WA Production Hybrid Trap Wolf

'Hybrid Trap Wolf' by W. A. Production is another one-of-a-kind banger of a pack by the label for producers to add to their samples library. You'll want to get your hands on this one and tear it open.
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Cymatics VYPR + Bonuses FULL

VYPR is by far the highest quality sound library we've ever created. We brought in some of the best musicians in the music industry, as well as world class songwriters and designers with thousands of hours of combined experience to help out.
Read More... 5-11-2019, 10:17
XLNTSOUND In Your House!

Over 500 massive samples and 100 Serum presets in the style of Hybrid House / G House / Bass House DRUMS - 290 Total
Read More... 2-11-2019, 18:15
Cymatics Digital Love Future Pop Project File

Out of every genre that has emerged in the past few years, Future pop sticks out among the rest… With it's unique sound design and catchy songwriting, it seems like fans and producers just can't get enough of this style.
Read More... 31-10-2019, 07:31
Ultrasonic Progressive House Essentials Vol.1

Content:200 Sylenth1 Presets 100 Spire Presets 435 One Shots & Drum Loops
Read More... 17-10-2019, 21:17
789ten The Frontliner Producer Pack V3

An exclusive hardstyle producer pack from Frontliner; production wizard and melody mastermind! The boss is back for his third 789ten release, making it even bigger and better. He just keeps outdoing himself with each release.
Read More... 13-10-2019, 09:30
F9 Audio F9 Origins 60 Old School Pianos

Hi Everyone - James here from F9 / Freemasons Welcome to the 1st of the F9 Origin's series and we're starting with a bang - A limited-edition collection of club-ready piano sounds from my own collection.
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Charlie Dens EDM STMPD Soundbank

Inspired by Artists such as "Martin Garrix, Dyro, Brooks, Mesto, KSHMR, and other EDM greats" But essentially focused on STMPD Sounds.
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789ten Bass Modulators Limitless Producer Pack

A comprehensive Hardstyle producer pack from Bass Modulators. This hardstyle offering is just impressive... and downright generous. Who does this?
Read More... 28-09-2019, 11:43
Ghosthack Ultimate Producer Bundle 2019

We Combined 22 of Our Best Sample Packs into One HUGE Bundle! That's Your Opportunity to Upgrade Your Current Sample Library Today!
Read More... 24-09-2019, 09:31
Fragment Audio Disprove Signature Bundle

Handcrafted by Disprove himself, high talented Drum & Bass Artist signed on major Dnb labels like, Noisia's label Invisible, Eatbrain, Critical and Methlab, this modern High-Quality Drum and Bass Signature Bundle is set out to put together a timeless music production experience to bring your work to the next level!
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Fragment Audio Aeph Signature Pack

Aeph delivers us some of his top secrets sound design presets...He created this outstanding soundbank inspired by his own and unique signature sound! Carefully crafted by Aeph (Lifted, Eatbrain, Close 2 Death, Bad Taste...and more!
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COLOVE ZGamerX 2 ZGameEditor Visualizer Templates

COLOVE Products Sounds pres UPD 2018. 24 very beautiful cinematic visualization for ZGameEditor Visualizer (FL Studio) with title “COLOVE ZGamerX 2”. 18 Stunning Abstract Visualization and 6 in commercial style. Only combination of images and without video patterns (is good for slow PC).
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COLOVE ZGamerX 3 ZGameEditor Visualizer Templates

COLOVE Products Sounds pres. Fifty a very beautiful, EDM, classic, cinematographic (Tron Style) visualizations for ZGameEditor Visualizer (FL Studio) with title "COLOVE ZGamerX 3". 50 Stunning Abstract, fresh, beauty, hi-end visualizations templates for you and your music!
Read More... 18-09-2019, 07:01
Ultrasonic Future House Essentials Vol.1

This Pack includes: ➜72 Serum Presets ➜82 Sylenth1 Presets
Read More... 15-09-2019, 14:20
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