Sonixinema Superball

Innovative Evolving Percussion Using Superball friction mallets, we sampled a variety of Orchestral Bass Drums, Timpani, Taiko, Thunder Sheet and Gongs to create a library of evolving sonic textures. Working in close collaboration with virtuoso percussionist Joby Burgess and Emmy nominated recording engineer Nick Wollage, we have created a virtual instrument like no other.
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SoundBox Library Electromagnetic Fields Collection

This library has a unique selection of electromagnetic sounds, recorded and edited with the utmost care. Includes over 600 Electromagnetic Field sounds, 200 raw stereo 24-Bit/192kHz recordings of more than 40 different electronic devices. Only the most interesting have been selected for this collection.
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SoundBox Library Mountain Streams And Rivers Collection

This library has a unique selection of streams and rivers sounds, recorded and edited with the utmost care in the one of the most beautiful places in the world, the French Alps.
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TH Studio Production Trailer Elements Vol.3

Dive into the new world of trailer sounds. TH Studio Production presents our new sample library "Trailer Elements 3" Sound FX Toolkit Library. New sound design sounds for Trailers, Video Games and Movies.
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Red Room Audio Palette Orchestral FX

Palette is a series of thematic professional orchestral and cinematic Kontakt virtual instruments for songwriters and media composers. It was recorded in a dedicated hall with world-renowned performers by a passionate and experienced team of sample makers. It was a dream come true for us to make and we hope this expansive set of scoring tools inspires you to write some great music.
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Spectravelers Submersion

Submersion is a sound effect library delivering over 1800 high quality sounds in 377 files (more than 10Gb), from bubbles and impacts over whooshes to ambiences, propellers sounds and many more, this collection has all you need to create an exciting underwater audio experience.
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Fox Audio Post Production Dino Roars And Growls

This library has 74 sounds of pterodactyls, velociraptors, brachiosaurus, and - of course - the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex, with multiple growls and roars (processed and raw) from each terrible reptile. There are also distant takes to help you build tension as these predators approach. For angry and hungry dinosaurs, look no further!
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Fox Audio Post Production Space Racer Pass Bys

With over 60 sounds, you will find podracers of all shapes and technologies with massive flanging vehicles, quick stuttering pods, booming plasmic rumbles and much more. Whether you have an intergalactic competition or a more contentious extraterrestrial war, you will find your futuristic vehicle passbys here.
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Fox Audio Post Production Space Racer 2 Turbines And Engines

‘Space Racer 2 - Turbines & Engines’ by Fox Audio Post-Production is the second installation based on their popular podracing library theme. In this collection, you’ll hear the engines and turbines of podracers with their startups, idling, accelerations and decelerations.
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Fox Audio Post Production Sub Sonic Bass Mini Library

‘Sub Sonic Bass - Mini Library’ is a library focused on those cinematic bass drops you often hear in action and sci-fi trailers and films. This library has 30 bass drops that last from three to seven seconds and reach those ultra-low frequencies that shake your audience to the core.
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Fox Audio Post Production ElectroMagnetic Field And Emissions

Fox Audio Post-Production has once again used the power of manipulation to create interesting new sounds. ‘Electromagnetic - Field & Emissions’ is a collection of the various machines we see in our day-to-day - such as coffee makers, washing machines, phones, WiFi routers, shavers, TVs, etc.
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Fox Audio Post Production Hand Spinner Source And Pre Designed

Separated into 2 folders, Raw and Pre-designed, you will find your spinning happiness for your projects. With the raw files you can design drones or helix sounds and more... Let your imagination take you away!
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PMSFX Industrial Terror

INDUSTRIAL TERROR is a collection of dark, distorted, rumbling, ear-piercing, evolving industrial impacts and whooshes, designed to unsettle. Collection consists of 108 designed sound effects and 102 source field recordings.
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PMSFX Industrial Terror Textures

INDUSTRIAL TERROR - Textures is a third and the last installment of Industrial Terror series. It is a collection of dark, industrial textures, evolving metallic whooshes and textural hits. Collection consists of 66 carefully designed and rendered sound effects with baked-in Soundminer’s metadata.
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PMSFX Industrial Terror Hits And Transitions

INDUSTRIAL TERROR - Hits & Transitions is a second installment of Industrial Terror series. It is a collection of dark, distorted, ear-piercing, industrial hits, impacts, crashes and transitions. IT Hits & Transitions is an expansion pack that focuses in single, sharp hits and transitions rather than evolving, textural impacts and whooshes (as heard in Industrial Terror).
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