Pro Studio Live A Guide to Microphones

You'll gain invaluable information in this interview that will help you learn more about microphone care, use and maintenance. David O Brown is probably one of the 4 best microphone specialists in all of the USA. He has studied and worked for NASA, and is one of the most prestigous microphone technicians around. David has worked for artists such as Stevie Wonder and Celine Dion, among others. This interview is more than a documentary. It is a microphone guide, and it will add great value to any sound engineer, music or producer. In this guide, you'll learn how to care for microphones, and important things to consider when purchasing a vintage microphone. You'll also learn the differences between dynamic and condenser mics, and between tube mics and Fet mics. David also covers issues like transformers, mic modifications, and some microphone history.
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Pro Studio Live Mixing EDM

Learn and watch as recording and mixing engineer Ian Sutton deconstructs an EDM Mix and demonstrates his mixing workflow. EDM is an explosive genre of music that's capturing youthful audiences around the world. In this episode of Pro Studio Live, engineer Ian Sutton walks us through the process he employs when working with an EDM style track. Watch as he demonstrates the tools that he likes to use, as well as some techniques he has refined for his particular workflow to bring together all the elements of a dance track. In this mixing session you'll learn about drum processing and synthesizer effects, how to organize the tracks in your session, vocal effects and how they play into your final mix, as well as getting to hear some real-life stories and experiences that Ian has had during his career.
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SkillShare Adobe Audition CC 101 For Podcasters

How to get started podcasting with Adobe Audition CC. The beginner's guide. This an introductory class to getting started using Adobe Audition for podcasting. This class is an overview of my podcasting workflow. This class will not teach the ins and outs of how to use Adobe Audition or how to add effects like EQ & Compression.
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PUREMIX F. Reid Shippen Mixing Dierks Bentley

Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Mixer, and Producer, F. Reid Shippen, has made a name for himself in the mixing world through working with some of the world’s most respected artists across a wide variety of genres.
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Groove3 Electronic Music Producers Guide Kick Drums

Larry Holcombe presents video tutorials for the Electronic Music Producer's Guide series, focusing on Kick Drums! This series will get you going and then some when creating and tweaking kick drums for your electronic music productions.
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Groove3 Producers Guide to Optimizing Your DAW and Computer

Adam Pollard aka Multiplier delivers an in-depth video series all about getting the most out of your computer and DAW, when recording and producing music! Shot in Ableton Live on Mac OS and applicable to any OS and DAW, see how to squeeze every drop of power out of your rig and avoid time wasting snafus.
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Ask Video FL Studio Audio Recording and Editing

FL Studio 20, by Image-Line is more than a MIDI production suite… it’s also an amazing DAW for recording and editing audio. Join trainer and producer Rishabh Rajan in this course to master the audio side of FL Studio!
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SkillShare Ableton 101 The ULTIMATE Crash Course

This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You have two choices. The first: You skip the course. The story ends. You go back to your life and believe whatever you want to believe. Thinking about what could have been, watching your dreams of being a producer slowly drift farther away.
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Udemy Lead Guitar Lesson #4 Intro for Soloing and Improvisation

You'll be soloing in a way you never thought you were capable of. On this course you will learn in an easy and practical way to solo and improvise using one of the most famous and versatile scales of all time: the favourite one, The Pentatonic Scale.
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SkillShare FL Studio 20.1 Upgrade Course For Mac and PC

This class is all about the new version of FL Studio 20.1 for Mac & PC. The new version has so much new features that it deserves it's own full class for it. Project Description
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Steve Glazer Vocal Workouts #1 SINGING SIMPLIFIED

Vocal Workouts #1 is the perfect companion course for Singing Simplified #1. I'll be your personal singing trainer through these vocal workout sessions, helping you to improve your technique, strengthen your voice, and increase your vocal range even more quickly than you thought possible!
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The Vinyl Frontier The Story of the Voyager Golden Record

Have you ever made someone you love a mix-tape? Forty years ago, a group of scientists, artists and writers gathered in a house in Ithaca, New York to work on the most important compilation ever conceived. It wasn't from one person to another, it was from Earth to the Cosmos.
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Mute Records The Historical and Artistic Contexts of Britain's Key Independent Record Label

Mute Records is one of the most influential, commercially successful, and long-lasting of the British independent record labels formed in the wake of the late-1970's punk explosion. Yet, in comparison with contemporaries such as Rough Trade or Stiff, its legacy remains under-explored.
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Future Music May 2019

Future Music is the essential guide to success for the modern producer. Discover everything in the pages of your Future Music digital magazine - from interviews with some of the world’s top producers and DJ’s, to practical tutorials that will help you take your production to the next level.
Read More... 4-04-2019, 10:33 Making Creative Drops with Noah in Ableton Live 10

Join Noah in this livestream as he takes unconventional samples like animal noises and turns them into sick drop leads in Ableton Live 10! He’ll process and chop them in unique ways to add some flare to his tracks.
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