SoundMorph Dust

DUST creates a sonic soundscape never thought possible before. When you start creating with it, you'll see just what it means to lose joyful hours exploring it's capabilities.
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The Creative Filter For Sound Designers SPCTRL EQ allows you to sculpt and shape up to 4096 individual frequency bands in a unique and powerful way. The heart of SPCTRL EQ is its highly flexible Curve Editor that gives you excellent control over the spectrum of any sound.
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Faded Instruments Blumen und Pflanzen

Noisy and Chaotic An expressive and unpredictable performance tool, Blumen und Pflanzen is a pulsating FM feedback synthesizer/groove machine. A total hunk of an instrument, it provides a refreshing and unique approach to creating odd rhythms and noise that works great for improvising, jamming, re-sampling, sequencing, and even blowing out your speaker cones.
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Faded Instruments Slimer FM

Your DAW Becomes A Modular FM Ecosystem Slimer FM turns your DAW into a modular FM mega-instrument. Traditional FM synths provide carrier and modulator oscillators to generate sounds, but Slimer FM has no modulator - just an audio input. Using simple routing in your DAW of choice, any synth/drum machine/effects chain can become the modulators - inspiring some weird ass sounds. Essentially, your whole DAW becomes an FM synthesizer.
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uJAM Finisher Bundle 2021.3 CE

Effects for Contemporary Sound Design Finisher is a brand-new type of effect plug-in by UJAM. It is designed to combine the power of an entire effect rack with the ease-of-use and instant gratification of a single plug-in. Finisher is your musical companion that will keep inspiring you and protects you from recording or mixing a bland and boring track ever again.
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Audiomodern Playbeat

What is Playbeat?Playbeat is a Creative Groove Randomizer plugin that generates beats and patterns for you. Unlike an ordinary step sequencer, Playbeat creates patterns using algorithmic and random procedures for generating notes by combining Steps, Pitch, Volume and more.
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Audiomodern Riffer

What is Riffer?Riffer is a smart MIDI tool that generates musical Riffs & Sequences by combining Pitch, Duration, Velocity & Density. Built for your sounds, Software & Hardware. Turn them into something of your own or let it run endlessly using the infinity mode.
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Al AMin Hensive RETAiL

BE READY TO BOOST YOUR WORKS WITH THIS NEW COMPREHENSIVE PLUGIN! Hensive VST is a plugin that will help start your projects from scratch. With its comprehensive sounds, we believe that you will need no additional plugins to start nor finish your projects. Now get inspired by our best and comprehensive virtual instrument, powered by the one and only Al AMin!
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Native Instruments Absynth 5

LOST IN SOUND ABSYNTH 5 is an exceptional synthesizer with unique sonic potential and more than 2,100 preset sounds. Its speciality is a limitless spectrum of unusual, evolving sounds created using the powerful, hybrid synthesis architecture and sophisticated modulation and effect system - resulting in sounds far removed from the everyday. What's more ABSYNTH 5 is not just a synthesizer, but a powerful effect plug-in for treating audio tracks using the unique ABSYNTH 5 effects bank.
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ThaLoops Templetone

Hip Hop Production Suite Vast collection of over 1.3GB of sounds. Choose between wild drums, bizarre 808's, sorrow vocal chops, synthwave'y keys or fractious percussion instruments. All in one plugin.
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StudioLinkedVST Urban Slayer Acoustic

Urban Slayer Acoustic Virtual Instrument is here. Compatible for both windows & Mac 64 Bit. Comes in both VST & Audio unit formats. Each Studio Needs a go to plugin for acoustic guitar sounds. Urban Slayer can be yours Get your copy today.
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StudioLinkedVST TapeStop FX

Tapestop is a Effect standalone plugin for both Mac & Pc. Comes in 32bit,64bit VST,Audio Unit also AAX you can load up in your music host and add some cool tapestop effects.
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StudioLinkedVST Studio Rack

STUDIO RACK is an innovative multi fx plugin. Perfect for any music producer DJ or engineer mixing Hip-Hop, R&B, POP, ROCK, EDM and country productions. It contains 3 types of speaker emulation. Hi mid and bass. It also features effects such as Delay, Reverb, Stereo, Chorus and Hi & low pass filters. Another highlight of this plugin is its fixed compressor, gain stage and mix slider. Place Studio Rack on any Vocal, 808 Sub, piano, Guitar, Drums or final mix. And let it transform & add a polished finish to your production.
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StudioLinkedVST Record Player

Record Player is a Effect standalone plugin for both Mac & Pc. Comes in 32bit,64bit VST,also AAX you can load up in your music host and add some vinyl crackling,hissing and warping effects.
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Audio Modeling SWAM Solo Strings Bundle

SWAM Solo Strings is a collection of products that includes SWAM Violin, SWAM Viola, SWAM Cello, and SWAM Double Bass. Developed using the Digital Waveguide Synthesis (Prof. Julius Smith – Stanford University) combined with the Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling technology.
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