Cinesamples CineBrass Sonore

Sonore (adj.): resonant; with rich tone. When you see “sonore” written in a musical score, the composer is simply asking the musicians to play with the maximum resonance, body and tone of which they are capable. It is the opposite concept of brashness and blasting - “sonore” is a thick and warm sound. We set out to recapture trumpet and horn sections in which we maximized tone and body rather than concentrating solely on loud dynamics. You'll notice a wider, more open sound that takes up more room in the in the mix at a mezzo forte dynamic. We selected articulations specifically for the creation of melodies. Our greatest influence and inspiration was the organic processes employed by the great film composers of orchestral music. Recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, these ensembles also come with vastly improved legato.
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Soundiron Eko Panda

Soundiron's Eko Panda captures that signature nostalgic sound of an early 70's synth, perfect for recreating your favorite old-school leads and pads. The Panda 61 Piano is a vintage 61-key synthesizer built by the Italian electronics company Eko back in the 1960s and early 70s. The Panda was marketed ostensibly as an electric piano, but the internal workings and warm tone are that of a classic early monophonic synthesizer, with basic waveforms designed to very roughly approximate the sound of an e-piano, harpsichord, horns, strings and winds. We’ve captured 7 core voices, with both infinite sustains and tight staccatos. We’ve also created 20 custom FX presets and 40 unique sound-designed synth patches, pads, drones and atmospheres from the raw source to give you a full range of creative options while preserving the essential soul of this humble sonic pioneer.
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Sonic Zest Ambient Cinematic Guitar 4

Ambient Cinematic Guitar 4 is the latest instalment in our collection of guitar libraries specially recorded and processed to sound perfect in epic film music. Kontakt instrument sampling the ambient & cinematic sound of the electric guitar.
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BigWerks 3 N 1 Kontakt Library

This Kontakt bundle is loaded with 700+ sounds and was designed with trap, rnb, edm, etc. in mind! WIDE RANGE!
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Bigwerks ProStage Guitars

ProStage Guitars is a Guitars Kontakt Library designed by ProStage to give you a more realistic guitar experience. We skipped our usual process of having our guitar samples cleaned in order to maintain a natural feel. These patches are straight from the guitarist hands and programmed into kontakt for your pleasure.
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Global Audio Tools Necronomicon

Global Audio Tools is bringing music makers across the globe a tool for the taking named 'Necronomicon'. This Kontakt Library packs a mean punch! With loads of sounds from Arps, to deep Bass sounds, all the way to Plucks, Keys, Pads, Percussive elements and more.
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Global Audio Tools Digital Genres Drum Vault

Needing new drum sounds for different genres? Global Audio Tools is bringing you guys a jam packed tool with over 250 drum sounds with genres ranging from EDM to trap, we have old school and new school hip hop drums and even analog drums! We are confident just about any type of music maker will benefit from this kit not to mention the GUI with various FX and parameters, we highly recommend you pick up your copy today.
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BigWerks Dark Energy

This library has over 300 EPIC sounds (16 categories) professionally designed for multiple genres of music! Categories include: flutes, dark fx, cinematic drums / percs, atmospheric textures, vocals and much more.
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BigWerks Book of Sounds IV

B.O.S IV kontakt library is the last installment of the Book Of Sounds series. This kontakt library is loaded with breathtaking sounds, amazing vocals & more throughout its 13 categories.
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VSTBuzz Moonscapes

Moonscapes is a collection of 200+ patches of ever-evolving deep atmospheres, soundscapes and pads made from various analog & digital sound sources and field recordings.
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Westwood Instruments Violin Untamed

Expressive. Raw. Improvised.The perfect violin for imperfect scores. VIOLIN UNTAMED is a solo violin library with the idea that samples should sound like a performance. At the heart of the instrument is our unique Improvised articulation; a series of evolving and improvised notes. This sounds like a musician taking your composition and adding an individual direction and human performance.
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Wavelet Audio Senfine

Meet Senfine - a handmade extensive toolkit that features a collection of truly atmospheric and emotive sounds which will inject elusive magical atmosphere into your productions.
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Soundiron Montclarion Hall Grand Piano

The Montclarion Hall Grand Piano is a classic Steinway 1926 parlor grand that lives in one of our favorite recording halls. We captured in wide stereo from three distinct microphone distances (internal, external/mid and far/hall) to allow custom and surround mixing and provide different ambient flavorings. It has a crisp, solid tone ideal for classical composing, yet works equally well for soul, jazz, rock and pop. But this 7+ GB library goes well beyond a simple classical grand piano library. It also includes a wide selection of extended "prepared piano" and very useful creative FX articulations, such as percussive pounds, slams, string scrapes, steel guitar slides, mallet and pick glisses, sweeps, plucks and much more.
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Silence+Other Sounds STRINGACHE

HORROR STRING NOISES Stringache is a modern horror library of mangled string noises. We've used close microphone techniques to record a huge deal of violin stabs and screeches, pizzicatos, cello staccatos, double bass jetè, crescendos, strident string gestures, bowed noises: all of them have been heavily processed and transformed in unsettling, hair-raising cinematic horror effects.
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WaveRunner Audio Johns Guitar

Featuring as apart of the Seven Days fundraiser, Waverunner Audio’s John’s Guitar. Warm nylon strings, a distinct and unique character, captured in the same space as 2 French Horns by Adaq Khan, who is usually found recording at London’s Royal Albert Hall. John’s Guitar also includes additional ethereal pad and short patches, featuring stunning artwork by friend Blake Pearson; offering inspiring colours to add to your sonic palette.
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