JTC Kirk Fletcher Improvising The Blues Boxset

Master three distinctive styles of the blues and add over 100 stylish licks to your playing catalogue all within Kirk Fletcher’s Improvising the Blues: Box Set. Step up your emotive improvisation chops from 0 - 100 as Kirk Fletcher shows you the key secrets to unlocking the bluesy pathways around the fretboard. Spanning across three distinctive volumes, you’ll have no shortage of blues licks on tap.
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SkillShare How to Record Edit and Mix Audiobooks Easily

My name is Gabriel Felix. I have a degree in music from the California College of Music since 2013, and I have been working with audio, podcasts and audiobooks professionally for over 7 years. Today I will explain how my brand new course works.
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Mixtank.tv The Sound Of Huxley

An incredibly skilled producer who isn't afraid to try new things, Huxley has become one of dance music's most accomplished artists with releases on labels like Hypercolour, Tsuba and 20:20 Vision and a musical output has never felt repetitive or stale. Using examples taken from a selection of recent releases including 'Babyface' and 'Calling' as well as works-in-progress, in his 'The Sound Of... Huxley' course, he discusses the ideas, themes and production techniques that make the different elements of his music so unmistakably his.
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Ask Video Arturia V 107 Arturia V Jup-8 and Jun-6 Explored

Arturia's JUN-6V and JUP-8V are accurately detailed recreations of legendary Roland synths from the '80s. Learn these new classics inside out with this course by trainer and sound designer Rishabh Rajan.
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SkillShare Adobe Premiere Pro Audio Editing Learn how to edit audio in Adobe Premiere Pro

Hi This Course will be Project-based. The main project for this course will be creating a Background Noise-free video clip which will be about Motorbikes With a Background Music and SFX included.
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Step inside Studios La Fabrique for a workshop with the iconic mixer Chris Lord-Alge! In this series, CLA presents us with a variety of material from a number of renowned artists – vocals from Cheap Trick, guitars from Carrie Underwood and Breaking Benjamin, drums from Green Day, and piano from Muse. Each video focusses on a different part that is processed by Chris 100% ‘in the box’. Using a selection of his favourite plug-ins, CLA demonstrates a number of different ways to enhance the recordings. He does this by combining separate inserts and using ‘all-in-one’ plug-ins, while taking you through his parameter settings and the reasons for his choices.
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Join us at Jacquire King's Nashville studio for a in-depth workshop on recording, production, and mixing techniques! Each episode of this 16-part series focusses on tips and tricks used by the Grammy-winning engineer, who reveals many facets of his record-making process. Using Pro Tools sessions of three different songs, King demonstrates his methods and gives reasoning for their application to the source material. Some of the numerous topics covered include his mix buss chain, choosing a vocal EQ, adding presence to bass guitar, and optimising polarity. Not only does he impart a generous amount of his mixing workflow – he also covers his approaches to recording and production. Jacquire shows you his way of tracking drums, punching in a guitar, subtly enhancing a vocal with Auto-Tune, and much more!
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MixWithTheMasters TONY MASERATI, K.FLAY DREAMERS Workshop #3

Join mix engineer Tony Maserati at Studios La Fabrique to explore multi-track sessions of K.Flay and Maggie Koerner. Throughout this nine-part workshop, Maserati breaks down his various approaches towards enhancing each individual part in the producer's sessions. Learn more about processing 808 bass, kick, snare, percussion and vocals in the edgy, trap-inspired song 'Dreamers' from K.Flay’s 2018 Grammy-nominated Best Engineered Album. Broaden your palette on creative ways to treat electric guitar, acoustic guitar and piano in the soulful, blues-infused 'Shadows' by Maggie Koerner. Step-by-step, Tony Maserati demonstrates his ITB techniques for EQ, compression, tube saturation, harmonic distortion, tape emulation, stereo enhancement, signal doubling, shifting pitch, blending samples and adding effects. He also refers to the important topics of phase coherency, mono compatibility, edit artefacts, frequency masking and tonal development.
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MixWithTheMasters JACK JOSEPH PUIG Workshop #1

Enter the Puig Vault for a workshop with the esteemed Grammy award-winning engineer and producer Jack Joseph Puig! In this one-hour video series, JJP discusses the importance of analog equipment for imparting certain characteristics to audio. He shows us his astounding collection of gear, and chooses to focus on a few select pieces to convey his concepts. Running a Pro Tools session, JJP feeds stereo drum tracks to his rare ADR F769 Vocal Stresser and remarkable Fairchild 670 tube compressor. He encourages critical listening to the source material with and without the inserts, and describes in detail how and why the gear is affecting the signal in certain ways. He also compares the results of summing his stems digitally versus analog, through his custom-built summing mixer. Furthermore, he differentiates between the sonics of his Neve, API, and custom tube stereo buss transformers.
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Groove3MIDI Orchestration Explained®

Eli Krantzberg presents comprehensive MIDI Orchestration video tutorials! If you've ever wanted to start creating orchestral arrangements and motifs, this is the series that will get you on your way. Learn all about the important basics of orchestrating today's virtual instruments with MIDI and create truly authentic sounding orchestral parts. This series is meant to replace Eli's original MIDI Orchestration Explained, adding more info and utilizing current virtual instruments for a more up to date learning experience. You also get the MIDI files that Eli creates throughout the videos so you can import them into your DAW and follow along. These videos are for those new to MIDI orchestration.
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Groove3 Arturia Emulator II V Explained®

Synth expert Tyler Coffin delivers comprehensive Arturia Emulator II V tutorials! Experience Arturia's recreation of a seminal sampling workhorse from the '80s, the E-Mu Systems Emulator II. Learn and explore all of the Emulator II V's features and functions, as well as see how to create amazing sounds with this spot-on recreation from scratch. These videos are designed for new Arturia Emulator II V users.
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SkillShare Ultimate Ableton Live 11, Part 4: Synthesis and Sound Design

Welcome to ULTIMATE ABLETON LIVE 11, PART 4: Synthesis and Sound Design! In this course, we will use the real-world experiences of the award-winning instructor and university music production professor Dr. Jason Allen. But don't be worried - Dr. Allen is best known around campus for keeping things simple, accessible, useful, and fun.
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Monthly Sing Anything Like A Pro with Stevie Mackey

Become a better singer in 30 days Celebrity vocal coach Stevie Mackey teaches you everything he knows in an accessible class for the first time ever, transforming the way you sing. Stevie has worked with Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West, Stevie Wonder, Adam Levine, Coldplay, to name a few. Immerse yourself in the process and finish the class with a polished vocal recording that you'll be proud to share.
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Producertech Beginners Guide to the Beatport DJ Web App

The Beatport DJ Web App brings song browsing and software DJing worlds together, allowing users to not only prepare and practice sets, but even perform them! On this course, you'll learn the basics for using the app to confidently carry out DJ sets in the default sync mode, whatever your experience level.
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SkillShare Loop-Based EDM Production in Cubase

If you are looking for a better strategy/workflow for EDM production, then this course is perfect for you! Cubase offers producers a number of valuable construction kits, editing tools and compositional features for rapidly creating EDM style tracks.
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