Sonic Faction Dope Matrix Mod Squad

Dope Matrix MOD SQUAD is a collection of 20 enigmatic modular devices for Ableton and Max for Live. The pack includes euro-rack inspired analog & digital oscillators, an emporium of boutique effects, mappable modulators and a Control Matrix Sequencer for hands-on control via the Push and Launchpad grid.
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Sonic Faction Tricky Traps

Tricky Traps is a collection of 16 creative contraptions spanning sequencers, instruments, Audio and MIDI effects that are tons of fun to play. Chain devices together to trigger unexpected reactions and happy accidents – and experience a new level of customized grid control on Push, Launchpad Pro/Mk2 and Maschine Jam.
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F9 Audio F9 Drumtrax iV 21st Century House

Drums are the backbone of any contemporary club production - Getting them right is one of the hardest jobs in production. We aim to help you supercharge this part of the creative process. F9 is proud to present the return of their groundbreaking Drumtrax product line.
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Evolution Of Sound Bounce Revolution

Bounce Revolution is the ultimate tool for producers looking to get the sound of Future Bounce. Future Bounce is a genre that has been made popular by Mesto, Brooks, Mike Williams, and Justin Mylo.
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Big EDM Sounds Of EDM

'Sounds Of EDM' from Big EDM is a phenomenal pack that includes 9 super-fat Construction Kits, 4 FL Studio templates, 200 Drum Samples and 124 Presets. Instant inspiration and top-notch sounds are guaranteed. We‘ve prepared some recreations of original tracks with templates so you can go through the whole projects and see how all sounds were made from scratch.
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Studio Tronnic Rivas Artists Inspiration

After the great success of his “Artist Series” this talented producer brings another incredible and complete pack, bringing 5 kits very different from everything you’ve ever seen!
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Serum and Massive users rejoice as the Billboard charting production team GHST PRJKT releases D-RAKE - The Future of OVO, their first preset and sample pack for producers. If your after the sounds of producers and artists such as Noah “40” Shebib, Mike Zombie, Party Next Door, Roy Woods and Majid Jordan, then this release has exactly what you need.
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GHST PRJKT Floss A Damus

GHST PRJKT is back with a follow up to their highly successful 1st release D-Rake The Future of OVO which charted in the #1 spot for several weeks. This time around, the GHST PRJKT crew flips the script on the heavy Trap sound with FLOSS A DAMUS - SLEAZY SERUM PRESETS.
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GHST PRJKT Roses Future Pop

The GHST PRJKT team is back focusing on the sounds storming commercial radio & billboard charts this spring with their latest release: Roses Future Pop. This release is packed with over 50 Serum presets highly inspired by the likes of artists such as Matoma, Dj Snake, Cheat Codes, Galantis and of course The Chainsmokers.
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The L.A based production team from GHST PRJKT is back with their follow-up to one of their most popular packs to date, ODZA 2. Stylistically blurring lines between Future Bass, Chill Wave, Indie Tronica and Electro Pop is what ODZA 2 is all about.
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Blurring the boundaries between IndieTronica, Electro Pop, Chill Wave & Future Bass, the production team at GHST PRJKT is proud to bring you their latest release O.D.Z.A.
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Ancore Sounds FabFilter Pro Mastering Ableton Template

As many of us know, the volume of the track is very important in the music industry. The track that sounds louder will always be more noticeable on the background of those tracks that sound quieter. Therefore mastering is the most important element in the final processing and releasing on the label.
Read More... 9-03-2018, 17:12 Drip How To Make Hip-Hop: Start To Finish

Hip-Hop has been topping the charts for decades and has had a tremendous impact on our society and the music world. While it’s usually filled with simple melodies and drums that hit you in the face, it changes yearly so it’s important to understand exactly how to achieve the basics.
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Cymatics Nobody Trap Project File

Trap Music has been dominant across all festival circuits for the past few years. People absolutely LOVE the feeling and vibe this genre brings. Just watch any DJ Snake or NGHTMRE set and look at the response the crowd gives at almost every single track.
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Cymatics Too Late Hybrid Trap Project File

No matter the genre, there is one thing every professional producer will tell you: “Never stop expanding your production knowledge”
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