Punkademic How To Read Music

For years I've been teaching Music Theory in the college classroom. These classes use the same syllabus I've used in my college classes for years, at a fraction of the cost. I believe anyone can learn Music Theory - and cost shouldn't be a barrier.
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Punkademic Studio Techniques: Working in a Recording Studio

Welcome to the Studio Techniques: Working in a Recording Studio! This class is for anyone who has wanted to work in a recording studio. Especially:
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Kia Orion How to Mix Vocals Like Justin Bieber 2: Vocal Pop Mixing From Your Bedroom In Any DAW

Want to learn how to mix your own vocals in that modern pop style like the Biebs? You’re in the right place.
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Udemy How To Break Into The Music Industry Step By Step Blueprint

Becoming an effective and efficient artist is not something that happens overnight, but putting these lessons and strategies into daily practice can help you earn and become successful in the music industry. Every lesson on this course will be useful, and will surely change your life.
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Ask Video Audio Concepts 204 Analog Digital Hybrid Studios

Want to add some analog magic to your digital recording? Look no further! This course, by audio expert Joe Albano dives deep into the world of hybrid digital/analog audio setups.
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Ask Video Polyend Play 101 Polyend Play Beginners Guide

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Polyend's Play? Join music producer and trainer Thavius Beck in this exciting course as he expertly guides you through every feature of this one-of-a-kind groovebox. Let's Play!
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Udemy Rock Guitar Power Volume 2

These guitar lessons are going to take you from beginner to intermediate with a focus on developing great technique and a solid understanding on how to apply what you've learned from our Volume 1 course so that you can play and write songs.
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Udemy The Ultimate Guitar Fretboard Notes Memorization Course

The Ultimate Guitar Fretboard Memorization Course is a program designed to help guitar players memorize their entire fretboard within a few short weeks. Learning the notes on your fretboard is one of the hardest things that a guitar player has to accomplish to be able to get to more advanced levels of playing. Your ability to play solos, scales, and chords all over the fretboard are all dependent on your knowledge and understanding of where your notes are.
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Udemy How To Make Music To Film And Video In Studio One

In this course I will go through how our can import in Video, write music to the video, and build up sound design and sound effects. Enhancing this audio visual experience is a great skill to master and add to your Studio One skillset quiver. This course will help you take your songs and productions to the next level!
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Udemy The Complete Piano Chord Masterclass

This piano course is designed for students of all levels who want to learn more about chords and chord progressions. Through a series of lessons and exercises, you will learn how to play and combine different chords, as well as how to use them in their own compositions.
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Udemy Super Guitar Licks Whiplash Guitar Secrets

It’s time to turn some heads with your guitar playing and this program is just the thing to help you stick out from the crowd! This course focuses on developing 3 advanced skills that will bring your playing to a pro level : Sweep Picking, Tapping and Harmonics.
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Udemy Super Guitar Licks Guitar Styling Essentials

This course is all about teaching you how to play guitar in specific genres of music. It’s made up of 4 different courses which are: The Bluesman’s Basics, Jazz Beginning For The Rock Guitarist, Extended Chord Workshop & Chord Progressions For The Big 6 (Rock, Blues, Metal, Alternative, Jazz & Jam Band)
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A Modern Approach to Naming Guitar Chords, 4th Edition

Finally—an intuitive, single-source standardization for naming guitar chords in the 21st century! A honing of guitar theory as a subcategory of music theory. Commonsense approach to all things guitar chord, including how to label alternate chord voicings. New concepts, including natural harmonics chords, unison chords, and octaval chords.
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MixWithTheMasters Tony Hoffer Producing 'Naive' by The Kooks Inside The Track #82

Tony revisits the Pro Tools session, featuring recordings made at Konk and Strongroom in London. He discusses how he and the band collaborated to define their signature sound, placing particular emphasis on pre-production, performance coaching and session planning.
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Udemy Guitar Solo Mastery The Ultimate Guitar Soloing Course

Master Playing and Improvising Dynamic Guitar Solos. Learn Essential Scales, Techniques, Theory, and Songwriting. What you'll learn
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