Blastwave FX Basement, Garage and Outdoors

A collection of sounds related to the outdoor areas of a home. Sounds include: garage doors, air vents, garden tools, patio furniture, shutters, snow blowers and more. 278 Samples
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Field and Foley Medieval Essentials

Immerse yourself back in time when knights, kings, and queens ruled atop high castles made of metal and stone and adorned in gold. In these days battles were fought hand to hand with rusty iron weapons and viscous bows and arrows flew through the air while prisoners of war were kept in dungeons awaiting their barbaric torture. This cruel medieval time in our history has been depicted in countless films, television shows, books and fairy tales and we finally have the sound fx to go with it. 
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Blastwave FX Static

A complete collection of static and white noise that can be used in a variety of applications. 298 Samples
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Blastwave FX Medical

A collection of sounds that can be found in the hospital, back of an ambulance, or created by medical devices. 345 Samples
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Image Sounds Cinematic FX Analog Sounddesign

Introducing “Cinematic FX Analog Sounddesign” – an exceptional sample library meticulously crafted for modern producers, cinematic film composers, and sound designers alike.
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Big Room Sound Sports

From hockey hits to dirt bikes and from billiards to soccer, this pack covers the gamut of sport sounds.
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Blastwave FX WC

the sounds of the the bathroom, or WC for our european friends. 258 Samples
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Big Room Sound Static and Interference

A pack of static, interference, feedback, and white noise sounds that can be used in host of situations. 41 Samples
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Big Room Sound Kitchen and Cooking

Cook, clean, prepare, or eat, this pack has you covered for all your kitchen and cooking needs. 176 Samples
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Just Sound Effects Forests of Norway Surround and Stereo

WHISPERS OF THE SCANDINAVIAN WILDERNESS Discover the wild forests of Norway and immerse yourself in the sound of remote nature. This library contains quad surround recordings of various forests, wind through different types of trees, flowing water and individual animal sounds.
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Just Sound Effects Steampunk Gadgets

ENTER THE WORLD OF STEAMPUNK SOUND DESIGN STEAMPUNK GADGETS opens the gate into the intricate realm of gears, cogs and mechanisms. This collection of mechanical sound effects is an auditory passport to a Victorian-era workshop where the future meets the past through the whisper of steam-powered machinery and the rattle of small mechanical devices.
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Just Sound Effects Gore Mini Pack

DISCOVER THE BRUTAL SIDE OF SOUND Offering a curated selection of gore sound effects, the GORE MINI PACK is ideal for adding intensity to any combat or horror project. You'll find pre-designed sounds, as well as source recordings for creating and layering your own sounds. To capture the perfect splatters, drips and bone breaks, we've smashed and ripped various fruits and vegetables during the recording process. Make your fight scenes truly memorable or design blood-curdling organic mutations.
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Just Sound Effects Forest Ambiences

EXPERIENCE THE PURE SOUND OF NATURE Step into the essence of the wilderness with Forest Ambiences, a sound library that takes you on an auditory journey through the heart of Central European forests. Covering all four seasons as well as day and night, it's your go-to resource for creating any forest soundcape you can imagine. From vibrant dawn choruses to heavy autumn storms and tranquil winter atmospheres, you'll receive a package as diverse as nature itself.
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Just Sound Effects Melee Weapons

THE POWERFUL MELEE WEAPON KIT Are you on a quest to take your medieval battle scenes to the next level? Look no further than MELEE WEAPONS, a sound effects library that captures the spirit of melee combat. Smash your production with the clank of swords, the quick slice of daggers, the powerful swing of axes, the crushing force of maces and the sturdy block of shields.
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PSE: The Producer's Library Wonky Plucks and Hits

A varied collection of one-shot sounds that favor the dissonant, percussive, and abnormal aspects of acoustic instrumentation. From toy pianos to Japanese flutes and a bit of everything in between.
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