Ask Video FL Studio 302 The Patcher Explained and Explored

One of the best kept secrets in FL Studio is the amazing Patcher. Unlock your creativity by watching this course by FL Studio expert Rishabh Rajan! FL Studio lets you create your own instrument and effect chains using the Patcher. You can use it to build anything from simple effect chains to complex layered multi-instruments. In this course, trainer and producer Rishabh Rajan explores the unlimited potential of this flexible tool.
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SkillShare Serum Synthesizer by Xfer  FX + Mod Matrix

In this class, I'm going to show you the FX + Modulation Matrix in the Serum Synthesizer by Xfer. This class is useful for anyone that wants to learn to use Serum as an effect or for anyone that wants to learn how to use the FX tab or the Modulation Matrix inside of the Serum Synth.
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SkillShare How To Play The Drum Set For Beginners Part 1

How To Play The Drum Set For Beginners: Part 1 is a video course based on the drum set method book Masterful Drumming Volume One. This video course will help drummers develop their co-ordination and independence on the drum set. Volume One is designed for beginner to intermediate level players. The video will help develop sight reading skills by working through the basic note values like quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes and eighth note triplets. The video features a section on drum fills that will really help a student get around the drum set. An ebook of Masterful Drumming Volume One is included in the course.
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Udemy Learn Piano with Eric Niceberg

What you'll learn You will learn to play the piano like you never dreamed you could before, even in your wildest dreams.
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SkillShare Creating a Kontakt Instrument From Scratch

In this course we will be creating an entire little Kontakt sample library from scratch. The first thing we will be doing, is to create sound content. Then we will hop into Photoshop to create a basic Kontakt user interface. After that we will be making use of the Kontakt GUI Maker to implement and finalize our little Kontakt sample library!
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Truefire Chris Buono's 30 Funk Rock Guitar Riffs You Must Know

Pack your bags, grab the guitar and toothbrush, and jump on the bus with Chris Buono who will guide you through decades of funk rock guitar with this collection and ear-opening exploration of 30 Funk Rock Riffs You MUST Know!
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Music-Prod Logic Pro X Manual 101 Complete Logic Pro X Masterclass

Learn How To Create 3 Full Tracks With Logic Pro X From The Ground Up And From Scratch in This Logic Pro X Masterclass In this class you will learn how to master Logic Pro X and how to create full productions in no time! We will also create 3 full productions from scratch in this class, from the idea stage to a complete finished professional sounding track. You will also get those 3 full productions as templates so you can open them on your computer to see how the projects are built up. Feel free to copy settings and / or different presets or sounds.
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SkillShare Sampling in Logic Pro X

In this course you will learn how to manipulate and sample Vocals, 808s, High Hats, Snares and more Project Description
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Groove3 U Produce Future Pop

Music production guru Larry Holcombe brings you an in-depth video tutorial series on creating a Future Pop track from scratch. Shot in Logic Pro X, but applicable to any DAW, see what goes into making this popular electronic music genre, as well as tons of production tips and tricks. You also get the stems so you can experiment on your own!
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Groove3 Auto-Tune Pro Explained

Marcus Huyskens delivers an in-depth video tutorial series all about Antares Auto-Tune Pro! Learn this powerful pitch and time editing tool inside and out, as well as how to use it creatively.
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Ask Video Orchestrator 103 Flutes and Oboes

In this Winds course, professional orchestrator Thomas Goss takes an in-depth look at two important members of the wind section: the flutes and oboes. Learn everything there is to know about these two unique instrument families from the best orchestration teacher on the planet!
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The Link OC Vocal Production with Mike London

WHY DON’T MY VOCALS SOUND AS GOOD AS THE ONES I HEAR ONLINE OR ON THE RADIO?? Getting “great vocals” is difficult for many because there are so many parts to the process that, when a few are done incorrectly, it can mess up the whole vocal.
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ADSR Sounds Ambient Music Production Techniques

A good ambient track can literally take you to new mental planes without you even realizing it! Achieving this is no mean feat and requires a solid knowledge of complex processing techniques
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PUREMIX John Paterno Mixing Template and Workflow

When receiving sessions from other people to mix, it is important to establish a workflow that is efficient and organized so that you can be creative faster and remove the distractions of session management.
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Sonic Academy How to Make Ruby with Enamour

It's finally here! This week we're bringing you another exclusive at Sonic Academy and we're super stoked to welcome a brand new tutor - Washington DC-based producer and DJ, Enamour to guide us through How To Make Ruby - his latest track just released on Anjunadeep's Explorations 08 which is currently sending positive chills down the spines of those in the Progressive House scene.
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