KBeaZy God Mode Loop Kit

God Mode Loop Kit- Contains 15 Loops with tempo information - Easy for any producer to use
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ProdbyJack Rebirth Omnisphere Bank

Whats good guys, this is my first omnisphere bank. It has 40 presetsin total. 8 Plucks, 8 Synths, 7 Bells, 4 Guitars, 3 FX, 2 Vox and a flute. All the presets are made by myself, i used some sounds in omnisphere and also custom sounds i've sampled and imported into omnisphere myself. Hope you enjoy, as it's my first attempt at an omnisphere bank any feedback is much appreciated.
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PVLACE Loop Kit Vol.4

13 Loops + Private Mail for placement submissions. All PVLACE loops are NOT Royalty Free. Placements with major artists and or major labels
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Riemann Kollektion Riemann Minimal Kicks 1

This new Minimal Techno Sample Pack series brings you Kick Drum Samples in the style of Boris Brejcha, Format B, Stephan Bodzin or Tale Of Us. This package consists of 50 club optimized kickdrum loops & 50 single (oneshot) kick drums, recorded with high end analog gear. They are all Key labelled in order to tune them perfectly to your basslines.
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Sonic Academy Making Better Drums with Enamour

Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back Washington based Progressive House sensei Enamour for a new masterclass in How To Make Better Drums. These 8 videos are packed full of pro secrets, tips and tricks to help you create the finest sounding beats.
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Sonex Audio Woodwinds Solo

Woodwinds Solo Instruments: Alto Flute, Bass Clarinet, Bass Flute, Bassoon, Clarinet, Contra Bassoon, English Horn, Flute, Oboe and Piccolo Flute. Up to 5 articulations (key switching) per instrument: Sustained, Staccato, Crescendo, Flutter, Trill
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Noiiz Modern Pop by Ship Wrek

Ship Wrek’s debut release on Noiiz, ‘Modern Pop’ delivers the freshest sounds and the commercial edge of today's Pop sound. Warm baselines, ear-catching melodies, full on sawtooth synths and reverb-drenched guitars combine to provide uplifting vibes. Each and every sample has been expertly crafted by the producers, all ready to play a part in your next hit.
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CreativeLive Mixing Master Class with Kenneth Gioia

Kenny Gioia is a multi-platinum engineer and producer behind pop and rock records from the likes of Bayside, American Authors, Ingrid Michaelson, and Mandy Moore. He is also a trusted educator and founder of kennymania.com.
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Udemy Piano Exercises Scales, Arpeggios, Octaves, Chords, Hanon TUTORiAL

30 years of professional experience, 20 years of teaching, 19 videos (10+ hours) + 2 PDF textbooks Introduction.............00:01
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Peter James MAJESTIC

A collection of Omnisphere patches that I created and used on Hillsong's No Other Name album and other albums and session work during 2014. This bundle contains 19 Patches, 3 Multis and 2 Effects Racks. (The bundle pack 'Transcendent' includes the rest of the Omnisphere sounds I created and used on Hillsong's No Other Name album and other session work and albums during 2014)
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SkillShare Summary of Music Theory for Beginner Guitarists

First watch the class called "Beginner Guitar: You Only Need 6 Chords" if you haven't already. This class will build on those concepts and teach you more specifically how to move your favorite songs into the easy key of G major so that you only need to know 6 chords to play any song you want.
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Onlyxne 808 Mafia Omnisphere Bank Vol.1

Omnisphere Bank Volume 1 features the panel of sounds that Onlyxne uses in his daily productions. All sounds have been maniupulated, pitched, processed, and dialed in by Onlyxne and used in tacks such as: 6lack - Balenciaga Challenge (feat. Offset), Takeoff - None To Me, 451 - Light House (feat. SAFE) as well as many others.
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HZE Insomnia (Omnisphere Bank)

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Sound Ideas The Radioactive Sci Fi Sound Effects Series

GoRadioactive Sound Effects was created by recording and processing shortwave radio signals as they bounce against each other and the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere. This truly means that Radioactive is a sci fi sfx collection unlike any other. This royalty free library of 200 eerie wave forms, pans, sweeps, phasers, communications, shimmers, bubbles, beeps, static, monsters and apparitions has an unique flavor all of its own. Among the edge of reality sci fi effects represented on this 2 CD set you will find these gems: Space Monster Screams, Vortex Entry, Predatory Black Hole, Steady Bubble Gyro Display, Evil Diablo Wave and Fading Bubble Chirp ñ all in all this set of science fiction sound effects gives you a nearly limitless range of possibilities.
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Soundbox Berlin Deep Tech 2

Fresh from the dance floors of Germany’s capital city comes Berlin Deep Tech 2. A super-stacked 455MB collection of the latest loops and samples to create your next killer tech track to grace the sound systems of Berlin’s favourite night spots. Subbed-out kicks, pumping bass-lines, hypnotic synth-leads, speaker-shaking drums and section-defining FX are just part of what makes this collection a must have for your studio weaponry to smash the sound systems at Berghain and Watergate.
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