Sketch Samples Sketch Dreadnought

We are glad to present our next instrument for sampler Kontakt 6.This is a Dreadnought Guitar. For recording we used high quality microphones, piezo pickup system and magnetic pickup. Mics, piezo and magnet levels are controllable after the fact to give maximum sonic flexibility.
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Sonuscore Warhorns

WARHORNS This library is a must-have for any composer looking to add epic and powerful horn sounds to their music. With its rich and authentic sound, this WARHORNS Kontakt Player library is perfect for cinematic and orchestral compositions, as well as any project that requires a touch of medieval flair.
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Teletone Electro

Electro is our electronic rhythm orchestrator featuring some of the world's greatest drum machines, all packaged in an innovative beatmaker with sound design controls. Electro is a virtual instrument plug-in for Native Instruments' free Kontakt Player, compatible with most major DAWs (Ableton Live, Logic, Garage Band, ProTools, Steinberg Cubase, FL Studio, Reason and more.).
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Puremagnetik Digitar

Casio Guitar, Hacked and Bent. The world’s first MIDI guitar, the Casio Digital Guitar - hacked and circuit bent by Puremagnetik - can now be part of your studio. Dig into the sound bank of the DG series and crank up your session with one of the stranger musical inventions of the ‘80s.
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Rigid Audio Interference

Interference by Rigid Audio is the ultimate drum and loop sequencer. Whether you need to create inspiring backing grooves, cinematic underscores, or creative musical phrases, Interference has you covered.
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Soundiron Sunroom Upright Piano

Sunroom Upright Piano features the mysterious Conn piano with tones that are rich and full, with warm resonance, powerful low end and a woody, even quality. We've also included a huge selection of uniquely designed FX presets to give you robust creative tools.
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Soundiron Sandy Creek Organ

The Soundiron Sandy Creek Organ library captures the last gasps of life from this well-worn vintage Thomas Monticello organ. Bequeathed to us by a friendly neighbor, this gem had a story to tell.
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Soundiron Harpsichord

The Harpsichord, a keyboard sensation from the 16th to mid 18th century, once ruled European music. This versatile instrument was a star in both Renaissance and Baroque compositions, shining both as an accompanist and a soloist. We captured the piano and forte registers, glisses, slides, percussive impacts, plucks, scrapes and taps.
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Soundiron Delphi Piano 01 Autumn 1958

This instrument captures the rich, muddy and fuzzed out flavor of late 50s jazz, blues and big band piano, offering an expertly sound-designed piano library with a wide selection of custom FX and atmospheric ambiences that evoke the zeitgeist of the times.
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Rigid Audio Ultron

Ultron is a wavetable based 8-step rhythm sequencer for Kontakt 6.7.1.It features a dual-preset layout with 2x 16 presets that can be blended and morphed in realtime. Each step features knobs for velocity, noise amount, wavetable offset and semi-tuning.
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Soundiron Delphi Piano 02 Knightsen Boxgrand

Knightsen Boxgrand Piano focuses on massive, emotionally charged textures that overflow with bombast, with intricate detail and a distinctive character. It's not just another ordinary old piano; this one possesses a wild side that pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration outward a little further than we usually go.
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Soundiron The Drinking Piano

The Drinking Piano is a fat-bottomed monster upright with a classic beer hall sound. This Ivors and Pond piano has got all of the brutal wear and tear you'd expect from a 100 year-old instrument that has been played hard and put away wet, night after night.
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Soundiron Old Busted Granny Piano

This library captures the authenticity of a cheap, dusty, beat up, rusting, untuned upright piano - the kind you remember from your grandma's house. We've designed separate string release and key release samples to preserve the piano's eccentric charm.
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Ergo Kukke Phantasm

Phantasm: a product of fantasy, imagination, illusions… an array of sounds from multiple Ergo Kukke libraries - your Gateway to Sonic Dreams. From cinematic soundscapes that transport your listeners to distant realms to pulsating rhythms that make hearts race, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination with Ergo Kukke libraries.
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Rast Sounds Vocal Morphs Pro

The engine allows users to morph between two to six different vocal pallets across two banks. Select sustain sounds from 3 left menu presets and plucked, tuned phrases from right menu presets.
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