Touch The Universe Cloud Fields

Touch The Universe is proud to present “Cloud Fields ” for the Native Instruments Kontakt 7 sampler using the "Photosynthesis" Engine from Exotic States. The library contains 115 tediously crafted presets from over 200 individual sources and is suitable for any contemporary electronic and ambient music genres. Nearly Each patch contains three levels of samples, which is why there are more sound sources than patches. Furthermore, each sound source utilizes a patch created by Touch The Universe, so the entire library utilizes completely original sources.
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Dark Intervals Artefact

ARTEFACT is toolkit based on ambient pads, ambient motions and various sequences and textures.. As opposed to our previous pad instruments we released, these sounds are less synth sounding, and they are supposed to be your ambient bed for various type ​of exotic , meditational and similar sonic journey.
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Sonuscore Origins Vol.10 Contrabass Panduri and Tanbur

The deep sonority of the Contrabass Panduri perfectly complements the twangy drones of the Tanbur. Though the two instruments come from neighboring regions, the Contrabass Panduri is so rare that this excellent pairing has perhaps never occurred. Until now.
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Sketch Samples Sketch D-HOLE

We are glad to present our next instrument for sampler Kontakt 6. This is a D-Hole guitar. These guitars are commonly used in Gypsy Jazz music, but they can be used in other genres as well. Thanks to its bright timbre, this guitar is clearly distinguishable in arrangements.
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Dark interval RAWA

Add a tribal touch to your tracks with RAWA with Exotic loops and patterns for your music production. Are you looking for new and exciting loops and patterns with a tribal dance groove-inspired theme to add to your music production toolkit? Look no further than RAWA by Dark Intervals, a collection of samples inspired by tribal dance grooves. This library is perfect for electronic music producers, beatmakers, and composers looking to add a unique and exotic touch to their tracks.
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Native Instruments Duets Library

HYBRID VOCAL AND KEYS INSTRUMENTMulti-sampled vocals meet synths and keys for high-gloss pop, hip hop, and R&B Build expressive melodies and lush harmonies with Riffs and Runs
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Emergence Audio Infinite Steel Tongue

ABSTRACT TEXTURES At the heart of this instrument lies a deep curiosity about the transformative power of sound. By harnessing the creative potential of our intuitive Infinite Motion Engine™ we have crafted a one-of-a-kind collection of evolving pads and textures that challenge the boundaries of conventional sound design. With its capacity for surprise and its unending well of inspiration, this library is poised to become a cornerstone of your sonic toolkit.
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sound DUST Steel Drum Percussion Room Modular Chaos Engine #4

A kit of lovely, dusty, binaurally recorded acoustic drum samples and slightly prepared steel drums….a kind of Tom Waits percussion machine featuring drums in all shapes and sizes.
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Kirk Hunter Studios Kinetic Strings Plus

The World’s Most Flexible Ostinato Pattern Strings! With Kinetic, you get the entire string section in one instrument (Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses). You get a separate timeline for each section. Each timeline contains 64 note or rest events and can be divided into up to 4 "regions". And you can have each timeline play a different pattern, section or articulation when you hold down a single note or chord!
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Karanyi Sounds Wavesynth Glow

This is future retro. When the weekend is here, and you see those blinding lights glow, you know you are at the right place. Let your track shine with the included 70+ contemporary pop music-ready artist presets ranging from basses, plucks, leads, keys, and more. Explore the charm of retro-futurism through authentic wavetable synthesis, but with a modern, intuitive user interface!
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Audiobro LA Scoring Strings 3

LA Scoring Strings 3 reinvents our renowned classic string library, integrating it seamlessly into our new orchestral engine with a host of new features. LASS 3’s instrumentation:
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The Cuatro by Guillermo Guareschi

An authentic and meticulous Cuatro instrument. The Cuatro is a traditional instrument from Venezuela. It has four strings and a small shaped guitar body.
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Sample Logic Synth AI

THE ILLUSION OF REALITY Introducing SYNTH AI - Animated Intelligence: A modern fusion of cinematic synthesis. Multi-sampled analog, digital, modern, and vintage instruments brought to life through motion, expression and sequencing. SYNTH AI blurs the line between traditional synths and modern sound design unlike any collection before. Expect the extraordinary, with a preternatural palette of organic living sounds, rooted in circuitry. This visionary approach, combined with a cutting edge multi-core performance engine, delivers a massive 24 GB virtual instrument for Kontakt. This is truly the rise of the robots!
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XPERIMENTA Harpsichord

From a beautiful, italian handcraft harpsichord made in Rome and recorded in the Sibelius Academy Studios, Helsinki, we are proud to release our new instrument: XPERIMENTA Harpsichord is just the best choice for your productions.
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Lussive Audio Screech Designer

The Ultimate Screech Designer has arrived. The art of Screech Design revolves around a lot of Pitch Bending, Distorting, EQ-ing and Filtering. This Screech Designer has everything a harder styles producer needs to create roaring Screeches. It has a total of 35 waveforms to start your Screech with and 5 free custom layers for your own sounds.
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