Trap Veterans Racks On Racks

'Racks on Racks' is a collection of five Construction Kits inspired by none other than Gunna, Travis Scott, and hit producers Murda Beatz, Nick Mira. As always with Trap Veterans releases, you can be sure you're getting the finest production material to work with.
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Trap Veterans Dark Knight

'Dark Knight' brings you five hard-hitting Construction Kits loaded with loud 808s, Trap synths, bells, plucks, Orchestral Trap sounds and hard Trap percussion. This pack includes massive bangers inspired by the best producers in the Trap game including 808 Mafia, TM88, Southside and more. You can learn how to make trap beats with FL Studio projects.
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Trap Veterans Mind Games

'Mind Games' by Trap Veterans provides you with five hard-hitting Trap Construction Kits influenced by top-charting artists like Lil Durk, Travis Scott, JuiceWRLD, and more.
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Trap Veterans Racks On Racks 3

'Racks on Racks 3' by Trap Veterans is the third instalment of this Construction Kits series. As always, bringing you nothing but the most innovative Trap and Hip Hop loops, plus MIDI files and Fl Studio projects.
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The Producer School EVO x TPS Destination STMPD Style Pack

Hard hitting Bass House, uplifting progressive house, or catchy pop, it all gathers on STMPD records. STMPD is found by Martin Garrix in 2016 and the label turned out to be an instant succes.
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Trap Veterans Bonfire

'Bonfire' by Trap Veterans provides you with five hard-hitting Trap Construction Kits influenced by top-charting artists like Lil Durk, Meek Mill, Young Thug, 21 Savage and more.
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OST Audio Cyberpunk Serum

"Cyberpunk Serum" is a story that lives in human fantasies and is reflected in movies and video games. It is a crazy vision of the future filled with futuristic, powerful sounds. We have done our best to convey the atmosphere of this world in a serum synthesizer. This pack contains 70 sounds for the Serum and 100 samples, carefully selected from our sample packs.
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OST Audio Euphoric Uplifting 2

“Euphoric Uplifting 2” We continue our adventure by extremely atmospheric sounds and tension-building arrangements. Feel the extraordinary atmosphere created by pads and leads then lift you above the clouds with an extremely strong kick and deep bass.
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789TEN The Essential Magnificence Sound Pack V.1

After countless requests from you guys, we made it happen. Robin of Magnificence is one of the most gifted sound designers, not only in house music, but also across a wide span of genres in dance music. Regarded as a unicorn in the production world and revered by the top tier of the industry, it's finally time to share his ultimate collection of sounds that garnered Magnificence this reputation.
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OST Audio Zulu Psytrance

“Zulu Psytrance” is a unique sounding template for Ableton & FL Studio created by the very talented producer Axel Walters. This guy devoted a lot of time to make this project sound so professional and at the same time was very readable and easy to learn. Also, this project using a minimum number of external plugins and CPU power.
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OST Audio Synthwave

Synthwave Template - 1980's stylized beats and vintage synths, made for Synthwave, Indie Dance, Vaprowave producers. Provided for you 100% Royalty Free music project inspired in Kavinsky style. Very powerful beat.
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OST Audio I See You Psy Trance

Hello, Michal Ostafin here. This is my another Psy Trance template “I See You”. This is the full track which will take you to the magical land of mushrooms and acid sounds. I did my best to make this mix clean and professional with interesting sounds design and mixing techniques. Also in this project full Mastering is included Vocals were recorded and processed by me.
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OST Audio Psytrance Arabian Sunset

This is a new Psytrance project for FL Studio & Ableton. A fully arranged song, very strong drops with Arabic sounds! Try not to jump during this crazy beat! Everything is 100% royalty-free, you can use any element in your future project - synthesizer settings, samples, arrangement elements, melodies, everything.
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OST Audio Euphoric Uplifting

“Euphoric Uplifting” Is incredibly atmospheric music that comes to you as a project file for Ableton, Cubase & FL Studio users. Open your mind to new sensations! Extremely atmospheric sounds and tension-building arrangements. Feel the power of kick and driving basslines. Drift away under the influx of surrounding sounds from the breakdown.
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OST Audio invited Hatom to show us his skills in creating hardstyle. He doesn't use any external VST so all you need is Ableton! Haltom is one of the best hardstyle producers these days. He produce full arrangement hardstyle track in a modern style of this genre. If you want to learn Hardstyle, this is the right guy to help you with that. Learn from the best!
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