Loopmasters Khords

KHORDS is a focused instrument that brings sampled personality and classic character to your productions. With 550 inspirational chord presets at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to get mix-ready tones straight into your tracks.
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Massey CT5 VST

CT5 provides clean and smooth gain reduction, with a little punch. It is designed to have both electro-optical and vari-mu characteristics. Users have noted that the CT5 is very good at preserving the "air" of the source material.
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Massey TapeHead

Tapehead is right in line with Massey’s track record. It’s dead simple to use, it sounds great and as always it’s free to demo for as long as you like! Functionality There are only three controls on the plugin interface; Drive, Trim and a three-stage Normal / Bright switch, all of which do exactly what they say.
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UJAM Virtual Bassist ROYAL

The Session ProNoble and Expensive Fingered Electric Bass Virtual Bassist ROYAL is your all-round high-end session bass professional – always primed to reliably and effortlessly underpin most styles of popular music with its rounded electric fingerstyle tones. Perfect for pop, ready to rock, impressive on indie and smooth on singer/songwriter material, ROYAL is the A-list session studio companion for all occasions.
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UJAM Virtual Bassist ROWDY

Introducing Virtual Bassist ROWDY – Your loud-mouthed, rebellious and high energy bassist with bite! ROWDY confidently delivers picked overdriven electric bass sounds suitable for a variety of styles, ranging from powerful punk to red-hot rock and modern metal. If your bass needs to cut through heavy drums and a wall of guitars, then ROWDY is the perfect solution.
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UJAM Virtual Bassist MELLOW

Introducing Virtual Bassist MELLOW – a double bass playing jazzy acoustic hipster that provides body, texture and a big bottom end. As with every UJAM Instruments product, MELLOW benefits from our frustration-free design philosophy meaning anyone can use this product to make music faster, better and easier, regardless of their music production experience level.
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Kuassa Amplification and Effector Bundle

Kuassa is a company specializing in developing great sounding audio plugins; VST – Audio Units – Rack Extension digital guitar amp and mixing – mastering effect plug-ins software. Established 2009 in Bandung by a collective of like-minded musicians who are passionate about music creative process. As musician ourselves, we believe that music tools should be as straightforward as possible, putting aside all obstruction that can slowing-down the inspiration will be an essential goal for any kind of musicians and engineers alike, from bedroom studios to major studios in Hollywood.
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Arturia Pigments

Arturia has announced its latest software synthesizer Pigments, a hybrid “polychrome” instrument that features hugely powerful, cutting-edge wavetable synthesis alongside Arturia’s award-winning virtual analog technology.
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Greynote Music ART Plugin

Greynote Music's ART Plugin is an analog synth rompler plugin featuring 28 original patches. Each patch contains fully multisampled one-shot samples, up to 6 seconds per note created using a Waldorf Pulse 2 Synth.
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Sononym represents an innovative approach to sample browsing, using machine learning and audio feature extraction to make personal sample collections searchable and discoverable.
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VCV Host and Host-FX VST Plugin host

The VCV Host plugin includes two modules for the two types of VST 2.x plugins. Both modules include stereo audio outputs and 16 parameter inputs. Host (VST instrument host)
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DMG Audio TrackMeter

A set of freely resizable graphs covering every studio use-case we've ever heard of. TrackMeter provides a full set of beautiful, responsive graphs for audio monitoring, metering and visualisation.
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DMG Audio TrackLimit

TrackLimit is a fully featured wideband limiter with intelligent dual-stage handling of transients and dynamics. Just click and drag the threshold to hear your sound come alive.
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DMG Audio TrackGate

TrackGate is a real replacement for console and outboard gate/expanders. Instant to use, plus digital niceties like lookahead and intelligent detection. 1.00 -> 1.01
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DMG Audio TrackControl

Everything, in one place. All the utilities from the top and bottom of a console channel.
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