Raw Cutz Nu Forms

Nu Forms is a funky, chunky jazz sample collection which fuses cool organic strings with movie themes, retro guitars, sharp hits and fat basses. Expect to find one shot chords, gritty saxes, cool jazz sonics, ambient pads, descending arps and fat snares. Nu Forms brings together sounds old and new, to form a palette of sounds which hip hop producers will use to form new beats and melodies.
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Sonic Worlds Bleep

The adorable robot vocal library that will melt your audiences heart. All the vocalizations you need to give your cute robotic characters a life of their own. Includes 211 vocals spanning over an amazing array of expressions!
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Sonic Worlds Whirs, Buzzes, Hums and Hiss

Sometimes you need that background sound to define the mood. The buzzy insomnia of a flickering light... A lost alien transmission...
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Sonic Worlds Meow (incl. Cat sound pack)

The largest cat vocal library in the world. Cats are remarkably expressive creatures. And capturing their voices can be a daunting task. Not anymore...
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Sonic Worlds Orc

The Orc vocal library designed with games in mind. Forget generic beast sounding vocals. This library has an unmistakable Orcish character!
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Sonic Worlds Playing Cards Basics

20 classic card sounds used in games cherry picked from our comprehensive "Playing Cards" library. The library was recorded with the most commonly used card deck used by casinos, magicians and hobbyists alike.
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Sonic Worlds Playing Cards

The most thorough and comprehensive playing card library in existence. Not only does this library provide an incredible array of card actions with many diverse variations, but it's also provided with 2 Mic perspectives.
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Aurai Wanderer

'Wanderer' by Aurai is an intricately produced sample collection specifically geared towards producers working in Ambient, Downtempo, and Future Garage. Featuring complex organic atmospheres, alongside textured drums, deep Reese basses and warm acoustic pianos; 'Wanderer' also includes an inspiring collection of crisp foley samples and vocal ad-libs, perfect for adding extra layers of sonic depth to your tracks.
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WavSupply mjNichols Sparta

The Sparta Omnisphere Bank by mjNichols contains 50 unique Omnisphere presets.
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WavSupply mjNichols Renegade

The Renegade Omnisphere Bank by mjNichols contains 50 unique presets for Omnisphere 2.
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SampleOddity Oddnomaly

Oddnomaly is a collection of 50 presets for Xfer Serum that screech, wail, wobble, pulse, drift, cut, pierce, and fill the soundscape with memorable moments. Each preset is equipped with four sound-sculpting macros and modwheel morphing to facilitate creative expression.
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SampleOddity Oddmospheres 3

Venture once more into the Oddmospheres with this third collection of otherworldly offerings. A focus on dynamic expression and motion adds subtle drama and interest to even simple sounds. Velocity sensitivity and meticulously assigned macros allow for nuanced performance and evolving soundscapes.
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SampleOddity Oddmospheres 2

Continue your journey through uncharted space with Oddmospheres 2, a collection of highly morphable, dynamic instruments for Massive. You'll find a collection full of unique sounds that span the spectrum from pristine and pure to gritty and abrasive. Each patch is outfitted with eight macro knobs that often alter the sound in drastic ways, so be sure to explore the depths thoroughly.
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SampleOddity Effexor

Effexor is a heavy toolbox full of sound design elements that will ratchet your project up to the next level! I think you will get a lot of use out of the 51 included customizable sound design instruments. This is particularly so if you're making games, trailers, hybrid orchestral music, or even EDM and dubstep. Futuristic and mechanical sounds abound in this set.
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The Drum Bank Wolf Country

Welcome to the Wild West! This Classic-Western inspired kit combines REAL GUITARS with contemporary Hip Hop sounds to bring you a new, wicked sounding pack! The Wolf Country Kit will help you expand your library, your creative ideas and your versatility.
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