The Vinyl Frontier The Story of the Voyager Golden Record

Have you ever made someone you love a mix-tape? Forty years ago, a group of scientists, artists and writers gathered in a house in Ithaca, New York to work on the most important compilation ever conceived. It wasn't from one person to another, it was from Earth to the Cosmos.
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Mute Records The Historical and Artistic Contexts of Britain's Key Independent Record Label

Mute Records is one of the most influential, commercially successful, and long-lasting of the British independent record labels formed in the wake of the late-1970's punk explosion. Yet, in comparison with contemporaries such as Rough Trade or Stiff, its legacy remains under-explored.
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Future Music May 2019

Future Music is the essential guide to success for the modern producer. Discover everything in the pages of your Future Music digital magazine - from interviews with some of the world’s top producers and DJ’s, to practical tutorials that will help you take your production to the next level.
Read More... 4-04-2019, 10:33 Making Creative Drops with Noah in Ableton Live 10

Join Noah in this livestream as he takes unconventional samples like animal noises and turns them into sick drop leads in Ableton Live 10! He’ll process and chop them in unique ways to add some flare to his tracks.
Read More... 3-04-2019, 12:46 Open Q&A with Tascione in Ableton Live 10

In this livestream, join Tascione in Ableton Live 10 as he hosts an open Q&A session with the chat! He’ll tackle requested topics on the fly including things like sound design and plenty of production tips.
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How to Play the Piano By James Rhodes

Now you can master Bach’s most beautiful prelude—even if you’ve never sat down at a piano before! Do you have a piano (or keyboard) and forty-five spare minutes every day? Then spend the next six weeks with acclaimed concert pianist James Rhodes. By the end, you’ll be able to perform Bach’s Prelude No. 1 in C major—no prior musical experience required!
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Ask Video Cubase 10 103 Audio Recording and Editing

Steinberg’s Cubase 10 offers powerful tools for recording and editing audio. Join our Cubase guru Matthew T. Hepworth in this course, and get ready to master the audio side of this amazing DAW!
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SkillShare Drum Recording Techniques

An acoustic drum set is one of the most complicated instruments to record, and many audio schools do not teach it with much detail. A drum set has many pieces and each drummer arranges their kit differently. It can be an intimidating task to record.
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SkillShare Collect Vinyl Using Discogs (How-To)

In this class I'm trying to encourage every music & record lover to know and use Discogs.I'll provide a quick walkthrough which will be helpful if you've never used this website. I'll present you a quick test run and in the next chapters I'll break down the site's sections.
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SkillShare Premiere Pro CC 2019 Basics In 40 Mins Free For Beginners Crash Course

Welcome to my Premiere Pro CC 2019 Basics In 40 Mins: For Beginners Crash Course! In this crash course, I will walk you through how to:
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The Routledge Companion to Jazz Studies

The Routledge Companion to Jazz Studies presents over forty articles from internationally renowned scholars and highlights the strengths of current jazz scholarship in a cross-disciplinary field of enquiry. Each chapter reflects on developments within jazz studies over the last twenty-five years, offering surveys and new insights into the major perspectives and approaches to jazz research. The collection provides an essential research resource for students, scholars, and enthusiasts, and will serve as the definitive survey of current jazz scholarship in the Anglophone world to-date. It extends the critical debates about jazz that were set in motion by formative texts in the 1990s, and sets the agenda for the future scholarship by focusing on key issues and providing a framework for new lines of enquiry. It is organized around six themes: I. Historical Perspectives, II. Methodologies, III. Core Issues and Topics, IV. Individuals, Collectives and Communities, V. Politics, Discourse and Ideology and VI. New Directions and Debates.
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WA Production Mastering Melodyne

Melodyne is one of the most popular production tools for processing and tuning vocals. In this series, Josh Isaacs will show you best practices, tips, and tricks using Melodyne to take your vocals, and even other instruments, to the next level.
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SkillShare Writing Music 101 Create a Chord Progression in a Minor Key

Gain an understanding of how to write a tonal chord progression in a minor key with composer Jason Rivera. This 20-minute class covers how to create a balanced chord progression in a minor key using a time-honored method.
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SkillShare Sound Design and Synthesis in Logic Pro X  Robotic Vocal Sounds (Kraftwerk, Daft Punk) Vocoder

In this class, Christopher shows you how to set up the EVOC20 Vocoder in Logic Pro X to start creating those really cool robot voices like Daft Punk and Kraftwerk. Project Description
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Udemy Play Songs on the Piano FLUENTLY By Using All the Inversions

Piano Beginners: Turn Your Song-Playing from Feeling Like "Work" to Feeling Like "Pure, Expressive Fun". NOTICE: This is a course for people who have some basic experience on the keyboard already, (if you can play basic chords so this is for you!) but who want to make their playing WAY smoother and more fun.
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