Loops De La Creme Easy Tambourine

This new Kontakt instrument should be very useful for your productions: It is super easy to play and just sounds very realistic. It was recorded with an AKG C451b and a binaural pair of AT4022, and you’ll find 6 different sound presets to easily integrate the tambourine in your mix.
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Loops De La Creme Instant Epic Toms

A unique collection of massive cinematic instruments with highly intuitive playability. Expressive, breathtaking and instantly epic! 10 huge tom instruments 5 additional cinematic instruments
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Puremagnetik Synbotik

Synbotik brings the famous old-school, early digital flavor of the DK Synergy into this decade. With only an estimated 100 units still functioning in the world, this is a rarity that should not be missed.
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Standalone-Music Deep House XP Getlow

Deep House GETLOW expansion gives you the highest quality Kontakt presets for creating Deep House, Future House, and Tropical House music. This Deep House presets for Kontakt come with A LOT of thick and rich bass sounds, but also old school techno and house chords, dreamy lush pads, nice and punchy plucks, acoustic instruments such guitars and pianos.
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Standalone-music 7 Skies GETLOW

REAL ANALOG SOUNDS AT YOUR FINGERTIP For the past five years, Standalone Music has been hard at work locating and recording analog synthesizers. The meticulously curated library incorporates a variety of synthesizers ranging old, rare and unusual to new and classic models. The sound of these timeless instruments was recorded at 24bit, using high-quality preamps and AD Converters.
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Pulsesetter-Sounds Epic Babes

UNIQUE HYBRID SCORING INSTRUMENTS MADE WITH TOYS Baby toys have been transformed into a rare and useful hybrid sample library for Kontakt (Full Version). There are huge epic hybrid drum loops and braams, eerie hits, odd tonal keyboard and other indescribably sample instruments made with baby xylophones, baby bottles, babies crying souls and other baby paraphernalia.
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Native Instruments MALLET FLUX

Mallet Flux is a new Kontakt instrument that enables users to instantly produce intricate sequences based on tonal mallet percussion, including glockenspiel, celesta, xylophone, vibraphone, and marimba. Mallet Flux features an innovative sequencer and playing engine that helps generate ideas fast, turning the simplest drafts into evocative arrangements for soundtracks, scores, and more.
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Impact Soundworks Shreddage 3 Stratus

The next generation of virtual guitar instruments for KONTAKT PLAYER is here! More realistic and versatile than ever before, featuring an American classic sound, three pickups, tons of articulations and the new CONSOLE mixer and modular FX rack!
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Joey Sturgis Departure Drums

A Kontakt Instrument of a complete drumkit recorded in a professional studio environment. The drumsounds are slightly processed but still untouched enough for you to make them fit your mixes easily. Each shell and cymbal is recorded with many velocity layers to be able to program realistic sounding drum tracks.
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Solemn Tones The Odin

The ultimate guitar sampling solution is here. Whether you need to replace sub-par guitar tracks, produce a guitar-heavy song or just want to create demo's with a professional sound,
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Codified Adaptive Launch Complex 2

Launch Complex 2 scripts all the features you might want for sampler based sound design, launching one shots or creating fx out of a sample. It can stack five layers It has a full amplifier envelope, pitch envelope, two filter prototype options, scaled indexing, filter and pitch sweeping fx, a prototype granular sampler (not time machine ), a suite of real time fx, channel strip and five layer mixer that all work together, and all on the front panel and ready to go.
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Native Instruments Ethereal Earth

ETHEREAL EARTH Hybrid organic/electronic instrument that takes myriad acoustic instruments from around the world, and combines it with digital synthesis, organic foley layers, and effects processing. The result fuses traditional and digital, with basses, strings (bowed and plucked), wind instruments, tuned percussion, bells/metals, pads/drones, leads, and textural ambiences.
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Native Instruments Hybrid Keys

HYBRID KEYS A modern, creative and completely new version of keyboards and piano sounds. HYBRID KEYS is moving away from conventional sampling processes to focus on innovative methods such as re-amplification, creative placement of microphones in interesting spaces and experiments on changing the speed of the tape.
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Native Instruments Analog Dreams

Iconic 20th century hardware synthesizers captured with an intricate level of detail, and creatively processed with seminal outboard effects. This hybrid analog/digital instrument utilizes blendable sound sources to deliver a modern take on classic electro and synthwave, which have seen a resurgence in recent cinema.
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“Hypernode” is the most feature-complete full production package for Kontakt ever made and entire songs can be made from scratch using the system in a variety of modern styles including:
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