Little Bit Essential FX

Little Bit presents the "Essential FX". Over 430 MB of Brand New FX sounds. 203 FX segregated into 8 folders Reverse, Delayed, Downshifters & Falls, Risers & Uplifters, Noise, Field Recording, Impacts, Reverse and Vinyl Cracking Noise.
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Epic Stock Media AAA Game Character Ghost

No need to call upon the King of the dead and raise the ancient ghost armies of old to defeat your enemies in your next production. Introducing AAA Game Character Ghost, a unique collection of ghost voiceover and fantasy styled game and trailer speaking and sound FX files featuring a male antagonist inspired by medieval fantasy MMO and RPG games. AAA Game Character Ghost voiceover sound library provides you with more than 776 immersive, game-ready voiceover sound files, vocalizations, battle cries, custom dialogue lines, and everything needed to create interactive & compelling cinematic scenes, and outstanding game-play audio experiences.
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Diginoiz Digi FX Collection 2

'Digi FX Collection 2' by Diginoiz presents the second part of the FX collection with 108 great sounding effect sounds! Swipes, risers, hits, strange voices and more! Everything with the root key included and in one of the most popular formats, 24-Bit WAV.
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ProfessionalSongs 6000+ Cinematic SFX Ultimate Bundle Pack

This sound pack will help to take your videos to the next level. All sounds come in HIGH quality and have been carefully crafted, so that you can use them in any video you make:
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Have Instruments Fractal Textures

Fractal textures sample pack delivers tons of organic soundscapes for edgy ambient productions. Gloomy pads, evolving drones, radiant layers, sweeping noises, all at your service to randomize your tunes with incredible rich and detailed chaotic phenomena. Recorded at 24-bit resolution with high-end studio devices, fractal textures sample pack is ready to be dragged and dropped into any DAW or sampler.
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Have Instruments ET Multiphonics: Alto Sax

Introducing our first ET release, new sample pack series dedicated to extended techniques for both contemporary classic and film composers Alto saxophonist Alvaro Perez Campo delivered 34 exquisite multiphonics to add tension and textural sophistication to your score. Just drag and drop the files to your DAW and start composing!
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Black Octopus Sound Earthscapes By Amani Friend

Add incredible feeling to your music, game, or films with this collection of field recordings from sacred sites and geographical locations around the world. Transport your audience with sounds captured around ancient pyramids, the jungle of Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. This versatile collection of field recordings, drums, animal sounds, foley, and FX loops was captured, mixed, and mastered by Amani of Desert Dwellers. This pack contains over 3GB of content.
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Field and Foley Impact Essentials

Cinematic impacts are a staple in any movie trailer campaign. JJ Farris and John Harvey of Reel Music have been creating unique, cutting edge sound effects for countless Hollywood trailers, such as Greyhound, Midway, Terminator: Dark Fate, Ad Astra, XXX: Return Of Zander Cage, Rambo: Last Blood and many other campaigns. Now they bring that sound to Splice with Impact Essentials. A must have collection of Booms, Explosions, Distorted, Deep, Impact, Motion, Slam & Short Hits which can be used across all music genres to impact your music production.
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Epic Stock Media Battle Royale Game

Don’t miss your drop zone. Escape domination by your opponent. Be the first to rank up and experience military grade gameplay audio. Introducing our newest and most exciting sound library yet, Battle Royale Game, a first person shooter game sound effects library which features over 900+ battle tested and game ready SFX.
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Blastwave FX Aerosol Sprays

A collection of aerosol spray sounds at varying intensity levels and material types.
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Blastwave FX Archery

An essential collection of bow and arrow sounds from arrow pass-bys, releases, impacts, and quiver pulls.
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PSE: The Producers Library Monastery

Ritual prayer wheels, struck cymbals, and Tibetan chant. "Monastery" is a concise collection of sounds recorded in a Tibetan monastery.
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Boom Library Coniferous Forests STEREO and SURROUND

A BREATHTAKING AMBIENT EXPERIENCE Massive conifers towering to untold heights, forming some of the most majestic natural cathedrals this planet has to offer, create auditory atmospheres as amazing as the forest is to behold. At the same time, CONIFEROUS FORESTS are known for their calm, comforting and secure ambiences of blissful solitude.
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Epic Stock Media Infiltration Thriller 16/24Bit

'Infiltration Thriller' by Epic Stock Media is a sound effects and vox pack filled to the brim with loops perfect for psychological thriller movies, games, trailers and more. This pack gives you the power to unlock pure Cinematic audio genius with over 500 studio-ready sound effects. It's disturbing, creepy, suspense and thrill-inducing, and inspired by Stephen King's 'It'.
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Field and Foley Retail Sounds

This Field + Foley pack was recorded during the night shifts at hardware stores, grocery stores and fast food restaurants in Nashville, TN. The sounds capture the natural environments of different retail experiences: scanning items at checkout, announcements over the intercom, forklifts carrying cargo. In addition to obvious applications for sound design, many of the samples are ripe with musical potential. All sounds were recorded with a stereo pair of Neumann KM184s into a Sound Devices recorder.
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