Ueberschall Upright Piano

Upright Piano For music producers or songwriters looking for some instant inspiration, Upright Piano is ideal for a 60s or 70s pop sound but can equally be used for funk, soul, house, hiphop, lounge, ambient or even latin musical styles. Whatever the musical style, if you are looking to add the sound of an authentic piano performance to your next production, Upright Piano hits exactly the right note.
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Ueberschall LoFi Beats

LoFi Beats If you are looking to create a sophisticated late-night groove, but with just a hint of an edge, then LoFi Beats is a perfect fit. The library contains 10 huge construction kits and 3 GB of sample material. Original tempos spanning a laid-back 60 to 86 BPM, crossing over between sultry RnB, Hip-Hop and Trip-Hop. LoFi Beats is a masterclass in downtempo grooves.
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ModeAudio Resonate

400 pristine Analog Drum Samples, each harvested from multiple sessions with vintage hardware, edited to perfection and processed with a hint of saturation, no exceptions. This is the deeply vibrant sound we've captured in our biggest drum sample pack yet, Resonate - Analog Drum Samples!
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Ueberschall Ambient Pop

Cinematic Dreams If you like your late-night pop to be chilled, sophisticated, but with a cinematic feel, then Ambient Pop might be just what you need to inspire your next project. With 10 huge construction kits, nearly 4GB of sample material, and original tempos spanning a laid-back 65 to 90 BPM, Ambient Pop is set to maximum mellow.
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Ueberschall Dark Atmospheres

Cinematic Tension Dark Atmospheres delivers a collection of sophisticated musical textures that are perfect for creating expansive cinematic tension soundscapes. With subtly unsettling moods throughout, this Elastik library is the perfect inspiration for creating atmospheric musical cues.
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Ueberschall PopArt

Electro-Pop Hits Combining elements of pop with elements of EDM, PopArt brings a modern take on electronic music spiced with an indie feel. With 8 huge constructions kits all recorded at original dance-friendly tempos between 114 and 128 BPM, you have everything you need for your next electro-pop hit.
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Ueberschall Downtempo Beats

Multitrack Drum Loop Series: Vol. 2 Downtempo Beats is part of the Multitrack Drum Loop Series and provides a cool, laid-back, and downright groovy, set of acoustic drum performances. The drum sounds are carefully crafted, with big, resonant kicks, plenty of snappy rim-shots, and some great brushed snare work. The performances are full of organic feel, making them an ideal rhythmic platform for your next downbeat, indie pop, trip hop, hip hop or dubstep project.
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Ueberschall Sunny Moods 2

Kindergarten Instruments If being happy is a good thing, then being even more happy has got to be even better! As a follow-up to the smile-filled Sunny Moods library, Sunny Moods 2 brings you a further slice of Elastik-based construction kits that will get your audience grinning from ear to ear.
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Ueberschall Funk Up

Get The Funk Out The Funk Up! crew is influenced and inspired by "P-Funk All-Stars" like George Clinton and Bootsy Collins (Parliament-Funkedelic) and many others of this genre. Their journey involve long interplanetary time travel through funky wormholes, with an old borrowed spaceship called Mother, to arrive directly into your ear canals. The resulting music will spark the synapses in your central nervous system that get your body moving. Pure & uncut Funk.
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Ueberschall Beach House

Summer Party Hits With a cool House vibe, spiced with the taste of feel-good Disco, Beach House lets you create the perfect musical mood of a summer beach party.
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Ueberschall African Dance

Infectious Grooves And RhythmsAfrican music is built around infectious grooves and rhythms designed specifically to dance to. Across 10 fully-featured construction hits, African Dance provides all you need for that perfect cross-over dance track that offers something wild, primal and distinctive.
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Ueberschall Space Guitar

Ambient & Atmospheric If you need to create music that conjures an image of vast, open, spaces, then Space Guitar will provide you with some ideal source materials to kick-start your next cue composition.
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Ueberschall Easy Sixties

Lounging With The Jet Set If you need to capture the style and mood of the 60s, Easy Sixties offers an authentic flavor of the laid back, easy listening sound from that era.
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Ueberschall African House

Deep Tribal Grooves The traditional rhythms of African music are infectious and hypnotic. Blended with the sounds of modern House music, they make for an irresistible combination.
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Ueberschall Northern Techno

Powerful And Relentless Northern Techno is packed with powerful, dark, driving material, designed for creating tunes that are powerful and relentless and has all the elements required to help you build your next killer track.
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