Sonic Academy Mixing Kick and Bass with Protoculture

Nate Raubenheimer aka Protoculture is back with us once again this week taking a detailed look at one the most important aspects of electronic dance music - Kick and Bass.
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Lynda Audio Techniques for Film, Video, and Multimedia Weekly

After spending nearly two decades as a professional audio engineer, Scott Hirsch has amassed a collection of insider tips and techniques that you can only get from years in the studio. In this weekly course, he shares what he's learned with you. Instead of focusing on general audio concepts, Scott shares practical tips that can help audio engineers enhance their workflow for audio-to-video projects and consistently get great-sounding mixes. Learn how to leverage key tools, avoid common pitfalls, work with templates, organize your sessions, and much more. While Scott uses industry-standard audio programs such as Pro Tools throughout the course, the techniques he covers can easily be applied to other systems.
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Packt Avid Pro Tools Audio Recording for Beginners in Pro Tools

Welcome to this Pro Tools Audio Recording for Beginners course! You can expect to learn the audio recording software Pro Tools from the very beginning of creating a new project all the way to exporting a finished music track. There's a ton of other information shared in this course as well such as: creating and working with a click track at different tempos, bussing audio to other tracks, keyboard shortcuts, understanding inputs and outputs and the differences between the various types of recording tracks. Your instructor is Will Bartlett who is the founder of an established media production company in Toronto. He has been using Pro Tools since 2009 and has been involved in audio production since 2004 recording bands, creating stock music for sale and mixing and mastering the audio of hundreds of video projects
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Sonic Academy How To Make Tech Trance in Studio One 4 with Bjron Akesson

This week Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back Swedish born 138 Trance legend Bjorn Akesson for a brand new course in How To Make Tech Trance. We're also excited as for the first time here at Sonic Academy this awesome monster of a track is created in Presonus Studio One.
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MacProVideo Logic Pro X 204 The Modulation Plugins

Logic Pro X’s FX plugins, with their redesigned GUI and added functionality are now more powerful than ever. Get the inside info on all of LPX’s modulation plugins in this course by Logic expert Joe Albano.
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Groove3 Orchestral Mixing Explained

In this Groove3 video tutorial series, DAW pro Gary Hiebner presents a video series all about mixing orchestral music and instruments. Learn how to approach this artful task and get results that sound both realistic and incredible.
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Groove3 iZotope Nectar 3 Explained

Eli Krantzberg shows you everything you need to know to get going with iZotope Nectar 3, including using it creatively in your productions with this in-depth video tutorial series.
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ADSR Sounds VCV Rack and Modular Synthesis A Beginners Guide

VCV Rack & Modular Synthesis Explore modular synthesis using open-source virtual modular synthesizer, VCV Rack. Modular synthesis can get a bit technical but it can also yield unique and highly customised results.
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Udemy Piano Rhythms Vol.2 Ballade Style

Through 100% practical videos I will show you how you can learn to play simple accompaniments in ballad style on the piano, I will teach you how to play these practical patterns on the piano in a fluid way.
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Cory Kensinger Intro to Music Production Maschine Mikro mk3

Learn the Basics of Music Production and start an EDM track using the Maschine Mikro mk3, an Integrated Groove Production System that works in tandem with Native Instrument's Maschine 2 Software and the Komplete Sound Libraries. The hardware/software combo between Maschine Mikro and Maschine Software puts everything you need to start making great music at your finger tips.
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Basic Principles of sound theory What is Sound?

Welcome to the “Principles of Sound theory” course where you will learn the basic physics of sound and the way we humans perceive it. My name is Pedro Silva and I’m a sound engineer and musician with more than 15 years of experience on music production and sound design.
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Groove3 Beginner's Guide to Dorico

Doug Zangar presents an in-depth video tutorial series designed for the new Steinberg Dorico user. Learn what you need to know to get started with Dorico, and then go beyond, making your very first score!
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Groove3 U Produce™ Lovelytheband

Music producer and engineer extraordinaire Kenny Gioia brings you a series of video tutorials that walks you through the process of recreating the backing tracks to the pop hit “Broken” by Lovelytheband. See how to build the backing tracks and arrangement to this hit song from scratch.
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Lynda Premiere Pro CC 2019 Essential Training The Basics

Get up and running with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019. This course helps beginners unlock the potential of this powerful video-editing program. Instructor and filmmaker Ashley Kennedy steps through all the fundamentals: editing video and audio, correcting color, adding titles and effects, and more. Her project-based approach lends context to each of the tools, allowing you to experience both the technical and creative sides of the editing process. She begins with a tour of the Premiere Pro interface, and then goes through the entire post-production workflow—including media import and organization, editing and trimming, audio adjustment, applying and modifying effects, color correction, titles, and output. By the end of the course, you should be able to hit the ground running and create your own professional video projects with Premiere Pro.
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Production Music Live Mixing and Mastering A Melodic Techno Track From Start To Finish

This course is set up so that you learn how to mix your own production from A to Z. The project has one goal and that is to make an in the box mix using an analogue approach to glue together with minimal effort. This minimalistic approach is taught by Guido Werner from Catandbeats and MixMasterYou.
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