Vertical Sounds Vertical Sounds Vol.5 Visionary

50 presets containing visionary and mostly quite weird FX sound designs.
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Federico Soler Fernandez Effective Trailer Clocks

Vintage, cinematic, mechanical trailer loops featuring evil ticking clocks, dramatic timing clicks, suspenseful bomb ticks, intense chronometers, mysterious clockworks, old timepieces, scary watch timers, and very dark and creepy alarm clocks.
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Rhythmic Robot Audio Spectalk

R-O-B-O-T V-O-I-C-E-S! Need we say more? We can’t leave our Sinclair ZX Spectrum alone. Not only can it do awesome drums (see SpecDrum 2000) and print rude messages about your mates on shiny thermal paper, it can also do RO-BOT VOI-CES!
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MatiasMacSD Unsolved

Need to create suspense, tension and mystery in your production? “UNSOLVED” is great for you. Inspired by crime/investigation movies and series, this pack contains 141 Sound Effects (Wav, 24 Bit / 96 kHz) aimed to enhance the tension and drama of movies, games, series and trailers.
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MatiasMacSD The Transition

“The Transition” is a collection of 127 Transition Sound Effects (Wav, 24 Bit / 96 kHz) aimed to enhance atmospheres, create movement and enrich musical compositions.
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Articulated Sounds Magic Elements Volume 1

‘Magic Elements’ is a detailed collection of designed & source sounds of organic elements, actions, characters, items, spells & atmospheres in the realm of Magic.
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Articulated Sounds Fun Monsters

Fun Monsters is a collection of 18 cute little monsters. Each monster comprises non-textual variations of actions and emotions recorded by voice actors. Each sound is carefully edited and classified with well-grounded metadata. These sounds are suitable for cartoons, games, and any projects featuring cute funny characters!
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Articulated Sounds Ghosts

Ghosts offers an immersive collection of creative sound elements and designed sonic atmospheres at the borderland of life and death. This unique sound library is a premium choice for haunted ghost sounds tailored to cinematic and game elements. It delivers ‘ready to use’ HD designed sound effects and features 20 atmospheres and 125 sound elements.
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Articulated Sounds Bones And Blood

"Bones & Blood - Gore Elements" is born in the aim of bringing ultra high quality malleable materials for sound designers with extensive organic variations in the realm of horror/gore.
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Articulated Sounds Yeti Monster

The "Yeti Monster" library is an extensive collection of rare humanoid creature sounds. They were carefully recorded, edited, classified, thoroughly meta-tagged. It comprises expressive cinematic designed sounds with over 25 different articulations as well as cartoon-like interpretations.
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Articulated Sounds Winter Forest

We present here an ambience sound library from the collection 'Wonders of Nature' that captures the magical essence of dormant snowy forests. 'Winter forest' is not just about silence, it unfolds the delicate flow of lone natural immensity. Over the span of 2 years we recorded the cold north wood forest of the Laurentian in Canada. We captured chilly breezes, sparse birds, creaking barks, freezing rain, raven's vocalizations, wolves, long cold silences. All of which resonate through these unique sceneries of quietude.
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Articulated Sounds Undiscovered Savannah And Jungle

Recoded in the Rupununi region, virtually untouched by modern human activity, its nature combines a mixture of savannahs, shrubs, wetlands and forests located in South America. The Amerindians inhabit the area for millennia and are in total osmosis with their surroundings.
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Articulated Sounds Rustle Tones

Articulated presents the result of a 2-months investigation in the realm of rustling matters: Fragile and delicate elements in motion producing soft crackling and rubbing sounds. These will help to create presence, reality but also interesting textures and silences.
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Articulated Sounds Tropical Ambiences

"Tropical Ambiences" (from the series "Wonders of Nature") is an assorted collection of 52 pure immersive sound ambiences recorded in the wild pristine nature. These unique recordings have been meticulously collected from each subset of tropical ecosystems in the utmost bio-diverse Central America. It includes rainforests (jungle), cloudforests, dry forests, mangroves, and various other settings (see the file list included).
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Articulated Sounds Quiet Streets

These recordings were made at ground level with very little editing in order to keep them natural and as close as a human would experience the city in a daily basis. At times, distinct activities can be heard from distance although the most noisiest events were taken out. Each files are loopable. Also every season and weather condition are represented. This library has been thought for the universal need of sonic bed in urban scenes, used as glue or 'exterior roomtone'.
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