Buckets of Rain Fingerpicking Possibilities in Open D

In these last few years I have been spending a lot of time exploring and wandering in the Open D tuning (D A D F# A D). Henry Worrall composed and arranged Sebastopol, a solo parlor guitar piece, in an Open D tuning and published it in 1860 with A.C. Peters & J.L. Peters, music publishers, Cincinnati, Ohio. The piece was very popular throughout the nineteenth century. Worrall intended the piece to be an imitation of a military bugle and band. Somehow, Worrall's Sebastopol entered in to the folk music tradition of the 1800s and both Black and White rural musicians played versions of this tune. Over the years the title changed from Sebastopol to Sevastopol and then to Vestapol or Vastapol. Today's guitarist generally refer to an Open D Tuning as Vestapol tuning.
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MVPPlatinum Transition FX Club Sweeps N Builds

Need the hottest transition FX for your next EDM smash? Look no further, because ‘Transition FX Club Sweeps N Builds’ has you covered. 32 high quality FX - Transitions, Risers, Builds, Sweeps, and everything you need to build the suspense of the crowd.
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RawNois3 Noisey Keys

This is the first edition of Noisey Keys. It contains 19 melody loops all originally crafted and wrote by Noise. The basic concept of this pack is based on coloring. There are several chord progressions already colored and some dry ones for you to color and texture according to your sound. Experiment. Be creative. And most importantly....Have fun!
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Udemy How to play Piano Go from a Beginner/Intermediate to a Pro

Join over 11,000 students who have enrolled in this course and over 28,000 students who have enrolled in all my 10 Music Courses. WITH MORE THAN 40 HOURS OF CONTENT AND 300+ LECTURES, this course is a COMPLETE & COMPREHENSIVE PIANO COURSE that includes video content, PDF sheets and other lectures. This Piano Course will help you to be able to play any style of music. This Piano Course is a thorough and structured course that has been designed to take you from a Beginner Level to an Advanced Level on the Piano and musically. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge required in order to be able to play the Piano/Keyboard. This Course is for anyone that wants to learn how to play the Piano/Keyboard and it is also for the people that play the Piano/Keyboard and want to learn more about it. This course consists of "Beginner", "Intermediate" and "Advanced" Materials. This course also complements my other course that is called "Intermediate to Advanced Piano Course; Become a Top Pianist".
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IY Beats Premium Drum Kit IY

included: Bass 808 Chant
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Evolution of Sound Deceiver

Tech-House is currently one of the top genres to start making as younger crowds pack the clubs looking to dance to your next dirty hit. With artists like Chris Lake, Fisher, and Chris Lorenzo pushing the boundaries and creating a fresh new take on Tech-House, we wanted to help you achieve the sound by creating a source of endless inspiration for you.
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String Audio ALCHEMIST 2 Cinematic Textures

ALCHEMIST 2 is one of the most acclaimed and innovative sample libraries in its genre. Now is even more powerful with the brand new 2.5 updated version.
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String Audio ALCHEMIST 2 Cinematic Impacts

We are very excited to present a new version of our best seller library Alchemist Cinematic Impacts. ALCHEMIST 2 Cinematic Impacts is boosted by an updated version of our acclaimed ALCHEMIST 2 engine featuring important improvements and bugfixes and support for the TouchOSC controller.
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String Audio MONOLITH Bundle

Signature Cinematic Atmos and Basses MONOLITH Atmos is a powerful tool for Kontakt to create deep and complex cinematic sounds, from delicate and pure pads and tones to unreal and signature soundscapes and textures.
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Big Room Sound Worn Out Wood Door

This is a dying wood door from my sister’s garage. It works great for old cabins, cottages and barns. Besides all the opens and closes, there are lots of creaky swinging moves to add detail or subtleties. Hard bangs and slams for drama. Plus grabs and handling to glue it all together.
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RawNois3 What Are These Colors?

What Are These Colors? from Raw Nois3 is a royalty free percussion driven melody pack based around African percussion. With a total of 46 loops (8 Percussion Loops and 38 Stem Loops) you have a variety of files to choose from that will add modern rhythm with a tribal feel to your beats. Check out the review and download your copy today!
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Platinum Notes

Improve Your Audio Files. Drop in your music files. Platinum Notes will make them sound perfect. We designed it to work with music from Beatport, iTunes and other stores. Even if you buy WAV files, Platinum Notes will improve them.
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Nice The Creative Group Monstracity

'Monstracity' from Nice The Creative Group has a nice mixture of beats. From Ambient to just straight bass smacking, it's all in here. This pack contains five Construction Kits that are bound to be hit makers in your library.
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CreativeLive Toontrack presents Studio Pass with Brendon Small and Ulrich Wild

The People Behind Metalocalypse. Adult Swim's Metalocalypse is a cheeky parody of metal culture - featuring the shenanigans of a cartoon band called Dethklok. In Toontrack Presents: Studio Pass, you'll get a closer look at the creative process behind this mesmerizing metal powerhouse-turned-TV-series.
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Soundiron Voice of Wind Adey

Voice Of Wind: Adey is the first volume in our modular female solo vocal series Voices Of Wind. Each volume focuses on a new vocalist with a distinct creative style and comes complete with a full package of vital chromatic and melodic articulations that sound great and are easy and convenient to use in any music or video production project that comes your way. This edition focuses on the ethereal and soulfully nuanced mezzo-soprano voice of singer-songwriter Adey Bell. Her rich, nimble and dusky vocal character effortlessly fuses classical, pop, folk, blues, lounge and jazz vocal styles
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