StationPlaylist Studio Pro

Studio is our on-air broadcast playout software for the studio, providing useful features for assisting the DJ during live shows, and for unattended automation with our StationPlaylist Creator track scheduler. Any DJ can use this software. An uncluttered screen and large control buttons makes this one of the easiest to use broadcasting applications available.
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HoRNet VU Meter MK4

The HoRNet VU Meter MK4 is a digital VU meter plugin with automatic gain setting and grouping functions, the new GUI is now scalable and has been optimised to take less space than the previous version and let you focus on the meter bars. In addition to the GUI VU Meter MK4 also allows you to give names to your tracks and groups, send every parameter change to any instance of VU Meter MK4 (not just the ones in the same group) and display the level of any of the other instances in the project without closing the GUI and choosing a new track.
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Homegrown Sounds AirTones

Whilst working on AirWaves which is more atmospheric than musical, it occurred that a traditionally musical synthesizer using the sine wave de-modulator signals would be interesting, and so AirTones was born.
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Splice Sounds Fabian Mazur Vital Ambience

Fabian Mazur returns in the newest installment of his Elixir series. This time, his magic potion comes in the form of a handful of ambient textures and sounds. Check your vital signs and make sure you have plenty of the dreamy synth pads and chords in Vital Ambience, available now.
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Origin Sound Waves

'Waves: Trap & Hip Hop' by Origin Sound is filled with booming 808s, characteristic Trap melodies and many more beat goodies. This is a must-have sample pack for any beat heads looking to add some serious samples to their Trap library.
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Origin Sound This Pack Is Fire

'This Pack Is Fire' by Origin Sound is a beat smith's dream toolkit, housing everything you will need to get an idea started or finish off a stale project. Check it out and let the sounds speak for themselves.
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Origin Sound Raw Beats

'Raw Beats' by Origin Sound brings a perfect mix of modern punchy production paired with expertly performed rhythms, a rarity in the world of drum focused sample packs. Have a dig through the sounds yourself and let the inspiration take the wheel.
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Origin Sound LoFi and Chill

'Lo-Fi & Chill' by Origin Sound is a sample pack that is bubbling over with lush and mellow vibes. Filled with soft rattling percussion and dreamy melancholy synths, this pack is an elegant collection of Chill-Hop delicacies.
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Origin Sound Kyoto

'Kyoto' by Origin Sound is a sample pack full of Dark Trap vibes inspired by the Japanese city that will give your beat an exotic and sophisticated edge. 'Kioto's expansive melodic loops folder is loaded with all the tools needed for the modern Trap producer. From 808s and basses that will fly kick you in the chest, gritty live electric bass, moody ethereal keys, classic juicy organs, tasteful synths fine-tuned to perfection, organic and roomy bells and kalimbas, super rich plucks, and much more. The melodic folder also comes equipped with Construction Kit loops that provide an excellent example of how all the different melodic loops can mesh together and form a solid idea. These melodic hooks are an outstanding tool for crafting an ominous Trap or Rap beat.
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Origin Sound Afro Soul

'Afro Soul: Island Inspired Dancehall' by Origin Sound is bursting open with beats that bridge the gap between trappy Soulection vibes and chart-topping soulful masterpieces. Unzip the pack and take a look inside at the elegant wonders within 'Afro Soulʼ.
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Black Octopus Sound Wild

Amy Kirkpatrick is no stranger to the vocal game, and with her latest royalty free vocal pack Wild, you can hear exactly why she is as well known and celebrated for her voice and lyrics as she is! This is the perfect addition to any producers library working with multiple genres in Electronic music and beyond, including (but not limited to) Trap, Ambient, Future Pop, Future Bass, Downtempo, Dubstep, EDM, House, and Techno!
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Black Octopus Sound Vibes From Another Planet

Step into the ship, its time for lift off! Vibes from Another Planet by Kyng Media has all your chilled out, bass fueled, trap style grooves and sounds that take any song into new heights! Inside is full songs stemmed out into loops so you can either work them together, or as separate elements, into your own custom production. But the vibes don’t stop here! Alongside these stellar stems are one shots of dynamite Drums, spacey Synths and floating FX, that take you out of this world and into a new dimension!
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Black Octopus Sound Tape Funk

Basement Freaks in collaboration with Concord Audio bring us a warm, analog and fuzzy funky flavored sample pack; “Tape Funk”! This is the epitome of highest quality funky warm beats and music loops you can come across. And Tape Funk isn’t just a clever name; all the drums, percussion, FX and music loops were ran through an old Tape Machine during the tracking process, giving it exactly the tone and character you would desire from funky tape saturated loops and samples! True old school analog flavor is hard to find these days and Basement Freaks knew this and took it straight to the roots; doing the entire process straight onto an analog Tape Machine at Concord Audio facilities.
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Black Octopus Sound Spiritual Ambience

Welcome to a journey of spirituality and sacred sounds with Spiritual Ambience! Chill out and look inward as you find guidance through these samples and loops, which are all labelled with various BPM’s and Keys, allowing you to easily drag and drop into your favorite DAW. Inside this blissful pack is percussion, synths, bass, guitars, and loads of world instruments such as Kalimbas, Cuatro, Guiro, plus many other percussion and stringed elements to ignite that inspiration deep inside. But rest assured, the adventure doesn’t stop there. If you look even deeper, you will find full music loops and entire song starters to get you going on the right path.
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Black Octopus Sound Sky High Future Bass

Reach for the sky! Sky High Future Bass is here to put that top quality and elegant Future Bass style into any production! This will give you the same top tier sounds that all the biggest names are using and help you get breathtaking results in no time. The pack is extremely broad covering all your Bass, Drum, FX, Music, Midi and Vocal needs in one go.
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