SoundMajorz Vybe Omnisphere Library 2

71 custom made Omnisphere presets created by Vybe. Includes
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Function Loops Retro Ride 2

Function Loops is back again with six new Kits of pure Retrowave magic! Analogue basslines, powerful synth leads, gorgeous retro melodies and mesmerizing arpeggios, it's all in here. All the elements are perfectly mixed, polished and ready to go.
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Function Loops Future Pop And RnB Worldwide

'Future Pop & RnB Worldwide' is a collection of Future Pop & RnB sounds that will knock you off your shoes. The sound you hear in the biggest hits worldwide, now in your studio, at your fingertips.
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Function Loops Prime Pop

'Prime Pop' is a collection of prime sounds for producers seeking success in the commercial music industry. There's over 1GB of inspiration covering the famous sound of Pop music. This pack contains top quality Stems, loops, one-shots & Presets.
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Fielding SoundWorks Europa Relay

Relay consists of 150 patches, with a focus on stunning ambient textures, atmospheric pads, deep chords, massive bass, rhythmic sequences, and expressive keys. Following on from working on the Europa factory sound-bank, Relay was built with the idea of pushing Europa’s strengths as a versatile, highly modulatable sound source. The patches contained sound richly detailed, and are also designed to be quickly usable in a real-world composition & production environment. Whether you’re looking to give your productions a slick cinematic flair, or whether you’re after an eclectic sound-bank to use as a complete palette of sounds, Relay is for you.
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Fielding SoundWorks Serum Injection

Injection consists of 150 patches, including hugely detailed soundscapes and ambient atmospheres, rich pads, evocative keys, huge bass, and more. The aim of Injection was to enhance Serum with a strong, well-rounded cinematic soundset with a unique flavour, equally at home as a modern electronic & organic production palette and as a modern scoring tool. As such, Injection makes the most of Serum’s custom wavetable functionality, using a full set of specially designed custom wavetables to inject a unique flavour into the sound-set. Sound sources range from a variety of analog synths through to a selection of acoustic and field recordings – all of which were heavily processed for maximum usability.
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Fielding SoundWorks Massive Cyberscapes

Cyberscapes consists of 150 patches, ranging from deep atmospheric beds, pulsing sequences, huge basses, lush pads, and more. Cyberscapes was designed with usability firmly in mind. Inspired by modern and classic cyberpunk/sci-fi media, Cyberscapes is perfect as a scoring toolset for cutting-edge soundtracks, or to add a polished cinematic flair to your music. Whether you’re looking to give a contemporary electronic score a slick sci-fi sound, or you’re looking to give your synthwave tracks a polished cinematic sheen, Cyberscapes has got you covered.
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WavSupply Wyatt x Taz Taylor Fallout

50 custom made Omnisphere presets created by WYATT and Taz Taylor of Internet Money. Includes
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WavSupply Pharaoh Vice Nostalgia

50 custom made presets for Omnisphere created by Pharaoh Vice of Internet Money Contains
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Vertical Sounds Vertical Sounds Vol.5 Visionary

50 presets containing visionary and mostly quite weird FX sound designs.
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Vertical Sounds Vertical Sounds Collection Vols.1-4

This is a collection of previously released "Vertical Sounds" preset packs for Sylenth1, Serum and a bonus pack for the classic Synth1: [i][b]Vertical Sounds 1 - Psy n' Stuff (presets for Synth1)
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Freak Music CLXVDS

Freak Music is proud to present the “CLXVDS” – collection of five cloud construction kits, perfect for your next cloud trap, chillout, chillstep, hip-hop and pop productions. This pack offers the greatest tools and source of inspiration you have been missing. From construction kits, melodies, drums, percussion, chords, pads, leads, plucks – to presets and MIDI files plus Spire soundbank with all presets included. You will find everything you need in this amazing compilation.
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Kryptic Samples Fat 808

'Fat 808' is a thought-provoking 808 bass collection professionally designed by Kryptic Samples for any music producer who want steady samples for their Trap & Future RnB creations.
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ProduceRnB All 6 Engines Presets

Play One-Touch R&B Chords Through Any VST! The R&B Chordz Engine gives you access to lush, advanced Urban R&B Chords bursting with flavor and emotion at the press of a Key. With incredible realism and quality, The R&B Chordz Engine shaves hours off of producing your best music..
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Bellatrix Audio Analog Dreams Vol.1 Vintage

100 Exclusive presets for Xfer Serum. The digital synth inspired by an analog vibe. We spent a lot of time and energy to find and sample 15 analog synths and then turn the records into wavetables. And on the basis of these waves we created two banks of presets: Analog Dreams Vol.1 Vintage and Vol.2 Modern. Each bank includes 100 presets with basses, leads, pads, sequences, plucks, FXs and others.
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