Muze Enigma

Enigma is an inspiring synthetic collection of new instruments that will bring you to the world of the future sound of electronic music. Whether you work in house, techno or tech house, trance or edm, hip hop or trap, minimal or chill out, you will always find something new, fresh and inspiring. For film composers,Enigma will give a lot of new ideas and opportunities, becoming an indispensable creative tool.
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Sketch Samples Sketch Nylon

With this instrument we start a series of inexpensive and high-quality instruments for sampler Kontakt 6. For recording we used Takamine Guitars, high quality microphones and piezo pickup system. Mics and piezo levels are controllable after the fact to give maximum sonic flexibility.
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Native Instruments 40´s Very Own Drums and Keys

Noah “40” Shebib, the legendary, award-winning producer of Drake, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Nas, Sade, Alicia Keys, PartyNextDoor, and Action Bronson brings you two brand-new Play Series instruments for keys and drums.
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Muze Eclipse

Muze Eclipse is a huge and inspiring collection of innovative new sounds and atmospheres, textures, pads & synths for music, sound design, and cinematic composition. Developed for use with the full version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher, Eclipse is an all-in-one tool for crafting soundtracks, cinematic music, epic music trailers - in fact, any music that requires powerful, inspirational, hybrid synth sounds.
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Zero-G PHAEDRA Redux

PHAEDRA Redux has been produced by Sam Spacey who also produced the highly-acclaimed Epica and Epica Bass virtual synths. PHAEDRA Redux replaces the previous version which ran in the free Kontakt Player and required an activation serial. PHAEDRA Redux requires the full version of Kontakt 6.6.0 and will not run in the free Kontakt Player. All of the sounds from the original PHAEDRA are available in the new version. The main difference is the updated Kontakt GUI.
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“Finnish folk poetry recounts that the first kantele was made from the jaw bones of fish and the hair of young maidens. When the first kantele was played, the sound was so beautiful that all living things started to cry. Their tears rolled into the ocean, and when they touched the sea they turned into beautiful blue pearls.”
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Apollo Sound Selecta Old School Jungle DnB

We suggest you go back to those good ol' days when the rave has just started to conquer the music industry, when the rave parties just moved from abandoned warehouses to the city nightclubs, when pioneers of dance music in Great Britain just discovered the Amen Break. This was the time when the Jungle was born! With 'Selecta Old School Jungle DnB' sample pack we tried to convey the jungle music atmosphere of those days as much as possible.
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Apollo Sound Nixen Female Ambient Vocals

We are extremely happy to present you with our newest ambient vocal sample pack named Nixen Female Ambient Vocals. In this pack, you'll find 300+ vocal loops recorded in different tempos and keys. These vocal loops do not contain any words. It's only vocal melodies that can be used as vocal pads, atmospheric beds, tonal layers, or simply backing vocals for your tracks.
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Apollo Sound NightSoul 1 Chill Trap and Future RnB

'NightSoul 1 Chill Trap & Future RNB' by Apollo Sound is the perfect blend of Trap drums, RNB melody loops, ChillOUT pads and futuristic synths. Let's lift up the lid of the dusk and see what awaits us there.
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Apollo Sound Arabic String Samples

At Apollo Sound, we are happy to present a new and exotic sample pack called Arabic String Samples. As you can understand by the title, it's a collection of Arabic & Mediterranean acoustic string instruments. It includes the bouzouki, oud, and classical guitar recorded in a professional studio.
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Soundiron Yumtone H4

Yumtone H4 is pure digital magic. This Japanese FM synthesizer called the Electone HC-4 was introduced to the market by Yamaha in 1987. It featured two 44-note keybeds, a foot pedal system, drum/rhythm machine, velocity sensitivity, 16-operator FM voices, and a variety of buttons to control volume, instrument type, auto accompaniment, and tempo. The Electone series started as organs in the late 1950s, but transitioned to digital synthesis in the 1980s with advances in integrated circuit technology. Our library includes synth sustains, staccatos, piano, vibraphone, bells, tempo-syncable drum machine loops, hits, and key SFX. We recorded the instrument articulations in wide stereo and direct line in. After that, we crafted 20 evolving ambient pads from the source content to boost usability, and 20 custom FX presets to ignite your next composition. Yumtone H4 presents a delicious digital sampler platter of a classic FM synthesizer, complete with piping hot tonal flavors ready to complement any genre of music.
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The Very Loud Indeed Co MOBILIS Hybrid Scoring Percussion

MOBILIS is a Kontakt instrument envisioned with speed and power in mind. This instrument is about having a large number of simple but carefully crafted percussion loops and single hits that:
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8Dio Animalix Vol.1

8DM Animalix is an ultra-current blend of big room, progressive and electro-house samples. The style is raw, animalistic and uncompromised. Animalix comes with 15 custom big room kits, 50 hardcore trance anthem synths, 50 unforgettable tonal perc synths and 50 in-demand talking synths.
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Native Instruments Session Bassist Prime Bass

AUTHENTIC, PLAYABLE, CLASSICThe essential low-end tone of an iconic, single-coil electric bass guitar Over 350 playable patterns and phrases across a range of genres
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GBR Percussion Percussion Of India Vol.1

GBr loops Percussion of India is a package india’s selected percussion like (DHOLAK, TABLA, CHANDA, KHANJARI, GHUNGRU, DUFF, MANDAL, CABASA, DAPHLI). It is created by India’s best tabla dholak players and others instrument players
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