30 Day Singer Healthy and Strong Belting

Welcome to your tutorial on belting! Belting is a technique in which singers carry their chest voice beyond its natural break. It has a sound quality similar to a yell, in that it carries and is louder or more full than other modes of singing. Let's get started!
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Truefire Ted Ludwig's Jazz Comping Handbook

10 Powerful Comping Approaches for Jazz Guitarists Jazz guitarists spend most of their time on stage comping with the rhythm section to support the vocalist or another player's solo. Learning the variety of comping approaches that you'll need on the gig, or at the jam, is not only essential - it's mandatory for jazz guitarists.
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Truefire Brad Carlton's Guitar Lab: Blues Riffs Vol.7

Intensive Examination of Blues Vocabulary and Techniques for Guitar Players Guitar Lab: Blues Riffs Vol. 7 is designed to equip you with a vocabulary of standard blues riffs. You will be presented with technical tips to assist you in executing these moves, and also the theory behind these note groups. But most importantly, you will learn how to practice creating variations by using rhythmic and melodic principles.
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Truefire Tyler Grant's Song Lesson: Peaceful Easy Feeling

Accurate Lead and Rhythm Guitar Lessons for Peaceful Easy Feeling Taught by our top educators, TrueFire's Song Lesson System is a hands-on contextual music-making experience designed to accelerate the learning process and simulate a full-band setting. Whatever level of player you happen to be, from beginner to advanced, there's a rhythm or lead guitar part you can learn to play that sounds great in a full band context.
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30 Day Singer How to Belt

Welcome: So you want to learn how to belt… In depth look at sustainable, powerful, controlled belting Why: Belting allows us to be emotionally expressive, and helps us to be heard in many contexts!
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30 Day Singer How to Gradually Sing Lower

Welcome to your tutorial on how to gradually sing lower! High notes seem to get all the attention; it’s time to give our low notes a little love! In part 1, we’ll get started with some low note support, including vocal fry and using our speaking voice to find low note placement. Part 2 will consist of several exercises to gradually stretch your range lower; and part 3 will cover sustaining those low notes.
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30 Day Singer How to Sing (Any Song) in Your Signature Style

This tutorial is all about singing in your signature style. We’re going to use Auld Lang Syne to practice, since a lot of you already know it, and it’s a pretty simple melody that we can make our own!
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30 Day Singer How to Sing and Play Guitar Ukulele at the Same Time

Welcome to your tutorial on singing and playing guitar or ukulele at the same time. I’ll be demonstrating on ukulele, so for guitarists, of course your chord shapes will be different, but our coordination and strumming will be the same.
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30 Day Singer How to Sing and Play Piano at the Same Time

Welcome to your tutorial on singing and playing piano at the same time! In part 1, we’ll learn (or refresh) the melody of “Shake it up” and play through the chords separately. In part 2, we’ll put singing and playing together in phases. And in part 3, we’ll pick up the tempo and learn a versatile rhythmic pattern.
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30 Day Singer How to Sing Country

Country music has its roots in American blues and folk music. Over time, the country genre has also come to include elements of pop, rock, and most recently, hip hop and rap. Because it originated in the American south, country singers tend to sing with a distinct accent and tone, which some call the “country twang”.
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30 Day Singer How to Sing in a Group (A Capella)

Welcome to your tutorial on how to sing in a group! Our focus is mainly acapella group singing, because that requires the most specialized set of skills, compared to solo singing. But you can use what you’ll learn here in any group singing context!
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30 Day Singer How to Gradually Sing Higher

Welcome to your tutorial on how to gradually sing higher! We’ll get to all the tips and exercises soon enough, but I want you to have these 3 things in mind right away:
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30 Day Singer Introduction to Harmonizing

In this video series, we will teach you how to sing basic harmony along with an established melody. The type of harmony we will focus on will be major and minor thirds, which is most commonly used in a variety of genres including Pop, Rock, Country, Folk and even Jazz!
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30 Day Singer Jazz Style For Beginners

While every jazz singer has their own unique tone and style, there are a few common elements we can practice to embody traditional jazz vocal style. Here are some common styles: swung rhythm, smooth, easy tone, gravelly, even choppy tone, smooth, effortless tone, and last, we have vibrato & embellishment. With each lesson in this series, we’ll take a jazz standard to practice with.
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30 Day Singer Low Voice Daily Routine

What can you expect from this daily routine just for low voices? For one, all exercises will be played within the male range, so you don’t need to do any guesswork about which octave to sing in. Additionally, we’ll spend a bit more time finding falsetto placement and building our mix, since that tends to be trickier for male singers.
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