Udemy Cakewalk A Complete Guide Go From Beginner To Advance

Cakewalk (Previously Sonar) is a powerful free DAW. Learn more today! What you'll learn
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Udemy Music Production With Reaper Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Complete beat making, music production for beginners, or new-to-Reaper producers. Mixing, Arranging, Mastering Beats What you'll learn
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Udemy Complete Compressor Eq Reverb Delay Basics For Beginners

Mixing Components & Effects Masterclass: Beginner to Advance. Make your music better. What you'll learn
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Domatix Patreon December 2022

This bundle contains: Ableton Live Rack - 3 FL Studio Rack - 3
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Ask Video iZotope RX 10 Video Manual

iZotope's RX 10 is a powerful but complex audio repair toolkit. No need to read the fine manual... Check out this RX 10 Video Manual by audio expert Joe Albano and learn to turn your imperfect audio into pristine recording faster than you can say "RX"!
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Udemy Ableton Live Fundamentals Complete Music Production Guide

Learn music production and theory with this comprehensive Ableton Live course. Create your first song from scratch! What you'll learn
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Home of Sound Masterclass with VSK

The Italian born, Berlin-based producer will guide you through his best techniques and methods for sampling and manipulating audio. VSK has spent the last few years honing his craft and touring internationally, playing in some of the best clubs the world has to offer. Having recently launched his own label, VSK Series, he has also had the chance to releases with such labels as SOMA, MORD, 47, Perc Trax, Planet Rhythm and many others.
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Rock Guitar For Dummies, 2nd Edition

If you’re ready to start playing some rockin’ tunes on the guitar, there's no better teacher than Rock Guitar For Dummies. This is the ultimate guide to playing rock ’n’ roll on six strings, even if you’ve never picked up a guitar before! Master the riffs and melodies of your favorite songs and artists, or make up a few of your own. Find out how to choose the right amplifier, strum power chords, and maintain your guitar. Moving over from another style of guitar playing? You’ll love this guide’s deep dive into rock guitar technique. You’ll even learn to differentiate the sounds of classic rock, heavy metal, grunge, progressive rock, and beyond. Plus, you’ll get access to online resources, including audio and video clips, to bring your rock ’n’ roll education to life.
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Home Of Sound Analog, Modular & Digital Production Course

Videos recorded in HQ: To optimise the learning experience recorded at the artist’s own studio so you get to see where and how they work. Once you get access, you can take the course in your own time and rewatch it as many times as you want
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Udemy 30 Guitar Licks For The Weekend Warrior

30 Licks For The Weekend Warrior is a course designed to help build your chops as a guitar player by teaching you super fun licks to play over the most common styles and chord progressions.
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Hi Live SaberZ Making a Big Room Track (VOL. 2) Part 1, 2 & 3

SaberZ are back! Melodies, mixing, building breakdowns and drops! 4h 11m
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The Secrets of Orchestration Rovshan Asgarzade

This online orchestration course is based on the curriculum lectures of “Orchestration” taught to Azerbaijan National Conservatory “Composition” major undergraduate students in the 2nd and 3rd semesters.
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Hi Live Big Room Producer Kit by SaberZ

The producer kit you've been waiting for. SaberZ 's tools wrapped in an exclusive package.
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WA Production Melodic House Course

In this course we are going to learn how to make a Melodic House track. Many artists have utilized this style in the past including Cheat Codes, Lost Kings, Big Z and even The Chainsmokers. This light and fun vibe is the perfect genre for Summer songs that are best to listen to in the car, on the beach, or by the pool. In this course we start with some chords and a meloody, assign some summer sounding sounds to them, and then turn them into a complete song. We go over every detail to make sure you understand exactly the types of sounds and techniques producers like to use in this genre.
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Groove3 bx_crispytuner Explained

Join veteran Groove3 instructor Eli Krantzberg, for a thorough look at Brainworx's bx_crispytuner vocal tuning plugin. In this detailed crispytuner video tutorial, Eli will walk you through all the plugin's key parameters so you'll know exactly what you need to start using it in your productions right away. From subtle, transparent tuning effects to robotic effects and other creative uses, Eli will familiarize you with all the tools and demonstrate how they work and sound with numerous audio examples. These videos are for new bx_crispytuner users.
Read More... 6-01-2023, 19:56
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