Uplifting Music Studio Indie Rock Vocal

The feature of this library is the high flexibility of using any vocal phrase, as well as the ability to mix it with other phrases regardless of the tempo and the key of your project. More than that, using any MIDI keyboard, you can instantly switch to any sung syllable. Additional Oneshot syllables located in a separate area on the keyboard make it possible to create an almost unlimited number of new musical phrases.
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Strezov Sampling JADE Ethnic Orchestra

The biggest collection of Chinese and Mongolian virtual instruments out there. A unique and breathtaking collection featuring some of the best Chinese musicians recorded in their country with state of the art equipment and a deep sampling approach with up to 4 dynamic layers. An Ethnic Chinese Orchestra, Percussion Section, two Choirs and more all in one package.
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Strezov Sampling The Muted Seiler

Your new secret weapon: "The Muted Seiler" - Experimental Hybrid Piano library with unique sound-design features and powerful Arpeggiator. What started off as a game, here in the Sofia Session Studio's hallways, blossomed into an experimental library with instruments never sampled before. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you "The Muted Seiler" !
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Strezov Sampling MINImalism

Inspired by the likes of Steve Reich, Terry Riley and John Cage, MINImalism is an electroacoustic virtual instrument for adding rhythmic motion and interest to your music.
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Strezov Sampling Storm Choir Ultimate

Our most popular product ever got even more refined! A 20-piece chamber choir recorded with three microphone positions in Sofia Session Studio (the same hall where we recorded our Afflatus and Next Gen choir series). Completely new recordings ported within the powerful Syllabuilder engine, giving you the highest control possible on syllables, morphing, creating new words and polyphonic true legato.
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Native Instruments Arkhis

BIG SCREEN SHINE Be it gritty neo-noire or feel-good fantasy, underscoring is the final polish that can make or break a cinematic experience. ARKHIS is a specialized instrument for scoring ultra-modern, orchestral soundtracks that bring scenes to life. Built in collaboration with Orchestral Tools, it unites a premium sample library with an easy to use layering engine that has movement, color, and storytelling in its DNA.
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Riot Audio Baritone Guitar Washes

BARITONE GUITAR WASHES is a versatile Kontakt instrument based on sampled recordings of a custom-made hand-built baritone electric guitar with an aluminium neck by NUDE Guitars (see pictures below). The deep resonance and incredible sustain of the instrument make it perfectly suited to designing long pads and other ambient sounds.
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Sonic Academy How To Use Knif Audio Knifonium with Protoculture

In this week's short 'How To Use' video Protoculture's checking out the awesome Knifonium synth available from Plugin Alliance. This emulation of the pricey 26 tube monophonic synthesiser handcrafted in small batches each year is now more accessible for everyone to get their hand's on, and here Nate demonstrates its own unique sound and what makes it stand out compared to others.
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Strezov Sampling Lightning X3M

The first hybrid X3M product featuring a vast collection of organic and electronic high frequency percussion designed for adding tension and speed to your music. The concept behind LIGHTNING X3M is not only to introduce different types of high frequency percussion, but also to create unique instrument combinations, similar to our previous percussion series, as well as some new sounds and effects. From clocks, shakers, pencils, hurdy gurdy, electronic drums, guitars, accordions and many more we sampled everything in a way which is perfect for adding tension and speed to your music.
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8Dio Synthetic Shadows

Synthetic Shadows is a library born in the shadow of a fully realized Synth Cinematic Orchestra. A synthetic library dedicated to bring you analog and digital synths, to augment your existing compositions.
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8Dio Studio Steel Drum

8Dio Studio Steel Drum represents an extreme deep-sampled Steel Drum. The instrument is comprised of more than 55.000 samples, 5 true vintage microphone positions, 2 world-class reverbs (Bricasti & TC6000).
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8Dio Rhythmic REvolution

Rhythmic Revolution was created by Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G Award Winning Composer, Troels Folmann and one of the world's leading sound designers, Professor Mario Bajardi and acclaimed Percussionist, Nino Errera.
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Audiofier AetherArp

AetherArp is a 4 Sound Engines and Cloud Arpeggiator library for Kontakt 5.8.1 which creates evolving soundscapes, overtime mutating sounds, and ethereal/out-wordly moods that add movement and unpredictability to your ambient productions and filmscores.
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Strezov Sampling frame DRUM X3M

Authentic Middle Eastern frame Drums recorded in various sections and ensembles, suitable for all kinds of dynamic music and especially film/videogames. For years the Middle Eastern frame drum has been a constant colour in soundtracks and music productions all over the world. Applying our sampling philosophy to the various instruments of the frame drum branch yielded some very organic and fresh sounding results, which combined with our X3M percussion engine are simply a joy to play.
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Strezov Sampling Orchestral Percussion X3M

Highly flexible collection of orchestral percussion instruments recorded in a large hall and ported into the X3M Engine for maximum playability. Perfect for all kinds of music.
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