Udemy Learn to read Musical Notes

With this course you will learn how to read notes on the staff in the Treble clef. We will do it in the fastest and easiest way possible. Suitable for people aged 14 to 99 years, and also for children if followed by a tutor. During the 19 lessons you will be followed step by step in learning, so that everything will be clear and simple to learn.
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Udemy Learn to Play Moonlight Sonata on the Piano (1st Movement)

Beginner Piano Lesson This course consists of 15 videos that will teach you how to play the first movement of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata in its entirety.
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30 Day Singer All About Tone

What would you say if I asked you to describe the difference between Freddie Mercury’s voice and Elvis Presley’s? What about the difference between Ariana Grande’s voice and Adele’s? Each of these singers has a unique sound; and answering that question will get us talking about tone or timbre. While we all have a general sound that comes naturally to us, we can develop and explore different tone qualities within our voice. Keep watching for a tutorial on tone.
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30 Day Singer Applying Vocal Exercises To Song Work

Many singers have a hard time making the leap from vocal exercises to singing real songs. This lesson series will teach you exactly how Camille applies vocal exercises to song work, and how you can do the same!
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30 Day Singer Avoiding Bad Vocal Technique

We can broadly define a bad vocal technique as anything that hurts you or prevents you from singing with your best, most free and beautiful tone. But we’re gonna get a little more specific. This tutorial will cover the three bad techniques that I see with a majority of voice students. Part 1 covers pushing for high notes; we’ll talk about what to do instead, and practice with a few exercises. Part 2 is about neglecting either head voice or chest voice. And part 3 will cover the bad techniques that result from trying to sound good. Now, of course we do want to sound good, but some weird stuff can happen when we’re trying so hard. These techniques are most common with beginning students, but any level can benefit from these exercises and reminders.
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30 Day Singer Beginner Warmups

This tutorial goes through key exercises for beginner singers! With each exercise we have a specific goal in mind or coordination we're practicing. Let's begin!
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Udemy Music Theory for Songwriters From Beginner to Producer

Music Theory for Producers Music theory can be a complicated, confusing subject. But it doesn't have to be! Did you know most popular songs use just a couple of easy concepts, which once you learn make the process of writing and producing music an absolute breeze.
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30 Day Singer Building Vocals After Strain Or Injury

Welcome to your tutorial on building vocals after strain or injury. Most singers watching this will not develop vocal damage that requires surgery. But, most of us will get a cold, or cough that lingers for a few weeks; most of us will experience vocal fatigue; and all of us can attest that some days our voice feels better than others.
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30 Day Singer Christmas Songs

It’s a special Christmas tutorial! Join me for some holiday fun as we learn a few favorite carols. This tutorial is great for singers of any experience level. See you there!
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30 Day Singer Classical Singing

Welcome to your classical technique tutorial! Classical singing is characterized by maximum resonant space, liberal use of vibrato, pure vowels, and blending of the vocal registers. Before we jump in, there are two areas you should have a good grasp on. First is your posture: the exercises we’re about to do will be best if you practice them standing tall, shoulders back and down, chest and ribcage lifted, and head floating freely above the spine. Second is your breath support: we’re taking low breaths that move the ribs, belly, and back, and as we sing, we keep the chest and ribs lifted, slightly engaging the abdominal muscles “down and out”. If all of that is new to you, check out my tutorial on vibrato! There’s an entire video there dedicated to breath support. Then come back and join me here.
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30 Day Singer Daily Practice Routine for Altos

Welcome to your daily practice routine for altos! This tutorial is great for any experience level, and each video can be used as a stand-alone mini-warm up. In part 1, our goal is to pair breath to voice and warm up gently. Part 2 will focus on tone and resonance. And part 3 will have register-specific work for lower chest voice and navigating over your passaggio. While part 3 will specify which register to use, please use whichever register is most comfortable for parts 1 and 2.
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Udemy Smart Skills for Piano Beginners

Learn piano from motor, cognitive and auditive skills and build your learning autonomy Learn the piano and keyboard from cumulative skills that contribute for your independence. The key goal is generously providing you smart effective tools for your active learning. With such tools you will be capable to acquire more information and learn to perform the songs you wish saving your time.
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30 Day Singer Daily Practice Routine for Beginners

Welcome: like any skill, we grow the most when we can make our desires our habits. Regular practice makes perfect. There are no prerequisites for this course, we're starting with the basics!
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30 Day Singer Daily Practice Routine for Sopranos

Sopranos and mezzos: we’ve got your daily practice routine in this new tutorial. You can look forward to a warmup that gradually extends out from your comfortable mid-range and is catered to the higher tessitura of your voice. I’ll see you there!
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30 Day Singer Head Voice And Falsetto For Male Singer

Even if you don’t plan to sing a lot of songs that use head voice, you still need to work on that function to sing with greater ease and flexibility, to extend your range, and to develop a powerful, healthy mix. Join Camille in this lesson series on head voice & falsetto for male singers!
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