Audioreakt Ableton Wavetable Techno Bank 2

Audioreakt is proud to present their Ableton Wavetable Techno Bank 2. We created 124 Ableton Wavetable presets to take your techno production to the next level. You can find inside presets for Arp, Bass, Synth, Key, Pad and Textures.
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Producer Loops Outta Luck

'Outta' Luck' is a collection of HUGE Pop Trap guitar songs broken down into Construction Kits and sung by Bromar. It is inspired by the sound of Trap Soul artists such as Bryson Tiller, Fetty Wap, Dej Loaf and Post Malone. 'Outta' Luck' is a masterful blend of Trap beats and modern Soul vocals and the guitars are absolutely top shelf. Don't just take our word for it, check it out today...
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Producer Loops Lofi Nights

'Lofi Nights' by Producer Loops encapsulates the true essence and beauty of the Lo-fi Hip Hop and Study Beats phenomenon. Features cutting-edge re-sampling techniques and the perfect emulation of vinyl crackle recordings, vocals and instrumentals and of course, yours to use royalty-free once purchased.
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Producer Loops Dreaming About You

'Dreaming About You' from Producer Loops is a killer amalgamation of Progressive House and Melodic Techno loops and samples following the lead of big acts like Lane 8, Franky Wah, Ben Bohmer, Avoure, and Jordin Post. This product combines masterful sound design and stellar music production acumen in one of our best house sample packs to date.
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Organic Loops Melodic Six String Guitars Vol.1

Organic Loops presents Melodic Six String Guitars. This collection was built to ensure the highest quality guitar parts are accessible for all, regardless of budget. The focus was purely on using the finest guitars, electric basses, microphones, recording techniques and processing to guarantee a host of instantly usable pop, disco, funk and rock sounds 100% royalty free.
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Loopmasters Disco House Sessions

Disco House Sessions takes you back to how we used to do it, recreating the sounds and flavours from seminal party places such as the Paradise Garage and Studio 54, where classic DJ`s like Larry Levan would play forgotten classics that now top the charts in remixed form and which fill our cities finest dancefloors!
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Samplephonics Deconstructed Pop

Deconstructed Pop is a true masterclass in production, with 1.15GB of meticulously produced loops and samples broken down into 5 full tracks, each 1-3 mintues long and with 8-15 parts, plus a huge collection of bonus one shot samples.
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Delectable Records Tech House Generator

'Tech House Generator' by Delectable Records offers a keen sound pack for all Tech-House producers looking for a quick-starting collection of Dance elements ready to be mixed inside your next Tech-House masterpiece.
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APOLLO SOUND Russian Rap Vocals

'Russian Rap Vocals' by Apollo Sound is a collection of vocals and acapellas that will make your tracks stand out from the crowd. We're certain you'll not find another sample pack like it with its husky Russian vocals that will add zest to your track, or breathe some cold Siberian air into it!
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Apollo Sound Snaps Claps Rims

Three types of excellent custom made enhancer-sounds for your drum patterns in one drum sample pack - Snaps Claps Rims. Snaps - it is hard to imagine calm and smooth RnB or Future soul without a couple of snapping fingers. Besides, snap samples will perfectly fit in every pop ballad or chill out/lounge track. They will never be odd ones out in Chill Trap, Chill Hip-Hop or Downtempo for highlighting the calm part of the track.
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Apollo Sound Saized Gloomy Beats

Apollo Sound proudly presents Saized Gloomy Beats. The first of its kind on our label, stand out hip-hop & trap sample pack made by our in-house producer, a young, gifted & ambitious hip-hop genius named Saized. This pack is fully created with his vision of modern hip-hop, trap & drill music. Saized Gloomy Beats is a symbiosis of dark, gloomy, minor hip hop melody loops pooled in punchy drums & rude bass lines.
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Apollo Sound Nu Talkbox

'Nu Talkbox' by Apollo Sound presents producers with something completely different - loops & samples made using a talkbox, an effects unit that allows musicians to modify the sound of a musical instrument by applying speech sounds onto it.
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Apollo Sound Magic Tropical House Samples

Heat up the dancefloors & hearts with our hot new tropical house sample pack. Bring these unforgettable tropical vibes & relaxing summer tunes to your tracks at any time of the year. With our Magic Tropical House Samples, you have endless inspiration, bringing endless summer vibes to your music!
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Apollo Sound LoFi Hip Hop Guitar

This is a super chill & super melodic lofi guitar sample pack called LoFi Hip Hop Guitar. Especially for this release we have recorded for you extremely sought-after guitar type - hollow body electric guitar. This guitar is considered the standard in lofi, chillhop, jazz music & has it's own unique sound which is very recognizable and difficult to replicate using a standard electric guitar.
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Apollo Sound Liquid Drum N Bass

The Liquid Drum N Bass sample pack was created by our dnb indigo-kid Pageant under the influence of such artists as: Calibre, Seba, High Contrast, London Elektricity. Their signature sound is considered as classic in this music genre, conquering the ears and hearts of thousands of listeners all over the globe.
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