Blastwave FX Battle Loops

Battle loops from various eras and wars, including: the civil war, world war II, military takeovers and sword battles.
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Soundtrack Loops Alien Worlds Retro Sci-Fi Soundscapes And Effects

Soundtrack Loops intros Alien Worlds – Retro Sci-Fi Soundscapes and Effects. It goes without saying that the best vintage sci-fi sound effects are made with the best vintage hardware tech and its contemporary boutique inspirations. Here on Alien Worlds: Retro Sci-Fi Effects we have just that, with Soundtrack Loops’ own Jason Donnelly as the controller.
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Soundtrack Loops Cosmic Sea

Soundtrack Loops intros Cosmic Sea – Ambient Soundbeds. Following up the ‘heavily combative beats’ found on his first Soundtrack Loops title, CORROSIVE MACHINES, Cosmic Sea is the second Soundtrack Loops outing by producer Colin C., and here we have a completely different bill of goods. The Cosmic Sea vibe is the sound of classic analog synth textures that span three sonic categories: Melodic Pads (40 files), Atonal Drones (40 files), and Impacts & Blasts (20 files).
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Blastwave FX Amps and Speakers Bible

A pack of speaker and amp sounds from static to cable plug-ins to speaker hums. 25 ONE SHOTS
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Big Room Sound Tools

A collection of manual and powered tools around the shop. Handyman drills, mechanics drills, hammers, saws and more fill out this pack.
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Carma Studio FX Loops 5

Carma Studio is excited to bring you FX Loops 5! The collection is perfect for Dubstep and Trap. All loops are 140BPM and are extremely useful for creating that poly-rhythmic vibe for your beats!
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Carma Studio Circuit Scanners Clock Pulse

We’ve dug deep into the circuit paths of electronic equipment using signal tracers to scan and record electronic noise and electromagnetic fields (EMF) emanating from electronic equipment.
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Big Room Sound Snow And Ice

A collection of snow and ice sounds to cool things down. Snowball impacts, tinkling ice dust, swishing sleds pass by and crunching ice beneath your feet.
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Field and Foley Viral Voiceovers

Human Nature, a collection of human sound by Field and Foley, presents Viral Voiceovers – an inclusive pack of VO’s based on viral social media content and pop-culture references. A sonic spin-off of GIFs, these quick call-outs are perfect for dropping into content, from sarcastic DM’s to friends, to viral videos and TikTok remixes. Presented as an inclusive bundle featuring LatinX male and female, Black male, and White male and female actors. This pack is part of a continued SFX collaboration with Overworld Studio in Los Angeles, CA.
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Soundtrack Loops Foley V2 Trash Sound Effects and Rhythms

Soundtrack Loops presents Foley V2 – Trash Sound Effects & Rhythms. Producer Edgar Lopez is back, with Foley V2: Trash, and that means we have a new series in play! Starting with Kitchen Things (the debut title) we were introduced to a fresh concept: the Foley-and-music fusion library. A great idea made real by a talented producer, Kitchen Things is by turns coolly esoteric, compellingly weird, and laugh-out-loud funny. On Foley V2: Trash, we’re treated to the same formula: loops (80, delivered at 130 and 200 BPM) and one shots (42 to be exact).
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Blastwave FX Ambulances and Firetrucks

A pack dedicated to the sound of ambulances and firetrucks, including everything from sirens and horns to fire hydrants and ambulance engines.
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Big Room Sound Design Swells

A collection of atmospheric swells that wash up on you and bridge the gap between this world and the next. Great transitional elements between scenes or to add texture and movement within a space.
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Zenhiser Dubstep FX 2

Dubstep FX 2 delves into the driving side of Dubstep delivering 240 primed fx sounds ready for battle. Being the second in the series we decided to act on the fx sounds we hear most in Dubstep, Fall FX, FX Hits & the essential Rise FX. There is such a broad selection of dubstep fx sounds in each category that these beauties will keep your Dubstep tracks going for a long time. They will fill the gaps in your productions and transition your sections perfectly.
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Blastwave FX Animals on the Farm

A collection of sounds from animals found on the farm, including: pigs, goats, sheep, hens, cows, chickens and more.
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Zenhiser Total Rise and Fall SFX

Zenhiser's fx library including it's extensive range of rise fx, fall and sweep fx has become a standard in many producers sample collection. With this in mind we decided to push the boundaries a little further and create a new level of rise fx and fall sound fx.
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