnalds and many more, Solitary offers a lot variety in sound. Steady and solid ARP’s,analogue pads, leads and synths, ambient and jazzy plucks and keys, deep basses, mysterious soundscapes and textures and a nice amount of inspiring pulses, bass loops and sequences.
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u-he Metaphorium

Over two years in the making, Metaphorium for Hive 2 is now available! 220+ presets programmed in-house by Howard Scarr, Viktor Weimer (TUC) and Urs Heckmann himself. This soundset contains a staggering variety of rhythms, chugging basses, melodic loops, atonal and tonal pads, dreamy soundscapes, dramatic and ambient effects. However, meticulous XY pad programming in Metaphorium makes many of the presets defy categorization: You can create radically different versions within seconds, bending presets beyond all recognition. Such flexibility makes them suitable for any genre of music and film.
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