Togu Audio Line TAL-Dac

TAL-DAC is not an ordinary bit crusher or sample rate reducer. The plug-in is based on the TAL-Sampler sound engine. It emulates a sample recorded on a low sample rate with reduced bit depth and upsamples it to the desired host sample rate.
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Cycling 74 Max

Cycling ‘74 has released version 8 of Max and the company is calling it “the closest thing to a mind-expanding drug Max has ever had”. The visual programming language has taken on a raft of new improvements in the latest iteration, most notably the introduction of the new MC. objects.
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Audio Assault Emperor

Emperor is part of our amplifier series, each of which brings a full guitar rig into one easy to use plugin!​ Emperor is inspired by a proprietary blend of modern metal legends, with a brightness and chunk that can cut through the heaviest mixes.
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Industry Kits Urban Flame

Introducing Our MOST POWERFUL & MOST VERSATILE VST Instrument To Date, The "Urban Flame". This Bad Boy Has Been In The Making For A While Now & It's FINALLY Here, We Couldn't Be Happier To Drop It For You Fellow Producers.
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Native Instruments Kontakt 6

With KONTAKT 6, you can sound like a snare drum, a symphony orchestra, or anything in between, from a universe of sampled instruments. It’s a simple sampler when you want it to be, and a deep sonic scripting laboratory when you need something more. The next generation of the world’s favorite sampling platform gives you new instruments and new features under the hood – so you can layer, link, stretch, and shape your sounds any way you can imagine.
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TBProAudio Plugins Pack 2018.09.27

Plugins Pack by TBProAudio: TBProAudio Impress v1.9.11 Incl Cracked and Keygen-R2R TBProAudio gEQ12 v1.4.3 Incl Cracked and Keygen-R2R
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Acon Digital Equalize 2

The new Equalize 2 - now with Tilt and Bandpass Filters Acon Digital Equalize is a parametric equalizer plug-in that combines unique features with excellent workflow and an intuitive user interface. Unlike other equalizers, you can freely adjust not only center frequency, gain and bandwidths, but also the filter slope for each band. The filter slope can be set anywhere from 3 dB to ultra-sharp 120 dB per octave.
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Overloud Gem ECHOSON

Overloud ECHOSON is the new weapon to unleash the creativity and bring to life new and original sounds. Its the latest product of a new high-end Overloud plugin line, called Gems, dedicated to mixing and mastering. Many contemporary engineers use it on vocals, keyboards and drums to achieve a unique tone.
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JST BG Drums Special Edition

Bus Glue is a series of Bus Compressors designed to excel at controlling the dynamics of specified mix bus groups in a mix using a variety of compression and saturation types combined with over a decade of mixing knowledge and lots of practical field testing across several genres of music. The goal was to come up with a set of compressors that could do something other compressors weren’t made to do. Most compressor designs are too broad in application and that is why you typically need to stack compressors or insert other processors in your bus chain to achieve desired results. However, Bus Glue compressors are about as specific as you can get by design, but that’s what makes them so useful. By using Bus Glue as your dynamic control across your various mix busses, you’ll expand your dynamic palette while crafting a whole new sound that is unrivaled by other compression processors.
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HY-Plugins HY-MPS2

Version 2 of HY-MPS, block base sequencer. Changes of version2
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Overtone DSP PTC-2A

OverTone DSP has updated their PTC-2A Vintage Program EQ Plug-in for Windows. Mac and Linux to v3.0.0. The PTC-2A is an emulation inspired by one of the most sought-after vintage EQs. Separate boost and attenuate controls allow simultaneous low frequency boost and cut, sculpting the signature sound, while a transformer-coupled valve / tube amplifier emulation further enhances the vintage qualities.
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CWI Technology TX16Wx

Powerful sampler workstation modeled after the best hardware tools Tired of the same old sample playback plug-ins, rehashing tired preset sounds and locking you in to a single manufacturer and data format? Would you like to experience that sheer joy that comes from building your own sounds, recording your own samples and mangling them with near endless sound shaping possibilities? TX16Wx Software Sampler is a plug-in for the creative musician, inspired and modeled after the best hardware samplers with all the ease and new exiting features modern software brings. A multitimbral instrument that actually samples, and with a documented file format so you never will be locked in to a single instrument. And if that is not enough,
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Kuassa Efektor CP3603

Will suppress the loudest part of incoming audio signal, based on the specified threshold. Following the ‘compression’, it will increase the softer signal, narrowing the dynamic range thus delivers a more consistent overall level.
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Kuassa Efektor WF3607

Designed to mimic the “wa wa” sound from a Wah pedal. WF3607 features 6 modes of filtering effect taken from the familiar crybaby sound to synth-like filters. In the 1920s guitar players were fascinated by the “wa wa wa” sound made by trumpet players by opening and closing their mutes. Its filtering effect alters the resonance of the instrument and it feels to increase the expressiveness of playing.
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GG Audio Spin

Something magical happens when your sound goes through a rotating speaker. Nothing quite sounds like it. Spin recreates the wonderful sound of vintage rotary speakers with warmth and wonder.
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