Rob Papen RAW-Kick

RAW-Kick is a product developed in conjunction with DJ Free-K and DJ Promo. Based on the legendary RAW synthesizer, RAW-Kick includes neat features and focus specifically designed for today’s demanding producers!
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Producers Vault METALES Latin Brass Virtual Sound Module

Are you tired of using Classical Brass, Cinematic Horns, Jazz or Blues Horns on your Latin music productions? Well, so are we, in fact, we are fed up with that. Introducing METALES VSTi (Latin Brass Virtual Sound Module)
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Acon Digital Mastering Suite

Acon Digital Mastering Suite consists of five plug-ins for audio mastering that were designed for ultimate signal transparency: Dynamics is a combined compressor, expander or gate. The look-ahead can be set anywhere from 0 to 30 milliseconds and the intelligent algorithm ensures a band-limited gain signal which reduces potential distortion to a minimum even with minimal attack and release times. You can use up to 4 times oversampling to further reduce distortion. The side chain signal can be either internal or external and there’s a full blown side chain equalizer integrated with low cut, low shelf, peak, high shelf and high cut filters. The complexity of algorithms is not reflected in the intuitive user interface which provides graphical visualizations of all aspects of the processing.
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Overloud Gem Comp670

Comp670 is the Overloud recreation of a very rare legendary tube compressor. It has a unique and distinctive tone thanks to large amount of transformers in the signal chain which gives it a very warm tone.
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Boz Digital Labs Pan Knob

Traditional pan knobs are outdated. Simply put, Pan Knob is a better sounding way to pan, to make your mixes translate well on all playback systems. Why do I need a plugin for a tool that every daw has?
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Kazrog Synth Warmer

Classic Analog Filter / Saturator Synth Warmer is an analog synth filter emulation based on the iconic 1970s monosynth ladder filter design, complete with overload distortion and self oscillation. Use to warm up your rude supersaws, add interest to drum loops, or create total sonic havoc as a sound design tool.
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Soundemote Nyquist Generator

Effortlessly creates a huge range of dubsteppy growls and vocal basses while teaching the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem. Like any good college professor, Nyquist Generator will scream at you.
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Native Instruments Traktor Pro

Almost two decades ago, we created the first DJ software to truly conquer the club. Since then, it’s filled sound systems and dancefloors across the world, as well as house parties, bars, beaches, and everything in between. Now, with TRAKTOR PRO 3, we’ve built on that past to bring you new tools for sonic sculpting, our best sound quality ever, and our clearest interface to date – so you can play whatever you want, however you want, wherever you want.
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Tone2 Gladiator

The award-winning Gladiator is a popular synthesizer, which is used for a large number of professional productions. It offers a groundbreaking approach to sound generation. It's exclusive HCM-synthesis covers a new and unique aural territory.
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Sonible smartEQ2

The intelligent equalizer plug-in smart:EQ 2 enhances detail, clarity and transparency of your mixes after only a few tweaks. Experience a mixing workflow faster than ever before.
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D16 Group Redoptor 2

Redoptor is a high quality Vintage Tube Distortion emulator The organic sound of a tube amplifier being pushed into breakup has been the gold standard for overdriven and distorted tones for as long as musicians have been intentionally distorting their signals.
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Lakeside Audio Isola Pro FX

Isola Pro FX is an innovative and new audio plugin for separating audio input material into its components like vocals, instruments and even drums. Unlike many other products using simple left and right channel subtraction methods, this algorithm works in real time by using psychoacoustic analysis.
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Native Instruments Kontakt 6 Portable

Portable version. With KONTAKT 6, you can sound like a snare drum, a symphony orchestra, or anything in between, from a universe of sampled instruments. It’s a simple sampler when you want it to be, and a deep sonic scripting laboratory when you need something more. The next generation of the world’s favorite sampling platform gives you new instruments and new features under the hood – so you can layer, link, stretch, and shape your sounds any way you can imagine.
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Klevgrand FX bundle 2018 CE

Klevgrand is a creative studio in Stockholm run by film makers, musicians, software developers, producers and sound designers. Their creativity is driven by musical artistry, and a passion for shaping and realizing great ideas, projects and products.
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Toontrack Progressive EZX for Superior Drummer 3

The Progressive EZX features a custom selection of content from The Progressive Foundry SDX for Superior Drummer 2. It comes with three complete kits recorded by engineer/producer Forrester Savell. With credits on defining albums by bands like Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus and I Am Giant, Savell has shaped a few of the most sonically progressive productions in the modern Australian metal and heavy rock scene.
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