Indefinable Audio Tension Builder

Tension Builder is a patch library for Omnisphere 2 that will help you build some serious tension in your music. The library contains 252 patches, 25 multis, and 167 original soundsources.
Read More... 27-06-2020, 10:11
Epic Stock Media Dark Hybrid Rhythms and Loops

'Dark Hybrid Rhythms & Loops' by Epic Stock Media is a sinister collection of dark flavorful music production loops and designed Cinematic movie trailer sound effects.
Read More... 23-06-2020, 00:08
Epic Stock Media Evolved Game Creatures

'Evolved Game Creatures' by Epic Stock Media brings producers and sound designers a versatile and wide-ranging selection of large to medium-sized creature sounds including monster vocalizations and large angry creature sound effects.
Read More... 23-06-2020, 00:08
Epic Stock Media Kids Game

A fun, lighthearted collection of popular app game sounds is here! Kids Game, a must have cartoon game sound effects library which features 500+ bubbly phone game ready SFX.
Read More... 22-06-2020, 09:16
Soundbox Tech House Fx Sections 2

'Tech House FX Sections 2' encompasses all you need to produce that killer full-on breakdown section. This pack brings you a fully-stacked 720 MB collection of high quality loops straight out of the studio produced by an in-House team of professional music makers.
Read More... 19-06-2020, 14:52
Big Room Sound Urban Exteriors

A collection of city sounds including a variety of traffic ambiences from highways, to downtown, to suburban neighbourhoods and country roads. Also included are some powerful train by’s and construction sounds.
Read More... 16-06-2020, 18:54
Sound Response Whooshes and Transitions

Whooshes & Transitions sound library brings you 400 professionally designed whooshes and transition sound effects! These sought-after sound effects are an indispensable sonic tool for usage in music production, videos, games, commercials, movies and numerous other applications. Whether you’re looking to expand your audio arsenal with those massive and powerful cinematic whooshes, stuttering ones, or subtle sci-fi swipes and pass-bys, this diverse collection of cutting edge swooshes, swishes, fly-bys and transition sound effects has you covered!
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Sound Response Thriller Whooshes

Thriller Whooshes sound library brings you 200 tension-building transition sound effects perfect for horror, thriller and action movies, trailers, games, music, and more! In contrast to our first installment of whoosh sound effects Whooshes & Transitions that features predominantly sci-fi whoosh sound effects, Thriller Whooshes soundpack contains transition sound effects designed using exclusively organic source sounds recorded with high-end recorders and microphones, in order for effects to be more raw-sounding. A must have for anyone looking for sinister-sounding transition sounds, these sound effects will instantly find a way into your production and help you with intensifying the atmosphere of your project!
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Bounce Color Division Filmmaking Essentials SFX

We strive for quality, where quality sounds make great productions. We wanted to create a pack that is authentic for every editor, 100% effective & unique. Introducing our new uncharted Sound Effects library, designed specifically for Filmmakers.
Read More... 13-06-2020, 22:31
Big Room Sound Water - Underwater

A collection of underwater sounds recorded in pools and tubs using either a homemade microphone housing made from an apple juice tin or microphones placed inside a condom. Bubbles, swishes and other moves fill out this pack.
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Big Room Sound Arrow By's

A collection of arrow by’s created from objects such as coins and bullets being launched from a sling shot past the microphone. Add character to flying projectiles.
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Soundtrack Loops Uranium Modular Cinematics 2

Soundtrack Loops presents Uranium: Modular Cinematics 2. Uranium: Modular Cinematics takes us back to the days when synthesizers were the exclusive playthings of lab-coated scientists and tweed-coated academics. Hunkered down in the fluorescence of university music department basements, they coyly spun the dials on literal tons of gear—transformers, tubes, oscilloscopes—but not a computer in sight. Difference and repetition were emerging as transgressive symbols of absolute freedom.
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Video-Presets Infinity 1350 + Cinematic Sound Effect

MASSIVE NEW LIBRARY!Over 1530+ sound effects. Ready to drag and drop into any Video/Audio editor. Atmospheres, Risers, Drones, Transitions, Explosions, Drops and many more categories.
Read More... 8-06-2020, 21:12
BENN TK and JAMIE TK Cinematic Whoosh and Transition Pack

For videographers, it can be very difficult to find high quality transition whoosh sounds to use in Cinematic Style Travel Videos. This has always been difficult for us, taking up valuable time and effort editing audio to achieve the perfect sound. So, we decided why not make our own custom-made sound pack to make life easier for videographers?! This is why we have created the cinematic whoosh / transition pack.
Read More... 8-06-2020, 14:47
Ezra Cohen Odyssey SFX

100 dynamic sci-fi inspired sound effects + 5 retro soundtrack files. Created in collaboration with Bodytalkr. KILL CREATIVE BLOCK For those of you who know me, you know I talk a lot about visual texture. About the importance of those little details that make a big difference (even for a single frame).
Read More... 8-06-2020, 14:06
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