Pulsetter Sounds Massive Fuel

Massive Fuel is a Trailer music oriented soundset for Native Instruments Massive. 128 patches divided into 7 categories like breams (tonal hits) and pulses that will bring modern trailer music production to your fingertips. Each sound has been assigned eight macro controller options for further sound mangling and bring more life to a track. In addition, each sound has been rendered into wav files and mapped into sampler instruments. Plus a bonus section of big trailer hits have been produce and split into stems for inspiration and playability.
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Pulsesetter Sounds Pulsor II

Pulsor II contains 284 patches of Cinematic and Video Game Scoring for U-he’s Zebra2 synth. Following the concept of Pulsor I, we expanded and developed the idea of stems and created a collection of powerful and easy-to-use pulses for film and video game composers. Each pulse can be used by itself or by combining its elements with other pulses, other libraries and live instruments.
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Pulsesetter Sounds Disruptor

Disruptor is a newly designed soundset for Omnisphere2 that contains 187 patches of hybrid film and video game score oriented sounds. Since Omnisphere 2 offers great modulation flexibility and an incredibly amount of well-recorded sound sources, Disruptor sets out to exploit these features to give composers enough ammo to fill a wide range of projects.
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Ultrasonic Future Bass Sample Pack Vol.1

The Pack includes​ 100 Sylenth1 Presets 134 One Shots
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Creepa Sample Pack + Todos (Stems)

One shot samples (Drums, Melodies, Bass, Vocals)Loops (Drums, Chords, Melodies, Bass, Vocals) Sylenth1 presets Midi chord progressions
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Creepa Sample Pack + Todos (Stems)

One shot samples (Drums, Melodies, Bass, Vocals)Loops (Drums, Chords, Melodies, Bass, Vocals) Sylenth1 presets Midi chord progressions
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shivan ישׁמעאל Sample Pack

This pack regroups all the sounds from my latest EP "ישׁמעאל " from samples to patches and fx chains. Contains :
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246 Digital Reverb

246 Digital reverberatorThis rare vintage digital reverberator excels in short reverbs. The IR set features Short, Medium and Long reverb time programs at different lengths, as well as the REV 250 and Non-Lin program and the original 90 factory presets.
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PluginGuru OmniPulse 2 PERSPEKTIV

Aug 10 UPDATE: Now with 25 Multis (instead of 13 Multis) and 112 Patches (instead of 87 Patches) in this new collection of ARP BPM Patches for Omnisphere 2.1 or later! OmniPulse V1 came out in December, 2013 – the ARP in Omnisphere V1 could not transpose steps so everything was far more basic – with OmniPulse 2 | Perspektiv, the majority of this library are “RIFFS” which are melodic arpeggiator patterns!
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Native Instruments Expansion Midnight Sunset

VINTAGE SYNTH-SOAKED FUNKFind the groove between R&B, disco, and funk-fuelled early-‘80s boogie Iconic sounds from the era including horns, guitars, bass, synths, and more
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Audentity Records Future Pop and Vocals 2

'Future Pop & Vocals 2' is the long-awaited follow-up in this bestselling series from Audentity. A lethal combination of Future Pop Kits and high class, brand new acapellas makes this pack a must-have for producers inspired by The Chainsmokers & Major Lazer.
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PlugInGuru ESC PlugInGuru Tribute Library

This is a special collection created by 16 programmers (known as The European Sound Collective aka “ESC”). They programmed this library and GAVE it to me to release to everybody. They have watched, learned and been inspired by the YouTube videos I have released since 2009 and wanted to show their appreciation in a rather unique way!
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Arte Nuovo Delight 2 Scenes

Arte Nuovo has released a new collection of 120 presets for the Omnisphere 2 virtual instrument by Spectrasonics. With Delight 2 Scenes, Joseph Hollo brings the successor to Delight. Delight 2 got the subtitle "Scenes" cause it gives you carefully choosen tools, enables you to paint colors, situations, moods for film scenes with just a few targeted paint strokes.
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Olly Audio Anesthetic vol. 1 and 2

large soundset of 202 electronic presets for Reveal Sound Spire synthesizer! Collection of sound for music creation with different genre like – Chillout, Synth Pop, Alternative, Electronic, Experimental.
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Hard Soundz Team Hardstyle Screeches Vol. 1

Hey hardstylers here we go with our first hardstyle screeches soundbank for Sylenth! .The package contains 70 awesome pro quality hardstyle sound presets for your Lennard Sylenth1 Vst synthesizer (40 Screeches + 15 Leads + 15 Plucks).
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