SampleHero 88 Radio Static SFX

As simple as is gets! Glitches, Flickers, Skips, Stutters and Radio Static SFX! Perfect for Thrillers, Trailers, Horror, Industrial and any project that needs some harsh edges!
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Triune Store Hollywood Guns SFX

The Hollywood Guns SFX Bundle comes with a selection of sounds from all of our guns, processed in four massive styles! 280 EPIC sounds included! M249 M4
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Triune Store Gun Foley SFX

The Gun Foley SFX comes with all of our gun Foley sound effects! All 301 sounds are included! Includes Foley sounds for the following guns:
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SKYES Audio Shimmering Shards Broken Glass Library

Enrich your sonic palette with shimmering shards and the visceral sound of glass breaking, recorded at 96kHz/24bit! The Shimmering Shards: Broken Glass library contains 217 carefully selected sound effects, ready to be dropped into your project!
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SampleHero 88 Solo Violin Horror SFX

SampleHero's 88 Solo Violin Horror SFX library sounds as stunning as it is frightening! This library is designed to pick up where other's have left off by offering new and fresh articulations, loads of creepy phrases, incredible sampling clarity and instant inspiration!
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SampleTraxx Stutter Matter

STUTTER MATTER delivers a fresh sound set of syncopated hi-tech stutters and ultra-triggered sound effects. Whether you work as movie trailer or game sound designer, editor, soundtrack composer or experimental musician STUTTER MATTER will add a touch of sound dementia to create a more diverse listening experience.
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SampleHero 88 Epic Trailer Whooshes

Simply 88 Perfectly Tempo-Synced Epic Trailer Whooshes! We created this VI in response to other cinematic "Whoosh" software that are just "too busy" and "too designed." These whooshes are slick, clean, smooth and will fit nearly every transition in nearly every genre!
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SampleHero 88 Horror Piano SFX

A collection of RAW/unprocessed sample data from our 88 Horror Piano SFX Kontakt Instrument. If you just want to "drag and drop" samples into your DAW, this product is for you!
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SampleHero EERIE 3 Chilling Drones and SFX

Featuring one octave of warbly sub bass, 1 octave of sci-fi style drones, fixed-tempo static risers, hits, knocks, oddities, hell moans, bowed and riser EERIE 3 is the perfect way to finish off your EERIE sonic pallet!
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Triune Store Triune Sound Fighting SFX

Triune Sound: Fighting SFX Bundle comes with all of our fighting sound effects! Over 600 sounds are included! Fully mixed and mastered, drag and drop ready sounds. Hundreds of Raw sounds included for custom editing.
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MightyDeals App FX Sound Effects Library with 4.000 Effects

Any app is only half as cool as it can be if you don't include sound! All sorts of sound effects can make or break a game, whether on a website or mobile app. With this Mighty Deal from Pro Sound Effects, you'll already have a leg up on the app competition. This deal includes 4,000+ professional sound effects in MP3 format, covering a variety of categories from actions to gears to notifications. Easily search through highly organized files to find your perfect sound.
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SKYES Audio Aberrant Drones

Discover nearly 7 hours of individually flavoured, ghostly and ever-evolving drones, packaged neatly into 79 of the kind of audio files that you can never have enough of.
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Sonic Academy Ultimate FX 2

Sonic Academy is proud to present Volume 2 of our popular Ultimate FX sample pack. Ultimate FX 2 is a massive collection of Reverb Hits, Crashes, Drops, Fills, Sweeps, Risers and FX, Including 7 prebuilt construction kits that are ready to drop into any song.
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Deep Data Loops Dark Space

DDL with an Ambient pack full of Sci-Fi-esque loops from etheral pads to alienated voices to outer space beats and other FX sounds. This is a great toolkit if you want to create sound collages in the form of music or as background ambiances.
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Cinetools Maximus

Imagine that you are watching a great action movie. A strong-powered guy is on the scene and has just started chasing the bad guy, great tension in the air and you can see the bad guy starts sweat while he is running - everything looks great in the film as it should be, but something is missing. You can not feel the real feeling of the movie.. From silent comedies to modern blockbusters, cinema has always thrived on the thrill of the chase. Good music paints a mental picture of the suspense and thrill you might feel and fill all the missing parts of the emotions. And this time we're here to get you excited with the MAXIMUS and we’re ready to take you on the top of the action and excitement! So hold your breath and start counting down - we are diving deep in MAXIMUS!!
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