Fluffy Audio Simple Ukulele

Simple Ukulele contains samples of a beautiful tenor ukulele, with a warm and sustained sound. Sampled in detail looking for a clear but expressive instrument.
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Getgood Drums One Kit Wonder Aggressive Rock

MIX READY DRUM TONES OUT OF THE BOX The One Kit Wonder series was inspired by the many GGD users who use our libraries for songwriting. We know how crucial it is that there is as little time wasted between the moment inspiration strikes and you being able to capture it, and how important it is that you can hear your ideas sounding polished and professional so you stay excited as you develop them.
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Room Sound Beau Burchell Signature Series Drums

KIT SELECT Build the drum kit of your dreams by choosing from 26 different kit pieces. We sampled the EXACT drums used by Beau on some of your favorite records.
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Industrial Strength Gancher and Ruin Hardstyle Riot

Gancher & Ruin: Hardstyle Riot is back to deliver a superb collection of underground sounds for this ever-popular and ever-growing style. Hardstyle and Main Room producers looking to bring these massive kick drums and ripping leads into their next production or remix need to look no further. This 100% Royalty-Free pack delivers the goods.
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Waverunner Audio Rosehip Vibes

To present a unique take on a familiar sound, we worked with vibraphonist Alexander Gagatsis to distill the intimate velvet tones found at the softest of dynamics of his vibraphone. To expand on the main instrument patch that includes 'true tremelo' control, Alex performed arpeggios and swells, as well as a technique of using the stick end of the beater. Combined with the 'Seven Days Kontakt engine' that stacks reverb and delays, it's easy to create ethereal soundscapes or loop-like experiments, and explore a whole new take on the sound of the vibraphone.
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Waverunner Audio Alder Violin

A solo violin library distilling highly expressive and evocative playing techniques. Performed by American violinist Jenavieve Vaga and recorded in Brooklyn, NY. Described as a 'gem' by those who have used it so far, The Alder Violin contains organic, expressive, moving and inspiring violin textures to bring a unique voice to your compositions. For the first time on the market, the Alder Violin presents an incredible Harmonic Portanmento patch, allowing you to perform the whisper-like, crystal sounds of this beautiful technique.
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Waverunner Audio Alder Cello

A solo cello library inspired by the ocean, its many moods, and the beauty of the shore off the coast of Ireland where Hometree reside, re-introducing bio-diversity to barren lands. Concentrating on highly expressive, evocative and unique playing techniques, 'low tide' represents the tidal movements of the ocean, 'bristeacha' the uncertainty and turmoil and many moods of waters. Performed by cellist Lidia Alonso and recorded by Adaq Khan in Soho, London. Described as a 'gem' by those who have used it so far, explore expressive, moving and inspiring cello textures with the Alder Cello. For every sale, we plant a tree.
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Fracture Sounds Toy Piano

The latest addition to our range of affordable and lightweight instruments, ready to play straight out of the box and easily tweakable with the familiar easy-to-use GUI design you've come to expect from our products. Runs in the full version of Kontakt 5.
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Musical Sampling Boutique Drums Penny

Penny is the third release in our Boutique Drums Series and arguably the most vibey and versatile thus far. We initially sought to create a kit that paid homage to the tighter rock drum mixes popularized in the 60’s and 70’s. We covered the toms and snare with cloth to dampen the decay/ring-out and incorporated some vintage mics used in that period alongside our modern array of microphones and gear.
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Riot Audio Ritual Gong Drum

Epic bronze gong drum library sampled in pristine clarity. A highly versatile virtual instrument that ranges from intimate taps to ringing mallet booms. This is a pristinely recorded, deeply sampled library of a ceremonial bronze gong drum from South East Asia.
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Wavesfactory Le Parisien

Accordion collection for Kontakt Recorded with three mic positions and multiple round-robin in a perfect studio environment. The library includes all the features you need to create beautiful and evocative accordion tracks and accompaniments easily.
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Wavesfactory Legacy Drums

Three classic drum kits for Kontakt Legacy Drums is the modern and updated version of three of the all-time best-selling libraries at Wavesfactory: Tea Towel Drums, Classic Rock Drums, and Brush Drums. We wanted to release these libraries in a new and improved form.
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Naroth Audio RHYTHMUS

RHYTHMUS is a powerful and comprehensive Found Percussion library built for composers and producers across many genres. Built from the ground up with 4 dynamic and independent Sequencer Engines containing 100 Sound Sources, RHYTHMUS brings an organic, fresh, and unconventional take on what percussion can be.
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Soundiron Sick 7 Voices Of The Dead

With 8,753 unique sounds, Sick 7: Voices of the Dead is a true beast! This final volume in our Sick horror and suspense series ties it all together with a brand new tool chest of creature and human combat voices, eerie industrial percussion and a fresh supply of atmospheric horror and suspense sound design elements.
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Pettinhouse FunkyBass 2.0

The Funky Bass Maker! Bass sample library for Kontakt with a new revolutionary way to play Bass loops! Two products in one! The instrument and the grooves. Real Funky Bass Grooves recorded with a vintage Precision bass, with variations and licks.
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