Udemy Piano Rhythms Vol.3 Bossa Nova Style

This course is aimed specially for beginners, piano students who wish to learn different genres and to be able to play accompaniments on the piano, particularly this course is focused on Bossa Nova.
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Ask Video Korg Prologue 101 Korg Prologue Video Manual

The Korg Prologue offers unique features not found on any other synth. Learn everything about this analog monster with keyboardist and trainer Matt Vanacoro… and take your sound design skills to the next level!
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SkillShare Adobe Premiere CC 2019 QUICKSTART (Zero to Hero)

Our Adobe Premiere CC 2019 Video editing course is designed for beginners, Youtubers, Travel vloggers, Online Course instructors, Corporate video editors that just need the essential knowledge to edit things like a Youtube Travel Music Video or a A multi-camera interview event with professional audio sound.
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EDM Tips Start to Finish Future House

Want to learn how to fully produce a professional-sounding track from the ground up – Start to finish? Well, now you can! This course shows you every stage of the creative process, from idea generation, writing chords, and sound design, to mixing and mastering.
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Sonic Academy Mixing Voices In My Head with Dom Kane

Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back mau5trap's Dom Kane this week with an in-depth look and masterclass in mixing down his track 'Voices In My Head' taken from the massive mau5trap compilation 'We Are Friends Vol. 08'
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Sonic Academy How To Make Techno 2019 with Harvey McKay

Sonic Academy is proud to welcome a brand new tutor this week, Glasgow based driving, soulful Techno producer Harvey McKay. In How To Make Techno 2019 Harvey shows us his creative process in making a dark, brooding, and downright sinister techno track from start to finish in Ableton.
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Pro Studio Live Ultimate Compression Guide

With the help of the master, Bob Horn, we developed THE guide to help you understand what a compressor does, and how to use it properly in a variety of instruments. Over the years, we found that compression is one of the most difficult things to learn when it comes to mixing. This is why we finally took the lead and partnered with Bob Horn, one of the most loved engineers by the Pro Studio Live audience and developed this Ultimate Guide on Compression. Learn from the hands of a professional engineer who is already mixing for some of the biggest records you hear out there. After watching this class you will be able to understand and master compression like never before. Bob will not only explain what the controls are and how to use them, but you will develop your skills on What to Hear and How, so you can start applying these techniques to your mixes right away.
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Pro Studio Live Digital Audio Masterclass

At the end of this course you will have a confident grasp of THE key audio production elements that WILL undoubtedly make YOU a better engineer. In the past 5 years teaching audio, it’s interesting to see the common gaps in knowledge that our students have. And we understand because people nowadays purchase software and start recording, and there is no one there to guide them, just very specific youtube videos. We’ve gathered the most essential information you can get to have a solid foundation in digital recording.
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Pro Studio Live Artist development and A and R

In this episode, A&R guru and record producer Mark Mazzetti discusses all things related to artist development. Tune in to this episode for some valuable artist development and production knowledge from Mark Mazzetti, A&R guru, record producer, and expert on all things related to artist development. In this episode, Mark discusses the process of making a record, from the perspective of both the artist and as an A&R exec. Watch this episode to learn about the different members of a good music production team, and how to fit yourself into a good production team. The episode starts with Mark’s background and with a definition and discussion of what his current job and role entails. He talks us through different perspectives on the discovery process, pitching a demo, and the artist development process. You’ll learn about the A&R process, including extensive detail and valuable advice on the pre-production and arranging processes. Throughout the episode, we use a couple of tracks by the band, Black Tie Stereo, as examples for our discussion. For added perspective, we are joined in studio by two of the band members, as well as the engineer for their current record, Brian Scheuble. Sprinkled throughout, you’ll hear stories from Mark’s experience with artists like The Police, Janet Jackson, and Sting. This episode covers everything from details on engineering the Black Tie Stereo tracks with Brian, to valuable information for musicians on how to get their music out there. There’s so much valuable information in this episode; you won’t want to miss it!
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Pro Studio Live Tips for Recording Basic Instruments

Important things to consider before getting into the actual recording of your basic instruments. Jose Dabdoub shares important tips and concepts to keep in mind before or while recording an instrument. He also shares tips for recording acoustic guitar, electric guitars, and bass.
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Pro Studio Live The Importance of Pre Production

Learn from Bobby Owsinski as he teaches his approaches and techniques for pre production with a band while explaining and showing the major differences this part of the recording process can make when approached correctly.
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Pro Studio Live Pro Tools Authority

In this course Pro Tools expert and audio engineer Cato Zane will give you a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of Pro Tools. Pro Tools expert Cato Zane will teach you the fundamentals of Pro Tools in detail covering all the basic recording, editing and mixing tools and techniques available. This comprehensive course will get you on the perfect to Pro Tools mastery.
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Pro Studio Live Award Winning Production Techniques

In this episode, Sebastian Krys demonstrates and talks shop about audio engineering and music production, including topics from songwriting and pre-production to mixing techniques, and general advice for succeeding in the industry.
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Pro Studio Live Vocal Session with Great Success

Learn and watch as vocalist Lauren Silva demonstrates vocal care and singing techniques. We invited Lauren Silva, a professional vocal coach to give us a class focused on singing. If you are a producer or an engineer this knowledge will help you run a vocal session with great success. Also, if you want to learn singing techniques, proper care of your voice and tips relevant to tracking vocals at the studio, this event is for you!
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Pro Studio Live The Science of Mixing

DR Ford illustrates how understanding the science behind audio can really improve your mix! DR Ford opens a session of his own to illustrate how he improves a mix, including vocal mix tips, theory on how to work with drums from tracking to mastering, and parallel processing philosophy. DR Ford is an expert on being more effective while using less processing, and he shares philosophy and tips that have helped redefine his approach to mixing. By the end of this seminar, you’ll know the importance of understanding the science behind audio, and how to “separate the magic from the mojo”. You’ll learn DR Ford’s original theory on how the golden ratio applies to mixing, why we use the rule of 3, why lyrical mixing is so important, and the transient vs. sustain theory. He not only shows us how he mixes in Pro Tools, but he also explains the science and the “why” behind his actions.
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