WA Production EDM and Dance Lollipop

Have we got a sweet treat for you? Just imagine the feeling of anticipation as your download completes, salivating as you load up the samples and delightfully create a mix that is just bursting with flavor. We are giving you some seriously juicy, light-hearted, feel good, dance sounds. What about: EDM & Dance Lollipop isn’t just covering one specific design. Included in this pack are a wide variety of colorful instruments such as electric and acoustic guitar, piano, bells, shakers, and toms
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(ElectraX Bank) + zJakkies x Pierre Bourne Drum Kit

This Drumkit + ElectraX Bank comes with a total of 135 sounds! 808s (10+) Chantz (5+)
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The Kit Plug Aperture

Great sound selection is vital to making beats that stand out. So If you’re trying to get noticed as a producer, you’re going to need the best sounds.
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The Kit Plug Plush (ElectraX Presets)

Industry producers know a good preset can take a beat from “meh” and turn it into a top 100 hit. That’s why we focused all of our energy on making presets that help get you noticed.
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WA Production EDM Ammo

'What about: EDM Ammo' is an ultimate sample pack inspired by the wildest 2017 EDM festival tunes and producers. EDM scene is growing every day and so should you! EDM Ammo by W. A. Production will provide you the finnest melody progressions, construction kits, drums and presets for your favorite synthesizers - simply everything you need to create your own festival anthem!
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VintageSynthPads Analog Dusk

Analog Dusk for Dune 3. I like the sound of analog synthesizers, always have, always will.
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VintageSynthPads Symmetrical

Symmetrical is a set of BOTH new wavetables AND extraordinary presets for Dune 2. These 120 presets would not be possible without the wavetable expansion included with Symmetrical.
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Blue-Eyed Blond Ape Precious

Sounds are suitable for various styles of electronic music, though there are a lot of crazy sounds that lend itself to dubstep and D&B styles, nevertheless all presets have relevant mod knob assignments, so you can quickly shape it more to your liking.
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Cymatics The Ultimate Lofi Collection + bonus

This is a HUGE Lofi bundle that our team has been working on for months, and the results are absolutely incredible! The bundle comes with 5 incredible packs, including: Lofi Drums Collection, Lofi Foley Percussion, Lofi Melodies And Vocals, Lofi MIDI Collection, Lofi Synth Presets
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Datacode FOCUS Serum Techno

Datacode is proud to present FOCUS: Serum Techno, a premium sound bank with the latest Serum Presets and Construction Kits! One of our favorite weapons in the studio is Xfer Records powerhouse synth Serum, with its distinctive sound that can be heard in many types of Electronic Music from Future Bass, Trap, Dubstep and others. Our studio production team noticed a serious need for current and premium sounding Serum presets that are specifically designed for Techno, Minimal and Tech House producers!
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BigWerks Alpha Status

Alpha Status is a preset bank for Electra X VST. It is filled with dope presets. This bank is designed using created samples as well as electra X quad engiens. Presets includes Pads, bass, Plucks, keys, leads & Synths.
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AngelicVibes Stargazer

New Omnisphere Bank with 50 custom made presets.2 Flutes 6 Pianos 3 Guitars
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StiickzZ Sticky Sounds Zedd Edition Pro Version

Zedd is a producer who creates EDM bangers left and right and even hits the charts. His incredible sound design plays a big role in the success of his productions. It doesn't matter if you listen to an older Progressive House or a new Future Bass production by Zedd - you will always notice that he uses unique sounds in an extremely creative way.
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Avenger Expansion Pack EDM 1

Baaam! The very first expansion pack for VPS Avenger starts with 131 presets of pure EDM power! Andy Hinz, the master of modern EDM sounds delivers again... Enjoy beautiful arps, crispy basses, ultra-fat leadsounds, neverending risers and fills, big drums, plucks, synths, pianos - all you need for your next EDM club smasher!
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Audioease SST-282 Space Delay for Audioease Altiverb 7.28

Together with Stanley Arts, Aram went out on an adventure to capture the essence of this classic digital delay and reverberation icon from the late 1970s. In this IR set, featuring over 300 IRs, all 16 programs (Rooms, Combs, Fatty, Cloud, Echo, Space) have been captured in three feedback settings and with three different delay time settings, with medium reverb, with long reverb and without reverb options.
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