The Kit Plug Motion III

(50) Professionally designed ElectraX Presets!
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The Kit Plug Motion II

(40) Professionally designed ElectraX Presets!
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The Kit Plug Motion

(40) Professionally designed ElectraX Presets!
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Triple Spiral Audio Dreamer

Dreamer is a soundset for Omnisphere 2.5 and Keyscape. The soundset contains 128 presets, 25 multis and 70 soundsources. The set is a scoring tool for Omnisphere 2.5 and Keyscape. The basic of the presets are simple and with the use of the 2 extra layers of Omnisphere 2.5 all kinds of elements are added to the presets to enhance the sounds.
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Sonic Underworld Diva Utopia

Diva Utopia is a collection of 150 patches for u-he's Diva. Diva Utopia's focus lies on lush and atmospheric dark analog sci-fi sounds. Diva Utopia delivers lots of animated arpeggios, dark basses and bass lines, lush ambient space pads, sci-fi fx's, dark drums and pulses, inspiring sci-fi synths and ominous soundscapes from far away worlds.
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Asonic Dark Hip Hop

Asonic brings you “Dark Hip Hop” an array of unique, Dark Hip-Hop Construction Kits, elements, MIDI files and Synth Presets to assist you in all your creative Hip-Hop production.
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JK Sounds Trance Retrology Vol.2

'Trance Retrology Vol.2 For Repro-1' is an authentic and raw analogue soundbank for U-he Repro-1. The sound that comes out of this synth is distinctive and rich, with a full low end and crisp highs, the oscillators and filters are packed with an authentic retro character analogue sound.
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Elektron Caught on Tape 808+909 Sound Pack for Elektron Octatrack

The Roland TR-808 and TR-909 are classics that never will go out of style. Goldbaby has pulled out all the stops and carefully recorded these revered machines using an Ampex 351 1/2? valve 2 track tape machine. The result is warm, round and beautifully saturated analog sounds – perfect sample material for the Octatrack.
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Dropgun Samples Sagan Future House

So many people have been asking for it, here you go – A brand new sample pack produced by Sagan (Resident of Spinnin’ Records, Hexagon, Musical Freedom, Armada) Sagan is releasing his first sample pack, which contains exclusive sounds combining mad future house tunes, high quality one shots and beautiful vocal chops. As always all formats are available in this pack (wav, presets, midi).
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Elektron Ancient Waves Sound Pack

If you’re looking for nuance and texture in your samples, check out the new Ancient Waves Sound Pack for Octatrack. Drum, bass, drone, pad, and effects sounds suitable for scores and songs with just that little extra bit of intensity. These samples tickle the imagination and stir things up from a fantastic, archaeopsychic past perhaps better left undisturbed. Created by Pact Infernal.
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Gahrn Audio Omnisphere Ylem

Omnisphere Ylem is a collection of 50 dark, atmospheric textures for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 aimed at ambient and experimental film and game music. Product Specifications:
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Gahrn Audio Omnisphere Synchronicity

Omnisphere Synchronicity is a collection of 100 patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 aimed at ambient and electronic film, TV and game music. Product Specifications:
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Gahrn Audio Omnisphere Symbiosis

Omnisphere Symbiosis is a collection of 80 patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere, aimed at electronic film and game scoring, ambient and electronica. Product Specifications:
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Flood Tunnel

Flood tunnel, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Underground flood tunnel in the city Utrecht, The Netherlands. This 120 meter (400 ft) long concrete underground tunnel in the center of the city is not accessible for public. During a transitioning phase of re-opening part of the formerly closed canals in the city we had the chance of getting into this tunnel and sampling it for your pleasure. This place is concrete all over, great for choirs, low frequency synth drones, new age pads or sound effects.
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Triple Spiral Audio Cloud Atlas

Inspired by the famous book by David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas for Omnisphere 2 provides you the sounds to start a journey filled with mysterious leads, haunting basses, lush and evolving analog pads, neo-futuristic and dystopian soundscapes and raw and tribal arpeggiated sounds.
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