Ask Video Studio One 4 103 Recording and Editing Audio

PreSonus Studio One 4 is an amazing DAW for recording audio. Join educator and audio engineer Joshua Carney in this course to master all audio recording and editing features included in Studio One!
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ADSR Sounds How To Make RnB Rap Beats OVO Style

From acts like Drake to PARTYNEXTDOOR and OB O’Brien, to producers including 40, Boi-1da and Future the Prince. OVO has become a style all its own. In this course you will learn how to make an RnB/Rap beat OVO style and mix the beat to a professional standard.
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Groove3 Production Review with Bob Horn and Erik Reichers Episode 1

Bob Horn and Erik Reichers are back in their first new Groove3 production video tutorial series, Production Review - Episode 1. See how the guys along with guest producer AJ Jenkins tackle a production makeover, including the steps they take, the reasons why, as well as creative tips and tricks for production and mixing.
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Groove3 Arturia DX7 V Explained

The most popular synthesizer of the 80’s is back! Synth guru Tyler Coffin presents an in-depth video tutorial series on Arturia’s DX7 V, the awesome virtual recreation of Yamaha’s revolutionary digital synth, the DX7! Learn this powerhouse virtual instrument inside and out, including sound design tutorials for making Bass, Lead and Pad patches from scratch.
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Ask Video Pro Tools 105 Mastering Essentials

Mastering is an art, and Avid Pro Tools offers a wide range of plugins, perfect for any mastering tasks. Dive in this course to learn the subtle art of mastering with experienced engineer Joe Albano.
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Audio Mastering: The Artists: Discussions from Pre-Production to Mastering (Perspectives on Music Production)

Audio Mastering: The Artists collects more than twenty interviews, drawn from more than 60 hours of discussions, with many of the world’s leading mastering engineers. In these exclusive and often intimate interviews, engineers consider the audio mastering process as they, themselves, experience and shape it as the leading artists in their field. Each interview covers how engineers got started in the recording industry, what prompted them to pursue mastering, how they learned about the process, which tools and techniques they routinely use when they work, and a host of other particulars of their crafts. We also spoke with mix engineers, and craftsmen responsible for some of the more iconic mastering tools now on the market, to gain a broader perspective on their work.
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Recording Studio Design (Audio Engineering Society Presents) 4th Edition

Recording Studio Design, Fourth Edition explains the key principles of successful studio design and construction using straightforward language and the use of practical examples appreciated by readers of previous editions. Updated to reflect new industry standards, this fourth edition addresses improvements in cinema sound, with specific attention paid to B-chain electroacoustic response and calibration.
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Sonic Academy How To Make Deep House 2018 with P-LASK

Following his popular Ableton courses with us, Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back LA based Paul Laski aka P-LASK for his first 'How To Make' course, and this week we're building a groove laden Deep House track from scratch.
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Sonic Academy How To Use Chromaphone 2 with 2Scoops

This week Sonic Academy welcomes back LA-based producer Noah Koroman aka 2Scoops for a new 'How To Use' course - and this time he's checking out Applied Acoustic Systems Chromaphone 2.
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Hollywood Harmony: Musical Wonder and the Sound of Cinema

Film music often tells us how to feel, but it also guides us how to hear. Filmgoing is an intensely musical experience, one in which the soundtrack structures our interpretations and steers our emotions. Hollywood Harmony explores the inner workings of film music, bringing together tools from music theory, musicology, and music psychology in this first ever book-length analytical study of this culturally central repertoire. Harmony, and especially chromaticism, is emblematic of the "film music sound," and it is often used to evoke that most cinematic of feelings-wonder.
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Groove3 Revoice Pro 4 Explained

Eli Krantzberg delivers the definitive video tutorial series on Syncro Arts’ Revoice Pro 4! Learn all of its features inside and out, and see and hear everything this amazing software can do for your pitch and time correction and creative needs.
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MacProVideo Logic Pro X 205 The Distortion Plugins

Logic Pro X has a bunch of distortion plugins and it’s hard to know, at first glance, just what flavor of distortion they actually produce. No worries, Joe Albano is here to explain them all in this in-depth course!
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ADSR Sounds D16 Instruments Explained

D16 Group Audio Software have created a series of virtual instruments that are faithful recreations of classic hardware units. Their breathtaking attention to sonic detail is both powerful and inspiring. In this 5 part course, get under the skin of each and every instrument and become proficient at synthesis, sequencing, midi controls, multi output instruments and more
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Ask Video Pro Tools 104 Mixing and Automation

Pro Tools is considered be the gold standard for recording and mixing audio. Learn how to use every Pro Tools’ mixing and automation feature in this 2-hour + course by audio expert Joe Albano.
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ADSR Sounds Modulation Effects Chorus Flanger Phasers

Along with delay and reverb, modulation effects help add width and depth to a mix as well as animating static sounds. While you are probably familiar with these classic effects it’s easy to get confused by which is which and when to use them.
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