THE DEBUT SWACQ TUTORIAL: At last, SWACQ delivers a house music masterclass. The challenge: demonstrate creativity by producing a track (Intro, break, buildup, drop) with a very small bundle of sounds.
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Truefire Redd Volkaert Redd Hot Guitar

Commander Cody, Eric Johnson, Merle Travis, Albert Lee, Vince Gill, George Jones, Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Dwight Yokum, Trace Adkins, Tim McGraw, Allison Krause, Charlie Pride, Brad Paisley, Billy Gibbons, Sonny Landreth, Dolly Parton and a hundred other top artists that he’s played or recorded with would agree - “Redd Volkaert is a master of the Telecaster!”
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Truefire Tim Lerch Jazz Blues Pathways

Tim Lerch’s Jazz Blues Pathways focuses on how to address more advanced chords when you’re soloing on a blues. Most players feel comfortable when improvising over a simple 1-4-5 chord progression, but throw in a few extra chords and you might find yourself in the weeds. The 10 tunes in this course make a progressive journey towards more elaborate chord progressions associated with jazz blues.
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PUREMIX Matt Ross-Spang Episode 12 Mixing Thats Love Part 2

Continuing with the final mix of "That's Love," Matt Ross-Spang breaks out his artist mix controller to add his personal touch to the tracks of "That's Love." In this episode, Matt and Eli continue mixing "That's Love," dialing in the final details with Matt's organic approach to automation.
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Lynda Logic Pro X: Effects

Dive deeply into the wide array of built-in effects in Logic Pro X and learn how to use them to create rich, vibe-y productions. Engineer and music producer Evan Sutton shares some of his favorite stock plugins and effects, showing how to tweak the individual settings to achieve different sounds with different instruments for different genres. Explore the equalization (EQ) plugins and ways to use them to add character and fine-tune your mix. Discover how to use compressors to help control the dynamics of your work, and spatial effects like reverb and delay that help you simulate virtual environments and create stunning effects. Then learn how to use modulation and pitch-based effects like chorus, flanging, phasing, and pitch shifting, as well as multi-fx units that simulate live rigs, racks, and pedalboards. Each lesson helps you get the most versatility and best sound from each Logic Pro effect.
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Truefire Frank Vignola Jazz Guitar Fakebook Soloing Vol.2

Interactive Video Masterclass on Jazz Guitar Soloing In the first edition of the Jazz Guitar Fakebook, you learned how to solo over the first 10 jazz standard progressions featured in the Rhythm Edition of Jazz Fakebook where you learned the chords, rhythms, and comping approaches for the jazz progressions in 30 of the most popular jazz standards.
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Truefire Robben Ford Jazz Revolution

Interactive Video Masterclass for Jazz Guitar Primarily regarded as a bluesman, Robben Ford’s music is influenced and deeply rooted to his love for jazz. Robben has performed and recorded with many jazz artists including most notably Miles Davis, Tom Scott/L.A. Express, the Yellowjackets, Sadao Watanabe, and Dave Grusin.
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SkillShare Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers The Complete Course! TUTORiAL

Learning how to write and create music effectively will dramatically improve the quality of your music and the speed you create it. In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of Music Theory and ideas techniques and formulas to use when creating your own electronic music to allow you more options. You'll learn the beauty and the power of music theory that's used by professionals today.
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SkillShare Producing Music with Reason - Section 2 Creating a music track

This class is the core of the "Producing Music with Reason" course. building up on what has been taught in section 1, we will produce together a mini music. The objective is to give you the know-how and show you the tools to make one yourself,
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SkillShare Producing Music with Reason Section 1: The Foundations

This series of videos is an introduction class to the music production software: Propellerhead Reason. Level: beginner
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Truefire Take 5 Uptown Blues Soloing

Soloing Over Sophisticated Blues Changes As a blues player, soloing over more sophisticated modern blues progressions, gospel or jazz-influenced changes is always a refreshing break from the typical 1-4-5 progression. BUT, you’ll find that your minor and major pentatonic vocabulary will only get you so far.
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Groove3 Modern Synthetic Drum Sound Design Explained

Synthesizer wiz Thomas Cochran brings you in-depth sound design videos on crafting powerful, modern sounding drums for your tracks and productions. See how to make foundational sounds perfect for different popular genres, plus get the presets made throughout the videos for reference. These videos are for those who already have an understanding of synthesis and the terminology used when working with synths.
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Sonic Academy Kick 2 Drum Design with Mat Zo

Sonic Academy is super excited to welcome the one and only Mat Zo this week as he shows us his process when designing drums solely using our very own Kick 2 plugin! With a Grammy award nomination under his belt along with Beatport number one slots and substantial critical acclaim for his releases on Anjunabeats and Hospital Records, Mat is no stranger to the spotlight.
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CreativeLIVE Modern Film Composing Will and Brooke Blair

How Movie Scores Are Made. A film’s score is so much more than background music. It creates a mood, shapes the story, and influences the way viewers interpret the action. In Modern Film Composing, Will and Brooke Blair ("The Blair Brothers") will examine the art and illuminate the science of scoring moving media.
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CreativeLIVE GearGods Presents Mastering Metal Mixing: Finalizing Your Mix

Polish Every Element In Your Mix. In GearGods Presents: Finalizing Your Mix, Eyal Levi of Audiohammer Studios shows you how to put the finishing touches on a mix that takes it from good to great.
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