ACME Audio Opticom XLA-3

The ACME Opticom XLA-3 is a powerful and flexible optical compressor. The plugin has been developed in close cooperation with Brainworx. Glorious tube sounds and opto-electric vibe, featuring steel covered military-grade components. Slap it across the drum buss for solid and seamless LA-2A style leveling. Force vocals through the input to add grit and attitude to a wimpy take.
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Ample Sound Guitar M

Ample Guitar M III aim to bring the Martin D-41 Acoustic Guitar sound to your studio. Riffer:
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UJAM Virtual Bassists Bundle

New technology, new basses, deeper sampling, AI modelling realism and much more. Nothing less than the best virtual session bass player ever made: Stunningly realistic performances and the best gear from bass to amp to speakers to effects to mix.
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Audiority LDC2-Compander

LDC2 is an analog modelled optical compressor and expander with exchangeable optical circuits, solid-state preamplifier and output stage, giving you a unique compression character.
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Blind Dog Shepherd

It's hard to imagine a generation of musicians inspired by re-makes of the instruments and sounds that the previous generation is now nostalgic for. Or we'd all still be playing the harpsichord. Or whatever came before the harpsichord.
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Industry Kits Hades Drumz VST UPDATE 1

Hades Cannon VST Is A HIT With You All & Many Have Loved It For All It's Dope Preset Sounds & Expansion Packs....Well Now We Bring It's Little Brother That's Here With FIRE Drums To Match Those Sounds!! ;)
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Jhud Studio Vocal King

The pres compressor knob is the main work horse of the Vocal King. Turning the pres knob up turns up the gain and brings out the presence in the vocal along with giving it a smooth compression. Low cut, tighten, and bass works with the pres compressor to help take out the mud without making the vocal sound too thin. The crispy knob give highs some sparkle that many will find satisfying. Final compressor gives that extra compression to the vocal to make it sound thick. DB output turns the volume down. Use the power switch to quickly hear the difference between dry and processed. A, B, C, D, modes, I will let you find out what that means. The meters show gain reduction after signal is past 0db.
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Jhud Studio VK-2Knob

The VK-2Knob is a simplified version of the Vocal King. Fined tuned from settings from the Vocal King, this plugin is designed for those who still want a great sounding vocal that stands in the mix but don't need all the bells and whistles. Slap this plugin on a vocal track, find the right setting of the pres comp knob and then match the output needed for the mix. That's it. For even better results, open an eq after to fine tune the tone of the sound of the vocal or acoustic guitar.
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Industry Kits Infinity Fame VST

Introducing Our Newest Member To The VST Collection "Infinity Fame". This Cosmic Monster Is LOADED With 150 Presets + 20 Drum Presets In A FREE Included Drum Expansion Pack.
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Heart Of Noise GalaXynth

GalaXynth is a Workstation Synth from the future. With this baby, you’re done fiddling with neverending rows of knobs. Find the sound you need ASAP, stop messing around, start making music.
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MAGIX ACID Music Studio 11

Start your music production easily: Loop-based with ACID Music Studio. Develop your own, personal style, progress within the ACID family and become one of the greats on the music scene. There are no limits in your way. You have complete creative freedom.
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RF1 Systems Tracker

MIDI Tracker is music editor with ability to import and export songs to MIDI format, support of 128 instruments, assigning volume and tracks count, playing and editing from PC keyboard. With MIDI Tracker you can create any MIDI file in minutes.
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Oscillicious JamDeck

JAMDECK is an organic music sketchpad for capturing brilliant ideas quickly. JAMDECK drops you right into the action to quickly capture those magic moments.
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Oscillicious BeatCleaver

BeatCleaver is an audio editor and beat slicer for quickly sampling, chopping and editing songs, beats, and recordings. Time Stretch your Samples Change the tempo without changing the pitch.
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Plogue Bidule

Bidule: The new standard in modular audio software The brainchild of Plogue Art et Technologie is a cross-platform application that is gaining recognition world-wide as the new standard in modular music software.
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