Puremagnetik Console X

Console X | Classic Electronica for the Modern Studio Console X brings the legendary sounds of the Ensoniq ASR-X into the modern production studio. The Ensoniq ASR series was years of ahead of its time and included a ROM of programs that still sound amazing today!
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Output Brass Knuckles

Dynamite, punchy brass sounds to rock your planet! Pierce the air with colossal braams, vivid metallic tones, and speedball woodwind soundsFor use with Analog Brass & Winds
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Output Desolation

Bold, Dark, and Gritty120 presets For use with REV
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Output Translucence

Light, airy and ethereal120 Presets For use with REV
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Output Beautiful Pads

Ranging from airy and delicate to warm and pure125 presets For use with REV
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Channel Robot Ambicon

Welcome to Ambicon a set of Ambient/Atmospheric presets for UVI Falcon, built to offer ever shifting and changing timbres producing cinematic, hypnotic atmospheres, expansive soundscapes, shifting drones, dark ambiences, padscapes, and pulses.
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Native Instruments Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic

A PERFECTLY PICKED VINTAGE GUITARA vintage steel-string acoustic played with fingers and plectrum by a studio session pro Perform 194 picking and strumming patterns in real-time, plus get a dedicated second instrument for melodic playing
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Wave Alchemy BASSYNTH

BASSYNTH is an entirely new kind of Bass Engine for the creation of modern, organic, powerful bass tones; driven by a diverse and creative library of beautifully designed multi-sampled Sound Sources, Oscillators and scannable Wavetables.
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Homegrown Sounds Multiverse Complete

This collection Combines all 6 Multiverse Releases and modernizes both the Kosmology and Multiverse Instruments whilst also adding 19 Cassetto Based Instruments which further utilize the underlying sample collections. This is a large amount of instruments due to it including Classics and Infekted which are large collections in themselves.
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Homegrown Sounds Kosmology Collection

This collection Combines all 8 Kosmology Releases and modernizes the Kosmology Instruments whilst also adding 8 Cassetto Based Instruments which further utilize the sample collections.
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Strix Instruments PRIPYAT Pianos

THEY WERE SILENT FOR 33 YEARS 33 years of harsh weather conditions and radiation, 33 years of silence, 33 years of hopeless expectation of human touch. PRIPYAT Pianos is a sound museum, created 33 years after a massive man-made disaster that has affected hundreds of thousands of lives. This is the mark of the elapsed time.
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Riot Audio Putty Piano

A unique twist on a timeless classic: an experimental prepared piano sample library where we dampened the strings with poster putty. The effect is a muted sustain, with a sharp attack and a soft resonance.
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Sonex Audio Brass Ensemble

Brass Ensemble and 3 separate Instruments: French Horns, Trombones and Trumpets. - Up to 3 articulations (key switching) per instrument: Sustains, Staccato, Marcato and Crescendo
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Impact Soundworks Ventus Ethnic Winds Duduk

Impact Soundworks has launched a new entry in its Ventus Winds series of virtual instruments. Duduk features the haunting, mysterious sound of the Armenian duduk, more playable and expressive than ever before.
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Sonex Audio Brass Solo

Solo Brass Instruments: French Horn, Piccolo Trumpet, Trombone, Trumpets and Tuba. - Up to 5 articulations (key switching) per instrument: Sustained, Staccato, Crescendo, Flutter, Trill
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