Dream Audio Tools MBD Marching Bass Drums

MBD (Marching Bass Drums) is the new library featuring an accurately sampled marching bass drums. Eight different mallet striking techniques and two rolls, recorded each with round robins. The library features a main set and five designed patches with film scoring in mind.
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Dream Audio Tools Dream Circle

Dream Circle Is Our New Sample Library Features Hits And Effect Captured From A Small Handmade Brass Gong Dream Circle captures the beautiful nuances of a small handmade brass gong, recorded using Hammer, Sticks, Metals and Brushes. Hits, athmospheric effects, tempo synced patterns, tuned and playable patches, reverses, swells and more. All patches and sounds including Dream Audio Tools signature sonic research and accuracy.
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Orchestral Tools Berlin Symphonic Harps

There has been one beautiful, shimmering sound missing in our Berlin Series so far: The Harp. The wait is over - we went back to the Teldex Scoring Stage to catch the spirit of this fascinating instrument. To offer even more possibilities, we recorded not one, but two enchanting, pearly Harps to enhance your Berlin Series Template.
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Cinesamples Tina Guo Vol.2

Tina Guo vol. 2 is a valuable expansion of the original Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato library utilizing the same unique seamless legato recording and programming techniques. The legato in vol. 2 allows for more agile melodic passages and additional articulations including spiccato, marcato, harmonics, sul ponticello, and vibrato pizzicato. Combining vol. 2 with the original library provides a complete combination of Tina's solo acoustic cello.
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Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 4

Elite Orchestral Forces Size may be king in the natural world but sometimes the real power lies beneath the surface. After all, some of the tiniest insects are hardwired to floor a six-ton elephant.
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Orchestral Tools Berlin Brass EXP A Additional Instruments

NEW POSSIBILITIES OF EXPRESSION Combined with Berlin Brass Main or on its own – these solo instruments extend your brass paintbox from the lowest end of the Contrabass Trombone to the highest range of the Piccolo Trumpet. No matter if you write high and festive solo lines or ultra low chords - the Additional Instruments are your new tool to realize strikingly fresh brass arrangements.
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Orchestral Tools Berlin Brass EXP B Muted Brass

Extraordinary flavoursUse the individually recorded mutes to provide remarkable sonorities to your creations. Like all Berlin Series Instruments, Muted Brass is highly versatile and adaptable.
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Orchestral Tools TIME macro

CHRONO SYMPHONIC STRUCTURES To augment the available palette of sounds with another dimension, Orchestral Tools introduces TIME macro, captured at the Teldex Scoring Stage with the same setup used for the Berlin Series and Metropolis Ark Series.
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Channel Robot Mechia

An melodic drone engine based around mechanical sounds for Kontakt 5.8.1 and above. Mechia the second in a series of unique engines producing drone sounds, using our 4-voice Recoil playback engine.
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Rigid Audio Aquiver

RAW, GRITTY AND MENACING!AQUIVER delivers 300 powerful, deep and soaring granular sounds. It is powered by a custom granular engine that can play hundreds of small grains of audio with no huge CPU impact.
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Supreme Samples VoxChops Synth

Supreme Samples is proud to present Vox Chops Synth for Kontakt. Vox chops synth is a collection of over 220 playable sounds crafted entirely out of vocal chops. Add a unique layer to your production and let the sounds inspire you. You get, Shouts, Phrases, Vocoder Patches, Leads, Keys, Pads, Staccato and Fx.
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Red Sounds This Is Phat 808 Engine

Nowadays 808s take the place of the bass-lines in nearly every Hip-Hop/RnB/Trap hit record. Many of the biggest producers reinventing their 808s. To stay fresh and top level you need to step up 808 game.
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Wave Alchemy Drumvolution

A redefining Drum Engine for the modern producer... Imagine having instant access to the most visionary library of drum sounds and sound design tools ever created. Imagine being able to intuitively layer, dynamically browse and modulate each layer independently with powerful Macro Controls and modular Step-lock Parameter Sequencing. Imagine a new way to create…
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Orchestral Tools Glory Days Big Band Horns

Glory Days - Big Band Horns is an extensive collection of Brass and Saxophone instruments, providing composers and arrangers with a comprehensive set of tools for all kinds of popular, dance and big band style cinematic music. For this collection we captured a quality and unique character that has bite, punch and sharpness for a remarkable festive and glorious sound. A call back to those glory days of dance and big band standards in an inspiring collection.
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BigWerks Book Of Sounds II

What is Book Of Sounds II? Chapter two of the Book of sounds series is here and this time we wanted to create a timeless kontakt instrument, something you could pull up 10 years from now and the sounds are still relevant. We dug even deeper into sound designing using better equipment and unique synthesizers to create inspiring sounds. Perfect For HipHop, Rnb, Trap & Dark Sounds.
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