SkillShare Audio Mixing in Premiere Pro

Would you like to up your game on the video that you've edited? Make your video sounds amazing and attracts viewers even more? Yes! This course is created for videographers and video editors to enhance their audio mixing skills in Premiere Pro. This comes in handy especially when your project budget is limited to hire an audio engineer to do audio post mixing for your video or short film production. After this course, you would be able to fix simple noise, edit, mix and also master your audio for your video!
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Groove3 MODO Drum

Eli Krantzberg brings you in-depth IK Multimedia MODO Drum videos! Learn MODO Drum inside and out, including how to make your first drum part. These MODO Drum tutorials are for those just starting out with the MODO Drum virtual instrument, as well as intermediate MODO Drum users.
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Collective Participation and Audience Engagement in Rap Music

Why do rap MCs present their studio recorded lyrics as “live and direct”? Why do they so insistently define abilities or actions, theirs or someone else’s, against a pre-existing signifier? This book examines the compositional practice of rap lyricists and offers compelling answers to these questions. Through a 40 year-span analysis of the music, it argues that whether through the privileging of chanted call-and-response phrases or through rhetorical strategies meant to assist in getting one’s listening audience open, the focus of the first rap MCs on community building and successful performer-audience cooperation has remained prevalent on rap records with lyrics and production techniques encouraging the listener to become physically and emotionally involved in recorded performances.
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Music, Myth and Story in Medieval and Early Modern Culture

Myths and stories offer a window onto medieval and early modern musical culture. Far from merely offering material for musical settings, authoritative tales from classical mythology, ancient history and the Bible were treated as foundations for musical knowledge. Such myths were cited in support of arguments about the uses, effects, morality and preferred styles of music in sources as diverse as theoretical treatises, defences or critiques of music, art, sermons, educational literature and books of moral conduct. Newly written literary stories too were believed capable of moral instruction and influence, and were a medium through which ideas about music could be both explored and transmitted. How authors interpreted and weaved together these traditional stories, or created their own, reveals much about changing attitudes across the period.
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Rough Ideas Reflections on Music and More

Stephen Hough is indisputably one of the world's leading pianists, winning global acclaim and numerous awards, both for his concerts and recordings. He is also a writer, composer and painter and was recently described by the Economist as one of '20 Living Polymaths'. As an international performer he spends much of his life at airports, on planes, and in hotel rooms - and this book expands notes he has made, in his words, 'during that dead time on the road'.
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CreativeLive Robert Lang Studios Songwriting Class with Rocky Votolato and Kris Orlowski

Learn Songwriting From Two Of The Northwest's Most Respected Songwriters At The Legendary Robert Lang Studios Learn the seven elements of successful songwriting in Robert Lang Studios Songwriting Class with Rocky Votolato and Kris Orlowski.
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Summertime George Gershwin's Life in Music

The life of a beloved American composer reflected through his music, writings, and letters. New York City native and gifted pianist George Gershwin blossomed as an accompanist before his talent as a songwriter opened the way to Broadway, where he fashioned his own brand of American music. He composed a long run of musical comedies, many with his brother Ira as lyricist, but his aspirations reached beyond commercial success.
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Udemy Music + Audio Production in Logic Pro X The Complete Guide

Want to produce professional quality music and audio using Logic Pro X? UPDATED FOR VERSION 10.4
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Udemy Switch Chords EFFORTLESSLY >>> Play Songs Fluently (Guitar)

This mini-course will teach you exactly how to overcome (and speed through!) the obstacle of changing chords fast - which is the #1 obstacle that is causing 90% of the beginner guitarists to quit within a few weeks/months."‹
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Hyperbits The Songwriting Matrix Complete

Explore the Boundaries of Music Theory, Compose Memorable Songs & Create Your Signature Sound WHAT DO YOU GET?
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Lynda Learning Sibelius Ultimate 2019 Essential Training The Basics

Learn advanced techniques in Sibelius Ultimate, the powerful and flexible music notation software used around the world by music professionals, educators, and hobbyists. In a course designed for Sibelius users who are ready to take their printed music to the next level, instructor Jenny Amaya covers advanced techniques including additional note input methods, chord symbols, and playback capabilities, with the goal of producing a quality lead sheet.
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Ask Video Pro Tools 503 Recording Drums

Recording drums is not an easy task! Learn the skills and techniques needed to mic, record, and mix pro-sounding drums with Avid’s Pro Tools in this advanced course, by audio engineer and Pro Tools expert Joshua Carney.
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Udemy Achieve a Perfect SENSE OF RHYTHM Course for All Musicians

Play Everything with a Rock-Solid Sense of Time; Learn how to GROOVE with Songs; CONNECT with the Rhythm Section. This course will be the single biggest improvement to the bottom line of your musicianship: how you sound like, and how fun it is to listen to you. (And for other musicians - how fun it is to play with you)
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Piano Music Book of Bach Classics for Beginners

This book and streaming video course is all that you will ever need for getting started playing the most famous and cherished piano classics by J.S. Bach and the great composers of the Baroque Period, like Pachelbel, Handel, Vivaldi, and Purcell!
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ProducerTech Producers Guide to Spire

Reveal Sound’s soft synth Spire has quickly become a standard in the plugin collection of most aspiring producers, with its powerful feature set and impressive audio quality allowing the creation of a huge range of desirable sounds. In this 3-hour course from Producertech senior tutor Rob Jones, you’ll be taken through every section of the plugin interface and shown a multitude of techniques for designing a variety of different patches.
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