SkillTech Academy India Pro Tools First Beginners

This course is for students and professionals who wants to learn the software that is used worldwide for Music Production and Voice and Music Recording and Multi-Track Audio Editing. After learning the software you can produce music a pro with Pro Tools/ Pro Tools First if you have your music theory in place, a software which is immensely popular worldwide. Pro Tools First is an free DAW from AVID that has all the main features and tools of Pro Tools HD with the same workflow. Pro Tools on the other hand is a paid software which has some added functionality than Pro Tools First.Pro Tools/ Pro Tools First is a Multi-Track Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) which works on Windows and Mac platforms. With Pro Tools/ Pro Tools First you can do professional grade music arrangements and music and voice editing for all kind of professional music and audio work. Other than creating basic beats and compositions with the Virtual Instruments and doing multitrack editing of music loops with Time Line Editor, you can compose complex musical scores starting from scratch using the MIDI Editor inside Pro Tools/ Pro Tools First. In this Pro Tools/ Pro Tools First Basic course we have covered all the basic aspects of Pro Tools/ Pro Tools First where you get a detailed look at working with Workspace and Edit Tools, Audio Editing, Elastic Audio, Tempo and Automation. The following modules for Pro Tools/ Pro Tools First have been covered in this course: Systems and GUI Overview , Basic Settings , Workspace: Preview and Import , Track Organisation , Edit Tools , Audio Recording , Audio Editing , Elastic Audio , Tempo , Automation
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Groove3 KONTAKT 6 Explained

Studio guru Thomas Cochran presents a comprehensive video tutorial series all about Native Instrument’s KONTAKT 6 software sampler! Learn all of its features and functions inside and out, as well as helpful tips and tricks when using this industry-standard sampling software instrument.
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Sonic Academy Tech Tips Volume 39 with Austin Hull

Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 39! This week we welcome brand new tutor Austin Hull - hailing from Orlando, Austin has made his mark in the music industry in a pretty short space of time thanks to hard work and self-determination, and since turning professional 2 years ago he's already worked with over 300 individual artists and started multiple businesses.
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Ask Video FL Studio 301 Advanced Production Workflows

Now that you know your way around Image-Line’s FL Studio 20, it’s time to dive deeper. Join music producer and trainer Rishabh Rajan in this course to learn advanced FL Studio workflows and production techniques!
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Sonic Academy Advanced ANA 2 Sound Design with King Uniqu

To celebrate ANA 2's 1st Birthday we welcome back his royal highness, and self confessed synth nerd King Unique for some majestic tips and tricks in sound design. Over these 10 quick videos Matt shows just how deep and flexible ANA 2 can be, from giving your initial attack some bite and recreating the sound of the classic DX7 FM synth, to emulating worn out components of a vintage synth adding a ton of character to your synth lines.
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PUREMIX Fab Dupont Mixing TMBOY

TMBOY is an electronic “shadow pop duo” formed by members Sarah Aument and Will Shore. Their music has an organic feel, courtesy of Shore’s live vibraphone performances, mixed with elements of house and techno which serve to amplify the emotion in Sarah’s lyrics.
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Udemy Players Live Performance in Propellerhead Reason

Ever wondered how DJ/Music producers perform their music Live? Usually you'd see loads of equipment around them; drum pad controllers, midi keyboards, MPC players and possibly an actual synthesiser. This course will teach you how it's done from beginning to end using Reason and it's player devices.
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Music-Prod FL Studio 20 Music Production In FL Studio for Mac and PC

In This FL Studio - Learn Music Production in FL Studio for Mac & PC, I will show you how to manage FL Studio in just one day. Did you know that FL Studio is now supported by both Windows & Mac?
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Udemy Acoustic Guitar Course 101 Chords, Strumming and Picking

Step-by-step guitar lessons for learning basic chords, picking & strumming so you can have more fun playing your guitar. What you'll learn
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Dance Music Production Uplifting Trance 2018

You will learn the skills and techniques required to build your own 138 BPM uplifting Trance track while you follow Rick as he builds a track from an empty DAW to the basic mixing stage. For this tutorial, you will spend close to 16 hours, over 3 modules learning how to create an Uplifting Trance track.
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Ask Video Studio One 4 103 Recording and Editing Audio

PreSonus Studio One 4 is an amazing DAW for recording audio. Join educator and audio engineer Joshua Carney in this course to master all audio recording and editing features included in Studio One!
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ADSR Sounds How To Make RnB Rap Beats OVO Style

From acts like Drake to PARTYNEXTDOOR and OB O’Brien, to producers including 40, Boi-1da and Future the Prince. OVO has become a style all its own. In this course you will learn how to make an RnB/Rap beat OVO style and mix the beat to a professional standard.
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Groove3 Production Review with Bob Horn and Erik Reichers Episode 1

Bob Horn and Erik Reichers are back in their first new Groove3 production video tutorial series, Production Review - Episode 1. See how the guys along with guest producer AJ Jenkins tackle a production makeover, including the steps they take, the reasons why, as well as creative tips and tricks for production and mixing.
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Groove3 Arturia DX7 V Explained

The most popular synthesizer of the 80’s is back! Synth guru Tyler Coffin presents an in-depth video tutorial series on Arturia’s DX7 V, the awesome virtual recreation of Yamaha’s revolutionary digital synth, the DX7! Learn this powerhouse virtual instrument inside and out, including sound design tutorials for making Bass, Lead and Pad patches from scratch.
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Ask Video Pro Tools 105 Mastering Essentials

Mastering is an art, and Avid Pro Tools offers a wide range of plugins, perfect for any mastering tasks. Dive in this course to learn the subtle art of mastering with experienced engineer Joe Albano.
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