Piano and Keyboard for Beginners

Learning to play a musical instrument can transform your life. The focus and concentration that you can gain, and the pride in learning how to do something new, is amazing and will really change the way that you look at life. And when you can impress your friends and family with the new skills that you are learning, all of the hard work will be worth it.
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SkillShare How To Rap For Beginner's Masterclass

You can rhyme like Eminem, Tech N9ne, Logic and other top tier lyricists. This online course is a culmination of the last 17 years of learning hip hop and studying the technical details of how to rap. The course I would have wanted when I was learning how to freestyle, and write good rap lyrics.
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SkillShare How to Write an Ed Sheeran Song Songwriting Essentials

In this class, you will learn how to adapt your Songwriting skills to write Melody, Harmony, Lyrics, Structure and Arrangement to fit a song in the style of Ed Sheeran. Project Description
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Groove3 Mixing with the Waves CLA MixHub

Pro producer and mixer Kenny Gioia brings you an in-depth video tutorial series on mixing with the Waves CLA MixHub plug-in! See how to use this powerful mixing tool to better work and control your mixes, and produce a professional sounding product every time. The stems used in this series are also included so you can follow along on your DAW.
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Adobe Premiere Pro CC Classroom in a Book (2019 Release)

Creative professionals seeking the fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2018 release) choose Adobe Premiere Pro CC Classroom in a Book (2019 release) from Adobe Press. The 18 project-based lessons in this book show users step-by-step the key techniques for working in Premiere Pro. Learn to edit video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 and get the most out of your workflow. Learn how to take a project from beginning to end, organize media, add audio, create transitions, produce titles and captions, and add effects. Take your projects further by sweetening and mixing sound, compositing footage, adjusting color, using advanced editing techniques, managing projects, working with 360 video for VR headsets, animating graphics and video, exporting, and much more. Workflows incorporating Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Audition expand your creative options.
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Ask Video Pro Tools 202 More Plugins Explored

The Avid Complete Plugin Bundle gives you access to a vast collection of legendary compressors, EQs, guitar stompboxes, and other powerful effects. See and hear these plugins in action and learn how to get the best out of them in this course, by Pro Tools expert Joe Albano.
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SkillShare Digital Audio Engineering Concepts

In this class, I demonstrate and explain some fundamental digtial audio concepts include: Sample Rates The Nyquist Theorum
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SkillShare Logic Pro X Customize Logic Pro X Interface

In this course we will go through how to customize Logic Pro X interface to look how you want it to look like. Project Description
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Groove3 Cubase 10 Editing MIDI Explained

In this Groove3 video tutorial series, DAW pro Gary Hiebner delivers in-depth videos on editing MIDI in the new Cubase 10! Learn all about Cubase 10's basic and advanced MIDI editing features and capabilities, and how to use them effectively on your Cubase tracks.
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Sonic Academy Tech Tips Volume 42 with Christian Vance

Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 42 where we welcome back Berlin based Techno and Ableton guru Christian Vance for 10 more awesome tips, tricks and techniques. This time he's focussing on slicing and chopping drum loop samples using different methods in Ableton to create your own unique beats. From selecting the right sample to using the tools available at your fingertips, these 10 tips will inspire you to make your own personal loops to use in your projects.
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Udemy Create a Music Production Template in Logic Pro X

How to make your own Logic Pro X Template for Music Production, Music Composition, Mixing & Mastering. Hello Logic Pro X users, Mike here. In the following guide I will share with you my complete process of setting up your own Master Project Template for Music Composition and Music Production in Logic Pro X.
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Udemy How to use Slash Chords To Create Unique Sounds and Basslines

Piano course that teaches how to use Slash Chords on the Piano in various ways (e.g. to create unique basslines). This course is part of my music series courses. However, it is not a prerequisite for you to have taken any of my other courses in order to take this course. My 10-Part Series Music Courses include the following Courses:
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Udemy Video Game Music Composition / Production

This course is designed to be extensive as possible to get you started producing music for yourself or your soon to be clients! Welcome to one of the first online composition courses that fully immerses the students into the world of video game music with a Project Based design and interactive lectures.
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Making Music Indigenous Popular Music in the Peruvian Andes

When thinking of indigenous music, many people may imagine acoustic instruments and pastoral settings far removed from the whirl of modern life. But, in contemporary Peru, indigenous chimaycha music has become a wildly popular genre that is even heard in the nightclubs of Lima. In Making Music Indigenous, Joshua Tucker traces the history of this music and its key performers over fifty years to show that there is no single way to “sound indigenous.” The musicians Tucker follows make indigenous culture and identity visible in contemporary society by establishing a cultural and political presence for Peru’s indigenous peoples through activism, artisanship, and performance.
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Musical Theater in Eighteenth-Century Parma Entertainment, Sovereignty, Reform

French and Italian varieties of opera have intermingled and informed one another from the genre's first decades onward. Yet we still have only a hazy view of why and how those intersections occurred and what they meant to a given opera's creators and audiences.
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