Reverb Machine TAL U-NO-LX Presets

Nostalgic eighties synth goodness. An instant classic, the Roland Juno synths have a flair for bringing warmth to any track they touch. With the killer combo of digital oscillators and that legendary chorus sound, the Juno synths are a true beast. With these 138 patches for TAL U-NO-LX, you'll have the recognizable full range of classic Juno sounds at your fingertips.
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Gravitas Create VITALITY Bass Heavy Hitters by Prismatic

Bold, brave, and, breathtaking. Prismatic takes you on a journey of sound through this eclectic collection of professional heavy Serum bass presets, striking leads, and useful FX. Each sound is meticulously crafted to help your productions meet the standards of today and tomorrows music. Ranging from Neuro Bass, Riddim, to Hybrid Trap, you are sure to find many uses for these powerful presets.
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Evolution of Sound Selective

A world of BEAUTIFUL sounds awaits those who are selective enough to join us in this modern Deep House adventure. With 120 Presets for Serum, set to take you into the world of Selected, this inspired pack contains sounds inspired by some of your favorite Deep House artists like EDX, JLV, Nora En Pure, Yotto, Rufus DU Sol, and many more.
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Samplified Peyote Sample Pack

Samplified is pleased to present to you the Peyote Sample Pack; an enigmatic future bass sample pack bursting at the seams with 24-bit studio quality content. Open up Peyote to discover a desert trip of looming & booming drum + instrumental loops, SFX, and bubbly, pulsing Massive & Serum synth presets. Get ready for a trip to unexplored plains of existence and frequency.
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Total Samples Dubstep Evolution

Ultra-versatile Collection of 64 quality Dubstep presets for NI's popular Massive Synth! Dubstep Evolution Massive Presets takes an innovative approach to Dubstep Sound Design, building on the well established arps, basses, leads and pads type configuration and giving you a broader, better defined array of sounds that will help you push the limits within this ever evolving genre!
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Total Samples Brutal Dubstep Massive Presets

Total Samples brings you 65 Massive Presets ideal for the most Brutal Dubstep. Featuring Bass, Leads and FX. Chainsaws at the ready? Then let's begin...
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Total Samples Ultimate Trap

65 expertly programmed Massive Presets ideal for Trap and Future Bass Productions, brought to you by the Total Samples team. Total Samples are really excited to bring you the most definitive and exciting collection of professional level trap presets for Native Instruments' Massive!
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Total Samples Total Trap Massive Presets

64 innovative Trap presets for Massive, expertly designed by the Total Samples production team. Do you need some grunge in your synth? Some dirty leads to make those legs wobble? Well take a listen to this fantastic collection of presets engineered and compiled by one of our very talented producers!
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Total Samples Mechanical Hive Dubstep Massive Presets

65 super heavy industrial sounding Dubstep Presets for Massive synth, expertly programmed by Total Samples. Ever wanted to pit robots against each other in sonic battle? Well now is your chance!
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Prime Loops Damaged Dubstep Massive Presets

64 cutting edge Dubstep Presets for Massive synth from Total Samples, professionally programmed for modern Bass Music. Do you need a little filth to spark up your tunes? Are your sounds not quite as deranged as you'd like?
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Prime Loops Total Dubstep Vol.3 Massive Presets

54 killer Dubstep Presets for Massive synth from Total Samples, featuring Bass, Arps, FX, Leads & Risers. We're really excited to bring you this new addition to the powerful Total Massive Presets series with the next volume of insanely intense and extremely versatile sounds, crafted with an amazing degree of attention.
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Freaky Loops Dark Neuro DnB Vol.2: Massive Presets

We are proud to present second volume of “Dark Neuro DnB: Massive Presets“ - focuses on the dark side of DnB; comes with 60 mind altering NI Massive presets for your next banger!!
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Freaky Loops Complextro and Dubstep Vol.6

This is what you were waiting for: VOLUME 6 of the highly acclaimed Complextro & Dubstep series! ‘Complextro & Dubstep Vol 6’ is the continuation of this popular series for NI Massive Presets - loaded with 60 of the freshest presets that will put you right at the forefront.
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Freaky Loops Monster Dubstep Vol.2

Once again we are here for the second time with this hot, smoking Dubstep Massive Presets!! We are very proud to present our latest release "Monster Dubstep: Massive Presets Vol 2” - features 60 must-have patches designed for both aspiring producers and professionals alike.
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Waldorf Blofeld Electric Body Machinery Soundset by Ari Ahrendt

This punchy soundset that covers everything for electronic music of the darker kind. Highly energetic sounds for areas such as EBM, Synth Pop, Dark Electro, Future Pop, Electro Wave and Minimal Electro Pop. All sounds on highest level of musical playability, usability and inspiration.
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