ADSR Sounds Track from Scratch, In the Style of Kygo

Whether you’re a fan of Kygo, dance music, or you just want to see how the pro’s do it. This course takes you through the key steps and processes from getting your ideas down and picking sounds through to mapping out your arrangement and mixing your track.
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Udemy SONGWRITING SIMPLIFIED Music Theory, Melody and Creativity

Writing a song is not as difficult as you think! If you can play some basic chords on Piano or Guitar, this course will teach you literally everything you need to know to get you started writing songs like the pros: Practical Music theory, Chord Progressions, Melodies, Song Structure, Lyric Writing, Creativity, Songwriting Tips & Tricks, and... YOU WON'T HAVE TO READ A NOTE OF MUSIC! And if you are a beginner player, you'll learn even more about Chords and Scales throughout the course.
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Music-Prod Electronic Music Production In Logic Pro X 5 Courses In 1

Learn Electronic Music Production In Logic Pro X With Music Theory & Making 3 Full Tracks From Scratch - 5 Courses In 1 In this complete music production course for Logic Pro X, I will show you how to become an electronic music producer with getting into music production from scratch. First course is a quick start course to Logic Pro X where I will learn you how to start out with Logic. After that we will cover music theory for electronic musicians which is very easy to follow. I will show you some key steps to know how to create chords without knowing anything about music theory. After that we're creating three different full songs - from scratch.
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Groove3 Dance Music Mixdown

Electronic music producer pro Chris Herrera presents an in-depth video tutorial series on mixing dance music. See how to get that professional, modern sound out of your dance tracks. You also get the stems from the featured song so you can follow along and mix on your DAW!
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Groove3 Production Techniques and Strategies Getting Unstuck

Adam Pollard aka Multiplier, presents a helpful video tutorial series about ways to get unstuck when feeling stagnated or lost when producing your music. Get a ton of helpful ideas that will get you back on track in no time!
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TTC Great Courses Playing Guitar like a Pro Lead, Solo, and Group Performance

Musicians have been performing for the public since time immemorial, inspiring people all over the world with their creativity, knowledge of theory, and subtle nuances that set them apart from the crowd. Embark on a wondrous trek around the world, through time, and into the hottest musical scenes in the last 100 years as you open your eyes and ears to the magic of playing guitar like a master.
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Ask Video Moog Grandmother 101 Explained and Explored

The Grandmother is a powerful 2-oscillator monophonic semi-modular analog synth from Moog. Join expert trainer Rishabh Rajan to get the wisdom and inspiration you need to make the most out of this new (but already venerable) synth!
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Songwriter Online Mixing total! (German)

In Mixing total zeige ich dir mein bewährtes System, um deinen Song druckvoll, transparent und modern abzumischen. Ich führe dich Step by Step durch jede... 8 Videos (960x540):
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PUREMIX Pro Member Mix Fix With Fab Dupont

We asked the pureMix Pro Members to send us sessions recorded in home studios with common problems that we all deal with. Distorted tracks, tracks with excessive bleed, you name it, we asked for it.
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Sonic Academy How To Use Ableton Live 10 Echo with Bluffmunkey

This week we welcome back Bluffmunkey for an in-depth look at another of Ableton Live 10's new plugins - Echo. This one isn't just a simple delay plugin, and Ableton has certainly gone to town in creating a rival that can hold it's own against third-party plugins.
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Groove3 Music Production Recipe Trap Influenced Pop

Electronic Music production wiz Josh Bess delivers a tutorial video series for beginners on producing a Trap influenced Pop track from scratch. See everything it takes to craft a modern sounding electronic track, step by step with simple instruction that anyone can follow. You also get the sounds that Josh uses for free!
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Udemy The Note Reading Bootcamp Read Music Fast

In this course you will learn a superior note reading system I call The Landmark System. This is completely different system from what most piano teachers teach (Every Good Boy Does Fine).
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Udemy How To Start a Podcast

Let us show you the shortcuts, the pitfalls and the smart approaches that you can adopt today to begin your Podcasting journey. Chris Hall has his existing and popular Be What You Want Podcast and is able to give real life insight to get you off to a powerful and affordable head-start.
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Udemy Lead Guitar Lesson #2 Alternate Picking Technique

Alternate Picking will become something natural for you This lessons is one of the many lessons of my Lead Guitar Program, where my goal as instructor is to make you a lead guitar player. If you have some knowledge on music and guitar, if you consider yourself a beginner to intermediate level guitarist, Lead Guitar Program is for you!
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MacProVideo Logic Pro X 206 The Delay/Reverb Plugins

Logic’s Delay and Reverb plugins are some of the most essential plugins in the Logic Pro library. Joe Albano is here with this course to explain and explore all of them. Watch this course and get learning...
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