PSE: The Producers Library Thunder and Rumble

Thunder and Rumble is a collection of powerful sounding One-shot samples that occur when weather is less than ideal. The sounds in this pack consist of both real world thunder as well as synthetic interpretations of thunderstorm effects. The sounds in this pack are great to add an ominous atmosphere to your productions.
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Blastwave FX Nature by Day

A selection of ambiances recorded during the day in various locations.
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GameChestAudio Subwoofer Trailer Effects

Subwoofer / Low end essential cinematic sound effects for trailers, logos, games, film and tv, presentations, shows, videos or any other type of multimedia. This pack includes 10 sounds.
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Multiton Bits FX Zukunft

FX Zukunft is a collection of out of this world sequences, sounds and ambient tracks, sourced from array of digital and analogue tolls. Suitable for various styles, this pack can serve as a track starter or as a special ingredient, adding that extra spark to your tracks!
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Blastwave FX Parks and Fairs

The sounds that can be found when people are enjoying an afternoon at the park or street fair.
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Blastwave FX Transportation Interiors

A pack of sounds featuring various interiors on various modes of transportation at varying intensity levels.
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PSE: The Producers Library Dancehall Sound Effects Machine Volume 2

“Dancehall Sound Effects Machine” is a massive collection of classic dancehall one-shots that are perfect for elevating your bass music productions. Covering a wide variety of sonic territory that includes sci-fi lasers, gunshots, alarms, airhorns, and classic vocal stabs, these sounds run the gamut and are full of unmistakable character and personality. Pepper your productions with champagne pops and sexy slackness…”Dancehall Sound Effects Machine” has the perfect sauce for any soundclash, mixtape, or studio session.
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GameDev Market Zombie Sound Pack Light Version

Do you want to make the dead going back to life? You can do it with the light version of the Zombie Sound Pack!
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8UP Daedalus: SFX

What good are wings if you can't fly? Asking for a friend. This pack contains sound effect samples with variations. All sounds were created from scratch, no games were sampled.
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Toolbox Samples Cinematic Drums and Fx

Continuing our cinematic range which is hugely versatile, we are proud to present: Cinematic Percs & Fx! Inside this atmospheric, dramatic & powerful pack we give you percussion & fx inspired by the biggest blockbusters films. Whether you are a film producer, or looking for some hybrid elements in any genre you make.. you'll find perfect collection of cinematic drums and fx inside.. all killer, no filler! Contents: 6 Fills 19 Drums 5 Impacts 2 Downlifters 5 Whooshes 3 Atmosphere Loops 3 Click Loops 7 Drum Loops 4 Risers
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GameDev Market White & Black Magic Sound Effects Library Medieval Fantasy Dark Witchcraft Holy Healing Spells

Are you looking for the most creative Magic Spells sound design for your project? Then look no further / you are at the right place…. Unearth the mystical power of BLACK & HEALING FANTASY MAGIC SOUND EFFECTS, a memorising collection of high quality, ready-to-use spell-casting sounds that will transmogrify your film, game, or animation from wheezy wizard to unstoppable sorcerer! You cannot afford to miss on the cutting edge sounds of DARK WITCHCRAFT and WHITE / HOLY spells and rituals contained within, expertly crafted by our industry-leading AAA sound designers.
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Cinetools Soundscapes Sci-Fi

“Soundscapes Sci-Fi” featuring 60 high-quality cinematic sound effects ready to give an extra futuristic touch to your projects and help you design perfect ambient compositions to your own magical universe! From deep and mysterious ambiences to otherworldly soundscapes, paranormal atmospheres to disturbing textures, dramatic and evolving ambiences to science-fictional backgrounds, dark, spacey and tense dreamscapes and beyond. It’s time to fill the gaps in your production with these hidden treasure!
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Toolbox Samples Foley Percussion & Fx

This is the one-stop package to help build the foundation of your tracks. Inspired by creativity, experimentation, and originality this pack features percussion and foley samples to give your sound a sleek atmospheric touch; all of it created from scratch with 100+ samples of one hits and loops Whether you're looking to provide a background groove or add some texture to your track dive right in and find what you need in no time at all! Suitable for any genre. 4x Fx 16x Kicks 54x Percs 6x Textures 51x Drum Loops 3x Music Loops
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GameDev Market Watery Interface Sound Effects Pack

A set of 25 natural water sound effects ideal for use as interface and menu sounds. File List:
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GameDev Market Underwater Ambient Sound Effects Pack

A set of 20 background and object underwater sound effects. File List:
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