Estudio Durango Cómo utilizar el COMPRESOR Masterclass

Masterclass sobre el compresor de audio y su funcionamiento de más de 1 hora de duración. Explicación detallada de sus controles fundamentales: threshold, ratio, attack y release. Ejemplos prácticos con diferentes instrumentos para facilitar la escucha.
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Sound Waves and Acoustic Emission

The nature of sound is, nowadays, well known and understood so that sound could be synthetically described like the propagation of vibration in elastic media.​Sound waves propagate as longitudinal waves, transverse waves, or in mixed modes in different media.
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Udemy The 10 Hit Piano Starter'S Songbook

Learn to play 10 really famous songs on the piano. In 10 15-20 minute lessons I will show you how to find and play the chords to 10 hits by The Beatles, Bill Withers, Billy Joel, Elton John and more. We'll cover some basic theoretical concepts too so you can use the knowledge form this course to read the chords to any song and devise a way to play it with style.
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Music Education Research: An Introduction

Designed to be used as a primary text in introductory research methods courses, Music Education Research: An Introduction aims to orient even the most novice researchers toward basic concepts and methodologies. Offering sustained attention to historical, philosophical, qualitative, quantitative, and action research approaches, the book includes overviews of how to read, interpret, design, and implement research within each framework.
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Udemy Expanding The Fretboard

Many guitar players feel trapped or “boxed in” after they master the Minor Pentatonic Scale. This course is designed to get you out of that box and extend the amount of notes along the fretboard that you can use to solo and jam with. This will in-turn multiply your repertoire of licks that you’ll be able to play by leaps and bounds!
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Experimenting the Human: Art, Music, and the Contemporary Posthuman

In Experimenting the Human , G Douglas Barrett argues that experimental music speaks to the contemporary posthuman, a condition in which science and technology decenter human agency amid the uneven temporality of postwar global capitalism. Time moves forward for some during this period, while it seems to stand still or even move backward for others. Some say we’re already posthuman, while others endure the extended consequences of never having been considered fully human in the first place. Experimental music reflects on this state, Barrett contends, through its interdisciplinary involvements in postwar science, technology, and art movements.
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Udemy Rock Guitar Power The Guitar Pro Jam

A course to teach you how to Jam, Improvise & Solo with other musicians or over any song or chord progression What you'll learn
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TUTORiALS Collection 4

TUTORiALS Collection 4 contains 68 old tutorials from labels: PUREMIX, Sonic Academy, Streamworks Audio, Total Training, Udemy, Vespers, Video2brain.
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Udemy Rock Guitar Power The Modes On Guitar

This program is designed to teach you all about the modes and how to best use them for Rock music and expand your playing to be able to utilize the whole entire fretboard when soloing, jamming and creating leads.
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Udemy Music Production: How To Make Tech House Track In 2023

If you want to learn how to make dance music from a real artist, then this music production course is for you! What you'll learn
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Abbey Road: The Inside Story of the World's Most Famous Recording Studio

Many people will recognise the famous zebra crossing. Some visitors may have graffitied their name on its hallowed outer walls. Others might even have managed to penetrate the iron gates. But what draws in these thousands of fans here, year after year? What is it that really happens behind the doors of the most celebrated recording studio in the world?
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Udemy Rock Guitar Power Soloing & Lead Playing

This guitar course is designed to show you how you to use the whole entire guitar neck to solo, improvise and jam with the greatest of ease! The pentatonic scale is by far the most popular and useful scale to know for any style of music, especially rock. However what usually happens with players after they learn it, is that they feel "boxed in" and don't know how to play notes outside of the pattern.
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AC/DC at 50

A beautifully produced, photo-packed celebration of the ultimate rock band, AC/DC at 50 examines the extraordinary history of the Australian rockers through the lens of 50 milestone events and an illustrated gatefold timeline .
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Groove3 bx_console Focusrite SC Explained

Since its creation in 1985, the Focusrite ISA-110 channel strip has been revered worldwide by the best engineers and producers in the business. With the bx_console Focusrite SC plugin from Brainworx, you can now have the sound of that module available to you at any time. In this detailed Focusrite SC video tutorial, plugin expert Eli Krantzberg walks you through this plugin, showing you how to get the sounds you want with ease. Along with explanations and demonstrations of all the parameters and controls, you'll hear numerous musical examples in a variety of applications, including standard use along with more creative ideas as well. These videos are for new bx_console Focusrite SC users.
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Groove3 Hollywood Backup Singers Explained

After welcoming you to the course, Larry starts by discussing the background of the plugin and providing a brief tour of the Opus software, which is used to load the plugin. Then he begins looking at the various features, beginning with the Vowel and Consonant instruments, with which you can adjust various dynamic layers to enhance the emotional aspects of the performance. The Combo Mod instruments are covered next, which contain sounds that can be switched or cross-faded via the mod wheel or other methods.
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