Fragment Audio Current Value Signature FULL

The one and only Current Value combined his forces with Fragment Audio & Othercide Records to deliver you one of the most await soundbank signature ever! Handcrafted by the master himself this bundle is a must-have for any Bass producer!
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The Drum Bank Napalm

Where there is Napalm there is FIRE! This kit will have you burning to create beats you would never have imagined. Inspired by producers & artists like Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler The Creator & Hopsin, it should come as no surprise that you will lock yourself in the studio for days!
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Detunized Phase Facets

The Library contains 30 instruments featuring “filter-less” and “non-substractive” sounds that stand out thru their rich harmonic content and agile brightness. Each instrument is based on its unique set of velocity-layered multi-samples.
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Detunized Polite 800

Live Pack and ReFill contain 35 instruments that perfectly capture the spirit of this classic hybrid. The Racks/Combinators have a standardized macro layout which is easy to familiarize with. So hot-swapping through the included Basses, Keys, Pads, Brasses and FX sounds is absolutely painless. Nevertheless all macros controls are multi-connected to more than 20 parameters per instrument which invites for a comfortable in-depth tweaking of the sounds.
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Detunized Upright Piano

Piano is a multi-sampled Upright Piano. Hosted in a small venue right beside an auto shop it has undergone numerous Jazz and Blues sessions throughout the decades. The Live Pack contains the Piano with adjustable sustain and release samples plus 7 additional instruments that push sound far beyond the original.
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Detunized Rolfing Laid Back Vol.1

A really rotten upright piano, totally out of tune, with all the keys disappeared. But the chassis was still complete and made such a fantastic reverb, it seemed to be everlasting. Slapping the lowest string it took almost three minutes until the sound had gone.
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Detunized Rolfing Laid Back Vol.2

More sounds from the rotten Rolfing Piano that once was saved from a savaged backyard. Rolfing Laid Back Vol. 2 contains 6 new multisampled instruments that introduce a nice variety of prepared piano techniques. All kinds of objects like glasses, a ball of felt, printer paper, a curtains bracket and also my thumbnail (which really hurts!) were used to excite the strings and the body of the Rolfing.
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Detunized Rolfing 3

Since 2009, when the recording sessions for Volume 1 & 2 took place, the piano was exposed to weather nearly unprotected. The black laquer got brittle, the strings are covered with rust and dirt. Nevertheless, these piano remains still emit a wonderfull and reverberant sound that is definitely worth capturing.
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Loopmasters Natural Selection

Loopmasters present Natural Selection – an evolving soundscape of brightly coloured beats, lush textured pads and warm organic melodies. This lucid collection of dusty, soulful sounds will create an instant backdrop of vibrant colour and depth for your music.
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Loopmasters Chilled Glitch

Loopmasters present Chilled Glitch a razor-sharp selection of gloriously-glitched sounds with beautifully articulated Loops and One Hits and immersive production details. As always, this comes 100% Royalty Free to use and abuse in all of your productions.
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Detunized Composite Keys

Composite Keys features sounds from the WSA1, the one and only synthesizer ever made by a world-famous turntable manufacturer. With its coolish and digital acoustic modeling sound the WSA1 didn´t make it to everyone´s heart so today it definately has found its place in the Top 10 of the most underrated synthesizers ever. The Universal Format Pack includes all sound as pre-defined patches that instantly load into any modern software sampler.
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Detunized Binaries

Binaries is a collection of FM sounds that where captured from a 90ies ISA soundcard. Almost every soundcard of this time contained an OPL3 chip that was capable of producing 4-Operator FM sounds from 8 different waveforms and several tricky algorithms.
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Samples From Mars All The Samples From Mars

Get Every Samples From Mars Product in Existence All the Samples From Mars is the culmination of 5 years (and tens of thousands of hours) of sampling our favorite, most inspiring (and often vintage) hardware drum machines, synthesizers, and more, through some of the best recording equipment in the world. All of our samples feature 100% hardware processing - no plugins.
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Singomakers Future Bounce Ultra Pack

'Future Bounce Ultra Pack' from Singomakers are happy to present a brand new Future Bounce pack, packed with over 2,000 samples, loops and patches inspired by a new vision of music from such artists like Fox Stevenson, Mesto, Mike Williams, Justin Mylo, Don Diablo, Florian Picasso, Oliver Heldens and more.
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Wave Alchemy Deep Tech House

An immersive collection of powerful Deep House samples; blending melodic and moody with deep and dirty… Drawing influence from such artists as Tale of Us, Stephan Bodzin and Olivier Giacomotto, to the more driving sound of Hot Since 82 and Booka Shade; Deep Tech House delivers over 2 GB of intricate analogue beats, organic evolving percussion, hypnotic arps, searing leads, minimal chords, luscious pads, progressive bass and characterful drum hits & FX.
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