Sonic Academy How To Make How To Sound Like Patrice Bäumel

This week we welcome back mau5trap artist Dom Kane for an all-new course in his preferred DAW Bitwig where he creates a track based on Patrice Bäumel's epic sound.
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Sonic Academy How To Make How To Sound Like Tinlicker

Back with us once again with an all-new 'How To Make' course is the awesome Nate Raubenheimer aka Protoculture and Shadow Chronicles and this time he's tackling How To Sound Like Tinlicker!
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Cinetools Mythica

The Middle Ages are calling! Grab your axe, dive into the old-times fight and scatter the enemy attack to protect your blessed lover! Cinetools proudly presents “Mythica” full of high-quality cinematic sound effects everything in your medieval fantasy world is brought to life. Heroism, Mysteries, Adventures and Battles are the main axis of this gigantic library.
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Cinetools Lost

Tough, tender, tense and twisty! All the fans of dark drama will be captivated by this intense new library! Cinetools proudly presents “Lost” featuring modern and powerful trailer sounds with a sense of loneliness and foreboding. Filled with 1000 top-notch sound effects showcases overall emotion and fear of the darker side of humanity. Comes with a diverse array of sounds ready to spawn feelings of tension that fit well inside your projects. All is designed for dark thrilling, nerve-racking, heart-stopping blockbuster scores and trailers and it has enough power to set moods and create emotion in your production.
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Udemy Ultimate Guide To Video Game Music

Welcome to this comprehensive course on video game music. This course is mainly focused on all levels of musicians who want to learn video game music. It includes some unique topics that any other course has not offered. Learn the technics and ethics of game music.
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Sonic Academy How To Make Hybrid Trap with Haterade

This week we welcome back Haterade with his first full 'How To Make' course, where he builds an awesome dark and menacing Hybrid Trap tune from scratch. Working through the track from intro to outro we build huge impactful drums, layered synth lines in ANA 2, beefed up basslines and create a build-up like no other before moving on to the all-important drop. We add variation as the track evolves and pick up the pace adding a psy trance element for the second drop before mixing and mastering.
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Udemy Piano Method For Beginners Piano Lessons

I started to play piano aged 1 with my father, teaching piano at 16 and do international concerts at 24. Now in 2021 I am 38 so this will be 37 years that I play piano every day, will make me 22 years teaching experience and 14 years serious concert experience. I actually did a break between 5 when I took my first few piano lessons and 13 when I started again alone. I did my Master degree in Brussels. My father plays piano very well and my great grand-father was a famous belgian composer.
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Cymatics Ether Melody Loops

Ether Trap Melodies is full of synth-based dark trap melody loops, including stems and midi for each. In the past few years artists have been experimenting and taking sounds in all kinds of strange directions as far as melodies and sound design goes.
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Cymatics Pulse Percussion Loops

High quality percussion loops are great for adding interesting textures and rhythms to different sections of your track, and can even make a great starting point to use as inspiration.
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Cymatics Caverns Vol.2 Percussion Kit

Producers loved the first caverns for its unique percussion sounds that can't be found in many other percussion kits. Wide and spacey percussion hits - processed to sound like they were recorded from deep inside an echoing cavern.
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Cymatics Serenity Guitar Loops

Serenity features mainly sad, emotional, lofi guitar loops. The guitar is one of the most versatile and recognized instruments ever, so It's no surprise that it continues to be featured in hip hop, trap, and other nontraditional “guitar music”.
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Cymatics Apex Vol.7 Instrument One Shots

This collection is packed full of instrument one shots, perfect for crafting a new and unique melody style from scratch. With so many different styles of one shots to choose from, these make it easier than ever to find the right vibe for your next melody.
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Cymatics Apex Vol.6 Modern One Shots

Apex is back with another high-quality collection of beautiful synth and instrument one shot recordings. Having a library of quality one-shots is extremely valuable for producers, using them with samplers and other audio manipulation techniques can lead to endless sonic possibilities when creating new melodies.
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Cymatics Apex Vol.5 Vintage Synth One Shots

Analog synthesizers can produce some of the most rich and unique sounds that Vst's just can't quite emulate. Build your own melodies from the ground up or sprinkle in melodic textures, using these incredible one shots from hard to access synths.
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Cymatics Astral MIDI Collection

Astral is a collection of inspiring R&B style MIDI melodies and progressions. All MIDI files have been carefully refined, giving you usable progressions that can be dropped into your DAW immediately.
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