Midi Moguls POST pink

POST pink is a hip hop/pop genre loop pack that is loaded with LIVE ACOUSTIC GUITARS, LIVE ELECTRIC GUITARS, lofied synths and keys, soulful progressions, speaker knocking kicks and ground shaking basses that are sure to help assist in your next production project.
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Klevgrand Light Collection 2023.5

Klevgrand is an audio plugin company and creative studio based in Stockholm (Sweden) run by musicians, software developers, music producers and sound designers. Plugins FX Included:
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Sknote SoundBrigade

A brigade of filters with a mission.Evidence, Mastering, Mixing, Product, Software, Software Product. A “Brigade” of filters has a “Mission” assigned (an algorithm).
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zplane FENNE

Check your loudness and levels with FENNEK – the evolved metering plugin from zplane development. FENNEK comes with a large selection of standards and requirements for the world’s leading broadcasters and streaming services.
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EditionKray Deats Drumkit Vol.1 Utopia

17 x 80811 x Clap 5 x FX 25 x HiHat
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2DEEP Sample Lab Vol.8

Introducing our latest sample pack - 'Sample Lab Vol.8', featuring 10 inspiring melodies and a total of 29 loops in Trap, Hip Hop, and R&B genres. Each sample is crafted with a blend of keys, pianos, strings, synths, and pads, providing a rich, emotive soundscape for your next production. These loops have the potential to elevate your tracks and bring a unique, modern edge to your music. Whether you're a beat maker, producer, or composer, this pack is a must-have tool for creating chart-topping hits. So why wait? Get your hands on 'Sample Lab Vol.8' and let the creative process flow.
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These Are The Vibes Antro Finesse

Music Producer, ANTRO, returns with the vibes that you all know and love. The FINESSE KIT comes full with 808's ~ BASS ~ CLAPS ~ KICKS ~ HH ~ OH ~ PERC ~ SNARE ~ LOOPS ~ MIXING PRESETS
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Gokami Hex Stash Kit

40 loops45 melody midis 160 hi hats midis drum stash
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Touch The Universe Mystic Cosmos Sylenth Soundsets

Touch The Universe is proud to present “Mystic Cosmos” for the royally beautiful Sylenth synth, suitable for any contemporary electronic and ambient music genres, containing 128 lovely presets.
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Jukebox Juice Vibe Tide

Vibe Tide brings you the next wave of sounds with 62 custom made presets for Arturia Analog Lab V. Each sound has been made with contemporary hip hop & R&B genres in mind, so whether you're making trap, drill, trapsoul or hyperpop, this soundbank will have the sound you're looking for!
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Coka$ian Alternative Drum Kit Vol.2

300 + drum sounds for your Alternative/Post/Punk/Indie/Pop/Rock/Grunge/Trap beats!
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AudioFriend Modular Synthesis 2

100 interesting tempo synced sequences made with modular synthesis. This is a mixture of drum, perc and synth sounds.
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Udemy Complete Guide To Classical Guitar Tremolo

A well-played tremolo on a classical guitar is one of the most beautiful sounds in western music. Master this magical technique and be guided through some of the great tremolo solos, including Recuerdos de la Alhambra.
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Udemy Hit Songwriting: The Proven Method

Join our online course "Hit Songwriting: The Proven Method" and unlock the secrets of hit songwriting. Learn the art of crafting impactful and meaningful lyrics that resonate with listeners. Our comprehensive course covers everything you need to know to write chart-topping hits, in a 4-step process that is easy to follow.
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Udemy Music Marketing Mastery: Level 1

Welcome to Course 1: Mastering the Art of Music Marketing! This course is the perfect starting point or an essential refresher for anyone looking to build a career in the music industry, whether you're an aspiring artist, band member, manager, or promoter. Throughout this course, we will explore the major trends currently shaping the music industry and how to effectively navigate them. We will delve into the different channels and tactics used in music marketing, both online and offline, and examine how they can be leveraged to promote a chosen artist or band and build their fan base.
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