Ekko Sounds Slap House Masters Sounds Vol.2

Slap House is one of the most produced and popular genres in the last months, this genre have been on the top playlists over the world, accumulating millions of plays in the streaming platforms. The volume 2 brings all the essential sounds that you need to use in your music. Includes 344 samples and premium presets to improve the workflow.
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Ekko Sounds Secrets Tech House Serum Projects

Tech House is the new genre of the moment, this genre is reigning in Beatport and will continue for a while. Tech House producers are getting more and more support from other DJs around the world.
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Ekko Sounds Rapture Bass House

Bass House is a popular electronic music genre that combines elements of bass-heavy electronic dance music (EDM) and house music. It is characterized by its heavy, prominent basslines and energetic rhythms. This style has gained significant popularity in recent years and is often played at music festivals, clubs, and parties worldwide.
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Ekko Sounds Future Bounce Masters Sounds Serum Sylenth1

A massive sample pack with the most complete and essentials sounds to create an energetic future bounce track. Includes +400 samples and premium presets for serum and sylenth1. Inspired in artists like Brooks, Mike Williams, Mesto, Justin Mylo and many more.
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PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon PCM 91 Plates

Here is another most requested IR's for you. Another great studio workhorse which everybody knows.
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SATURATED! SAMPLES, the birth child of SATURATE! from Germany, which has been around for over ten years, came to life in 2022, rapidly leaving its mark on the sample production beat scene.
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Field and Foley Medieval Essentials

Immerse yourself back in time when knights, kings, and queens ruled atop high castles made of metal and stone and adorned in gold. In these days battles were fought hand to hand with rusty iron weapons and viscous bows and arrows flew through the air while prisoners of war were kept in dungeons awaiting their barbaric torture. This cruel medieval time in our history has been depicted in countless films, television shows, books and fairy tales and we finally have the sound fx to go with it. 
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ModeAudio Boombox - Hardware Drum Samples

'Boombox - Hardware Drum Samples' from ModeAudio delivers all the vintage crunch and crackle of classic 90s samplers direct to your DAW. Unleash the power of our latest bumper set of hard-hitting drums sounds on your next track today!
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Blastwave FX Static

A complete collection of static and white noise that can be used in a variety of applications. 298 Samples
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Origin Sound SOUL WAVES 2

‘Soul’ is the key word here. With an array of live instruments all broken down into individual stems puts all the power in your hands. Vocals written with beautiful harmonies and unique sound design glue this laid back sound library together. 
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Looplair Mommas Vinyl Vol.1 Vintage Soul Sample Pack (Compositions and Stems)

This is a special pack, the first instalment of the "Momma's Vinyl" series and the first pack to drop in Looplair's library. All sounds were carefully recorded, arranged, and mixed in order to deliver a rich quality of vintage Soul/R&B sounds for your production. Combining acoustic and electric instruments, smooth vocals, live bass, vintage drums and live strings.
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David Hilowitz Omnichord Strum Strings

The pleasant sound of this famous electronic chord harp from the 1980s. For Patrons only.
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Virtual Riot Bugfix For Some Of The Audio And Instrument-Racks

I was informed that a few of the instrument and audio-effect-racks cause an issue where there is a missing max4live device called "LFO single". That was my fault I thought it would save this with the rack.
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MARLOW DIGZ KillerHertz 90s Boombap One Shot Sample Pack

Looking for the perfect one-shot sample pack to add that classic 90s boom bap sound to your music? Look no further than Killerhertz - the ultimate one-shot sample pack for drum, loops, and melodics!
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Red Means Recording MASCHINE Auto Sampler Presets

Do you use MASCHINE? Well then you can use the presets here! The file here is a MASCHINE Group that has all the sounds I made using the MASCHINE Auto Sampler
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