Rhythmic Robot Audio CX5 Drum Machine

The Wersi Drum Composer CX5 is an early digital drum machine with a punchy, aggressive sound that was clearly intended to poach on Simmons's territory. Physically, it's a monolithic slab of grey metal and plastic livened up by dozens of LEDs and a cool, Ensoniq-style vacuum fluorescent display; sonically, its low-bit-depth samples make for gritty, compressed loops that can add a really hefty foundation to a track. (It's no relation to the Yamaha CX5 music computer, by the way; that's a totally different monolithic slab of grey mid-80s metal and plastic!)
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Rhythmic Robot Audio Music Box

Alternative-universe steampunk Victorian musical box! Hundreds of samples for natural variation and character Sound design courtesy of synthesised FM tones, sample reverse and forced-pitching controls Note-off samples for clunks, clicks, whirrs and chiffs
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Rhythmic Robot Audio Spectalk

R-O-B-O-T V-O-I-C-E-S! Need we say more? We can’t leave our Sinclair ZX Spectrum alone. Not only can it do awesome drums (see SpecDrum 2000) and print rude messages about your mates on shiny thermal paper, it can also do RO-BOT VOI-CES!
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Rhythmic Robot Audio NanoMod 10 - Hard

Hard puts the NanoMod architecture to work on hard-hitting, metallized, aggressive waveforms to give you a wide variety of powerful leads and angry basslines. It’s ideally suited to sounds that need to cut through a mix assertively.
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Rhythmic Robot Audio NanoMod 9 - Hats

NanoMod Hats rounds out the components of our ‘NanoMod Drumkit’ with some high-frequency fizz and clank. The eight source waves here range from typical analogue white-noise hisses through various more complex, metallic tones to a couple of low-bit-depth digital sounds – for when you want a more realistic hats track which still retains a bit of vintage flavour. Tweaking the Tone control can really add some sparkle, while the Grit Filter at its higher cutoff settings dials in attitude without killing the edge.
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Rhythmic Robot Audio OrgaTone 601

We’ve sampled amazing, expensive, state-of-the-art machines like the Emulator II and the Roland Jupiter 6, but sometimes what a track calls for is something a little more basic, a little more humble in its origins. Think soundtrack to Napoleon Dynamite. Think home keyboard. Think cheese. Think Casiotone.
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SYNTHS DX is a collection of inspiring sounds for creating subtle cinematic atmospheres, deep, wide sci-fi pads for film, videogame,ambient and synthwave music production. With its 60+ instrument presets you get a palette of colors for your next track.
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Cinematique Instrumentsemblia 2 Elektronika

Ensemblia 2 Elektronika is a brand new flavour of our succesful Ensemblia Percussive line. Ensemblia is a complex 7 track Multi Beat Engine equipped with hundreds of beats and single sounds. Best suitable to easily create a wide range of rhythms. By using its easy-to-use Live FX feature you can shape the beats in realtime.
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Cinematique Instruments Melt

MELT is a fascinating instrument that allows you to create highly complex sounds, ambiances and textures in an extremely easy way. You are able to blend between 4 of MELT's beautifully varied and inspiring sound sources and thus create unique, interesting and inspiring sounds.
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Sonuscore Lyrical Violin Phrases

AN EVOCATIVE SOLO PERFORMANCE LYRICAL VIOLIN PHRASES is the third installment in Sonuscore's "Lyrical" Series - inspiring instruments for cinematic and creative scoring. Unafraid to take the spotlight, LYRICAL VIOLIN PHRASES offers the bold, passionate and high quality solo magic that traditional sampling has yet to achieve.
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Origins of Audio Pulse

Pulse is a powerful sequencer, which will inspire all of you who reached a musical dead end! You have only to import a group inside Kontakt's engine, choose from at least 13 different musical scales and let Pulse do its work!
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Sonixinema Superball

Innovative Evolving Percussion Using Superball friction mallets, we sampled a variety of Orchestral Bass Drums, Timpani, Taiko, Thunder Sheet and Gongs to create a library of evolving sonic textures. Working in close collaboration with virtuoso percussionist Joby Burgess and Emmy nominated recording engineer Nick Wollage, we have created a virtual instrument like no other.
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Rhythmic Robot Audio Prototype EP

A thoroughly unusual electromechanical EP with a distinctive Claviset mechanism and crude control set Perfect for roots rock, blues, honky-tonk dives, or adding a layer of strangeness to more conventional EPs
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Dark Harmony Timelapsed Sky

Timelapsed Sky is a powerful and easy to use tool for creating leads, pads, and basses for all types of electronic music. It utilizes the new Kontakt 5.5 functions for tempo syncing and filter changing straight from the GUI.
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Noisy Michael Unconventional Bundle

This bundle is a vast collection of wonderfully designed instruments, each one with it's own bespoke scripting and unique flavour. In total there are 39 instruments and they will all run in Kontakt V2 or above (not Kontakt Player).
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