StudioLinkedVST VIP Combinator

VIP is a Combinator refill for propellerhead reason users. Contains all the instruments you need to have your beats kill the clubs. inspired after lil jon & nicky minaj productions. Comes with amazing leads,bass & more. Does not come with all the same instruments features as the Kontact versions. Still a perfect alternative for non Kontakt users.
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Producer Loops Phonky

Producer Loops presents "Phonky". Unleash the raw essence of urban nostalgia with our brand-new sample pack. Immerse yourself in the hypnotic blend of old-school charm and modern swagger that is Phonk, and let your creativity flow like never before. Unearth 5 meticulously crafted construction kits that capture the very essence of Phonk. Each kit is a sonic journey, expertly designed to transport you to the hazy streets and smoky clubs of yesteryears. With its roots deeply entwined in Memphis rap and vintage sounds, Phonk is the perfect playground for artists and producers seeking that distinct, unmistakable flavor.
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Ueberschall Folk Pop Guitar

Acoustic Inspiration Just how many classic hit songs have started life inspired by a killer acoustic guitar part? Folk Pop Guitar is packed with a diverse collection of those song starters. The library is full to the brim with strummed and picked acoustic guitar performances that will trigger your next folk, pop, country, or rock singer-songwriter production. Release as part of our Elastik-based Instrument series, it provides the perfect acoustic guitar accompaniment.
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Ueberschall Acoustic Dreamscapes

Slow Motion Moods Featuring delicate and downtempo guitar phrases, Acoustic Dreamscapes delivers a cinematic-style sound. The mood is ambient and chilled but also contains a hint of the unsettling. Supported by electric bass, drums and electric piano, the music perfectly captures the shifting sensations that the imagined reality within dreams can often create.
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Ueberschall Bossa Nova Primeiro

The Authentic Sound Of Brasil Bossa Nova Primeiro delivers that classic Bossa Nova blend balancing elements of samba rhythms with jazz harmonies. With its syncopated rhythms and unconventional chord progressions, Bossa Nova Primeiro captures the sensual nature of the musical style and is always sophisticated and exotic. Also perfect for Latin Brasil, Jazz, and Lounge.
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Ueberschall Nylon String Theory

Modern Spanish Magic Imagine the recipe: take the expressive sound of classical Spanish guitar music, bring it right up to date with a modern rhythm section, and then spice it further with elements drawn from Progressive Rock. The result? Nylon String Theory, a collection of five extended construction kits showcasing the beautiful and hypnotic sound of the nylon strung concert guitar. The virtuoso performances provide breathtaking melodic runs supported by powerful rhythmic arpeggios. Sensual and always stylish, Nylon String Theory provides a dramatic and emotive starting point for your next musical expedition.
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DNA Labs Aquios 2 Workstation ROM

This ReFill contains huge new multi-layered patches and intense new fx that utilize the Mimic Creative Sampler, along with brand new ROM Content and many other Reason 12 futuristic FX, to create powerful & inspiring new sounds. This Aquios 2 ReFill is capable of producing intense, huge, moving, and uniquely filtered sounds. As always, included are meticulously crafted content and presets with tons of modulation from the Echo, Sweeper, Unison, Rv7000, filters, equalization, & limiting FX. The FX are just the beginning, there are multiple players and FX chained for filtering, futuristic filtering, & sequencing. There is a healthy sound bank of new futuristic sample-based content included also. The Combinator 2 has opened tons of possibilities for the Reason Community!
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Ueberschall Slow Beats

LoFi Performance Loops Slow Beats ist der perfekte musikalische Ausgangspunkt für dein nächstes HipHop, LoFi, Downbeat, Lounge oder Chill Projekt. Mit 45 Construction Kits ist diese Elastik-Loop-Library eine absolute Fundgrube an Chord Progressions, die nur darauf warten, entdeckt zu werden. Für den perfekten, mellow LoFi-Vibe braucht es nur noch eine Top-Line deiner Wahl.
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Ueberschall Rare Grooves Vol.3

Rare Grooves Vol. 3 Rare Grooves Vol. 3 provides a sonic trip back to the classic sound of 1970s soul and funk. In Vol. 3, the more down-tempo grooves add a hint of blues to the feel. However, the timeless soul drumbeats, smooth bass lines and funk-inspired electric guitars – alongside the tape-infused analog signal chain used in the recording process - will guarantee the music you create is dialed in with an authentic vintage soul sound.
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Ueberschall Rare Grooves Vol.2

Rare Grooves Vol. 2 Rare Grooves Vol. 2 is a time machine in a sample library. It will take you back to the early 1970s, when soul beats blended with funk and rock guitars and when the analog recording process was an integral part of the sound. Expect grooves to die for, bass lines to keep you moving, and funky guitars full of wah. And all pushed through an analog signal chain to give the sound that genuine tape-saturated character. This is the vibe that filled samplers and found its way into countless hip-hop, breakbeat, RnB and dance tracks from the 1980s and onwards.
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Ueberschall Funk Rock Fusion 2

Funk Rock Fusion 2 Taking the undeniable feel of funk and fusing it with the energy of rock, Funk Rock Fusion 2 is a showcase of infectious instrumental grooves. The music is built around a blend of progressive jazz, funk, and rock styles and bought to life by musicians at the top of their game. A top-class rhythm section of drums and bass provides the foundation for some sophisticated guitar, piano and keyboard performances to shine. Both rhythmic and solos parts are included, while extra colour is provided curtesy of some tasty brass lines and hits. Funk meets rock meets style meets groove; it's a winning combination.
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Dna Labs Software Antidote Re Up

Euphoric, unique, & new…. The Antidote Refill boasts exceedingly high quality patches designed to display the tremendous synthesized power of the Synapse Antidote Synthesizer Rack Extension.
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Ueberschall Acoustic Piano

Acoustic Piano Acoustic Piano delivers a beautiful and inspiring collection of jazz-inspired solo acoustic piano performances. Featuring a fabulous acoustic grand piano, the library contains smooth jazz chord sequences combined with delicate lead lines. Acoustic Piano lets you create a cool, sophisticated mood in an instant and brings a classy touch to any project.
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Ueberschall Electric Piano

Electric Piano If you are looking to create that downtempo mood, nothing does it better than a cool electric piano. And as part of the Instrument series Electric Piano provides an abundance of cool. The library features a custom sound inspired by the classic Rhodes Mk1 and MK2. Hundreds of beautifully stylish, mellow-sounding, electric piano phrases are included, all ready to inspire your next musical project. Electric Piano delivers your next dose of downtempo keys fully chilled and ready to serve.
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Ueberschall Vibraphone

Vibraphone Vibraphone is part of our Instrument series for Elastik and captures that classic 'vibes' sound in all its beautiful glory. The extensive collection of phrases was played on what many consider the pinnacle of the vibraphone world: a mighty Ludwig-Musser Vibraphone.
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