West Wolf Restaurant Ambiences

“Restaurant Ambiences” is the first package of a series of libraries that include ambiences from different places in restaurants. Most of this pack was stealth-recorded.
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West Wolf Night Cityscapes

Night Cityscapes delivers the urban sounds of a sleeping city. The collection includes more than 3 hours of night and early morning ambiences that are recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria. All recordings were made between 01:30 and 05:30 am. This collection will uncover city in a way you may not know.
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West Wolf Construction Ambiences

Construction Ambiences is a library of atmospheres that tracks different processes from the construction site. It was recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria during the renovation of several objects in the city center, namely: small streets, squares and big streets. The processes are shaking and removing old pavements and placing new ones (pavement, asphalt, tiles, etc.).
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West Wolf Cityscapes and Streets

‘Cityscapes and streets’ is a collection of different atmospheres, recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria. Inside you will find various cityscapes from hectic street traffic through city parks, subway stations, pedestrian zones to quiet morning urban sounds. This package covers various city states and is an excellent choice for filling your library or using it in a project where urban environment is necessary. Enjoy the varied sounds of the city.
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West Wolf Carpenter's Tools

“Carpenter's Tools” is a collection of sounds that come directly from the carpenter’s workplace. You will find sounds from a variety of machines and hand tools that help the carpenter form his creations. All machines are recorded in their full cycle: start, movement, part machining and stopping. This collection will fill your missing sounds from the carpenter’s workshop.
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West Wolf Water

“Water” is a collection of various sounds. You can find water atmospheres and SFX, which will lead you to many interesting places – from deep caves, through sailing ships, to quietly flowing waters and rainy days in the city. It is suitable for any projects, which need high-quality water ambiences.
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West Wolf Dock Ambiences and SFX

Dock Ambiances and SFX is recorded in the industrial part of Varna port in Bulgaria. You will hear sounds of large cranes loading cargo ships, trucks passing by, or working in place, hits by massive iron tools, creaky elements and an old industrial barrier. You can use this pack as a background or sfx in movies, games or any other project that needs industrial atmospheres or sound effects.
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West Wolf Balkan Tribal Festival

Balkan Tribal Festival is a collection of different atmospheres recorded during the tribal festival in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria). The dancers are dressed in scary masks and bells and dispel the evil spirits with magic dances. Mystical pounding drums and numerous bells will immerse you in a magical atmosphere on an extraordinary journey back in time.
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West Wolf Protesting People

Protesting People is a small collection of 26 ambiences recorded in Sofia (Bulgaria) tracking in 3 different days a peaceful protest to protect nature and forests from construction. This library will take you to the middle of 7,000-10000 crowds of people protecting nature. You can hear a lot of people and unrecognizable speech, the noise of a variety of instruments such as whistles, drums and others used in similar events. Moving streak in streets, whistling people and chanting OSTAVKA (Resignation) and MAFIA. This library can be used for any kind of projects in need of a protesting crowd from Eastern Europe.
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West Wolf Nature Sounds

A collection of various sound effects including forest and seaside jungle ambiences, beautiful bird songs, frogs croaking, night ambiences with crickets, rivers, countryside ambiences and campfire.
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Sonixinema Superball

Innovative Evolving Percussion Using Superball friction mallets, we sampled a variety of Orchestral Bass Drums, Timpani, Taiko, Thunder Sheet and Gongs to create a library of evolving sonic textures. Working in close collaboration with virtuoso percussionist Joby Burgess and Emmy nominated recording engineer Nick Wollage, we have created a virtual instrument like no other.
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SoundBox Library Electromagnetic Fields Collection

This library has a unique selection of electromagnetic sounds, recorded and edited with the utmost care. Includes over 600 Electromagnetic Field sounds, 200 raw stereo 24-Bit/192kHz recordings of more than 40 different electronic devices. Only the most interesting have been selected for this collection.
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SoundBox Library Mountain Streams And Rivers Collection

This library has a unique selection of streams and rivers sounds, recorded and edited with the utmost care in the one of the most beautiful places in the world, the French Alps.
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TH Studio Production Trailer Elements Vol.3

Dive into the new world of trailer sounds. TH Studio Production presents our new sample library "Trailer Elements 3" Sound FX Toolkit Library. New sound design sounds for Trailers, Video Games and Movies.
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Red Room Audio Palette Orchestral FX

Palette is a series of thematic professional orchestral and cinematic Kontakt virtual instruments for songwriters and media composers. It was recorded in a dedicated hall with world-renowned performers by a passionate and experienced team of sample makers. It was a dream come true for us to make and we hope this expansive set of scoring tools inspires you to write some great music.
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