On Point Samples Hardstyle Essentials Vol.3

Unleash your creativity with a revolutionary sample pack specifically crafted for Hardstyle Production. With 4600+ sounds (4,32 GB) to upgrade your music, you'll wonder how this is only €49,99. A New era of Hardstyle Music Production.
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On Point Samples Hardstyle Essentials Vol.2

This pack is a must-have for every Hardstyle/Rawstyle producer. The pack will speed up your workflow, boost your creativity and make your life a whole lot easier. Next to that, this pack has been supported by huge artists like Devin Wild, Bass Modulators, Refuzion & many more. You do not want to miss out on this one.
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PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon PCM-60 Reverb!

LEXICON PCM-60 REVERB IMPULSES RECORDED ON 2“ ANALOG TAPE Vintage Lexicon PCM-60 impulse responses are recorded on a 2“ Vintage Telefunken M15 tape recorder through a vintage Neve console.
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Audio Juice The Wilds (Arturia Pigments Bank)

Head into the thick of the jungle with The Wilds: a collection of presets for Arturia Pigments With a range of nature inspired tones, this kit has everything you need to create a tribal feel, from flutes, to mallets, to forest inspired synths.
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Soundwrld Dystopia (Analog Lab V Bank + One Shot Kit)

Dystopia (Analog Lab V Bank) comes with (+50) ambient, retro, lofi trap presets that offers infinite possibilities when making beats and ensuring each preset you use is unique and original! This analog lab bank also comes with [+50] one shot samples exported from the presets themselfs to use as wav files and (+10) travis scott styled midi melodies created by dj / music producer (dj vybe) and inspired by genres and platinum winning artists / producers such as [Drake, Travis Scott, Don Toliver, Frank Dukes, Nardo Wick] & many more!
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Ready-to-use high quality samples are the biggest difference between amateurs and the professionals. Create endless layers by combining different presets to create your own signature sound.
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Loop Legendz Omnisphere Bank Tree Of Life

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Virtual Riot Serum Presets 2024

Enjoy this cozy little preset demo where I'm jamming through most of the presets that you can download in the next post (patrons only).
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starboyrob 2024 drum stash

Contains 400+ custom drum sounds I've created over the past year that have already been used in multiple billboard charting songs and slbums. Multiple sounds in this kit have been used in songs by artists including ken carson, homixide gang, yeat, kankan, destroy lonely, dom corleo, hardrock, playboi carti, gruhj, ian, blxty, lil shine, 800pts, osamason, lucki, yaego, molly santana, kets4ki, asteria, glokk40spaz, bbygoyard, izaya tiji, autumn, iayze, unotheactivist, sofaygo, ssgkobe, lancey foux, slump6s, rich amiri, lunchbox, yung fazo, summrs, sgpwes, and more. The sounds in this kit range from supertrap to baton rouge to pluggnb to rage to even r&b and k-pop.
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On Point Samples Hardstyle Essentials Vol.1

A must-have pack for any Hardstyle or Rawstyle producer, containing 100 next-level Serum Presets. This pack is the golden standard for uptempo productions, striving to create more than an industry-standard sound.
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The Producer School Devotion Minimal and Tech House Sample Pack

Tech House is the soundtrack of modern dance floors and raves worldwide. Combining the energy of addictive basslines and kicks with the mesmerizing atmosphere of synth melodies, this is the musical genre that makes clubgoers feel thrilled, exuberant, and alive.
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PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon Model 200 Reverb!

Vintage Lexicon model 200 Impulse Responses which are Printed on 2“ Vintage Telefunken M15 Tape Recorder through Vintage Neve Console.
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PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon LXP-15 II Reverb!

Great sounding Lexicon Reverb from the '90s. The best Lexicon from the LXP line with lots of cool Presets.
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Steinberg Strobe Retrologue Expansion

It´s 5am and the beats are pumping In the heart of the night, where darkness and rhythm intertwine, lies a realm pulsating with life and energy. Fog machines exhale their misty tendrils and flashing strobe lights punctuate the darkness. Time seems to stand still, suspended in the infinite embrace of the music. This is Strobe. Bringing you all the synth sounds you need to make today´s four-to-the-floor music in one pulsing expansion for Retrologue.
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Saigga FL Studio Patcher Preset

Hey guys! This is a FL Studio Patcher preset that separates the low ends of your sounds so you can keep that organic sub and still add post processing such as dimension expander, phaser etc! I've been using it for ages now and decided to add some controls to it and give it to you guys! It consists of: FL Studio's Frenquency Splitter, DimensionExpander by Xfer, FL Studio's Transient Processor and Reason Rack Plugin Effect.
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