Marcos Ciscar Reed Organ

Reed Organ is a M-S Stereo 24 bit - 96KHz recording of an old swedish reed organ by J.Eriksson. Actually, it was the brand of choice for the Swedish king Oscar II. It was carefully restored and recorded note by note.
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Marcos Ciscar Fairytale Flute

The inspiration came from retro recordings of classical music, pop-acts using both the Chamberlin and the Mellotron and of course new-age artists such as Ralph Lundsten and Tangerine Dream. I call it "Fairytale flute" simply because I searched for that beautiful and perhaps otherworldly flute sound I heard so many times but with an added layer of realism compared to at least the Chamberlin and Mellotron sounds.
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Marcos Ciscar Chromatic Pan Flute

The Chromatic Pan Flute is a 3 octave (C3 - B5) library capturing the essence of this beautiful instrument. Details:
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BigWerks Deck Head

Deck Head is a perfect blend of down south trap and EDM trap music. Deck Head has deep 808's and basses all created from the ground up to give your music a unique sound not found any where else. We not only created trap sounds we also designed textures, gated and non gated pads to add an even bigger spark to your beat making process.
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TH Studio Production TRAILER BOOMS

TH Studio Production present you one small , but really powerful cinematic Sound FX library “TRAILER BOOMS “ , Powerful explosion on sounds Will make your trailers more big and cinematic. In the pack are included 35 sounds, 3 Kontakt Instruments – 10 Sounds Booms, 15 Sounds Booms Long and 10 Sounds Booms Very Long. 385 MB 24 bit / 48 Khz. Version for Kontakt 5.6.6 and WAV files (Clean ).
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Sampletrip AI-30

The AI-30 is a Kontakt 5 based sample library inspired by hardware ROMpler synthesizers using PCM and AI technology from the early 90s. The included presets resemble sounds from that era and also include newly created sounds that will inspire and fill the requirements of your retro compositions.
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Wobblophones Splash

Splash is a unique water sound library. It is like a liquid piano that drips and streams out of your speakers. Splash’s sounds evoke vivid imagery, adding an almost visual dimension to your music and sound design. For Splash we precisely captured three octaves of tuned falling drops and streams of water.
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Wobblophones Ferrophone

Whether you are a film composer, game composer, sound designer, performer or a passionate musician, if you want to make bodies shiver, and make hairs stand up, Ferrophone is surely a great addition to your collection.
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Insanity Samples Offensive Synth

A 3 oscillator super synth modelled on a mixture of analogue beasts. Designed to tap into both the classic analogue sound, whilst stepping out into the modern age with a multitude of modulation possibilities. From budding beginners making use of the extensive preset collection, to hardened synth wizards.
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Insanity Samples Offensive Guitar

OFFENSIVE GUITAR is a guitar library for Kontakt, designed primarily to tap into the more edgy and aggressive playing styles of the sorts of Guitarists Tom Waits might hire. The Marc Rebots of the world, the Beatnik/Punks. A playing style yet to be fully explored in the Sample world. Whilst this concept gave birth to the instrument, during production it evolved into a fully featured guitar library capable of both the rough and the smooth. To cater for all!
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BigWerks Pure Analog Guitars

ProStage World Wide is back with a new guitars based kontakt instrument titled "Pure Analog Guitars". 50+ guitar patches ranging from acoustic, distorted, electric, Bass & more!
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SampleTraxx MEMORIES

MEMORIES is a great sound pack to create the sounds of anxious uncertainty, it channels feelings from dystopian hopelessness to personal turmoil. It is a great toolset for the sound designer trying to give voice to an uncertain future or disturbing past.
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SampleTraxx WOOSH

A modern collection of 110+ cinematic WOOSH sound effects aimed at full-range theatre audio asset and available in WAV and Kontakt format. Whether you work in sound design, as a composer or trailer editor WOOSH is a perfect toolbox to create movement, whooshes, flybys, transitions and anywhere you need accent or energetic passes in different speeds.
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SampleTraxx Harmonics

Add infinite emotion to your music and sound design projects with an extensive set of inspiring sonic material based on a wide range of resonating metals and pure harmonic tones.
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Insanity Samples Sky Pad

An ethereal instrument of pad textures, made from organic sound sources. That are bowed, time stretched, processed, and moulded into a lush blanket of sound.
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