We are proudly to announce that we just release new awesome instrument plugin ORCHESTRAP. This plugin is focused mostly on real instruments so you can find sounds in categories like brasses, strings, bells, flutes, guitars, choirs but ORCHESTRAP also includes plucks, basses and many other categories.
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Arturia FX Collection 2

FX Collection 2AUDIO EFFECTS YOU'LL ACTUALLY USE FX Collection is an all-encompassing suite of plugins combining the analog warmth of vintage effects with the creative flexibility of modern audio enhancers, putting exceptional studio-quality sound in the hands of musicians and producers of all styles and abilities.
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Sampleson Reed106

REED106. THE FIRST EVER-CHANGING MODELED ELECTRIC PIANO Reed106 is the first modeled piano that is always changing. Every note, every day, every month. Reed106 creates small variations of itself every time you play it (reproducing temperature, humidity, power supply fluctuations in real life) This eliminates one of the most frustrating things in a VST. The boring effect that a virtual instrument generates over time.
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Modern Producers Studio Heat

Modern Producers, providers of the finest tools for today's music producers present to you 'Studio Heat VST' - the fire production tool you need to create your next smash hit! This is a fully functional standalone VST that works in all popular DAW software such as FL Studio, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton and more.
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Modern Producers Trick Or Treat

Create Holloween-Infused Beats! Introducing The "Trick Or Treat Sound Module". This is a fully functional Virtual Instrument that works in all DAW Software that support VST, AU, Such as FL Studio, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton & more.
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Acustica Audio Nebula 4

N4 is our fastest-processing, best-performing, plug-in creation yet, a multi-effect plug-in in VST, AAX, and AU formats for macOS and Windows. N4 emulates the character and personality of analog hardware with exacting accuracy, allowing you to emulate and replicate several types of expensive audio equipment, eliminating the need for costly and bulky studio hardware. Whether it is high-end outboard equalizers, classic compressors, the latest reverbs, or vintage time-variant effects like phasers and flangers, N4 has them all. Experience the full power of our proprietary audio processing technology, based on Vectorial Volterra Kernels, and find out what Nebula technology can do for you!
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Monkey Tools Sound Grinder

Sound Grinder™ will make batch processing in macOS your new favorite activity. Feature-rich, flexible, and a heck-of-a good time, Sound Grinder lets you batch process thousands of files at once without losing time or your metadata. A "must-have" Monkey at a "can't-resist" price.
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Monkey Tools Library Monkey Pro

Go Bananas! Sleek, powerful, and dominant, Library Monkey Pro is the 800-lb gorilla you need to handle all of your monkey business. A complete librarian and CD ripper with an integrated Sound Grinder Pro
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Monkey Tools Library Monkey

Take Control of Your Audio! No more sifting through endless files to find the spot you want. Now with iTunes importing, Library Monkey™ can instantly organize and sort your complete library according to your criteria, eliminating hours of sifting, digging and hair-pulling.
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SoundSpot FAT2

Some of the greatest recordings of all time come from the analogue age, boasting a warm and pleasing sonic character, but how can this be achieved in the digital domain? Simple – use saturation to add harmonics. Whether you are using a little to add a touch of warmth, or driving the signal hard to create dirty and distorted sounds, saturation plays a key role in every great production.
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SoundSpot Nevo

NEVO Is SoundSpot’s New Monster Clipper, Which Has Been Developed By Our In House Audio Wizards To Give You The Ultimate Peak Control When Either Mastering Audio, Or Enhancing Your Virtual Instruments Or Hardware Instruments. NEVO Is No Ordinary Clipper, There Are A Wealth Features And Controls That Will Leave You In Awe Of It’s Sonic Ability, Whilst At The Same Time Being Easy To Use And Totally Inspirational. Nevo Features A Combination Or A 16 Band Soft Clipper And A Single Band Hard Clipper, Along With Multiple Colouration Settings, A Transient Shaper And A Final Clip Wall Limiter. All Of These Features Have Been Arranged Into A Specific Signal Flow Which Has Been Meticulously Designed And Tested So You Can Get The Very Best Sound From Your Instruments, Groups, Mixes And Masters. With An Infectious Workflow And Instant Results NEVO Is The Plugin You’ve Always Needed In Your Arsenal Of Audio Production Plugins……
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Solemn Tones BEAST - Scream 'N Growl Magic

Unleash The Beast Within- Add extra harmonic layers to your screams, growls and even rap vocals. - Salvage less-than-stellar performances. - Add more aggression to great performances.
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Devious Machines Plugins Bundle

Includes: DM Infiltrator v1.0.12 DM Texture 1.7.4
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Sinevibes Plugins Bundle

Includes: Dipole2 v2.0.0 Albedo v1.0.5
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MeterPlugs Perception

Better? Or just louder? Ever wonder, "how loud should my music be?" Many people prefer louder music - that's how the loudness wars started - but too much "loudness processing" can do more harm than good... Squashed, dull, flat sound - or even pumping and distortion. Now, with Perception, you can zero in on your music's loudness "sweet spot".
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