ADSR Sounds Get The Most From Your Returns

Auxiliary sends and return tracks are an essential part of every mix. They can be used for everything from spacializing sound to adding power, dynamics variation and motion to a mix and adding additional layers of sound design in your work.
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Groove3 Synthesizer Terminology Explained

Synthesizer Terminology Explained™ is your definition based resource for quickly finding the meaning of common synth terms, features and functions! This growing collection of terminology definitions are short and sweet, and are designed for the beginner, to make sure you understand the basics and foundations of synthesizer technology.
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Groove3 Vienna Smart Orchestra Explained

Eli Krantzberg brings you a collection of in-depth video tutorials all about Vienna Symphonic Library's new Vienna Smart Orchestra! Learn everything from set up, using it creatively, and much more.
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SkillShare Writing Music 101 The Basics of Notation

Gain an understanding of the basics of music notation with composer Jason Rivera. This 35-minute class covers the essentials of how to use music notation to communicate your ideas to other musicians—walking you through the process step-by-step with detailed explanations and demonstrations on the piano.
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SkillShare Dubstep  Electronic Music Production in FL Studio (Part 1)

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of electronic Music Production in FL Studio. This first class focuses on structuring your empty projects, using Sidechain as an important tool, organizing your samples and creating the first Bass Sounds using Serum.
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MacProVideo Logic Pro X 501 Studio Series Recording Guitars

Apple Logic Pro X rocks when it comes to recording great sounding guitars! Learn how to capture and edit perfect guitar takes in this advanced course by guitarist, audio engineer and educator Joshua Carney!
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Sonic Academy How To Use Arturia CMI V with King Unique

Does this man ever stop playing about with vintage synths? The answer is a resounding no, so we're stoked to welcome back King Unique for another How To Use Arturia course - and this time he's lifting the lid on the iconic Fairlight /Arturia CMI V and helping us get our heads around this groundbreaking synth.
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Jonathan E. Peters Orchestration

Learn how to write for orchestra from an award-winning composer whose music has been performed by orchestras across the U.S. The course is divided into two parts: part 1 is on Instrumentation and part 2 is on Orchestration. Instrumentation is an important and necessary first step since you cannot write for orchestra if you don’t know about the individual instruments of the orchestra.
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SkillShare How to Build Chords

In this course you will learn how to build triads chords (major and minor) and also four notes chords adding the dominant seventh and the major seventh notes to them. Some knowledge in music is desirable, but not mandatory.
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ADSR Sounds Modulation Effects All about Distortion, from subtle to extreme Phasers

In this course we will go deep in distortion, what it is and it uses in a mix. From subtle saturation, to overdrive and distortion, to digital clipping and obliterating sounds. It’s all covered in this course on Distortion.
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MasterClass Timbaland Teaches Producing and Beatmaking

Find your beat Grammy-winning music producer Timbaland takes you behind the boards to teach you his process for creating iconic tracks with artists like Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, and Aaliyah. In his first-ever online class, learn how to collaborate with vocalists, layer new tracks, and create hooks that stick. Step into Timbaland’s studio and learn from one of the industry’s most innovative hit makers.
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Udemy Guitar Lessons Play guitar to HEY JUDE (Beatles) in 1 Hour!

Learn to Play Guitar to The Beatles song Hey Jude. Play Guitar in 1 Hour! Essential tips to play guitar the right way. This course is designed by award winning music school JB Guitar & Voice to teach you how to play the iconic Beatles song "Hey Jude". Whether you are a beginner or Advanced guitarist I break down this song to teach you how to play it correctly in this 1 hour course. There are many tabs giving incorrect information on how to play your favourite cover songs. Let me show you step by step how to play it the right way!
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Ask Video FL Studio 302 The Patcher Explained and Explored

One of the best kept secrets in FL Studio is the amazing Patcher. Unlock your creativity by watching this course by FL Studio expert Rishabh Rajan! FL Studio lets you create your own instrument and effect chains using the Patcher. You can use it to build anything from simple effect chains to complex layered multi-instruments. In this course, trainer and producer Rishabh Rajan explores the unlimited potential of this flexible tool.
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SkillShare Serum Synthesizer by Xfer  FX + Mod Matrix

In this class, I'm going to show you the FX + Modulation Matrix in the Serum Synthesizer by Xfer. This class is useful for anyone that wants to learn to use Serum as an effect or for anyone that wants to learn how to use the FX tab or the Modulation Matrix inside of the Serum Synth.
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SkillShare How To Play The Drum Set For Beginners Part 1

How To Play The Drum Set For Beginners: Part 1 is a video course based on the drum set method book Masterful Drumming Volume One. This video course will help drummers develop their co-ordination and independence on the drum set. Volume One is designed for beginner to intermediate level players. The video will help develop sight reading skills by working through the basic note values like quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes and eighth note triplets. The video features a section on drum fills that will really help a student get around the drum set. An ebook of Masterful Drumming Volume One is included in the course.
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