StudioPlug Metro Boomin Mix and Master

This Professional Metro Boomin Mixing & Mastering Pack Contains Preset Files For The FL Studio Mixer. No more having the hassle of taking hours on trying to mix and master, simply drag and drop a file of open
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SlamAcademy Ableton Live 10 Part 4: Sound Design and Samplers

For years I’ve been teaching Ableton Live in the college classroom. As a University Professor, my classes are sought after, and, frankly, expensive. I believe Ableton Live can be learned by anyone, and cost shouldn’t be a barrier. This class uses the same outline and syllabus I’ve used in my college classes for years, at a fraction of the cost.
Read More... 3-05-2018, 07:48 How to Make Dubstep Start to Finish - Rift

The depth and complexity of Dubstep can be pretty overwhelming for many producers. Writing, arrangement, mixing, and designing sounds in this genre takes tons of practice. To help you gain a better understanding of what goes into a Dubstep track, we created an extremely in-depth start to finish course – this time in FL Studio 12.
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The Kit Plug ProMix

Want to take your mix to the next level? Get your kicks knocking and your 808's shaking with our latest FL Studio mixer preset kit! Includes:
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Splice Sound Tapecut Drum Kit

I am very excited to release my first sample pack. I finally get to share some of my signature samples in a big way with my community of producers in this sample pack. I’ve pulled my drum, FX and synth samples from my most popular tracks and a couple of unreleased ones as well so you should recognize most of them if you’re familiar with my productions. We are all pushing each other to grow and get better with our work. Samples from this pack are suitable for production of Future Bass, Jersey Club, Trap, Moombahton, Tropical Bass, R'n'B and Hip Hop. All samples are super quality, but the main thing are fresh one shots and percussion elements!
Read More... 29-04-2018, 01:45 How To Make Future Bass Start To Finish: Wanderlust

The genre of Future Bass took the world by storm several years ago. Since then, it’s continued to grow and evolve as new artists surface and innovative iterations of the classic Future Bass style emerge.
Read More... 27-04-2018, 07:59 How to Make Trap Start to Finish: Trenches

As many of you already know, Trap is a hard-hitting, epic genre of EDM that takes influence from Hip Hop drums, vocals, and even melodies. Genres like Hybrid Trap and Future Trap have pushed this space even further, opening up a world of possibility for producers everywhere.
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Sonic Sound Supply Made in 1993

Foreign Teck of The Mekanics presents Made in 1993. This Drum kit has been hand crafted by Foreign Teck himself and consists of all The Hardest Kicks And Snares To Give Your Beats That Edge! Along With Custom 808’s Live Hats Sound FX’s.This is a must have drum kit for all serious producers. BONUS OPEN COLLAB INCLUDED When you download the drum kit you will have an open collab fruity loops project with the Mekanics finish the beat and submit your instrumental to and we will shop the winning beat to major artists and labels and try and land an industry placement. (mixer presets not inc.)
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Vide Production Vide Sample Pack Vol.1

13 ableton presets9 basses 8 fills 13 fx
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StiickzZ Sticky Future Chill

These Serum Presets are on a whole new level. We have crafted sounds that you have never heard before. Just by listening to them you will instantly hear their rich texture, clean processing and powerful wide sound.
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StiickzZ Sticky Future Bass

Huge chords... That is why Future Bass is so special. With this Soundbank we want to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve those crazy Future Bass Sounds which can make a whole crowd move.
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StiickzZ Sticky Tropical House

With these 140 Presets we are providing you all the essential sounds you need to create your very own Tropical House song. However, the reason why these Soundbanks are better than your average Tropical Soundbanks is that we created a bunch of unique Sounds which haven’t been used in any Tropical House tracks yet. Our goal with those unique Sounds is to inspire you to create your own Tropical sub-genre with these awesome high-quality Presets.
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StiickzZ Sticky Future House

These Serum Presets pack a punch! What makes Future House & Bounce so special is that all tracks are enormously powerful. We took that power into the creation of each Preset in this Soundbank. Our goal was to give you the most powerful and rich sounds that you need to create your next Future House hit inspired by artists such as Brooks, Mesto, Mike Williams & Don Diablo!
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StiickzZ Sticky Sounds Porter Edition

Just beautiful... That's the only way you can describe Porter Robinson's msuic. His incredibly melodic sounds create an insanely emotional impact with every song. That's the reason we created this Soundbank... To give you access to some of the most incredible sounds to create emotional and melodic yet powerful tracks with.
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StiickzZ Sticky Sounds Illenium Edition

Without a doubt can we agree that Illenium is an insane Future Bass producer. His unique twist on the genre is what makes him stand out from the competition. His Future Bass style can be quite complex which is why we created this Soundbank.
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