Cymatics Turn It Up Dubstep

It’s no secret that designing sounds is a helpful skill to have as a producer. But when it comes to producing Dubstep, this skill becomes ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL!
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Evolution of Sound Confessions Revolution

Confessions Revolution is a SoundBank/Sample Pack that brings you the sound of the Confession Label created by World Famous Producer Tchami. If you are looking for the Ultimate G-House oriented production tool to help you get into the genre or give you an extra edge in the field then look no further.
Read More... 16-02-2018, 20:39 How To Make Dubstep: Start To Finish

Dubstep is a complex genre that can be daunting for many producers. This course, however, will make things easier by walking you through the ENTIRE creation process of a Dubstep track – including writing, arranging, sound designing, mixing, and mastering. Join seasoned Dubstep producer, Nasko, as he creates a song from scratch. Watch this course and gain a better understanding of what it takes to excel in this style.
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XXL Audio Dark Hip Hop

Over 340MB of straight-up Hip Hop Loops & Samples from the Golden Era, spread across 5 serious East Coast Construction Kits - including fully-formatted Maschine Kits & Ableton Drum Racks!
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XXL Audio Hip Hop Soul Food Vol.2

5 super-soulful Hip Hop Beat Kits, inspired by legendary producers from the Golden Era of Hip Hop! Featuring Maschine Groups and Ableton Racks, as well as a selection of loops and one shots!
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Delectable Records Smooth Tech House

'Smooth Tech House' from Delectable Records is proud to introduce a brand new series of products totally focused on Ableton Instruments and drums racks with additional audio and MIDI FX racks for all your mixing and processing needs, giving you total flexibility and full control over the sounds included, fun and easy to use.
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Industrial Strength TD Audio Sergeant Lazer

Sergeant Lazer from the TD Audio sound team is a sizzling hot sound pack for modern electronic production. The influences in this amazing pack offer up hot influences from Major Lazer, Diplo and some of thee hottest EDM styles on the charts all in one sample pack.
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Prototype Samples Florian FL Studio Project

'Florian: FL Studio Project' will show you how to mix your lead and bassline like Florian Picasso or Brooks. Check out secret techniques and mixing advices best for modern Electro-House tracks. WAV Tracks and Sylenth1 presets are also included for producers outside FL Studio.
Read More... 9-02-2018, 22:42 Disclose How To Make House: Start To Finish

Learn how to make house music. Formats: MP4, .ALS, .LOGIC, .FLP
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Evolution Of Sound Festival Revolution

Festival Revolution is a SoundBank/Sample Pack looking to bring the sound of revealed into your hands so you can add that same energetic vibe to your sound. Get that Professional sound instantly with this soundbank with samples and sounds ready to evolve your track to the next level!
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The Loop Loft Wide Open Drums Vol.3

FANTASTiC | Feb 06 2018 | 63 MB Isn't it time you let your drum tracks sound like "real" drums? That's exactly why we produced the all new Wide Open Drums Volume 3. For this massive loop and sample collection, we got rid of all duct tape, moon gels, towels, wallets, blankets and everything else that kills the "natural" overtone (and power) of live, acoustic drums. The result? Big, beautiful and most importantly, NATURAL sounding drums that will bring your productions to life.
Read More... 5-02-2018, 09:50 Crooked: How To Make Trap: Start To Finish + Project Files

Learn How To Make Trap music. Details:
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Skifonix Sounds Future Soul Ableton Sessions

Skifonix Sounds presents Future Soul Ableton Sessions. Containing 6 Ableton project files also split into kits, this is the perfect tool to help you gain an insight into the production process.
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Skifonix Sounds Future Pop and Chill Trap

Skifonix Sounds presents ‘Future Pop & Chill Trap’ An incredible 1.6GB of samples in the style of Jack U, The Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Marshmello and more.
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Ultrasonic Martin Garrix Essentials Vol.1

This new pack is inspired by Martin Garrix.​ Martin Garrix is the #1 DJ in the world and is instantly becoming one of our favorite producers.
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