Ask Video Orchestrator 103 Flutes and Oboes

In this Winds course, professional orchestrator Thomas Goss takes an in-depth look at two important members of the wind section: the flutes and oboes. Learn everything there is to know about these two unique instrument families from the best orchestration teacher on the planet!
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The Link OC Vocal Production with Mike London

WHY DON’T MY VOCALS SOUND AS GOOD AS THE ONES I HEAR ONLINE OR ON THE RADIO?? Getting “great vocals” is difficult for many because there are so many parts to the process that, when a few are done incorrectly, it can mess up the whole vocal.
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ADSR Sounds Ambient Music Production Techniques

A good ambient track can literally take you to new mental planes without you even realizing it! Achieving this is no mean feat and requires a solid knowledge of complex processing techniques
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PUREMIX John Paterno Mixing Template and Workflow

When receiving sessions from other people to mix, it is important to establish a workflow that is efficient and organized so that you can be creative faster and remove the distractions of session management.
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Sonic Academy How to Make Ruby with Enamour

It's finally here! This week we're bringing you another exclusive at Sonic Academy and we're super stoked to welcome a brand new tutor - Washington DC-based producer and DJ, Enamour to guide us through How To Make Ruby - his latest track just released on Anjunadeep's Explorations 08 which is currently sending positive chills down the spines of those in the Progressive House scene.
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SkillShare Learn To Dj In Ableton Live Dj Mixtape and Radio Show in Ableton

​In This How To Make A DJ Mixtape in Ableton Course, I will show you how to create a full mixtape and how to make transitions from one track to the other - beat matched and with effect to make the transitions smooth and simple. This Course will learn you how to make Pre-Made sets without any other prior knowledge of Music Production OR Djing. You Can Use The Same Principles For Both EDM, Hip Hop or Even New Music Genres - it will work for all Genres!
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SkillShare Logic Pro X Mixing Course For Beat Makers Module 2 Leveling and EQ

This is Module 2 of THE LOGIC PRO X MIXING COURSE FOR BEAT MAKERS where you will be learning how to get the proper levels in your mix so that all of the instruments will be balanced. You will also learn how to use equalization to clear up the mix.
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SkillShare Logic Pro X Mixing Course For Beat Makers Module 1 The Pre Mixing Process

This is Module 1 of THE LOGIC PRO X MIXING COURSE FOR BEAT MAKERS where you will be learning several production techniques you can use in the production process to make it easier to mix your beats.
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SkillShare Bitwig 2 Masterclass I Beginning And Navigating The Daw

Welcome to the Bitwig Studio 2 Class. Since this class is just the pilot, this class is going to be covering the bare bones of Bitwig, we're not even going to to be making any music, just looking at functions Bitwig has to offer.
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Udemy Ultimate Beginner Electric Guitar Masterclass (2019 Update)

Beginner guitar lessons. Go from knowing nothing about the guitar and learn to play songs everbody loves in just weeks What you'll learn Learn chords that will allow you to play millions of songs
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Ask Video Cubase 10 101 The Beginner's Guide to Cubase

Steinberg’s Cubase 10 is powerful, deep and complex. Learn all the fundamentals in this Beginner’s Guide by the best Cubase teacher on the planet: Matthew Loel T. Hepworth.
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Udemy Voice-Over Training Record And Edit Voice Overs Like A Pro

How To Record Professional Presentations and Voice-Over Recordings at Home. Improve Your Video Audio or Voice Recordings You'll learn exactly how to create high quality voice overs for any video, which will drastically improve the video quality, help to deliver your message more effectively and increase conversions!
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Lynda Tips on Producing a Great Song Demo

Get tips from songwriter and music producer Cliff Goldmacher on what makes a great song demo. This course is for aspiring and established songwriters who want to end up with polished, high-quality demos that can be pitched at all levels of the music industry. Learn what goes into recording the best vocal performances, how to simplify and focus your demo, and how to work creatively with whatever rhythm sources you have available. Plus, get insights into what to do—and what not to do—to ensure that you present your demo professionally.
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MacProVideo Logic Pro X 201 The EQs and Filters

Apple’s Logic Pro X comes bundled with a full suite of powerful EQ and filter plugins, including emulations of vintage hardware units like Neve, API, Pultec and more. Take this advanced course by Joe Albano and learn all about them!
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Groove3 Arturia Pigments Explained

Arturia's very first original virtual synth Pigments is here! Synth wiz Tyler Coffin takes you on a journey into this cutting edge virtual synth, covering all of its features and functions, as well as how to design Bass, Lead, and Pad sounds from scratch.
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