Polarity Music Voice Stacks 2 FX Grids

Add up to my recent video about voice stacks. Voice Stacks also work nicely on fx grids and the voice stack modulator features single stack modulator outs, which allows you to target individual stacks more specific. Again, thanks Boro for flooding me with inspirations and tricks.
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Producer Loops Dance In The Rain

'Dance in the Rain' from Producer Loops features a mixture of beautiful and uplifting chords and pads, percussion patterns, mellow tones and atmospheres inspired by world-renowned artists. This exquisite collection of loops, samples and vocals provides all the elements required to build stunning tracks. All of the kits in this beautiful pack contain keys, synths, bass lines and drums full of uplifting energy as well as a selection of vocal hooks and chops full of incomparable character.
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Polarity Music Comb Guitar

This preset is based about my "Karplus Poly" video and tries to emulate a real acoustic guitar with physicial modeling and impulse responses. In the video I show how it sounds, how to tweak and with what devices to combine. I cant play guitar or keyboard well, so im sure you yield better results.
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Polarity Music Sparkle Of Joy

Download the complete project I showed on the recent video here:
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Polarity Music Dark Patterns

All Samples included.
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David Hilowitz Moog Mavis + Experiments

This month’s Patreon-exclusive sample library is a recording of the Moog Mavis. The library consists of eight patches: the 4 basic wave forms (saw, pulse, square, and triangle), 2 lead sounds, and three experiments which consist of me running the Mavis through a Habit & Microcosm.
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Nomadikh 'COFFEE.' Drum Kit

This sound kit is a compilation of all the samples used in the record 'COFFEE,' a lofi album produced by Nomadikh. This pack also contains a full copy of the 'Coffee.' album.
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ICXNIC Tha Mayne Daylight Sample Libray Vol.1 (30 DARK SOUL LOOPS + STEMS)

DAYLIGHT from TERAWAV is a sample infused and vocal heavy Loop Kit containing 30 well composed samples by ICXNIC Tha Mayne inspired from the sounds of Drake, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Roddy Ricch, Tory Lanez, JID, Vory, and many more leading artists in the music industry!
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Rafal Kulik Techno Sequences Vol.2

Techno Sequences is a collection developed by Rafal Kulik. All samples are stacked with inspirational, warm and inventive sequence and arpeggiator sounds.
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Apollo Brown Dirt in the Cracks Vol.3

Just like I mentioned for volumes 1 & 2, there's absolutely nothing like good drums. What I wrote before was a perfect description… “When you hear that crack of a snare that turns your face into mud, or the thump of a kick that sounds like the heartbeat of a whale, it can be orgasmic for people like us. The bones, the skeleton of the beat. The driving force behind what keeps your neighbors mad at you at night. The shit is great.” That’s all true. It resonates with everyone who makes beats.
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Emergence Audio Tenor Textures

BEYOND THE SONIC BORDERS OF TRADITION We invited the talented singer/songwriter Daniele Odasso because of his captivating voice to deliver 6 distinct vowels. With the power of our cutting-edge Infinite Motion Engine™ and Non-Static Sampling™ techniques, you can craft and mold ethereal vocal atmospheres that are always evolving. Design pads, layers, ambient backdrops, drones, and pulses that perfectly fit various genres - be it for cinematic, TV, and game soundtracks, modern-day compositions, neo-classical pieces, ambient soundscapes, sound design, trailer scores, meditative tunes, and beyond.
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PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon Roland Combo Reverb

Made with; Lexicon PCM-70 + Roland SBF 325 + Akai S900
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Zenhiser Mistify - Organic House and Progressive House

Escape into a world of where beautiful melodies and subjective beats collide. The combination of these styles accompanied by deep, enticing basslines, swung percussion and dramatic visions ensures a depth of quality within this sample pack that sets it apart from the rest. 
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91Vocals XTC - Dream and Bass

Lock into the sounds of late-night drives and bedroom raves with ‘XTC - Dream and; Bass’ by 91Vocals, a deep collection of glossy lofi synths, energetic drums, and soft vocals with sharp delivery. Inspired by colorful electronic pop music, UK Garage production, and elements of Liquid DnB. Playful retro synth stacks mixed with gliding pads, deep sub-bass, and classic club rhythms.
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TrakTrain Post-Punk 3 Sample Pack by Dutch Revz

Step into the world of post-punk with the third installment of the Post Punk Sample Pack Series by Dutch Revz presented by TRAKTRAIN. With this pack, you can create an entire professional post-punk track from the ground up. Packed with guitars, basses, synths, drums, and FX, it guarantees you'll find everything you need to elevate your music to the next level and get you to your full potential.
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