TUTORiALS Collection 4

TUTORiALS Collection 4 contains 68 old tutorials from labels: PUREMIX, Sonic Academy, Streamworks Audio, Total Training, Udemy, Vespers, Video2brain.
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Udemy Rock Guitar Power The Modes On Guitar

This program is designed to teach you all about the modes and how to best use them for Rock music and expand your playing to be able to utilize the whole entire fretboard when soloing, jamming and creating leads.
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Udemy Music Production: How To Make Tech House Track In 2023

If you want to learn how to make dance music from a real artist, then this music production course is for you! What you'll learn
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Udemy Rock Guitar Power Soloing & Lead Playing

This guitar course is designed to show you how you to use the whole entire guitar neck to solo, improvise and jam with the greatest of ease! The pentatonic scale is by far the most popular and useful scale to know for any style of music, especially rock. However what usually happens with players after they learn it, is that they feel "boxed in" and don't know how to play notes outside of the pattern.
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Groove3 bx_console Focusrite SC Explained

Since its creation in 1985, the Focusrite ISA-110 channel strip has been revered worldwide by the best engineers and producers in the business. With the bx_console Focusrite SC plugin from Brainworx, you can now have the sound of that module available to you at any time. In this detailed Focusrite SC video tutorial, plugin expert Eli Krantzberg walks you through this plugin, showing you how to get the sounds you want with ease. Along with explanations and demonstrations of all the parameters and controls, you'll hear numerous musical examples in a variety of applications, including standard use along with more creative ideas as well. These videos are for new bx_console Focusrite SC users.
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Groove3 Hollywood Backup Singers Explained

After welcoming you to the course, Larry starts by discussing the background of the plugin and providing a brief tour of the Opus software, which is used to load the plugin. Then he begins looking at the various features, beginning with the Vowel and Consonant instruments, with which you can adjust various dynamic layers to enhance the emotional aspects of the performance. The Combo Mod instruments are covered next, which contain sounds that can be switched or cross-faded via the mod wheel or other methods.
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Producertech Singomakers Complete Psytrance Production

Singomakers are one of the leaders of the Psytrance Music industry - their samples have been used in tracks of legendary artists like KSHMR, Marnik, Berg, Billx & Mat Weasel Busters, Blastoyz, Omiki and released on a world’s leading Psytrance labels like Iboga Records, DHARMA, Iono Music, TIP Records, Dragonfly Records, HOMMega Productions and performed at the biggest festivals around the world! Now, Singomakers are very proud to share with you their experience and knowledge.
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Udemy What'S New In Studio One 5

Presonus have just release possibly one of the biggest updates in their history with Studio One version 5, and in this course I want to help you fast track your way around the new features and updates and how you can use these tools in your compositions and music productions.
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Udemy Game Music Production

Did you know the Video Game Industry is one of the fastest growing industry? Making millions and millions each year. And guess what? All these games need music! And its an exciting industry to get into. You can be a game music composer, a game sound designer, or even a game dialogue and voice over artist. So there's many possibilities as a music maker and artist.
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Udemy Building Foundations: Beginners Guide To Voice

Welcome to Building Foundations! In this course we are going to give you a beginners overview to voice. We will learn proper foundations for singing such as posture, how to properly take care of your instrument, where you should be focusing your time and energy, and more. We'll go in depth over several different vocal warm ups to help you understand how your voice works and to help you grow and develop your voice at home on your own. And lastly I've included some extra curricular vocal scales to help you not only with singing but are also great to help you with ear training (being able to hear correct notes and hear multiple notes within chords).
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Udemy Epic, Cinematic Composing With Studio One

Often this is a type of Hybrid Orchestral Compositions, and requires quite a unique composition and production techniques. From the the types of chords and melodies you use, through to the instrument choices you make.
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Udemy Advanced Mixing With Studio One

I thought I had a great mixing workflow, until I found out some new tips and techniques to take my mixing to the next level. And that is what I'm going to showing you in this course.
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Udemy Learn How To Produce Rock And Metal In Studio One

If you want to improve your rock and metal style songs in Studio One, this is the perfect course for you! Learn how to Produce Rock and Metal Songs in Studio
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Udemy Sing: Hollitown's 4 Steps Video & Note Discrimination Course

Learn to sing with proper support and to hit notes with accuracy, using note discrimination skills you will develop by taking this course. This information packed 8 week Hollitown course is taught by pro-focused, high-performance coach Holli Willibey, and it includes access to the video introducing you to the revolutionary Hollitown Method of Voice Instruction (4 Steps)!
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Punkademic Film Scoring Bundle: Writing Music For Films: Parts 1 And 2

This is a class designed for the average person who is ready to take their music career (or music interest) and develop it into something more. Whether you are an active musician or an aspiring musician, this class is perfect for you.
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