SoundSpot Evade

EVADE is a volume shaping FX plug-in for Mac OSX and Windows that grants the user surgical control over the audio signal by utilising frequency determined volume shaping.
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Hornet Hatefish Rhy Generator

RhyGenerator is an Euclidean step sequencer made by HoRNet Plugins together with the electronic music artist HATEFISh. The sequencer is designed to distribute as evenly as possible a certain number of “beats” in given number of “steps”
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Klevgrand Haaze

Stereo ToolBring any mono signal to life with this stereo enhancer. Widen your horizon.
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Arturia 3 Delays

3 Delays You'll Actually UseALL STAR ECHO The complete delay package: tape, BBD, and digital. From adding tasteful width and space to your mixes, to experimental feedback drones, this collection has everything you need.
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TBProAudio Plugins Pack 2019.09.10

TBProAudio Plugins Pack 2019.09.10: TBProAudio SLM2 v1.3.6 Incl Cracked and Keygen-R2R TBProAudio ST1 v1.0.4 Incl Cracked and Keygen-R2R
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TBProAudio LA xLimit 3

LA xLimit III is an advanced look ahead, wideband linked-stereo limiter including ISP (inter sample peak) detection and oversampling. LA xLimit III is the successor of LA xLimit II, our very popular look ahead limiter. It offers more control over transients and adaptive release curves. It adds now extended metering (RMS, EBU and DialNorm).
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Tone Empire Black Q

Black Q is a 4 band Tube Eq with 2 modes of saturation. These are modeled from analog equipment featuring Sowter and Lundahl transformers and Various Tubes. [quote]Enjoy the true RSA keygen work!
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PlayIt Cartwall

Standalone grid of one-touch audio players. Ideal for playing jingles from a touchscreen or separate monitor. Features:
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PlayIt Live

Manual and automated playout system. Ideal for live DJs or station automation. Features:
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PlayIt Manager

Remotely manage and synchronise PlayIt Live data. Features:
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PlayIt VoiceTrack

Save time recording your radio show. Record only the voice links and mix in the songs and jingles. Features:
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HoRNet SongKey MKIII

HoRNet SongKey MK3 is the all-new third version of our key finder plugin, but it doesn't do simple key recognition, it's also capable of detecting the chord being played and the song tempo. We thought it was a good idea to also add MIDI input (to be able to detect chords and key of midi tracks) and MIDI output for the recognized chords so you can record them and edit the track for your own needs.
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Seaweed Audio Fathom Synth Pro

Fathom is built for the sound designer who finds existing plug-ins restrictive in their architecture and is looking for more creative latitude. The modular signal flow places the entire structure of the instrument the hands of the user.
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Audiority PlexiTape

PlexiTape is a faithful analog modeled simulation of the *Maestro® Echoplex® EP-3™ vintage tape echo that made THE SOUND of the ’70s for its tone and reliability. We put special care on modelling this unit on every aspect: motor, tape, FET preamplifier, heads and even the infamous “Sound On Sound”. SOS allows you to use bypass the echo and therefore use the tape as a looping recorder. Furthermore, we expanded it with new features including a full stereo double delay line, tempo sync and more.
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Genuine Soundware GS-201 Mk2

There was a time when the echo effect was made using magnetic tapes, and among the many units that the industry brought to the market, one model shone above all: the Space Echo RE-201. This was by far one of the most used and still today is one of the most sought after tape echo units ever made.
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