Exonoiz Qebrus Samplepack Bundle

This is a fine selection of my new best samples library, in this bundle you can find 350 samples in different genres: EXOmachinery and EXOmechanisms EXORobotic and UFO sounds
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Big Room Sound Human Activity

A collection of sounds people make when they’re busy. Recorded in locations like cafeterias, bars, and offices we hear people moving and going about their work but not talking.
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Noiiz Whipsn Whooshes

If you’re looking to experiment with short transitional sounds to create your own impacts and risers, look no further! You’ll find an assortment of whips, aerosol cans, tubes, balloons and creative contraptions such as spoons tethered to string. Try placing the whooshes in front of snare hits or layering your drums with whips to add extra punch.
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Noiiz Twisted Risers

We’ve twisted, mangled and morphed everyday sounds with synthesisers and effects to create this essential collection of cinematic risers. Create heart pounding crescendos, smooth section changes and adrenaline pumping breakdowns. Useful for any genre, you’re bound to find the perfect accompaniment to your project.
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Noiiz Things That Go Clank

We’ve recorded spanners, ratchets, chains and anything remotely metallic to create this pack of highly detailed clanks and clunks. You’ll find plenty of short one shots for adding some clang to your drums, and an assortment of expertly designed sounds help create new rhythmical ideas. Get creative with this unique collection of sound design tools and add some weight to your music.
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Noiiz Things That Bounce

We’ve recorded an assortment of basketballs, table tennis balls, ball bearings, marbles, pool balls and more in different environments to create a truly unique set of bounces, spins and ricochets. Try reversing sounds to create risers, slice sections of the bounces to build new rhythmical ideas or construct new snares and percussion.
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Noiiz Deep Impact

‘Deep Impact’ contains spacious sub drops, tense FX layers, astronomical impacts and dark slams sure to make your sub rattle and rumble. Created by sound designer Federico Soler, this epic collection of sounds are perfect for helping you construct defining moments in your project. BOOM!
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Big Room Sound Hums Static Interference

A collection of noisy electrical sounds. Fluorescent lights humming, microphones feeding back, electricity arcs, glitches, static and futzes from various equipment all make up this pack.
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DiyMusicBiz The 4th Fireworks SFX Sound Pack

Rockets, Mortars, and things that go BOOM. This sound pack is producers who want to get a little creative with production (add a little spice in their lives) or for indie game developers looking to explosive and zip by sounds to layer into their video games. Sounds are in wav format and will work in all major Daws: Logic, FL Studio 20, Reason, Pro Tools etc. More to come, I hope you enjoy this sound pack Disclaimer: Some audio files have a rapid succession of explosions, others are spaced out allowing you to chop sections out for your needs. explosives are hard to capture, there are some random pedestrians in the records most are masked with explosions, the others can be chopped out and, I have a release for all vox so if you use them in your projects, you're safe! Credits: Dennis Perkins & Greg Savage
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BOOM Library Household Kit

Sometimes even the most everyday sounds can be pure magic in a musical context. That´s why we recorded a full set of sounds from our everyday lives and made this package. It contains kitchen supplies, office equipment and more. This is your toolkit to create unique percussion sets with everyday sounds! This package ships in in 96 kHz and 24-bit.
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Naked Sounds Designed Sound FX

A comprehensive and compact collection of useful sound effect loops from our imaginative sound designers. All the loops are key labeled to easily match the track you're working on.
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Big Room Sound Magic

A collection of sounds to conjure up the spirits through spells and potions. Pixie dust sparkles, glowing crystals, flashes, a demonic vortex and more.
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Big Room Sound Design Atmospheres

A collection of otherworldly atmospheric sounds. Designed to create a mood in a subtle way, these tracks ebb and flow taking you to a different kind of place.
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Concept Samples Interface Vol.2

‘Interface Vol 2’ by Concept Samples delivers a collection of Interface sounds for your media products. Suitable for Apps, Games and other media products, these hand-crafted sound effects feature sounds, such as Alarms, Beeps, Openings, Access, Confirmation, Denial sounds and more.
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BOOM Library Toon Toy Collection

This collection of classic toys and mickey mousing effects might be the perfect addition for your next toon style production. It ships with 48 Samples and 30 different sounds which are all offered in 96kHz and 24-bit.
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