HY2ROGEN Tech House Fuerza

Get ready to ignite worldwide dancefloors with the latest sonic masterpiece from HY2ROGEN, a brand new tech house sample pack titled Tech House Fuerza. Dive into the heartbeat of Latin-influenced tech house with 30 meticulously designed song-starters, each pulsating with the authentic sounds of flutes, pianos, trumpets, and percussion that will transport your audience to the vibrant streets of Latin America. Unleash the power of 2 GB of cutting-edge samples, meticulously crafted to infuse your tracks with the infectious rhythm of Latin culture. This massive sample pack comes equipped with a staggering 1,470+ total files that include WAV loops & one-shots, MIDI files, sampler patches, and synth presets.
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CRANKDAT Basic Master Chain

hello everybody - here's the big kahuna. i went ahead and remade my master chain using only free plugins and stock ableton plugins (gullfoss is on the rack by default, but you can disable it and it won't make a tremendous difference at all).
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CRANKDAT Mid Side Separator Ableton Rack

here's a rack I made that is ridiculously useful - mid side separator separates your mids from your sides and can boost or ott each according to what your mix needs. i use this rack in literally every project as of lately and it's ridiculous how helpful it is. if the sound isn't present enough in mono, just turn up the mid gain and boom problem solved. no third party plugs required!
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CRANKDAT Easy Reverb Switch

eazy reverb switch is an ableton rack designed to easily fill any void space with a reverb throw!
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Ave Mcree LVLS All New Drip Vol.2

Over 50 presets ready for you music production ranging from ambient, moody, bright, and hard sounds. All original sounds created by LVLS. All New Drip XP picks up where the first one left off.
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Roundel Sounds The Vocal Collection Vol.11

'The Vocal Collection Vol 11' by Roundel Sounds is a massive pack filled with 7 female and male vocal Construction Kits with numerous tempos ranging from 90 to 110 BPM, to fit a variety of EDM styles and more. Each and every Construction Kit comes with MIDI and WAV stems that fit perfectly to the project's vocals. This product is packed with inspiring melodies, pumping kicks, bright sounding snares and claps, as well as warm basslines, perfectly fitted FX sounds, playful plucks and synths, great-sounding and carefully processed leads, clean guitar strumming chord progressions and some sweet piano sounds too.
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imago meri memento

This kit is based around the concept of sounding antique and vintage, with mechanical imperfections and artifacts that give each sound its own special nature.
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LP24 Forest Psy

LP24 is very proud to present our latest release Forest Psy featuring 610 inspiring and professionally crafted loops, oneshots, MIDI files, and Xfer SERUM presets; a huge variety of ideas and sounds expertly created with your music production needs in mind.
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PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon PCM 91 Reverb (Halls)

LEXICON PCM 91 REVERB (HALLS) IMPULSES RECORDED ON ANALOG TAPE You get over 150 Impulse Responses from 50 Hall Reverb presets of the PCM 91 with 3 different Decay Times per preset and all are printed on tape!
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Polarity Music Kalimba Tommelklaver

I sampled my small Tommelklaver Kalimba as a Bitwig preset! Let me know if you have trouble installing it, or somethings missing. Otherwise: have fun!
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Virtual Riot VR's Lo-Fi Tools For Ableton

Attached to this post are the files from the latest video :) The Ableton Stock-Kalimba instrument rack, the lo-fi effect racks and the Serum preset from the start of the video.
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David Hilowitz Cassette + Violin Experiments

A few weeks ago, I was walking down the street in beautiful, sunny Philadelphia when I passed a man with a bicycle cart sitting at a cafe–in his cart was a dusty old four-track recorder. I asked him about it and he said it was mine if I wanted it.
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Prod Inuya Bridge (Multi Kit)

+420 Sounds by inuya in the style of (Escense, Darkspin, Supertrap, Glo, Lovemusic) 60 8o8 13 Bass
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Loop Legendz Universe

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On Point Samples Hardstyle Essentials Vol.3

Unleash your creativity with a revolutionary sample pack specifically crafted for Hardstyle Production. With 4600+ sounds (4,32 GB) to upgrade your music, you'll wonder how this is only €49,99. A New era of Hardstyle Music Production.
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