Laniakea Sounds Progressive Chill 3

'Progressive Chill 3' allows you to be one of the producers who makes intelligent and catchy electronic music with the third part of this Progressive Chill sample pack series.
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Laniakea Sounds Hip Hop Caviar

'Hip Hop Caviar' is a sub zero collection of hand-crafted beats, catchy grooves and smooth melodics. This fine mixture brings you every element a Hip Hop producer would need, such as classic drums, sweet keys, stucked pads, ethnic instruments, lush vocals and more.
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Zenhiser Psytrance For Sylenth

Sylenth Gets A Psytrance Boost With 128 Expressive & Detailed Presets Time to turbocharge Sylenth synth with Zenhiser’s cutting edge collection of Psytrance presets offering a phenomenal assortment of expressive and detailed sounds dedicated to the Psy realm. Using advanced programming techniques this culmination of style, power and drive propels your Sylenth into a behemoth synth machine.
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Hideaway Studio 1979 GDS Shimmers

1979 Crumar General Development System, GDS Shimmers GDS Shimmers was the first patch programmed in the voice editor when the full system was returned to working order for the first time in many years during major restoration in late 2014.
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Fis Textured Sounds and Loops

Best described as ‘miniature sonic collisions’, each and every sample in ‘Textured Sounds and Loops’ contains its own little timbral cluster, sourced from multiple individual sounds for a physical and layered feel.
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Hideaway Studio 1946 Deagan Electric Chimes

Although tuned percussive instruments had long since been in existence JC Deagan was perhaps the most significant figure in the field to transform often seen as crude novelties into well respected percussive orchestral instruments with exceptional tuned harmonic haracteristics.
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Udemy Play Incredible Guitar Solos Essential Exercises

"Ryan's course has taught me so much about guitar soloing that I couldn't have learned elsewhere. I was even able to play a solo from one of my favorite songs!" -Michael Suprise
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Cartel Loops Pink Hndrx

'Pink Hndrx' is a beautiful collection of 22 live chilled guitar loops in the style of some of the best guitar players on the planet such as David Gilmour and Jimmy Hendrix.
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Sonics Empire Trap Avengers Vol.1

Trap Avengers Vol 1 by SONICS EMPIRE is the first instalment of a brand new series of innovative samples that will catapult your production into the top of the Trap & Hiphop charts.
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Bellatrix Audio and LFO Store Ambient Factory Vol.2

500 SAMPLES AND 555 PATCHES FOR NATIVE INSTRUMENTS KONTAKT. A one year work result of sound-design, recording, morphing & mixing with sound waves from analog, digital & vst synthesizers & live instruments (different wind bells).
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Asonic Vibrations

Trap Heavy Bass Loops and One Shots 57 carefully crafted bass loops 20 one shot samples
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Music Learning and Teaching in Culturally and Socially Diverse Contexts: Implications for Classroom Practice

This book examines the inter-relationship between music learning and teaching, and culture and society: a relationship that is crucial to comprehend in today's classrooms. The author presents case studies from diverse music learning and teaching contexts - including South India and Australia and online learning environments - to compare the modes of transmission teachers use to share their music knowledge and skills. It is imperative to understand the ways in which culture and society can in fact influence music teachers' beliefs and experiences: and in understanding, there is potential to improve intercultural approaches to music education more generally. In increasingly diverse schools, the author highlights the need for culturally appropriate approaches to music planning, assessment and curricula. Thus, music teachers and learners will be able to understand the diversity of music education, and be encouraged to embrace a variety of methods and approaches in their own teaching. This inspiring book will be of interest and value to all those involved in teaching and learning music in various contexts.
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Asonic Sensei

SENSEI: Trap Construction Kits brings you 5 kits of bangin’ Trap hits including everything from Synth and leads Drum Loops and Bass Loops to help you ensure that your next track is a hit!
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Asonic Compass

We are proud to present our latest release Compass. This library contains 104MB of content featuring 30 Otherworldly hits and mind-blowing impact sounds including slams to distorted impacts, slow-motion impacts to Atmospheric and ghostly hits and more..
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Asonic Starfall

Starfall: Urban Atmospheric Construction Kits brings you 5 kits including everything from Synth and leads Drum Loops and Bass Loops to help you ensure that your next track is a hit!
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