Native Instruments Kontakt 7

For 20 years, KONTAKT has been the backbone of countless film scores and pop hits, as well as thousands of incredible instruments from NI and your favorite NKS developers alike. Now, with a new HiDPI browsing experience, an overhauled Factory Library, new creative effects, and under-the-hood audio improvements, the next evolution is nearly here.
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Kuassa Amplifikation VVV

Three Major Version from an Iconic Amp. Inspired by a signature amp of a legendary guitarist, an inventor who has inspired the 5XXX signature guitar amplifier which delivers a very specific kind of guitar tone, dubbed as the “brown sound“. It's also implement Kuassa's next-generation user interface. Streamlining the process of operating the plugin for users with a cleaner, resizeable interface.
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NUGEN Audio Halo Vision

Customizable surround audio analysis Comprehensive analysis for 3D and immersive audio; Halo Vision is a customizable, real-time visual analysis suite. A variety of modules provide audio professionals with a clearer understanding of every aspect of their audio, allowing for precise and confident decision making and troubleshooting, and pinpointing problem areas which might be missed using ears alone.
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Sonalksis All Plugs Bundle

The flagship All Plugs Bundle contains ALL Sonalksis plug-ins. Sonalksis Plug-ins are one of the industry's 'best kept secrets'. Music producers and engineers the world over use Sonalksis plug-ins in all stages of the production chain, from tracking and mixing, through to mastering. Mastering facilities push numerous hits through the Sonalksis Mastering plug-ins, and post houses use our tools on box-office movies. Our plug-ins can even be seen (and heard) live on stages around the globe, and on live broadcasts over the airwaves from various broadcasters.
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Brandon Chapa 808 Lab

A Monster 808 Plugin Ready To Make Your Beats BANG! This VST Brings you 60 High Quality 808 Presets ready for any genre that needs a bang!
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zplane reTune v.1.3.0

Real-Time Multi-Pitch Modification reTune gives you full access to the pitch content of your audio samples and enables you to map each input pitch to any other pitch of the chromatic scale – all in realtime.
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uJAM Virtual Drummer HOT

When it comes to popular music, the standards are quite high. World-class recording engineers track the most talented drummers in the shiniest of studios. Yet today's top charts all have two things in common: infectious drum grooves and punchy drums, processed to perfection.
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Explore new sound spaces with VirSyn TERA that go beyond the emulation of synthesizer legends. Use the power of analog and digital synthesis combined with new physical models and new user interface elements to navigate through 8- dimensional sound spaces exceeding the limits of traditional sound morphing. The well-designed algorithms and the economical modular structure provides you with a comparatively high voice yield. Wireless patching of modules combined with an intelligent modulation matrix simplifies the development of new synthesizers from scratch. Up to 16 modular Synthesizers can be used simultaneously, all having the same user interface helping you operate this multi- modular system without losing track.
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AurallySound Song Master

Song Master gives you the tools to learn your favorite songs directly from the recording and to practice them efficiently. Song Master uses advanced machine learning and deep learning algortihms to determine a song's high level sections, chords, bars, beats, time signature, key, and tuning.
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Soundspear Full Collection Bundle 09.2022

The Full Collection of Soundspear plugins. References of products included in this Bundle:
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Intertia Sound Systems Granulizer 2

Granular synthesis from the future. GRANULIZER 2 is a granular synthesis software synthesizer intended for creative sound design.
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Intertia Sound Systems Instinc

A Living Organism of Drive, Dynamics and Tone. Instinct is not just another distortion, dynamics processing, or tone shaping audio engine.
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WA Production Heat 2

Presenting HEAT 2 - the original twin distortion powerhouse, now with a stunning refresh. This face-melting plugin features an intuitive new interface, more accurate frequency monitoring and a host of under-the-hood improvements.
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WA Production Combustor

Presenting COMBUSTOR - a unique way to create personalized compressor timbres. This inspirational effect features adaptive saturation processing to add character and crunch to your audio, all within a single plugin.
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WA Production CHORDS PRO

Pro-grade chord progressions for instant inspiration After the release of the original “Chords” we started to get lots of emails asking for an even more expansive set of features. Always keen to listen to feedback, we took the most wanted requests, threw in a few ideas of our own, and CHORDS PRO was born.
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