Soul Surplus Chocolate Water

From the late 90’s into the 2000’s, the alternative hip-hop collective Soulquarians (compromised of Questlove, Q-Tip, J Dilla, Common, Roy Hargrove and several other legendary hip-hop and soul musicians) defined the sound of hip hop and Neo-soul. We can thank the Soulquarians for classic albums like “Voodoo” by D’Angelo, “Black On Both Sides” by Mos Def, and more. “Chocolate Water” is our point-to-point recreation of the magic created nearly 20 years ago right here in Philadelphia.
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Pelham and Junior Keys and Bass

If you're familiar with our loop series, you know that we're always trying new combinations of instruments to put together and this time around, we decided to do Keys & Bass. Even without the vocals in our VBK - Loop Pack, various Keys & Bass layers are a winning combination to start a solid track. The Keys & Bass back loop pack is full of Rhodes, modern & vintage pianos, warm synth bass & live electric Bass as well. This time, we decided to throw in a bonus folder that has each full loop processed with an SP404 + additional processing.
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Pelham and Junior Guitar Moods II

The Guitar Moods Loop Pack series is back with more guitar chords & melodies paired with warm/distorted synth basses for those rock/hip-hop rap vibes, that coincide with the sounds of Travis Scott, Post Malone, Kendrick Lamar and more.
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Pelham and Junior A Dozen Please

J. Dilla was and is one of the most inspirational producers in Hip-Hop history. He is argued to be the GOAT in many circles. Aside from his drums and before his sample chopping, his ear for sample selection was highly respected and revered amongst many others. Not just because it was peculiar and particular but also because it was eclectic. From Soul to Jazz, to Prog and more Dilla was known to sample it all and turn any genre into good Hip-Hop production. As good as a fresh glazed donut. For this sample pack, we soaked in the inspiration of the 70's from various genres to bring you the "A Dozen, Please" sample pack. You can expect to hear lush pianos, lo-fi orchestral elements, live bass, live guitar, synths and more.
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MSXII Vibes From The 80s Compositions

MSXII is proud to present Vibes from the 80's volume 1! 10 compositions including stems of classic, 80's sounding, lofi vibes for you to sample from! soulful, Built with extensive analog synths, these vibes are sure to bring back the nostalgia you're needing! When you need hit making material, look no further!
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MSXII Drums Out The SP404 Vol.3

Drums out the SP404 Vol. 3 is here! The third & final installment of this dope collection of our live drums has once again been expertly textured with the SP404 & analog preamps! Per usual, we've focused heavily on the unorthodox, unique chops & sections bringing an originality that you simply don't find anywhere else.
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Toontrack Death Metal Guitars EZmix Pack

INSTANT DEATH.50 guitar tones inspired by the past 30 years of death metal evolution. 50 individually engineered guitar tones, all modeled after some of the most genre-defining albums and bands of the past 30 years of death metal. Welcome on board a wild round-the-world trip that’ll beam you back to Stockholm and its trendsetting 1990s, across the Atlantic to Florida and the height of the technical death metal era, up the East Coast and then back to Europe and Poland, over to Gothenburg and across the Atlantic again.
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Splice Sounds Vintage Rhythm Boxes

As the third installment of the rhythm box series recorded at the epic synth store and warehouse, Three Wave Music in New Jersey, this pack celebrates the true classics. It explores the sounds of the Acetone FR-1 and FR-2L, as well as the Univox SR-55. The Acetone was a precursor to Roland, so you could say the FR-1 is the great great grandfather of the 808. Univox was a precursor to Korg.
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Toontrack Blues EZkeys MiDi

A BLUES JOURNEY. From the swamps of Mississippi to the smokey bars of Chicago and ending on a well-lit stage in Mainstream, USA.
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WavSupply Nick Mira Respawn Melody Pack

50 structured godlike samples produced by Nick Mira of Internet Money. WAV Format Complies W/ Any DAW
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Toontrack Gospel EZkeys MiDi

THE POWER OF PRAISE. The melancholy of the blues, the heartache of soul, the subtlety of jazz and the uplifting joy of the boogie – all encapsulated in the power of praise.
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Frequency Response Audio House Producer Esssentials

FREQUENCY RESPONSE AUDIO PRESENTS HOUSE MUSIC PRODUCER ESSENTIALS: Frequency Response Audio brings to you a sublime collection of House Music Producer Essentials that will ignite your productions and give you inspiration weather your working on a new track or finishing an existing one. We’ve been busy developing sounds, samples and loops to fit this classic genre, kitted out with stunning House loops we are confident that there is something for every level of producer to get your teeth into. All loops are key labelled and have been tailored to bring out the harmonics on each sound for a rich sounding end product.
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Output Chaos Portal Expansion

Transform your sound in unimaginable ways with 100 presets that generate immersive spatial sound design, intricately spliced rhythms, pitched and glitched delays, and the total destruction of time and space. Created by musicians and sound designers Richard Devine and Anthony Baldino.
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Electronik Sound Lab Analog Techno Drums

Analog Techno Drums is a Plugin (VST / VST3 for Windows & VST / VST3 / AU for Mac), instantly providing 66 drum kits for Electro, Techno, Detroit, Minimal, Acid and Other styles that need punchy drums with character. The 1056 drum sounds are a compilation of the Drum Depot packs Analog 808, It’s Drums, It’s Drums II and Motor City by Marco Scherer. The kits come with inspiring and ready to go patterns and are mapped in General Midi standard.
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Music as Atmosphere Collective Feelings and Affective Sounds

This book explores the atmospheric dimensions of music and sound. With multidisciplinary insights from music studies, sound studies, philosophy and media studies, chapters investigate music and sound as shared environmental feelings.
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