Cinetools Horror Collection

Cinetools’ best horror sound effects have been hand picked here for seven different HORROR editions - each one is focused on their unique elements...suspenseful atmospheres, eerie soundscapes, monstrous and unearthly voices, mysterious subs, unnerving tensions and thrilling rises, paranormal transitions, climactic whooshes, creepy stingers, scary hits, terrifying shockers and more all of these combining dark, horrific and haunted sounds focused on pure fear!!
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Codified Adaptive Launch Complex 2

Launch Complex 2 scripts all the features you might want for sampler based sound design, launching one shots or creating fx out of a sample. It can stack five layers It has a full amplifier envelope, pitch envelope, two filter prototype options, scaled indexing, filter and pitch sweeping fx, a prototype granular sampler (not time machine ), a suite of real time fx, channel strip and five layer mixer that all work together, and all on the front panel and ready to go.
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Bluezone Corporation Battlecruiser Spaceship Sound Effects

Bluezone Corporation releases 'Battlecruiser - Spaceship Sound Effects', a new sound library covering a wide range of designed SFX. This downloadable sample pack is loaded to arm all sound designers with an arsenal of 154 meticulously designed spaceship elements such as: Alarms, command center ambiences, deep exterior and interior ambiences, machine room backgrounds and drone sounds, energy elements, high tech interface sounds and beeps, massive reactor rumbles, explosions, spaceship passby and transmission sounds.
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SoundEngine Microcosm

microcosm is a collection of long (10-60 sec) evolving textures created using a combination of additive and granular synthesis. By using both additive and granulation synthesis we were able to really focus on creating evolving elements in the frequency and time domain -- this allowed us to explore changing harmonic structure and discrete granular properties simultaneously -- the result of this exploration is textures that have the harmonic sweeps from additive and the distinct particulated sound from granulation synthesis. This collection was primarily created on Symbolic Sound's Kyma System.
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Hall Samples FX Tools

Hall Samples presents “FX Tools”, a big collection of Spire Presets, making it perfect for any producer looking for a boost over the competition! Organized into Spire Presets, 1 Sound Bank and Wavs.
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Gothic Instruments DRONAR Glitchscapes

Create atmospheres, pads and textures that conjure an unsettling unreality. Strange broken glitches, soft radio atmospheres, electric pads and more combined with an award-winning engine make Gothic Instruments DRONAR Glitchscapes one of the most strangely addictive, dramatic and powerful sounding DRONAR Kontakt modules to date.
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Boom Library Flowing Water

FLOWING WATER is the fourth SFX library from our series of high quality and amazing nature recordings by Emmy-winner and nature recording genius Gordon Hempton. Hempton has searched the globe for more than three decades to record nature at its most pristine.
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Ghosthack Producers Master Bundle

Get Ready for Festival Summer with 15 New Sample Packs! The Producers' Master Bundle consists of pure .wav samples and works with EVERY Software and EVERY Sampler! This huge compilation of sounds can be used by EVERYONE! We combined 15 of our best sample packs into one HUGE bundle. This bundle includes tons of vocals, drums, samples, loops and presets. That's your opportunity to upgrade your current sample library NOW!
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Ghosthack Cinematic Sound FX

Upgrade Your Atmosphere with Cinematic Elements Now! This royalty free soundbank is made for everyone who is looking for some cinematic atmosphere to upgrade his production quality!
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Splice Blastwave FX Aircraft

A complete collection of aircraft related sounds, including: jet pass-bys, airplane boarding, landings, take-offs, helicopters, airport vehicles, pilot voices, and more.
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EarthMoments ZenPad Poly Reverse

Zenpad Poly Reverse - an innovative new Grand Construction Kit for Ableton Live that dives deep into unexplored dimensions of sound. This pack was recorded and processed using analogue equipment and effects to create a selection of vividly imaginative samples, some played in reverse to create whimsical playgrounds of sound reminiscent of the psychedelic era of the 60s and 70s.
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Industrial Strength Concrete Noise

'Concrete Noise' is the latest creation from Industrial Strength, sure to twist your ear drums like never before. 'Concrete Noise' is geared up and ready for sound designers in needs of totally noised induced samples. Each sound was created from the ground up using a slew of analogue gear, distortion pedals and digital processing to insure you have thee most unique and usable samples for your next endeavor.
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WOW Sound RPG Magic SFX 2

Brand new Magic SFX Pack 2 with 446 high-quality magic sound effects for your RPG, Battle Arena and more! SFX comes in layers, variations, and combos for you to Mix & Match to create and sync them quickly to your magic animation!
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Impact Soundworks Super FX Volume 1

A retro sound designer’s dream, featuring 251 video game sound effects in an 8 and 16-bit style. All sounds crafted lovingly with authentic sources, tools, and techniques. No ‘real’ foley effects! Everything has been designed from scratch to lovingly emulate the charm of legendary games such as Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and other classics of the 90s.
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The Unfinished GlitchScapes

This pack contains 160 Glitch samples by The Unfinished. You can use these sound effects in TV, film, game and electronic music production.
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