Articulated Sounds Bones And Blood

"Bones & Blood - Gore Elements" is born in the aim of bringing ultra high quality malleable materials for sound designers with extensive organic variations in the realm of horror/gore.
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Articulated Sounds Yeti Monster

The "Yeti Monster" library is an extensive collection of rare humanoid creature sounds. They were carefully recorded, edited, classified, thoroughly meta-tagged. It comprises expressive cinematic designed sounds with over 25 different articulations as well as cartoon-like interpretations.
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Articulated Sounds Winter Forest

We present here an ambience sound library from the collection 'Wonders of Nature' that captures the magical essence of dormant snowy forests. 'Winter forest' is not just about silence, it unfolds the delicate flow of lone natural immensity. Over the span of 2 years we recorded the cold north wood forest of the Laurentian in Canada. We captured chilly breezes, sparse birds, creaking barks, freezing rain, raven's vocalizations, wolves, long cold silences. All of which resonate through these unique sceneries of quietude.
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Articulated Sounds Undiscovered Savannah And Jungle

Recoded in the Rupununi region, virtually untouched by modern human activity, its nature combines a mixture of savannahs, shrubs, wetlands and forests located in South America. The Amerindians inhabit the area for millennia and are in total osmosis with their surroundings.
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Articulated Sounds Rustle Tones

Articulated presents the result of a 2-months investigation in the realm of rustling matters: Fragile and delicate elements in motion producing soft crackling and rubbing sounds. These will help to create presence, reality but also interesting textures and silences.
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Articulated Sounds Tropical Ambiences

"Tropical Ambiences" (from the series "Wonders of Nature") is an assorted collection of 52 pure immersive sound ambiences recorded in the wild pristine nature. These unique recordings have been meticulously collected from each subset of tropical ecosystems in the utmost bio-diverse Central America. It includes rainforests (jungle), cloudforests, dry forests, mangroves, and various other settings (see the file list included).
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Articulated Sounds Quiet Streets

These recordings were made at ground level with very little editing in order to keep them natural and as close as a human would experience the city in a daily basis. At times, distinct activities can be heard from distance although the most noisiest events were taken out. Each files are loopable. Also every season and weather condition are represented. This library has been thought for the universal need of sonic bed in urban scenes, used as glue or 'exterior roomtone'.
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Articulated Sounds Busy Streets

'Busy Streets' is a key library containing 74 ambiences that will set the scene of bustling cities. Recorded stealth in the USA in: Chicago, New York, Philadelphia. 'Busy Streets' is also a great complementary library to the 'Quiet Streets' library.
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Articulated Sounds Dice

'DICE SFX Party' is a unique and extensive sound library of 616 dice samples meticulously recorded and selected through a wide range of actions and interactions on various surfaces, with different dice types and quantities.
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Articulated Sounds Kiss

This sound library is exactly what its name says: Kisses sounds! This is a collection of genuine, untreated recordings of all kind of kisses. Feel free to use them in your sound design and be creative. Maybe they can serve to create squealing monster or squeaking tires, who knows!
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Articulated Sounds Ice Skating

“Ice Skating” is a comprehensive library of 1000 audio files drawn from the realm of ice skating. It encompasses many variety of sounds using different skating techniques and depicts varied ice skating activities such as hockey game, figure skating, free skating...
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Articulated Sounds Thin Ice

The library encompasses 315 sounds of cracklings, frictions, impacts, and squashes. Part of the sounds were recorded in the field, on thin ice layers recovering lakes. Part were thoroughly recorded in studio. Also the debris sounds have a particularly interesting sonic texture due to the process of slightly melting and freezing again, which gives them this special crispy crusty quality. These unique focused sounds have been edited meticulously making them easier to integrate in any audiovisual project or interactive program.
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Articulated Sounds 100 Fountains

‘Fountains’ comprises 100 sound files of high precise quality stereo recordings of various fountains size, type, and perspective (including 15 hydrophone recordings). Each file is between 40 sec and 2 min long, mono compatible, and is fully loopable, ready to be used in any project.
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Hzandbits Sound Effects Vibration

This is a collection of sounds that rattle, clatter, vibrate, buzz, hum and oscillate. Think huge cargo vehicles, passenger ferries or mechanical installations with loose metal panels, resonating generators and such. The vibrating was done with a 100 watt tactile transducer (like a bass speaker with no cone) hooked up to an amplifier, and getting it's signal from a modular synth. Frequencies from LFO's and VCO's were mixed, to get interesting vibrations in both sub-audio and audio range.
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West Wolf Seaside Nature and Waves

Seaside Nature and Waves is a collection of 48 atmospheres of seashore nature. It is recorded in the Greek part of the Mediterranean Sea and the Bulgarian part of the Black Sea. Inside you will find forest atmospheres abounding from birds and sea songs far in backgrounds to insects and other natural sounds typical of the regions. The second part of the library is assigned to the sea. There you will hear waves that are recorded from different distances and emotional states of the sea. You will feel the power of Mother Nature in the waves breaking up in the rocks and the stormy sea foreshadow an autumn storm.
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