Develop Device Behemoth Kit

Unleash your inner beast with my Superior Drummer 3 Preset, inspired by the thunderous sound of the legendary band, Behemoth. This meticulously crafted preset will provide an immersive, powerful, and unique experience for all metal and rock enthusiasts.
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Develop Device Sleep Token

Dive into the ethereal and powerful soundscape of Sleep Token with our specialized Superior Drummer 3 preset. This unique preset encapsulates the haunting and distinctive style of Sleep Token, offering an otherworldly drumming experience tailored for the most captivating rock and metal productions.
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Juca Nery Guitar Patches Boss Katana Bundle N.º59

This package contains: Dickey Betts – Bougainvillea – 2 Patches Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man3 – Patches
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PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon 300 Reverb!

LEXICON 300 IMPULSE RESPONSES RECORDED ON TAPE (STUDER A80) We are proud to present you the impulse responses of the legendary unit Lexicon 300!
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Marko Lenz Chromium Creative Kit

YOU DON'T NEED EXPENSIVE VSTS In the "CHROMIUM" Creative Kit, you can find a unique preset from my DirectWave bank. DirectWave is a stock plugin for FL Studio that will replace Analog Lab and save your CPU. These presets match perfectly with all the One-Shots from this kit, and you don't need to spend time on sound selection. These Presets and One-shots modify your samples and offer unique sound variations.
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Appa2x Morgue Drum Kit

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Polarity Music Audiomodern Freezr Replaced In Bitwig

Today, I'm exploring the Freezer effect and attempting to recreate it in Bitwig Studio's grid. Here's a summary of my process: Introduction to the Freezer Effect: I explained the Freezer effect, a typical buffer repeat effect, and mentioned its basic functionalities like setting repeat counts for each step and options for smoothing and filtering.
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Polarity Music  Drum Brain For Bitwig

I recently worked on building another sequencer, adding to my extensive experience with step sequencers over the years. Here's a summary of my latest project: Previous Sequencer Versions: I revisited a sequencer I built in August 2022, which had both a melody and a drum mode, allowing for different note ranges and generating drum hits using a step mode for gate and velocity generation.
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Audiosample Vocal Future Bass

'Vocal Future Bass Volume 1' by Audiosample is a stunning collection of Future Vocal Bass that features a light speed collection of royalty free House samples including hooky synths and punchy drums for producers looking for the latest sounds for their main room productions.
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406ahmad year2406 Sound Kit

100+ drums and fx sounds40 serum presets 40 one shots 20 phrases
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Polarity Music EFX Refract In Bitwig

This video is a tutorial on replicating the EFX Refract plugin by Arturia in Bitwig Studio, emphasizing the use of Bitwig's grid. The main points include: Refract Effect Replication: Replicating the basic concept of EFX Refract, a chorus-like effect, within Bitwig. The tutorial doesn't replicate the 3D interface or the harmonizer of the original plugin.
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Polarity Music Crazy EQ Modulation Made Easy

In this Bitwig Studio tutorial, I explored creative EQ modulation techniques using the Polymer synthesizer with a saw wave, the EQ+ device, FX grid, and voice stacking. Here's a concise overview:
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Vylet Pony Vylet's Rather Vital Presets Vol.1

Wowow! Here are a buncha presets for the VST synth: Vital!
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Waldorf Music Rob Papen Signature Sounds for Waldorf M

Rob Papen is a well-known sound designer from the Netherlands and many of his sounds and plug-ins have become legendary. In the 90s he supplied several sound sets for the Microwave 1, which had then just seen the light of day. His “Techno” and “Signature” cards inspired many users and can therefore be heard on countless productions of the 90s. The two sound sets have now been freshly reworked by Rob Papen and optimized on the Waldorf M, for the Waldorf M.
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Barely Alive Roland JX-3P for Vital

Introduced in 1983, the JX-Programmable-Preset-Polyphonic analog synth from Roland was a big hit. Released alongside the Jupiter-6, both synths had a second oscillator which set them apart from the Juno. The JX-3P featured a button-only front panel and the classic chorus, whereas the Jupiter retained the knob and faders but had no built in effects.
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