Mixtank.tv The Sound Of MADVILLA

One of the scene's most creative and respected producers, Mixtank is delighted to welcome MADVILLA as he delivers his The Sound Of... MADVILLA' production course. Using two new tracks 'The Rhythm' and 'Kimchi', Adriane shares some of his production secrets and breaks down his unique approach to sound design which combines to create the inimitable MADVILLA sound which is recognised worldwide.
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Mixtank.tv Jacky Secrets Track Walkthrough

Taking an in-depth look at his latest track 'Secrets', Jacky breaks down the production process in this eight chapter track walkthrough. Featuring advanced techniques to help you get the best out of Ableton, Jacky covers topics including the effective use of samplers, how to build a step sequencer within Ableton, and how to use vocals to create a range of adlibs and effects. Across 2.5 hours of video, you'll get a detailed insight into Jacky's approach to production, as well as tips on common mistakes and how to avoid them.
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SkillShare Xfer Serum Sound Design Drums, Bass, Pads, Leads PART 1

Synthesise Your OWN Drums, Bass, Pads and Leads In Xfer Serum Xfer Serum is the leading go-to advanced wavetable synthesiser. In this course you will learn how to create you own unique Drums, Bass, Pads and Leads. Build your sample library and start developing your music production identity today!
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Groove3 ACTION STRINGS 2 Explained

Virtual synth expert Eli Krantzberg presents an in-depth video tutorial series on Native Instruments' ACTION STRINGS 2! If you're curious about how to get the most out of this incredibly expressive orchestral phrase player - and lend your action scores the professional realism they've been lacking - this video series is for you! After getting you up to speed with the fundamentals, Eli walks you through the impressive features of this stunning plugin, teaching you how to harness its ability to quickly and intuitively build dramatic and expansive string score parts from scratch. This video series is for new ACTION STRINGS 2 users.
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Groove3 Bedroom Pop Sound Design Explained

Sound design expert Thomas Cochran presents a comprehensive set of Bedroom Pop Sound Design video tutorials! After the multi-Grammy-winning smash success of Billie Eilish and her partner in crime, brother Finneas O'Connell, the debate over whether you can achieve professional sounds with a DAW in a home studio is all but over. Thomas guides you through the process of creating your own 21st-century sounds, from the comfort of your bedroom, using the versatile Serum plugin, but the techniques shown are applicable to most any wavetable hardware or synth plugin. These videos are for new Bedroom Pop producers.
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SkillShare Mixing Beats in Reaper: How to Mix Trap Beats for Beginners

In this class, you will learn everything you need to create a pro sounding mix for your beats. The techniques you are going to learn can be used on your personal music projects or even to even to gather more clients as a mixing engineer. This course is perfect for beginners and intermediate engineers and/or producers. Even though I'm using Reaper, you can replicate the techniques using any DAW.
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Pickup Music Learn Funk in 7 Days

Learn Funk in 7 Days Join Jude as he breaks down essential funk concepts and techniques that will help you groove like the greats.
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MacProVideo Logic Pro 301 Logic Pro Advanced Mixing

Want to be a better mixer? Follow along with this in-action, advanced course as Joshua Carney mixes a song from start to finish in Apple's Logic Pro. If you have some mixing experience under your belt, you're now ready to take your skills to a higher level. In this advanced mixing course, audio engineer Joshua Carney reveals tips and workflows drawing from his years of mixing experience. During this course, you'll see Joshua work on the song Highways, a soft pop song by talented singer and songwriter Sophia Veraz. You will learn how to take any project in any style from a rough mix to a fully mastered song, ready to publish to any digital streaming platform.
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343 Pro Sessions Dodi Palese: Art of The Remix

In this masterclass, Dodi will announce a remix contest for one of his forthcoming tracks. Only attendees to the class will be able to participate Remixing a famous artist track and getting released along their name is probably one of the best ways of getting your name out there as a producer. Dodi Palese has been recognised as one of the best remixes in the game for years now and he is going to share his process and tips for remixing
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SkillShare Mixing and Mastering Masterclass using Studio One. Lesson 1

This is a complete course teaching you how to use all the tools and features in Presonus Studio One to giving you greatly mixed, mastered, and finalized song With easy-to-follow tutorials and a real-world example of a song from start to finish, you'll enjoy learning while taking action.
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SkillShare How to Mix Music a Comprehensive Step by Step guide with Studio One

A Solid Foundation An organized foundation and pristine Signal Flow is key to having a session that will allow you to move quickly through the stages of music mixing, as well as allowing you to make changes without compromising the mix in unintended ways.
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Mixtank.tv Eddie Craig In The Box Masterclass House Garage and Bass

In this exclusive course for Mixtank - the first in our new In-The-Box series - Eddie Craig breaks down his entire production process shares game-changing advice focussing solely on software techniques that you can transfer to any DAW or genre.
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Mixtank.tv BOT Creative Use of Multiband Sidechain

A technique made popular many years ago by legendary producers, Daft Punk - sidechain compression has become a staple part of dance music ever since. But - nobody said staple had to mean boring, right? Correct.
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Sonic Academy Track Walkthroughs Marsh Heaven

Here at Sonic Academy, we are super excited and proud to bring you a brand new tutor and Ajunadeep virtuoso Marsh for an in-depth 'Track Walkthrough' of his floor-filling classic Heaven!
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MixWithTheMasters Score Composition With Hans Zimmer

We are truly humbled to welcome score composer Hans Zimmer as part of the MWTM program. He's known for composing the soundtracks of some of the world's greatest movies from The Lion king, Gladiator, Inception, Interstellar, to The Dark knight trilogy. Discover now his first 1-hour video and enter the world of the Oscar and Grammy winner Hans Zimmer as he reveals his approach to composing music and shows you how he breathes life into the art of film scoring.
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