Black Octopus Sound Ambient Selection by AK and Tim Schaufert

Producers AK and Tim Schaufert have created a chill out and ambient magical wonderland. The incredibly robust sample pack Ambient Selection offers a vast cosmos of sonic wonder; this pack makes it an absolute dream to produce professional downtempo. Join on us on a journey through the innovative drums and lush soundscapes that await.
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Output Neon Strings Expansion Pack

A modern revival of the 80s. Retrofuturistic synths and string hybrids that sound stranger than science fiction. Features:
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Output Beautiful Pads

Ranging from airy and delicate to warm and pure125 presets For use with REV
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Fragment Audio and Othercide Katharsys Signature Bundle

A unique Hard Drum & Bass Signature library delivered by Katharsys himself. Heavy Presets & Clanging Drums designed by the legend himself brings you a true weapons artillery of mass destruction. In collaboration with OthercideRec. we deliver you an exclusive full bundle including a high-quality Serum collection of more than 60 Signature presets, Drum Kit's Demo Tracks Kit ideas and a furious library of Basslines!
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Fragment Audio Disprove Signature Bundle

Handcrafted by Disprove himself, high talented Drum & Bass Artist signed on major Dnb labels like, Noisia's label Invisible, Eatbrain, Critical and Methlab, this modern High-Quality Drum and Bass Signature Bundle is set out to put together a timeless music production experience to bring your work to the next level!
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Fragment Audio Audeka Signature Bundle

Audeka delivers us some of their unique sound design presets...They created this original soundbank inspired by their own signature sound around Dubstep Drum & Bass Carefully crafted by Audeka (Caliber, Xenomorph, Methlab Records).
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Fragment Audio Aeph Signature Pack

Aeph delivers us some of his top secrets sound design presets...He created this outstanding soundbank inspired by his own and unique signature sound! Carefully crafted by Aeph (Lifted, Eatbrain, Close 2 Death, Bad Taste...and more!
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Fragment Audio Neurofunkgrid Vol.1 Bundle

The Neurofunk most awaited Drum & Basss Serum Library & Samplepack Collection! From Bass presets to HQ Drum Loops, Kick & Snares & FX' has it all!
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Big EDM Future House Aurora

Ever wanted to make an energetic future house track? The sounds of big horns, exhilarating build-ups, and upbeat danceable drum loops await you inside the latest release from Big EDM. Future House Aurora has a solid collection of perfect sounding leads, bass lines, snare rolls, and more. Layer your way to future house heaven with over 100 different synth and bass loops.
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WA Production Riddim Dubstep Rage

It's time to beef up your library with the sounds that are Riddim Dubstep. Choose from a wide variety of ultimate quality and reliability in creativity in audio samples from W. A. Production. We are breaking out the swanky synths, dark wobble bass, and beats that promise to keep the heads bangin in our latest release What about: Riddim Dubstep Rage. We've included some amazing melody lines, growls that would scare a lion, loops that could be on repeat all night, and wubs that speak from behind a wall of metallic distortion and swirling flangers.
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ML Sound Lab Zila Cab Pack

Cab Pack "ZILA" is an impulse response (IR) collection based on a Zilla Cabs™ Oversized 4x12 guitar cabinet loaded with Celestion™ Vintage 30 and Creamback G12H-75 speakers.
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ML Sound Lab Mars Silver Cab Pack

Cab Pack "Mars Silver" is an impulse response (IR) collection based on a Marshall™ 2551BV 4x12 guitar cabinet from 1987 with rare original 70 watt Celestion™ Vintage speakers custom made for Marshall™.
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ML Sound Lab Mega Oversize Cab Pack

"MEGA OVERSIZE" is an impulse response (IR) collection based on a Mesa™ Boogie Oversized straight 4x12 guitar cabinet with rare original spec 70 watt Celestion™ Vintage 30's from the 1990s.
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ML Sound Lab Freeman Cab Pack

"Freeman Cab Pack" is an impulse response (IR) collection based on a Friedman™ Vintage 4x12 guitar cabinet with Celestion™ Greenback and Vintage 30 speakers. Microphones
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Plughugger Distorted Evolution 1 Deep Space Textures

Distorted Evolution is a new series of cinematic sound expanders for Omnisphere 2 and the first release lifts off from a hangar at Area 51 and travels beyond light-speed into the dark reaches of deep space, destination the unknown.
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