Beat Ausgabe 10/2019

Ob Hobbymusiker, Homerecorder oder Studioprofi: Wer produziert, landet früher oder später beim Thema Ergonomie und Dämmung. Und zwar immer wieder, denn die Ansprüche steigen mit der Zeit und die Anforderungen an Ihr Studio ändern sich. Freuen Sie sich auf zahlreiche Tricks zu Akustik und Ergonomie, mit denen sich jedes Studio effizient einrichten und optimieren lässt, teils auch mit unkonventionellen Mitteln. Dabei stellen wir Ihnen auch zahlreiche Ideen vor, wie Sie Ikea-Produkte in praktische Studiomöbel verwandeln. Ärmel hochgekrempelt und los geht’s!
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Guitar Techniques 50 Licks Of The Legends 2019

50 Licks Of The Legends! To celebrate our Issue 300 we've commissioned one of the biggest and best features ever. Take 10 genres - blues, rock and roll, classic rock, hard rock, prog, instrumental, jazz, fusion, funk and jazz - then select licks from each one's top five exponents. It's a whole new lickbag! If you play acoustic we have two brilliant lessons: one is UK genius picker Clive Carroll paying homage to his hero John Renbourn; the other is Bridget Mermikides's phenomenal take on The Entertainer, by Scott Joplin. Plus: Mattias IA Eklund 'freak guitar' video lesson; Clapton's 'Beano' album and Carlos Santana's 'Smooth' style licks explained. And loads more!
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Electronic Sound Issue 56, 2019

We have a superb issue for you this month. And that’s not only because we have an exclusive interview with Kraftwerk main man Ralf Hütter, although since Hütter rarely talks to the press that is clearly something a bit special.
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Professional Sound August 2019

The National Arts Centre - Augmented Audio Systems for Canada's Cultural HubBy Michael Raine Having completed its expansive Production Renewal overhaul, the Ottawa landmark is well-positioned to continue on as the beacon of Canadian performing arts for decades to come.
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MusicTech August 2019

Performing your music to an audience is always a daunting experience, whether you’ve never played live before in your entire life or if you’re on show 52 of a non-stop tour. There’s always that potential for things to go wrong, for your gear to fail or for the crowd to simply not get what you’re trying to do with your music. It stands to reason then, that preparation is key to feeling more comfortable on stage and thus being able to enjoy the experience – which ultimately translates to audience satisfaction. Martin Delaney (perhaps the most ‘outgoing’ of our writing team in this regard) has penned our cover feature this month, which elucidates numerous aspects of going live; from setting up your gear to fine-tuning your performance style.
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Professional Audio Juli 2019

AD/DA-Wandler16 Antelope Orion 32 HD I Gen 3 Zeitgleich mit dem neuen AD/DA-Wandler Orion 32+ | Gen 3 präsentiert Antelope Audio auch den großen Bruder Orion 32 HD | Gen 3, der sich mit seiner integrierten DigiLink-Schnittstelle insbesondere an „Avid Pro Tools HD“-User richtet und dabei neue Maßstäbe in Sachen Sound und Konnektivität setzt.
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The Producer's Music Theory Handbook May 2019

Discover the secrets to making amazing music. We’ve cherry-picked the finest tutorials and features from the pages of Computer Music and Future Music – each guide created specifically for the computer-based producer – to bring you this mega-compendium of music theory knowledge.
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Future Music June 2019

In The Studio....Amon Tobin - We caught up with the innovative musician, composer and producer ahead of new album Fear In A Handful Of Dust
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Future Music May 2019

Future Music is the essential guide to success for the modern producer. Discover everything in the pages of your Future Music digital magazine - from interviews with some of the world’s top producers and DJ’s, to practical tutorials that will help you take your production to the next level.
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MusicTech April 2019

Aside from the art of writing a melody, crafting the perfect lyric and finding the most suitable chords for your music, beatmaking (or sculpting the rhythmic elements of your track) is perhaps the most important stage to get right, particularly if you work in the EDM arena. It’s often, however, something that can start to feel quite ‘samey’ and characterless for some, as those musical elements tend to take priority.
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Computer Music May 2019

Inside this months issue:FATHOM CM: How to use this incredible modular synth freebie UNDERRATED synths: Under-the-radar instruments in virtual form
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Future Music April 2019

Turning simple musical ideas into full tracks can sometimes be harder than it looks. While dance music structures can sometimes seem simple on paper, nailing those perfect builds, drops and breakdowns can take real skill.
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Future Music March 2019

Get the full lowdown on the synths, drum machines and studio gear you'll be lusting after in 2019. Find out all you need to know about Korg's killer Minilogue XD with our full review and in-depth tutorial. Plus, new gear revealed from Teenage Engineering, Ableton, Bitwig, Akai, Elektron and more.
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MusicTech March 2019

I write this fresh from MusicTech’s annual sojourn to Anaheim, California where, once again, we were lucky enough to spend some hands-on time with a wealth of brand-new music technology, set for release at various points throughout 2019.
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Computer Music March 2019

MIXING MAGIC It’s amazing to think that not so long ago, the ability to automate fader levels and mutes on a hardware mixer represented state-of-the-art technology. The arrival of the software DAW changed all that, and now we can automate pretty much any parameter we like.
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