PUREMIX How To Listen Reference Edition

In this pureMix.net Exclusive, Multi Award Winning Engineer, Fab Dupont explains how he uses reference mixes to establish a baseline while he is mixing in different rooms, after long sessions, and as a tool to calibrate his own ears each day.
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PUREMIX Song Structure Explained With Fab Dupont

Determining a song’s structure is like unlocking the roadmap for where to go with performance, arrangement, mix ideas and more. It can help you communicate with the artist, fellow band mates, and make production decisions.
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Future Music June 2019

In The Studio....Amon Tobin - We caught up with the innovative musician, composer and producer ahead of new album Fear In A Handful Of Dust
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Ask Video Reason Rack Extensions 103 Mixing and Mastering Rig V4 Explored

Reason’s Mix and Mastering Rig bundle is an exclusive collection of pro mixing and mastering Rack Extensions. In this updated course for V4, producer Mo Volans explains and shows all those amazing REs in action!
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Ask Video Reason Rack Extensions 102 Synthetic Rig V4 Explored

The new Synthetic Rig V4 Bundle for Reason is an expanded collection of synth tutorials designed for the electronic music producer. This in-depth course, included free in the Props RE bundle, explains them all and shows them in action.
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Ask Video Reason Rack Extensions 101 Backline Rig V4 Explored

Reason’s Backline Rig V4 bundle is a carefully selected collection of keys, drum libraries, strings, and classic effects to help you get that Rock and R&B sound. In this course, included free in the Propellerheads Rack Extensions V4 bundle, watch producer Hollin Jones explain and deploy all of them to build a track.
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Sonic Academy How To Make IDM with Kirk Degiorgio

Following on from his massively popular 'Dark Room Techno' course, Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back Techno virtuoso Kirk Degiorgio for an all-new 'How To Make' course and this time he's creating a sublime IDM track from scratch.
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Groove3 Mixing Pop with UAD Plug-Ins

Eli Krantzberg brings you an in-depth video tutorial series all about mixing a Pop track with UAD Plug-Ins! See how to go from a dull, lifeless mix, into something amazing sounding and full of movement. You also get the tracks so you can mix and follow along on your own DAW.
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Groove3 Arturia CMI V Explained

Synth wizard Tyler Coffin delivers an in-depth series on Arturia's awesome recreation of the iconic sampler and synthesizer, the Fairlight CMI. See and hear how this instrument was revolutionary in its time, and shaped the way music was produced. Plus, Arturia's take on it gives the original period-accurate sound, with added usage to make it fit into today's workflow
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ADSR Sounds Traktor Pro 3 Masterclass

Want to learn how to DJ using Traktor? If you dream of dropping beats, filling the dance floor and having people talk about your mixes long after the lights go down, this is the course for you!
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Music-Prod Logic Pro X Learn Future House Electronic Music Production

Make Electronic Music and Future House Music Production in Logic Pro X + Get 6 Logic Pro X Templates & 8 Sample Packs This course will get you PRO knowledge for making Future House Electronic Music in Logic Pro X in just a Day!
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WA Production Layering to Create Realistic Sound Effects

This course will look at a framework which you can use to layer recordings, library sounds, and synthesized elements together to create impactful and realistic sound effects for film. We will be looking at two kinds of layering, spectral layering, where you layer together sounds with complimentary spectral information, and elemental layering, where you can think about breaking down sounds into their constituent pieces. Finally we’ll look at combining these techniques in order to develop a general approach to creating any sound effect.
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WA Production Vocal Mixing Essentials

In this course we are going to learn how to mix vocals inside FL Studio 20 using various plugins. We will learn how to take multiple raw vocal takes, and turn it into a fully prepared vocal, ready to implement into your instrumental.
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FaderPro The Making of Begin Again with Thomas Gold

If you've already seen Thomas Gold's first FaderPro course, you already know what an incredible tutor, and expert producer he is. With an unbelievably deep knowledge of music production and the creative process, Thomas also has one of the finest studios we've ever seen! As a DJ, he's touched every corner of the globe and played the worlds biggest events, racking up millions of fans along the way.
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FaderPro In The Studio with Illyus and Barrientos

Back for a full course for Toolroom Academy, after their previous FaderPro UnCut course. If you’ve not already been introduced to the awesome music these two Glaswegian producers make, then where have you been? As two of the most consistent House producers in the UK right now, their remixes and originals have been rocking dancefloors all over the world since they hit the scene in 2014.
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