JTC Tramaine Alternate Picking Schematic Masterclass

Play fast, clean and accurate alternate picked lines that are a step above the norm. Tramaine’s foolproof blueprint will show you exactly what you need to do to add a new dimension to your playing. Let the picking...
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JTC Claudio Pietronik 20 Modern Uplifting Licks: Box Set

Claudio Pietronik 20 Modern Uplifting Licks: Box Set course from JTC. Channel modern melodies that embrace emotive vibes across 60 licks and three complete solos. Uplifting, technically rich and packed with lessons to help you develop as a guitarist. Includes all three volumes of the “20 Modern Uplifting Licks” series.
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Make Music Now Produção Musical Cursos Completos

Acesse abaixo os cursos que você adquiriu na Make Music Now [quote]Curso de Acapellas no Ableton Live Curso de Produção Musical
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Lick Library Classic Albums Peter Frampton Comes Alive

Frampton Comes Alive!, the seminal 1976 live album by British rock musician Peter Frampton, stands as a landmark in both live music history and guitar playing. Recorded in summer and fall 1975 - primarily in San Francisco and New York - recordings from four shows were used for the release. The talk box guitar effect became strongly associated with Frampton following the album’s huge success. The album showcases Frampton's exceptional musicianship, innovative guitar techniques, and powerful performances.
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Udemy The Art and Business of Music Licensing A Complete Guide

Unlocking Melodies, Unveiling Markets: Navigating the Dynamic Landscape of Music Licensing What you'll learn
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Lick Library Classic Albums Queen A Night At The Opera

A Night At The Opera is the fourth studio album by the legendary British rock band Queen, released in 1975. This groundbreaking album showcases the band's creativity, technical prowess, and the genius of their lead guitarist, Brian May. With ambitious compositions and stylistic diversity, from hard rock & prog to traditional jazz and orchestral, A Night At The Opera is the chance to not only learn how to play some of Queen’s best loved hits, but a journey into the heavier, darker, progressive and off-the-wall side of this legendary genre bending band.
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Lick Library Classic Albums Kiss Alive

Alive, released in 1975, is a monumental live album by the iconic rock band KISS. From the thrilling riffs to the electrifying solos, the album captures the band's raw energy and showcases the phenomenal skills of the band's lead guitarists: Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley. With a selection of the best tracks from the first three studio albums, Kiss, Hotter Than Hell and Dressed To Kill, Alive! is a monument to the rock n roll majesty of KISS and spawned live versions of classic tracks which became legendary in their own right.
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Lick Library The Ramones Guitar Lessons

Here you will find every Licklibrary guitar lesson, from learning how to play classic guitar riffs and solos, to technique, theory and guitar lick lessons. Whether you only have a few chords under your belt and need the best guitar lessons for beginners or a pro looking to give your guitar playing a challenge. Our online guitar lessons have it all!
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Udemy The Sound Kitchen Dynamics

Ever listen to a great album and wonder how they managed to get that vocal, or snare or guitar to sound so spectacular? In your face yet not too loud? Just right! Discover the beauty of dynamic control.
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JTC Claudio Pietronik 21 Day Fix: Hybrid Picking

Claudio Pietronik 21 Day Fix: Hybrid Picking course from JTC. INFO: Commit to a 21-day program that teaches you the essentials of hybrid picking. Create a habit of progression and go from the basic mechanics to creating your own exciting licks. Includes primer lessons, daily licks, exercises, plus additional guidance notes.
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Udemy Ableton Certified Training: What's New In Live 12

Get a head start on mastering music production with Ableton Live 12 What you'll learn
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JTC Tramaine Sweep Picking Mastery

Tramaine Sweep Picking Mastery Course from JTC. Master fast, efficient sweeping with Tramaine's focused Masterclass. Understand how to sweep into more creative opportunities and transition between techniques. A finishing school for sweep picking.
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JTC Kenny Serane Ultimate Practice Method

Enhance how you practice with flexible long-form workouts and etudes that focus on key soloing techniques. A multi-level structure you can come back to over and over. INFO: Kenny Serane - Build The Perfect Practice Session.
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Udemy See What Eye See Drum Lessons Part 1

This is a course that was made, having "You" step into my world. Seeing and learning beginning drums from my perspective. With detailed information and breakdowns so you'll never get bored, or confused. The course is packed with PDF's and videos. Along with 3 different metronome tracks to practice your new found skills with.
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Udemy Sound Design For Film, Tv & Games: Intro To Foley

This course explores into the essential and creative role of sound in visual storytelling, particularly in the realms of film, television and games. The focus is on Foley sound, a specialized technique in sound design that involves creating and recording custom sound effects in post-production.
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