Vylet Pony Vylet's Rather Vital Presets Vol.2

A collection of presets I've made for the synth VST, "Vital", a free synth that you can download in the instructions below. The preset bank can be downloaded by clicking the attachment link at the bottom of this patreon post. (Cover art by CalamariSpider)
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Polarity Music Harmony Bloom Replaced With Bitwig

I attempted to replicate Harmony Bloom, a polyrhythm generator, in Bitwig Studio, and here's a brief overview of how it went: Harmony Bloom Overview: It generates notes with user-defined quantities and lengths, along with a loop length for timing cycles. Users can adjust note probability, offset notes for polyrhythms, and apply quantized or speed offsets to vary the rhythm dynamics.
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Polarity Music Shapertable For Bitwig

In this tutorial, I explored a unique approach to creating distortion effects in Bitwig by utilizing wave tables instead of traditional transfer curves. Here's a summary of the key points:
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pailiaq Squelch Generator + mini tutorial (patreon exclusive)

Following up with a patreon request for expanding upon my Tipper Squelches tutorial, I made a lil walkthrough on building an improved squelch generator rack and go over how to use it and some of my workflow.
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Paradise Music Library AKIRA and AAGNIK More Than Necessary (Compositions And Stems)

“More Than Necessary” is a multi kit containing 16 full length samples with stems, and 150+ one shots, phrases, impulse responses, and more for ONLY $44.99. The creator of the pack, Akira & aagnik, described it as “a soundscape that represents the feeling of chaos and peace” and we couldn’t agree more.
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Dropgun Samples Techno

Step into the pulsating world of "Techno," the debut offering from Dropgun Samples in this genre. This groundbreaking sample pack marks the dawn of a new era, showcasing over 680 meticulously crafted samples that redefine the boundaries of techno music. Inspired by the innovative sounds of artists such as HI-LO, Reinier Zonneveld, Maddix, Space 92, Hardwell, and Eli Brown, this pack is a testament to the evolution of the genre. 
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N-SPECTRAL MASK is a spectral envelope follower that can be modulated by itself or an external sidechain signal, which can reduce heavy smearing, pre- or post-ringing and resonances/decays.
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This Phaseplant preset is a sample based glitch machine with random chopping, slicing, pitch bending, looping and 3x binaural instancing for maximum chaos. While you can use this preset using the macros only with the only manual input being replacing the chosen sample to scramble, N-GLITCH GEN allows you to adjust the depth of the 3 main RANDOM modulators on the bottom. Disabling or lowering their depth allows for custom glitch behavior, which can be incredibly powerful when mapping the POSITION, SIZE and PITCH macros to an external hardware modulator (Or even a game controller if using live 11 with max4live).
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Nasko Patreon Sample Pack Vol.24

100 SAMPLES TOTAL 10 Gun Bass One Shots 10 Unison Bass One Shot Layers
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Nick Semrad's Sequential Rev 2 Vintage Tribute Patch Set

Here are 65 "Vintage Tribute" patches for the Sequential Prophet Rev 2. This patch set contains 2 parts:
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Amoss Patreon December Bundle 2020

- 70 mixed samples (hits & loops)- 1 track - 20 Serum presets - Tutorial Video
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Amoss Patreon November Bundle 2020

- 70 mixed samples (hits & loops)- 1 track - Project Template (Ableton Live) - 10 Serum presets
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PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon 224 Long Small Halls!

In our first 224 release we sampled all presets, but the decay times of the presets were not longer than about 2,5 seconds. But this reverb shines in longer decay settings. So we decided to sample the small halls program in all possible decay settings.
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Output Ignition Thermal Expansion

Ignition Expansion Pack for Thermal Double the distortion, double the impact. Our versatile new expansion for Thermal combines two distinct distortion algorithms for every preset, all controllable with our fun-comes-first XY Control, or via the macro knobs. Experiment with each algorithm on its own by turning one macro knob up at a time, or blend the two in any amount to achieve wide variations in grit and tone.
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Amoss Patreon October Bundle 2020

- 69 mixed samples (hits & loops)- 1 track - 1 Studio Mix - 10 Serum presets
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