Big Room Sound Essential Buttons, Levers and Switches

An aptly named pack that includes various sounds of buttons being pushed, levers being pulled, switches being flipped and various mechanical devices.
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CinePacks Water FX

Our WATER FX pack includes 4K ProRes video clips of splashes, bubbles, and drips. This pack also includes high-quality water sound effects. Add 4k water textures and transitions to any of your clips
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Slate Digital EDM Production Deep Dive Masterclass

Learn EDM Production and get 500+ samples, MIDI, and tips and tricks for making massive and effective tracks. By the end of this course, you will know how to:
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GetGood Drums One Kit Wonder Modern Fusion

We at GGD are elated to introduce One Kit Wonder - a series of drum libraries inspired by the many GGD users who use our drums for songwriting. In the creative process, it’s crucial there is as little time wasted between the moment inspiration strikes, and how important it is to capture and hear your ideas sounding polished and professional as soon as possible, so you stay excited as you develop the ideas further.
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ProducerGrind '808 SAUCE 5' 808 BASS PATTERN MIDI KIT

27 industry MIDI 808 and Kick patterns .This pack was inspired by the modern Trap/New Wave sound. Start your beats off with a 808 MIDI and pair it with a MIDI Hi-Hat Loop to create an Instant Bounce! These MIDI patterns will work with any 808 or sub bass of your choice. They are great for starting beats then building the percussion and melodies around the bass line. This pack comes with MIDI patterns only. No WAV included samples.
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Electronik Sound Lab YC3P Creepy Piano Expansion

20 New multi-sampled presets for Creepy Piano, based on a Yamaha C3 Piano, recorded with a Zoom H6. Features:
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Highline Audio Rap x RnB Hits Volume 2

‘Rap x RNB Hits Vol 2’ by Highline Audio is the second part of their remarkably composed melody and drum loop sample pack series. Inspired by producers and artists like Rod Wave, Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch, Youngboy, Post Malone, Young Thug, Jetson, Pyrex, Internet Money, Nick Mira, YoungKio and more.
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AP11 Sample Pack Vol.1

All these sounds were not made by myself. It's a compilation of samples that I like. Hope you enjoy ;) 808 - 15 Acapellas - 8
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Kount Drums Vol.1

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Dome of Doom Gangus Sample Pacck Vol.1

Yo! Thanks for buying my sample pack or downloading it off Reddit or whatever. I made this over the span of about half a year compiling samples from my previously released tunes as well as designing sounds specifically for this pack. I hope you get some good use out of the sounds I made and maybe even gain a little inspiration while you’re at it.
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Ask Video Melodyne 201 Melodyne Extreme

Now that you've learned the basics of Melodyne 5, you're ready to master more advanced techniques. Join trainer and producer Joshua Carney in this advanced course, and get ready to take your Melodyne skills to the extreme!
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Ample Sound Ample Guitar Metal Hellrazer

Ample Metal Hellrazer aim to bring a Schecter Hellraiser nine string guitar sound to your studio, the tuning are #C, #F, B, E, A, D, G, B, E. It is suited for heavy metal styles such as Metalcore, Progressive Metal and Djent.
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Zenhiser Twister Drum and Bass

Brimming with sparks of motivation, "Twister - Drum & Bass" focuses on rolling rhythms, intense synths, outer worldly pads, driving basslines and weighty beats. Utilising a wide range of techniques gives this Dnb sample pack a distinctive flair for producers of Deep, Darkstep, Tech Step, Halftime and Techy Jungle.
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Zenhiser Rewind

Introducing an unbelievable collection of sounds from the 80's, "Rewind" explores a decade that churned out hit after hit, whilst creating Synthwave, Retrowave and Chillwave. With an underlying love for the 80's here at Zenhiser our knees shook when we heard the amount of intricate melodies, loops and one shots this sample pack offered. It really is a sample pack of whopping range and scope.
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PUREMIX Pro Member Mix Fix Six Of One Episode 2 Guitars Vocals and The Mix Bus

Now that Adrian has briefed Fab on the background of the song, the intention, and direction for where he would like to see it head, it's time for Fab to continue unpacking the session to find the exciting moments and bring them to life.
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