Truefire Sheryl Bailey Take 5 Jazz Super Arpeggios

One of the most elusive and complex concepts for jazz guitarists is figuring out how to express lush, modern jazz harmony using a simple melodic approach. By understanding how to combine a few common arpeggio shapes as chord subs, we can imply elaborate super arpeggios for more colorful, harmonic hipness.
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MixWithTheMasters Inside The Track 39 Jaycen Joshua

We are thrilled to present our second video series with chart-topping mix engineer Jaycen Joshua! This instalment focuses on another hit by the Spanish artist Rosalia - 'Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi' featuring Ozuna. Jaycen recounts the way in which he mixed the official release in hybrid fashion using a SSL 9080 XL K-Series console, then reveals how he crafted a sonically competitive remix entirely 'in the box'. He goes into great detail on his Pro Tools template and innovative processing techniques on a variety of source material - lead vocal, ad-libs, steel drums, 808, kick, snare, percussion, and more. Noting the style of producer 'El Guincho', Joshua demonstrates how the record can be enhanced for the pop market whilst retaining its cultural aesthetic. Aside from sharing his clever mix methods, Jaycen elaborates on a number of crucial subjects including apparent loudness, preamp choices, monitoring, taste vs. technique, and a lot more!
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MixWithTheMasters Inside The Track 11 Michael Brauer

Join us at the prestigious Electric Lady studios in New York to learn from iconic mixer Michael Brauer! In this series of 'Inside the Track', we look under the hood of the 2016 rock single 'This House Is Not for Sale' by Bon Jovi. Brauer auditions and comments on the high-quality rough mix provided by the producer and guitarist John Shanks, then discusses potential improvements. Using an SSL 9000 J Series console, he reveals his hybrid processing on drums, bass, guitars, piano, pads, and vocals, guides you through his 'ABCD' multi-buss template, and shows the parameters of his master chain. He also discusses pre-compression signal levels, automation moves, overall dynamics, artist requests, and more!
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MixWithTheMasters Inside The Track 12 Nick Launay

Join us at Sphere Studios in Los Angeles with the producer and engineer Nick Launay! In this series, we take a detailed look into the creation of the record 'As a Man' - a song by the singer and guitarist Anna Calvi. Using a hybrid setup of Pro Tools, a Neve 8078 console, and an outboard mix chain, Launay demonstrates his techniques and recounts the journey taken for the project. In addition to explaining his tracking and production approaches, he shows his treatment used on vocals, live drums, samples, percussion, guitars, bass, and the mix buss. He discusses his production philosophy, inspiration, development of new methods, and the four main stages of his current mixing workflow - the home mix, studio mix, stem mix, and parallel blend. Nick elaborates on the pros and cons of analog and digital workflow, and shows a fascinating way of altering specific parts within a stereo mix by inverting the phase of stems.
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MixWithTheMasters Inside The Track 44 Larry Klein

Join the distinguished producer and musician Larry Klein for a series on making a modern jazz record by Norah Jones and Kandace Springs! Hosted at his private studio, this installment goes deep into the project's inspiration, musicality, and spirit. Klein gives us the background story of the venture, recalling how the two singers met and decided to work together. He discusses how important it is to remain focussed on the "overall picture" while running a session of this kind, rather than getting hung up on technicalities. Larry shares his approach to having studio time run smoothly by encouraging creative output from artists while holding the reigns of direction as a supportive producer. Aside from sharing his vast experience with the psychology behind reaching artistic potential, he also comments on the music itself. Klein elaborates on arrangement, structure, performers' interplay, melodic roles, section contrast, and more!
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MixWithTheMasters Inside The Track 42 Tchad Blake

Join us at Manhattan Beach recording studios for a series with the supremely creative mixer Tchad Blake! Known for working fully 'in the box' while thinking far outside of it, Blake continues to impart his unique stamp on records. Focussing on the mix of 'All These Things' by Thomas Dybdahl, Tchad reveals his latest innovative techniques for achieving his revered sound that oozes character. After comparing the rough mix to his final, he takes you through all the treatments used on lead and backing vocals, drums, piano, bass, guitars, and the mix buss. With the Pro Tools session open, he demonstrates exactly how he applied compression, EQ, distortion, gating, transient control, spatial enhancement, and much more!
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Udemy Learn Music Production with In Under 3 Hours

What you'll learnHow to create music with Reason How to produce electronic music Record and producer their own music
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Truefire Carl Burnett Take 5 Groove Guitar

Essential Grooves for Guitarists Groove is all around us. It's in the pulse of our heartbeat, the connection between the listener and the music we love across virtually every genre from funk, R&B, and soul to rock, modern country, and pop.
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Truefire Peter Mazza Harmonic Supernova for Jazz Guitar

Superimposition and Advanced Chord Harmony for Jazz Guitar Whether you compose or arrange for solo jazz guitar, or play in ensemble settings, Peter Mazza's Harmonic Supernova for Jazz Guitar will significantly enrich your harmonic palette with a comprehensive range of grips, superimposed chords, superimposed arpeggios, and a versatile vocabulary of chords voiced with specific tones voiced on top.
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PUREMIX Matt Ross-Spang Episode 2 Working On The Arrangement

With the sounds dialed in for all of the players, it's time to start laying down some takes for the first song. In this episode, you'll watch as Matt and the band:
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Sonic Academy Dark Techno 2020 with Harvey McKay

This week we proudly welcome back Harvey McKay for another 'How To Make' techno tutorial and again he's making it Dark! With its pounding driving kick and filthy gritty synth line created in Repro, this is one for the warehouse. A sinister late-night track for all you techno headz out there.
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Truefire Lars Schurse Countrified Blues Guitar Guidebook

Essential Countrified Techniques & Approaches for the Blues Guitarist The lines between country music, blues, and even rock are more blurred today than ever before. Legendary guitarists like Albert Lee, Brent Mason, Redd Volkaert, Johnny Hiland and Danny Gatton have all 'countrified' their fair share of blues progressions and rock grooves. Likewise, dozens of top contemporary rock and blues players have 'countrified' their solos with some tasty twang, hybrid picking, and pedal steel licks.
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imusic-school Jacob Collier Masterclass: Harmony and Rhythm

Jacob Collier is a London-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and singer who despite his young age has already released three albums: In my Room (2016), “Djesse, Vol. 1” (2018) and “Djesse, Vol. 2” in 2019. This talented artist loves to experiment music since his childhood, and has acquired an outstanding knowledge and reflexion about music.
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Ask Video Elektron 109 Cycles Explored

Elektron's Model:Cycles is an FM-based instrument that offers maximum sound-sculpting possibilities at an affordable price. Discover all about this powerful digital groovebox in this course by synth expert Rishabh Rajan!
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Truefire Mark Whitfield The Soul of Jazz

Interactive Video Masterclass on Soul Jazz Guitar The “soul” of jazz is a common thread that runs through virtually every style of contemporary music -- from neo-soul and modern funk to urban-driven-pop and R&B. While Mark Whitfield's roots and influences stem from what's considered straight-ahead traditional jazz, his interests lie in combining his early jazz influences with the innovations of today’s music.
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