Alden Nulden Productions 8 Bit Generator

8 Bit Generator is a library of Alden Nulden Productions for Native Instruments Kontakt 5. It is suitable for music composition for Arcade games, 8 Bit music, LoFi, Glitch, Electronica, Chiptune, Retro games etc.
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Versilian Studios Broken Piano

When it came to our attention that an aging Baldwin piano was destined to be turned into a coffee table after being found unrestorable, we took it upon ourselves to grit our teeth and sample the hideously out of tune instrument in full detail.
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Versilian Studios Bowed Psaltery

The bowed psaltery is a 20th century re-imagining of the psaltery, a plucked zither dating as far back as ancient times. The instrument produces a high, almost glassy tone similar to other fretless zithers, and does an excellent job of standing out in any mix. With a sound reminiscent of its medieval roots, it's a sure match for any fantasy or historical track.
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CL-Projects Virologic Complete

Virologic Complete contains sampled patches from the Access Virus synthesizer. The samples are in 24bit 44.100 Khz ncw format. The library is divided into 12 sound categories containing 570 instruments and 98 Multis. The patches that use the Modulation Wheel as modulator for the Filter are marked with MW.
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Autodafe WaveNation

Autodafe WaveNation is an accurate reproduction of a well-known Japanese synthesizer of the 90s that used something called "Advanced Vector Synthesis", or Wave Sequencing.
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Muletone Audio Brazilian Series Berimbau

Berimbau The berimbau consists of an arched rod made of wood or polyester with an approximate length of 1.50 – 1.70 meters and a steel wire attached to the ends of the pole.
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Lyrebird Sounds Trumpets

TRUMPETS evokes the sounds of 7 high quality trumpets (piccolo, bass, classical, muted, trumpet, trombone, flugelhorn) Features:
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Muletone Audio Brazilian Series Drums

Classy Brazilian Rhythms. Over a year of development and more than 10000 samples, the library brings a jazz drum kit played by the prominent Brazilian drummer Gabriel Bruce.
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Lyrebird Sounds Suprem Bass

SUPREM BASS offers a large range of high quality bass instruments Characteristics:
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Lyrebird Sounds Old Pianos

OLD PIANOS evokes the sounds of the first pianos before the arrival of modern pianos as we know them. Characteristics:
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Lyrebird Sounds Alto Sax

ALTO SAX evokes the sounds of an alto saxophone with the necessary articulations for a good representation of the instrument. Description of the sound bank:
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Autodafe GoodBoy

Autodafe GoodBoy is a recreation of the sounds of Nintendo Gameboys and homebrew cartridges like LSDJ, for Kontakt, based on samples from an actual Game Boy. The Game Boy has been driven by an ArduinoBoy using a Little Sound DJ (LSDJ) cartridge.
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Insanity Samples Offensive Drums

A library of 3 drum kits: STICKS, MALLETS & BRUSHES. 40 unique variations per drum or cymbol (4 round robins with 10 velocity layers per round robin).
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Marcos Ciscar Trinity Recorder

Trinity Recorder is three different recorders (Bass, soprano & sopranino) added together on the keyboard to get the widest register. Mono and poly mode. Realistic sound and very light on your computer. 24-bit 44.1KHz recording.
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Marcos Ciscar Vintage Organ

The organ used for this project is a Hammond L100 with a great Leslie. For a full sound the keyboard was sampled with all the bars at maximum level and the microphones not to close to the cabinet to get some air into the sound.
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