DJ 1Truth Armageddon

Welcome to Cinematic Destruction! The world is coming to an end and the only hope you have left in humanity is the survival of your own kind among the ruin and destruction of your planet! Aliens have invaded and are wrecking havoc and chaos destroying any and everything in their path! It's up to you to save the world! That was my idea for developing this pack. I wanted to give you sounds and samples that evoke horror and chaos and intensity from horror theme bells to whistling piano's and strings to epic intense brass and horns! Punchy laced drum loops provide the background intensity as well as organic percussion loops to fill the void and space! You also have some very abstract fx loops to add a sense of turmoil and despair to your tracks as well as some vocal phrases to give your cinematic tracks some interesting moments in time! You have everything you need to complete your cinematic production from start to finish so what are you waiting for??? Take your Cinematic tracks to their utter ruin with Armageddon!!!
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DJ 1Truth Astro Guitars

Let's take a trip to outer space for some out of this world inspiration: Welcome to Astro Guitars! Inspired by Juice Wrld, Travis Scott, Lil Peep, Lil Uzi Vert, Pop Smoke and Gunna this essential guitar loop packs come drenched right out the box with tons of ready to go guitar loops perfect for your Hip Hop x Trap Soul x Future R&B beats! These guitars come processed with a vast array of outer space ambiance, lush eq and compression, ambient soundscapes, vintage lo-fi amp simulation and much more to give each loop it's own character and vibe! Drag and drop these loops into your favorite DAW of choice and start taking your beats to a whole new level with Astro Guitars!
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DJ 1Truth Astro Guitars 2

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Astro Guitars series! Inspired by artists like Juice Wrld, Lil Skies, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, Gunna and MGK this unique blend of ambient atmospheres mixed with heart felt emotion will add depth, soul, passion and love to those Trap x Hip Hop beats of yours! These guitars were created using a variety of guitar amp's, spring reverb's, compression, ambient atmosphere's and soundscapes and much more to give each individual loop it's own character and style similar to those you hear with Juice Wrld and Travis Scott! Drag and drop these tempo synced loops into your favorite DAW of choice and start cooking up some tasty yet melodic beats today with Astro Guitars 2!
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DJ 1Truth 808 Menace 2

Welcome to the follow up to the low down dirty subterranean menace from the underworld: This is 808 Menace 2! Inspired by Pop Smoke, Lil Uzi Vert, Da Baby, Lil Wayne, Lil Pump, Ski Mask, Stormzy and Gucci Mane this hard hitting knockout of a pack comes filled with all the low end your Hip Hop x Trap beats need in today's music! These 808's have been destroyed using a vast array of distortion, saturation, compression, layering, eq and plenty of sauce to give extra punch and deep end growl to your beats! Drag and drop these one shot hits into your favorite DAW of choice and start cooking up that radio ready heat with 808 Menace 2!
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DJ 1Truth 808 Menace 3

Look no further for complete bottom end savagery with our third installment of the Menace series: This is 808 Menace 3! Inspired by 21 Savage, 808 Mafia, Murda Beatz, Lex Luger, Southside, Lil Wayne, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Gunna, Da Baby, NBA Youngboy and Jeezy this hard hitting collection of deep end booming 808 one shot samples come packing plenty of low end rumble ready to tackle any beat you throw at it whether Hip Hop x Trap x Future Bass or Future R&B! These 808's were carefully crafted using a variety of output sources including tube distortion, bass amp's, analog compression and vintage lo-fi saturation! You've got all the low you'll need for that late studio cookup with this pack of goodies! Drag and drop these one shots into your favorite DAW of choice and start creating havoc today with 808 Menace 3!
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Maschine Kits Blair Sinta Vol.2

The Blair Sinta Vol 2 MACHINE Kit library gives you access to three custom kits featuring samples of Blair's drums and cymbals recorded at his home studio in Los Angeles.
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DJ 1Truth 808 Menace

