91Vocals XTC - Dream and Bass

Lock into the sounds of late-night drives and bedroom raves with ‘XTC - Dream and; Bass’ by 91Vocals, a deep collection of glossy lofi synths, energetic drums, and soft vocals with sharp delivery. Inspired by colorful electronic pop music, UK Garage production, and elements of Liquid DnB. Playful retro synth stacks mixed with gliding pads, deep sub-bass, and classic club rhythms.
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TrakTrain Post-Punk 3 Sample Pack by Dutch Revz

Step into the world of post-punk with the third installment of the Post Punk Sample Pack Series by Dutch Revz presented by TRAKTRAIN. With this pack, you can create an entire professional post-punk track from the ground up. Packed with guitars, basses, synths, drums, and FX, it guarantees you'll find everything you need to elevate your music to the next level and get you to your full potential.
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DopeBoyzMuzic Flute Anthems Vol.3

The flute is believed to be the first instrument that ever existed (yes, even older than drums), therefore it has a long history all over the world, including China, India and America.
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Polarity Music Tricks For Supermassive, Portal, Pitchmap & XO

Supermassive can clear the buffer via modulation, which is nice, portal can be randomized via Bitwig modulators, XO is nice for percussions and Pitchmap makes "tonality" sense out of everything and we end up with a nice little loop in the end. Perfect thursday video.
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Blastwave FX Basement, Garage and Outdoors

A collection of sounds related to the outdoor areas of a home. Sounds include: garage doors, air vents, garden tools, patio furniture, shutters, snow blowers and more. 278 Samples
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Mai Addictive Breaks 2 (Stems Included)

20 Drum Breaks all made with my Addictive Presets pack. Includes stems to each drum break so you can grab individual sounds including kicks and snare you like. Perfect if you don't own Addictive Drums but still want that sound !
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David Hilowitz Elastic Bass

I made a bass instrument out of the mini bungie cords that I normally use for attaching my synths to the wall. Watch the unedited video below for a better explanation.
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Spaced License to Kill

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Polarity Music Circle Of Fifth Chord Progression Preset

With this preset, all chords are arranged in a circle. All chords are only a fifth away and can be triggered easily. You can then record the chords as notes and edit them further if you wish. You can play simple tritones, 7th, add9 chords, add 2 bass notes and you can wrap the main chords withing C3-C4 for easy inversions.
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Elevated Trance Trance Nebula Vol.2

'Trance Nebula 2' by Elevated Trance features 10 mini Construction Kits for Tranceloaded with drums, MIDI and synth Presets. Each Kit contains a set of drumkits, MIDI files and Presets for Spire, Serum, Sylenth1 and Zebra 2, plus a mixdown demo. The drumkits consist of a compressed and uncompressed kicks and several percussion loops. The MIDI and Presets folders contain all the MIDI and Preset files needed to recreate the sound palette of each Kit.
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Polarity Music Polisphere Sound Package 1.3

I observe that many producers, including myself, often like to use sound presets that perform simple tasks. By layering several simple sounds, you can create complex sound structures. Many people fall back on Omnisphere, because a massive number of high-quality sounds are collected here.
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Polarity Music Pentagon

This is the track i built on a recent stream. I bounced most of the external instruments to wav. If you dont have some of the mastering plugins, just leave them disabled, its just for mastering and changes minor things.
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Polarity Music Little Looper

A new preset (or two) to record and loop audio on the fly inside Bitwig. Can be nice for sound design, recording vocals, creating percussions or unusual delays/reverbs. Tell me what you think and how it works for you :)
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Check out the brand new "Red Life" Kit. This pack contains 34 original Young MA Type loops. It comes with 28 MIDI loops and 34 WAV loops so you have a ton of creative control. This Kit is heavily inspired by Young MA as well as other “NY” Producers and Rappers. Be sure to get inspiration from these loops instantly and use/edit them to your will. You will also receive a bonus Drum Kit packed with Kicks, Snares, Claps, FXs and more.
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Polarity Music Groove Machine

Groove Machine adds individual groove to individual tracks. Change the step sequencer to create a custom groove, shape it with smoothing and amount and apply it to multiple tracks or save it as a preset for later.
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