Rhythmic Robot Audio PatchVault Jupi6 Factory Set

All 48 factory patches from the truly awesome Jupiter 6 polysynth Simple but powerful control set including Tilt EQ, Filter and Amplifier so you can craft your own sounds
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Rhythmic Robot Audio DX Keys

Darth Vader styling, shiny FM tones and tines! 8 classic piano and EP patches recreated in meticulous detail, using multiple velocity layers and over 830Mb of compressed samples Combine, balance and detune any two Patches in an authentic recreation of a genuine DX Program slot Full Tines patch in all its glory… go on, you know you want to ???? We think there are sounds in this thing that will pleasantly surprise even hardened DX-skeptics
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Rhythmic Robot Audio Strings 202

Roland’s RS202 disco-era analogue string synth reborn he strings that soared above a thousand Disco hits! Roland’s classic Ensemble / Chorus effect gets its first outing Warm yet gritty analogue tonality – a great contrast to more polite string synths
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Sampletrip KAY-ONE Sampletrip

This Project is based on Kawai K1 synthesizer, an underrated digital synth that came in production in late 80s (1988-89). The sampled sounds contained in this library are mostly custom made programmed sounds on the original hardware synth.
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Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2 Standard Edition

VSCO 2 Standard Edition provides the realistic you need to get started writing beautiful orchestral music - or add a few intimate and clean instruments to your existing sample library collection. Regardless of if you're writing concert music or scoring the next game, the 35 essential orchestral instruments and sections in the Standard Edition is the foundation you need to get the job done.
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Aria Sounds LSB Solo French Horn

After a long period of silence, Aria Sounds is very pleased to present the LSB Solo French Horn for Kontakt 4 and above. This instrument is yet another step up for Aria Sounds, packed with features, and carefully sampled to produce a powerfully convincing sound. The library is 5GB extracted and runs in Kontakt 4 and above.
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Square Saw Sound SSS-Polysynth

The Polysynthi was produced in 1978 by EMS during a period of financial difficulty and was therefore discontinued later, that same year. EMS produced less than 30 Polysynthi Synthesizers and so the EMS Polysynthi is an incredibly rare instrument. The Polysynthi had a fully polyphonic 4 octave keyboard controlling a Voltage Controlled Oscillator Bank (VCBO). There was only 1 VCA and 1 Filter, switchable between 2 pole (12dB) or 4 pole (24dB) available for all the voices, therefore the instrument was really only ‘para-phonic.’
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Tunesurge Dream Journeys

Mind opening sounds for Ambient and relaxing projects with cinematic touches..it's a long journey to the ancient world. Long notes are looped especially on Atmospheric and Pads sounds to save sample memory and for the first time custom gui interface are created with some knobs ..like reverb fx and cutoff frequency to give you a good experience
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Tunesurge Dark Apocalyptic

Dark atmospherics textures Textures and dark atmospheric sounds
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Square Saw Sound VC-SSS-3

The EMS VCS3 is a legendary synthesizer that became renowned for creating otherworldly sound effects. This made the VCS3 the perfect instrument for sci-fi soundtracks and early experimental electronic music. Notable users include Brian Eno, ELO, Hawkwind, Jean Michel-Jarre, King Krimson, Kraftwerk, Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
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Insanity Samples Haunted Strings

Haunted strings is a string based instrument that uses various unusual sustained articulations that are to be blended to create haunting and ghostly textures. Perfect for creating eerie harmonic progressions or sound beds. And equally interesting upfront playing a high melody.
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Tunesurge Endeavour

I am happy to offer you this new high quality Ambient sound kit focuses on very warmth lush and Ambient texture and pads but also you find some keys like synth arp and harps.
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Tunesurge Lifeforms

Lifeforms is a dual layered ambient library for Kontakt 5.7 (Full version only) Containing 32 patches that can be blended together using the custom GUI.
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Tunesurge Century Edge K-55

Century edge K-55 's electronic cinematic sound board. From futuristic detuned bass to very electronic synth patch and pads.. Contains: 534MB compressed NCW files - 13 NKI patch 24bit crystal clear multi samples instrument with Vintage custom gui interface all patches are looped perfectly to save sample memory
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Taleweaver Orchestra Ancient Crushed Cymbals

CRUSHED CYMBALS- 8 articulations on 6 different cymbals - Brutally broken Cymbals for twisted horror-landscapes - These cymbals are alive: roaring, screaming and whispering
Read More... 18-12-2018, 16:27
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