Get ready for the ultimate collection of down right dirty bass shots: This is 808 Menace! Inspired by Juice Wrld, Lil Skies, Jack Harlow, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and NLE Choppa this essential collection of punchy distorted 808's comes crushing right out the box ready to hit the studio! These 808's were crafted using tons of distortion, layering, compression, eq, saturation as well as some lo-fi treatment to craft the ultimate low end growl! Drag and drop these one shot samples into your favorite DAW of choice and start cooking up some MONSTER Trap x Hip Hop tracks today with 808 Menace!
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DJ 1Truth 808 Hostile 2

Welcome to the 2nd edition of 808 Hostile. The second edition comes equipped with TONS of fresh and unique inspiration in the form of hard hitting 808 sub bass as well as glossy sub thumping kick drums! Whether your in the market for HUGE sub driven bass, lo-fi inspired 808's or EPIC kick drums layered with synth bass this pack will have something that your in need of! Hugely inspired by artists and producers such as Metro Boomin, 808 Mafia, Lex Luger, Gucci Mane, Lil Pump, NLE Choppa, Drake, Migos and Lil Wayne this essential collection of one shots will have your neighbors begging you to turn down the music! All the drums in the demo come from my "Sauce Plug" drum kit and for the melodies they come from the "Business As Usual 2" melody loop pack!
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DJ 1Truth 808 Hostile

Welcome to your First and Last 808 Pack you'll ever need for Trap and Hip Hop beats! Get ready for MASSIVE OVERLOAD as you take a trip down earthquake lane in this thrilling and epic adventure filled with earth defying fury around each and every corner! Inside this kit comes 50 fully functional and extremely hard hitting Tuned 808's that will defy gravity and shake your speakers into oblivion or just rattle your neighbors wall all night long!!! These fresh 808's were created using tons of Distortion, Compression, Chorus, FX Bass Amplifications, Filters and Various Impulse Responses to simulate insanely dark and terrifying responses perfectly mixed into these 808's! Drag and drop these hits straight into your DAW of choice and get to cooking up those epic radio hits! I can't promise you'll neighbors will like you after they hear these but that's the price they pay for being your neighbor!
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Splice Originals La Isla

Splice Originals: La Isla transports you to the tropical location of your dreams, ushering in warmth, sun, and a good mood. For this pack Erick Bardales was inspired by Reggaeton and Afrobeat melodies and percussion with hints of salsa and merengue influences.
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Splice Originals La Vuelta

La Vuelta means "the move" or "the play". With this pack, producer Erick Bardales dives into the modern, perreo side of reggaeton, combining Dembow rhythms with moody, R&B-infused harmonies. His melodies are inspired by Tainy and Sky Rompiendo, with a twist of old reggaeton drums by DJ Blass y DJ Nelson.
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Diaspora Resampled Latin Trap

“Resampled: Latin Trap” is a sample pack that resamples traditional latin rhythms featuring full instrumentation, into latin trap. This pack features over a dozen melodic and drum loops, with a full band of trumpet, piano, bass, and percussion. This pack also features dozens of one-shots for custom music creation.
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WavSupply Georgie Glamour (Looperator Bank)

Contains 36 Looperator presets designed by Georgie of Internet Money/MiraTouch. – 15 presets designed for drums and hihats – 21 presets designed for melodies
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Big Citi Loops Park's Edition 5

'Park's Edition 5' is an incredible Rock pack from Big Citi Loops. These Six Construction Kits are modelled after the incredible Rock group, Linkin Park. If you're a fan, you would swear that Big Citi Loops got Linkin Park to produce this pack as the sounds and arrangements were done to perfection.
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'AUTHENTIC' This project was created with Real Live Acoustic Guitars, Real Live Electric Guitars, rhythmic percussions and hats accompanied with smooth basses that is sure to inspire a classic record! Authentic features styles from Post Malone & Justin Bieber to J Cole & Chris Brown.
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