Thenatan X25 Trax Expansion

"We were very glad to see that Trax was a huge success since the first day of launch. But that did not stop us, we continued to bring new sounds to give you a complete experience when using Trax.
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Joseph Hollo Shining Hive

Let the Hive shine, Let the Hive shine in... Since working on the factory library of the updated Hive 1.2, Joseph was excited to watch this lovely synth became a real top-dog, yet easy to use VSTi.
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PluginGuru ESC Personal Flavours

256 Patches, 50 Multis and 45 NEW samples are in this super diverse library for Omnisphere 2.5! Created by 15 world-class programmers (some of them sell patch libraries on their own websites), this is a special library because the programmers made sounds that match their personal passions in sound design and patch making.
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WA Production Psytrance Tantra

Are you ready to experience deep, seductive, cinematic sounds that will expand your bodies capacity for exhilaration and deliver a journey full of hyper dimensional rhythms? W. A. Production has just released What about: Psytrance Tantra.
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Big EDM Electro Memories For Ableton

Transcend beyond the depth of your conscious mind and slip into "Electro Memories for Ableton" from Big EDM. Your journey begins with a deep bass growl followed by an impact so strong it could shake the earth's core.
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Prototype Samples THEMVTT - FL Studio Project

'THEMVTT: FL Studio Project' by Prototype Samples is a Hybrid Trap template inspired by Boombox Cartel, Joyride and Ookay. Various techniques used in this project will be perfect for beginners and more advanced music producers alike.
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Samplified Hip Hop and Trap 808 Drum Kit

These presets will give you the ability to manipulate the source audio and wavetables, and craft your own sustaining tones and heavy hitting sub frequencies. Crafted by Samplified's sound designers, it uses Xfer's powerful and popular Serum engine to great effect, with endless sound design potential.
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Samplified Electronic and Future Beat Electronica Sound Pack XOXO

It's finally here after a whole lot of sound design! Our XOXO Sample pack has been in the works for over 2 months. We partnered with Moving Castle Collective artist VALENTINE to put out our heavy hitting electronic sample pack. The pack includes the following content:
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OCTVE.CO Octave OG series Lucchii

We're excited to release our second OG Series pack featuring the talented Lucchii. Similar to the first release this pack contains high quality one-shots, drop loops, kicks, snares, snaps, crazy fx, serum presets, and much more!
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Cymatics Omega Production Suite

What is Omega?OMEGA is by far one of highest quality production suites we’ve ever created. We brought in some of the best sound designers in the music industry, as well as world class songwriters and musicians with tens of thousands of hours of combined experience to help out.
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Overloud British Classics Rig Library

British Classics is a TH-U Rig Library containing 29 legendary British amp models (29 amps + 29 cabs) and 29 presets. The Rig Models are created by capturing setups with the following amplifiers*:
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Dustons Trance Energy Virus Ti2 Ti Soundset

DUSTONS.COM is back with the quality sound you have come to expect from us. After many requests, we are proud to present: 'Trance Energy Virus Ti2 / Ti SoundSet'! In this pack you will find a Access Virus Ti2 / Ti SoundSet bank with 130 (!) presets, containing: warm basses, dreamy plucks, driving leads, powerful pads, perfectly fitted FX sounds, and moving arpeggios.
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Luftrum Immersion for DUNE 2 and 3

[Immersion: /ɪˈməːʃ(ə)n/ the act of putting someone or something completely under liquid, or the deep mental involvement in something.] Taking a deep dive into atmospheric depths, Immersion is the debut soundset by the American psybient producer, Echo Season.
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The Patchbay Dark Cyberpunk for Dune 2 and 3

What's inside? 14 Bass Patches10 Lead Patches7 Pad Patches6 Plucked Patches3 SFX Patches.This soundbank contains 40 patches which are dedicated to the dark side of cyberpunk themed music. From classical to modern synthwave, and even to the big cinematic Scifi - "Dark Cyberpunk" for Dune 2 delivers the tools to create music for these genres. Almost all patches have modwheel action. From very usable transition effects to morphings that will transform a patch into a second, different sounding instrument.
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Big EDM EDM For Everyone

Imagine motion with direction. Imagine EDM for Everyone.
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