CashMoneyAp x LxngWayHome Foreign (Drum Kit)

New drum kit from CashMoneyAp & LxngWayHome! 808s - 15+ Claps - 15+
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Beyond Fantasia

D-50 "Beyond Fantasia" 128 New Patches For the Legendary Instrument. With "Beyond Fantasia," Roland Cloud offers 128 new patches for the Roland D-50. Brutal saw waves, luscious pads, dynamic choirs, percussive plucks—these sounds are the perfect addition to the D-50's already diverse presets.
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Soundsdivine Blush Response

This soundset recreates some of the classic sounds from the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and features analogue strings, unison synth sounds, punchy basses, electric bass + piano sounds, velvet pads, brass leads & ensembles, synthetic flutes and the obligatory Blade Runner synth sounds.
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WA Production Factory Expansion 2

Get ready to experience versatility and creativity at its peak. Factory Expansion 2 For Ascension presets are the perfect way to save time and discover new ways to refine your sound. You also have total creative freedom as it is up to you to decide how to use and adjust them to your liking.
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Elektron (d)Tones Sound Pack

From harsh and abrasive, to lush and soothing, expert knob twiddler (d) a.k.a. “glitched” (who made the excellent 1991 Sound Pack for Analog Four the other year) covers the full gamut of what Digitone can do, in this simply brilliant Sound Pack.
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Elektron rtFM Sound Pack

The rtFM Sound Pack - short for Realized Through FM, Rocket Track For Mayhem, or perhaps something else… - created by Elektron's Technical Writer, Erik Ångman, contains 128 meticulously crafted sounds. These sounds are leaning more towards usefulness and playability than glitch and weirdness, but there's nothing stopping you from using them in any musical context. Make sure to connect a keyboard and check out what the mod wheel and aftertouch does to the sounds. This is the kind of digital goodness that comes from thoroughly reading the freaking manual.
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Elektron Bionic Walk Sound Pack

You'll find a plethora of glitchy, edgy percussive sounds in this collection. Drums conceived via filter. Rich, harmonic sounds sizzling with evolving frequencies. Micro rhythms brought to life through various synthetic tricks and twiddles. There are some great pads, chords and arpeggio sounds in here, too.
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Big EDM EDM Of Tomorrow

For those who don't want to just keep up with the times or get lost in the dust of yesterday. We welcome you to get inspired to create, get ahead of the game and blaze your way into the future.
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Elektron Digitone Sound Pack Haunted Hearts

Jogging House makes a welcome return to our Sound Pack library (you may recall his quite exquisite Analog Rytm Pack called Run the Track) with Haunted Hearts. 128 lush pads, blissful leads, warm, soothing basses, and some earthy percussion for good measure, letting you float wistfully through the haziest memories of summer nights spent at the oceanside. These sounds prove how organic, rich and warm FM synthesis can be. The pack combines classic FM attributes with unique sound design approaches and ever-evolving atmospheres.
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Incognet Melodic House and Techno

Incognet presents Melodic House & Techno Samples. This pack is a mix of Melody and Techno. You can hear it as Melodic Techno.
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Wigmore Hall for Audioease Altiverb 7.28

Wigmore Hall, London, UK The Wigmore Hall is a leading international recital venue that specialises in performances of chamber music and song. It is at 36 Wigmore Street, London, UK, and was built to provide the city with a venue that was impressive yet intimate enough for recitals of chamber music.
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New Loops Propellerheads Europa Pro Expansion

New Loops presents Europa Pro Expansion - 120 new Europa presets with a mix of classic analogue, and aggressive modern EDM sounds. This pack focuses on useful sounds that will work in many styles of dance music and beyond.
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Sample Tools by Cr2 Tech and Techno Megapack Vol.2

After the success of our last Tech House & Techno Megapack bundle, Sample Tools by Cr2 are back once again to present to you an incredible bundle containing 3 of our biggest and baddest Techno and Tech House packs from the past few months…
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u-he Samuel Bereczky Traveller

Traveller invites sonic exploration with this collection of rich, imaginatively designed sounds. Move between experimental and organic, ambient and sci-fi, abstract and rhythmic. Traveller forges a path between early electronica/ambient and Bereczky's personal background in orchestral soundtrack.
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u-he Enzalla Crystallia

Crystallia delves into the renowned cinematic side of Zebra2. Sound designer Enzalla delivers tailored sounds for film and game composers, and musicians looking to add expressive flair to their compositions. For your epic moments, frenetic action or emotional passages - Crystallia will inspire you. And with Zebra's flexibility the presets are only a few tweaks away from making them your own.
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