Sounds Divine Greatest Hits

'Greatest Hits' features 128 sounds for U-he's DIVA synthesizer. This soundset is aimed at recreating classic sounds from the Disco, House, Funk, Synthwave, Trance, Hip-Hop and Drum n Bass genres.
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Sounds Divine Extra Extra

'Extra Extra' features 100 sounds for U-he's Diva. The best of the extra presets for the 'Greatest Hits' & 'Director's Cut' soundsets. Includes unison stack pads, detuned synth sounds, chunky basses, 80's brass sounds, funky stabs, gospel organs and a whole lot more.
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Sounds Divine Essential Mix

‘Essential Mix’ contains 128 sounds for U-he’s Hive synth. This soundset is inspired by a handful of classic digital synthesizers of the 80s & 90s , including the Korg Prophecy, Novation Supernova, Roland JD800 & JP-8000 & Access Virus.
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Sounds Divine Supersonic FM

‘Supersonic FM’ contains 128 presets for U-he Hive. This soundset uses Hive’s new wavetable oscillators to create a diverse range of new sounds and features plucky FM basses, glitchy rhythmic pads, prophet VS style pads, massive warped, wavefolding bass sounds, twisted arpeggios, super FM plucks and much more.
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Sounds Divine Virtual Acoustics

'Virtual Acoustics' contains 128 sounds for Madrona Labs' Aalto. This soundset makes use of Aalto's flexible modulation system to bring you highly expressive, dynamic and realistic emulations of a range of different acoustic instruments.
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StudioPlug Space Wrld

Space Wrld (Omnisphere Bank) – Packed With 50 High Quality Spacey, Ambient, Glitchy sounds, this Omnisphere preset bank is based on Platinum Selling Artist JUICE WRLD. It contains similar sounds, bells, & guitars used in his hit singles such as “Lucid Dreams” & “All Girls Are The Same. Must Have Latest Version Of Omnisphere!
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Samplestar Future Bass Melodik

Samplestar are very proud to present Future Bass Melodik! We’ve included everything you need for your next big Future Bass banger! Featuring 6 huge inspiration kits packed full of infectious melodic content supplemented perfectly with our corresponding preset patches.
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Soundsdivine Overflow

Overflow contains 115 presets for u-he Hive V1.2 This soundset features the presets left over from the Essential Mix & Supersonic FM soundsets and features dystopian soundscapes, screaming digital bass sounds, thumping rhythmic sequences, swirling phaser pads, dark unison stack sounds, chiptune FX, FM arpeggios and much more.
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That Worship Sound Dream of Sines

Dream of Sines for Omnisphere 2, by David Allen Productions. After the Unwritten, I was thinking… What if I did a library with Omnisphere 2 about Sines. Any kind of sine wave sound. Back to the basics. But, effective. So, I decided to start on a project using only Sine sounds. Not only your classic pure sine wave. But, any kind of sine wave available in Omnisphere 2. Whether it was samples or pure DSP. I started with BPM patches and just went with my gut from there. Dream of Sines is full of unique, diverse, gritty and everything in between sounds.
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That Worship Sound Carbon

There is something special about sitting down with an analog synth. Hands on controls & unique workflows lead to patches that you’d never think to create in a soft synth. Carbon was designed with this feeling in mind. All patches were created using hardware synths, taking advantage of the new Omnisphere 2.5 hardware control. Combining the workflows of great analog synths with the flexibility of Omnisphere, this bundle gives you the best of both worlds!
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That Worship Sound Infinity 3

An extension of his popular Infinity series, Chris Sligh this time focused on creating moving, rich and sometimes complex pads (as well as more easily-used bass, arp, poly & lead sounds) to go along with the infinitely usable commercial pop sounds enjoyed in the first two in the Infinity series.
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That Worship Sound Infinity 2

If you’re a producer, you know that when you sit and listen to a new song or you’re starting from scratch on creating something, you want to spend time, creating parts and arranging… not messing and tweaking patches for hours.
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That Worship Sound Infinity 1

If you’re a producer, you know that when you sit and listen to a new song or you’re starting from scratch on creating something, you want to spend time, creating parts and arranging… not messing and tweaking patches for hours.
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Plugin Boutique Dark Serum Presets

Plugin Boutique presents Dark Serum Presets. Dark Serum Expansion Pack contains 64 expertly crafted presets to suit all of your eerie sonic-based productions. Whether you are into Techno, Electro, House or Urban genres, this soundbank will supply you with an arsenal of basses, stabs, plucks, leads, pads, drones and motion sequences to compose deep, driving music.
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PVLACE 808 Mafia Omnisphere Bank Vol.5

45 Atmospheric & Ambient Omnisphere presets. 3 x ARPs 16 x Bells
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