Ask Video Cubase 10 501 Studio Series Recording Guitars

How do you best record great sounding guitar and bass tracks with Steinberg’s Cubase? Join guitarist and audio engineer Joshua Carney in this in-action course to learn how it’s done!
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Udemy Music Production Designing Audio Logos

Understand what goes into the music production of building up an audio logo for a brand and giving it a sonic identity Boost Your Brand by Creating an Audio Logo Music Production
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Music-Prod Logic Pro X Electronic Music Production Progressive House

Learn everything from how to get an initial idea to Mixing & Mastering your track. This course is going over everything from the start to finish. You will learn how to make music from an initial idea and how to take it from a 8-bar loop to a full completely finished track that is ready to go for being played in a club or on the radio. Instead of trying out different YouTube videos with different quick tips this course will give you a complete guide on how to make a Electronic Music track from start to finish.
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SkillShare Music Production Masterclass Dance and Pop Music

In this course i will teach you the relevant things as a music producer. It will cover the important things you need to know about getting started and don´t invest 20.000 Dollar in software you never will use. The music industry is like a wild jungle when you first step into where it might get difficult to find a path.
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Mads G. Christensen, Introduction to Audio Processing

This textbook presents an introduction to signal processing for audio applications. The author's approach posits that math is at the heart of audio processing and that it should not be simplified. He thus retains math as the core of signal processing and includes concepts of difference equations, convolution, and the Fourier Transform. Each of these is presented in a context where they make sense to the student and can readily be applied to build artifacts.
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SkillShare Foundations of a Successful Career in the Music Industry

This course will give you the foundation to build a successful career in the music industry. Whether you're a recording artist looking to get your music out there, a manager looking for the next Beyoncé, or a future label executive looking for their first industry job, the tips and tricks discussed in this class will help you navigate the highs and the lows of the post-Napster music industry.
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Lynda Learning Web Audio and Video

Need to share video or audio on your sites, but dropping it on YouTube or a podcasting engine isn't an option? Native web technologies—HTML, CSS, and javascript—provide direct support for audio and video, letting you incorporate media and fully customize the playback experience. This introductory course with instructor Joseph Labrecque helps you build interactive audio and video into your websites and applications. First review the basics of HTML5 media elements and their attributes. Then discover how to embed media, support fallbacks, and adjust size, volume, and other important settings. Next, learn how to customize interfaces to standardize the look and functionality of your player across different browsers. Plus, find out how to make the user experience fully interactive with the HTML5 Media API.
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PUREMIX Principles Of Mix Bus Processing

In this exclusive, Grammy Award Winning Engineer Fab Dupont explains his approach and philosophy to 2 bus processing, breaking down each step of his chain and the role it plays toward creating a tone for the track.
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Groove3 Mixing Electronic Music with UAD Plug-Ins

In this Groove3 video tutorial series, mixer pro Fabio Lendrum shows you how to mix an electronic music production using UAD Plug-Ins! See it come together from scratch using a few stock DAW plug-ins and a collection of amazing UAD plug-ins to create a killer mix. The session files for the track are also included so you can follow along and make your own mix.
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The TVS vocal training method is widely considered to be the highest recommended training method ever developed for singers of all styles and levels of experience. Practiced in over 155 countries and supported by over 65 International Masterclasses, you will love this unique behind the scenes documentary of one of the world's leading contemporary voice coaches teaching and entertaining students in the real world environment.
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SkillShare Sound Design Create Whoosh Sound Effects

Whoosh Sound Effects. These are sounds that are short transition effects, that sounds like a whoosh. Like something flying by fast in the air. You often hear the whoosh effect used as a sound effect in movies. For example in fights when someone swings his fist or weapon towards the opponent, making a whoosh sound in the movement, followed by the punch or hit sound.
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Historians on Hamilton How a Blockbuster Musical Is Restaging America's Past

America has gone Hamilton crazy. Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony-winning musical has spawned sold-out performances, a triple platinum cast album, and a score so catchy that it is being used to teach U.S. history in classrooms across the country. But just how historically accurate is Hamilton? And how is the show itself making history?
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Udemy How to use Synthesizers for Music Production

Hello Music Composers & Producers! My name is Mike, and I will now teach you how synthesizers work, and how you can make your own sounds for your music productions. You will get:
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SkillShare Create a (kick-ass) Master Template for Ableton Live

Ramp up your efficiency by creating up a master template - so that you can simply open a new session, and immediately get started. This class will share tips/ideas pulled from over 7 years of studying the best Ableton producers out there.
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Rock Guitar Universe by Fabio Carraffa

Rock Guitar Universe! 279 exercises with video examples to develop guitar technique and detailed chapter for creating sounds and much more.All in one book! Contents: Sound, effects and technique. Contents on sound: guitar, amplifier, guitar set-up, sound creation, tips to work in studio and live, use of effects, compressor, equalizer, noise gate, chorus, flanger, phaser, pitch shifter, harmonizer, reverb, delay, midi systems, effects connection. Contents on the technique: warm-up, alternate picking, scales, chords, modes, expression techniques, tapping, sweep picking, skipping strings, whammy bar, creativity development, plans for warm-up and self-taught study.
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