Big Citi Loops Urban Sax Vibes

'Urban Sax Vibes' from YGP LOOPS is here with its first installment of this incredible Sax motivated sample pack. The styles include RnB, vinyl, Hip Hop & Jazz. This Kit includes Four Construction Kits custom-made by Saxophonist Garrick Pitts, one of the most incredible live saxophone players you will ever hear. This product includes live sax, drums, piano, melodic chops, bells, bass and keys to add that incredible smooth Urban vibe. Stay tuned for more Urban sax vibes. This Kit will focus on every genre under the sun including Hip Hop, RnB, Trap, Gospel, Jazz and many more genres. Visit BIGCITILOOPS.COM for more Urban Sax vibes.
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Noiiz Neo Soul and Funk Guitars by Cloudchord

Emmy award-winning guitarist Cloudchord delivers a incredible pack of neo-soul and funk guitar licks. From soul-jazz chord melodies to uptempo afrobeat grooves, we’ve got you covered. This pack is perfect for hip hop beatmakers or EDM producers looking for something organic, and even funky songwriters looking for some extra fire.
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Noiiz Night Creatures by Anh

‘Night Creatures’ by Gold Coast producer Ahn, is full of deep, dark sounds set in a desolate urban dystopia. Comprised of low menacing basslines, piercing percussion, harsh vocals, ambient keys and powerful low-slung beats. ‘Night Creatures’ is primed for anyone producing moody hip hop, raw RnB, or wanting to add a sense of uneasy tension to their track.
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Noiiz Lo-Fi Hip Hop Drums

Lo-fi hip-hop has taken over the internet airways. Its off-kilter percussion, intimate sound world, brooding harmonies, and layers of dusty crackle envelope listeners and transport them to a moody, relaxing place. This pack provides everything you need to create the rhythmic backbone of your own lo-fi beats, with crunchy sampled drum machines, dusty recordings, and intimate, ASMR-inducing foley, all meticulously processed to provide the perfect sonic complement to your productions.
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Mondo Loops Lofi Magic Vol Vol.2

This is the follow up pack to Lofi Guitar Magic Vol #1, this one is focusing on guitar and piano loops with a jazzy / lofi hip hop vibe. Extended Version contains; 8x Guitar loops with added layers and melodies to accompany
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Studio Trap 808 Plug

Studio Trap presents "808 Plug" your go to 808 arsenal jam packed with 50 custom 808's that will make your beats bang!
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encoder audio Luminist

Luminist is a sample based granular ambience generator, designed to create unexpected, organic and evolving background textures.You can automate and internally randomise almost every parameter. Field Recording Sample Expansion Vol. 1
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Noiiz Deep Impact

‘Deep Impact’ contains spacious sub drops, tense FX layers, astronomical impacts and dark slams sure to make your sub rattle and rumble. Created by sound designer Federico Soler, this epic collection of sounds are perfect for helping you construct defining moments in your project. BOOM!
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Noiiz Cryptic Shockwaves by Klangstof

Klangstof comes to Noiiz with a simply beautiful library of sounds in ‘Cryptic Shockwaves’. Klangstof’s love for analogue instruments, intricate melodies and driving rhythms really shines through with a pristine collection of samples taken from a wide range of hardware including a Prophet 12, Analog Rytm, Analog Four and rare vintage synths such as the SIEL Cruise and original MS20. Combined with lush reverbs, lo-fi textures and complex Octatrack modulation, Klangstof provides the perfect mix between Scandinavian drones and urban Amsterdam harshness. ‘Cryptic Shockwaves’ is a great fit for anyone creating electronica, downtempo, lo-fi, ambient or contemporary pop.
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Noiiz Amp Artefacts

‘Amp Artefacts’ includes a plethora of electric guitar amp switches and input jack sounds, wailing feedback effects, broken pedal squeals, smashed reverb tanks and electronic amp textures. Perfect for adding a live or imperfect feel to your track. Try experimenting with feedback to create unique pads, or using the switches and reverb tanks in your drum tracks.
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Noiiz Deep Trap by Theos

Théos joins Noiiz with a dark and brooding collection of sounds in ’Deep Trap’. Delve into a stunning collection of experimental percussive textures, experimental synths, beautiful pads, heavy-hitting 808’s and drums with contrasting chilled keys perfect for sculpting the perfect trap production. ’Deep Trap’ has plenty of laid back moments but is also snarling with attitude.
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Noiiz Abstract Trap by B-Dos

B-Do’s makes his presence known on Noiiz with a simply mind-blowing collection of sounds in ‘Abstract Trap’. Including incredibly intricate drum loops, tangled and dusty synths, complex textures and of course heavy, sub shaking kicks and explosive snares, this one is not to be missed.
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Noiiz Lucid Dreams by Poldoore

Poldoore debuts on Noiiz with ‘Lucid Dreams’, a unique collection of consuming textures, moody melodies, enthralling beats and captivating keys. Featuring meticulously recorded instrumental recordings including: cello, flute, trumpets, pianos to name a few. Poldoore then feeds these unique sounds through vintage tape delays, analog distortion units and much more, to give a thick, intimate sound.
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Drum and Lace Leaves 001

Sometimes the best sounds come from things we don't even think about- as is the case with dried leaves. This pack is the first in a series of leaf sounds. Within this pack are various sounds of dry leaves being dragged and moved around, some of which sound like digitally generated glitch. Great to use as is for sound design or to use as a starting point to create more intricate and granulated layers of sound.
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Ultrasonic Future House Essentials Vol.1

This Pack includes: ➜72 Serum Presets ➜82 Sylenth1 Presets
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