F9 Audio F9 iFunk Nu Disco Guitars Ft Robin Boult

F9 is exceptionally proud to present iFunk Nu Disco Guitars Ft Robin Boult - Designed from the ground up to be quite simply the most useful contemporary funk and disco guitar library available today.
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Zero-G Hauntology

Hauntology - a massive 3.2Gb of organic electronic music samples from acclaimed composer and producer Si Begg. The library is full of amazing abstract, melodic and percussive loops as well as weird effects, sweeps and tonal textures.
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F9 Audio F9 Drumtrax iV 21st Century House

Drums are the backbone of any contemporary club production - Getting them right is one of the hardest jobs in production. We aim to help you supercharge this part of the creative process. F9 is proud to present the return of their groundbreaking Drumtrax product line.
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Sonic Academy Ultimate FX 2

Sonic Academy is proud to present Volume 2 of our popular Ultimate FX sample pack. Ultimate FX 2 is a massive collection of Reverb Hits, Crashes, Drops, Fills, Sweeps, Risers and FX, Including 7 prebuilt construction kits that are ready to drop into any song.
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GHST PRJKT Millennium Future Bass

The GHST PRJKT crew is back with another follow up to their highly successful releases, D-RAKE - The Future of OVO & Floss A Damus. Millennium Future Bass Chords & Melodies focuses on infectious synth sounds and progressions inspired by artists such as Illenium, Seven Lions, Said The Sky and Slushii.
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GHST PRJKT Roses Future Pop

The GHST PRJKT team is back focusing on the sounds storming commercial radio & billboard charts this spring with their latest release: Roses Future Pop. This release is packed with over 50 Serum presets highly inspired by the likes of artists such as Matoma, Dj Snake, Cheat Codes, Galantis and of course The Chainsmokers.
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The GHST PRJKT team is back with their latest release “Solar”, which combines the hybrid stylings of genres such as Future Pop, Future Bass & Tropical House. These uniquely crafted sounds are dominating the Billboard charts with artists & producers such as Cheat Codes, Kygo, Ed Sheeran, Major Lazier, Zedd, Dj Snake, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix & The Chainsmokers. Everything from sharp plucks, melodic chords, airy pads, smooth sub basses and blissful leads are included in a variety of synth preset formats.
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The L.A based production team from GHST PRJKT is back with their follow-up to one of their most popular packs to date, ODZA 2. Stylistically blurring lines between Future Bass, Chill Wave, Indie Tronica and Electro Pop is what ODZA 2 is all about.
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Blurring the boundaries between IndieTronica, Electro Pop, Chill Wave & Future Bass, the production team at GHST PRJKT is proud to bring you their latest release O.D.Z.A.
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Samples From Mars 626 From Mars

The 8 Bit Brother of the 707 and 727 The 626 is a classic, 80s drum machine that's some sort of cross between a 505, 707 and 727, while adding additional sounds these other units don't feature. It's based around acoustic samples, and features 80s gated reverb snares, iconic congas, dry bass drums, crunchy cabasas, agogos, timbales, a cool assortment of cymbals and more. In fact, with 30 voices, the 626 packs in a greater variety of sounds than any other TR series drum machine.
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Samples From Mars 505 Modded From Mars

The Simple and Solid Drum Machine - Modded to Hell The 505 is a charming little drum machine, kind of like a 707 and 727 in one box, with a great little sequencer to boot. And, as a contentious vintage synth explorer review proves, you'll find WAY more lovers of the 505 than haters - among them heavyweights like Vince Clark, Aphex Twin, and plenty of Chicago House classics.
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Sonic Academy Ultimate Drums 2 Progressive House Pack

Sonic Academy is proud to present Ultimate Drums 2, the Ultimate collection of tools every producer should have.. Over 1200+ Professional drum samples and loops including kits for Ableton Live Drum Racks, Logic Pro EXS24 as well as our very own KICK plugin.
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Loopmasters Psytrance Intelligence Vol.2

Loopmasters present Psytrance Intelligence 2 – a searing rush of psychedelic sounds to trip into the night and entrance the crowd from Russian Psytrance guru Somnia! All sounds come 100% Royalty Free and primed for your sonic hallucinations, so prepare to drop a dose of electronic energy and atmosphere!
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Roundel Sounds Vocal Smash Vol.1

'Vocal Smash Vol 1' is a four Construction Kit, Royalty-Free pack that has lots to deliver. From top quality male and female vocals to VST presets, WAV loops and MIDI stems.
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Loopmasters Synth Explorer CR-78

Synth Explorer: CR-78 is Loopmasters' dedicated homage to classic Electronic instruments from the past, focusing this time on the Roland CompuRhythm CR-78 drum machine. The CR-78 has a pedigree like no other and this pack has got the machine covered here with 100% Royalty-Free samples for your music.
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