Triple Spiral Audio Traveller

“My witness is the empty sky” wrote Jack Kerouac in his famous book On the Road. Traveller is a soundset that puts you on a journey where dark and light meet – dark and light ambient pads and textures, mysteriously moving soundscapes with guitar drones, haunting arps and dark deep ominous basses. Hardly anything stands still where movement is a key feature.
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Triple Spiral Audio The Stand

The Stand is a new expansion for VPS Avenger and contains 150 presets, 8 drumkits, 7 drumsequences, 193 granular sources, 22 multi samples, 32 wavetables and 15 custom waveshapes. The presets are divided into the following categories: ARP’s, Basses, Bells, Drums, Effects, Leads, Pads, Plucked, Sequences, Soundscapes and Synths.
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Triple Spiral Audio Heroes

Heroes is a soundset with 128 presets for Repro 1 + 5 (64 presets each) and it found its inspiration in the works of David Bowie. The presets are not a recreation of the works of Bowie, but his mindset, his limitless creativity inspired me to create a soundset. His works from his Berlin period but also the later albums like 1. Outside and his last album Blackstar been a great inspiration. This results in a soundset full with dark, raw, evolving analog and experimental sounds.
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Surge Sounds Future Bass Chrdz

After much anticipation we’re excited to bring you a brand new Future Bass pack for Cthulhu to enhance your compositions. Future Bass CHRDZ for Cthulhu!
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Origins of Audio Varitis

Varitis. It comes from the ancient Greek word Βαρύτης (/va.ˈɾi.ti.s/) or Βαρύτητα (/va.ˈɾi.ti.ta/), meaning gravity. Space is certainly not the final frontier, since we, the human kind, haven't unraveled all its mysteries yet. This sound set is inspired by space exploration and we tried to capture that feeling on our presets. Color and darkness, taking off and landing, time-travelling and stillness, void and signs of life - a broad spectrum of states, expressed through notes. Once again, this sound set aims at dark cinematic scoring for film and video games. Varitis is a collection of 121 presets for U-He's Zebra² with dark and ghostly soundscapes, fx, swells, evocative and emotional pads, bass, arps and sequences. All of these sounds are waiting for you to explore them and discover their possibilities.
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SoundMajorz Oasis Omnisphere Bank by Vybe and aliNorth

54 Sounds 4 Bass 4 Bells
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StudioPlug Celestial Keys

Coming Into 2018 “Celestial Keys (Omnisphere Bank)” Is Coming In Hot! Filled with 40+ Custom Ambiet,Space,Celestial Keys This kit was designed to bring you hq sounds to each beat you make! These sounds and midis work in all DAW’s (FL Studio, Reason, Logic, Pro Tools, Maschine, MPC & More)!! Omnisphere Patches
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Sonic Academy ANA 2 Presets Vol.6 Psy Trance

Sonic Academy presents our latest preset pack for ANA 2. ANA 2 Presets Vol. 6 - Psy- Trance has been produced exclusively for us and delivers that massive Psy Trance sound. Here, over 100 unique and distinguished Psy-Trance sounds show off ANA 2's super accurately modeled saws and creamy filters.
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HOPEX Drumkit vol. 1

What’s up guys, finally my new drumkit is out! I wanted to share this for a very long time, but I waited till I got more recognition! So I made a pretty sick drumkit in that time, which has almost all the samples from my tracks such as: Conquer, Victory, Gem, Saying yes & Bang Dem etc!
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Sonic Academy KICK 2 Presets Vol.7 Progressive and Tech House

An essential tool for producing Progressive House, Tech House, Deep House and Minimal, Sonic Academy is proud to present 'Kick Presets Volume 7 - Progressive and Tech House'.
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Echo Sound Works Sphere

Echo Sound Works has launched Sphere, a one of a kind collection of sounds, presets, samples and loops, that will help make your productions more unique by simply making your music sound different.
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Studio One X

Studio One X is a set of extensions created and designed by Narech Kontcell for the PreSonus Studio One DAW. It consists of two independent parts: an executable library and a scripts library.
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Unison Tech House Collection Volume 1

It’s time to take your tech house tracks to the top. This collection is inspired by tech house studs like FISHER, Camelphat, Green Velvet and Billy Kenny. We uncovered the secrets of their sound design and packed them into this premium soundbank for you to download and use in your own tracks.
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Unison Trap Collection Volume 1

It’s time to take your trap game to the top. This collection is inspired by trap music legends like RL Grime, Flosstradamus, Yellow Claw and Bro Safari. We uncovered the secrets of their sound design and packed them into this premium soundbank for you to download and use in your own tracks.
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Unison Artist Series K-Theory GLITCH-D OUT Volume 1

Imagine all the genres of music as the stars in the universe. Then, those stars collapsing into a giant ball of musical matter. Then, being reborn from the astral world. That’s how K-Theory describes their music and this special pack... Over the last few years, K-Theory have gotten over 100 million plays across all platforms.
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