SkillShare Electronic Music Production for Beginners

In this class, I will introduce you to producing electronic music on your computer, using free, open source software. This class is intended for beginners, whether you are musically trained or not.
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LinkedIn Writing Great Lyrics

Have you always wanted to try your hand at writing song lyrics, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve already written songs but want to take your lyrics up a notch? In this course, Grammy-winning songwriter Cliff Goldmacher shares his tips to writing great lyrics, looking at both the big picture and the nuts and bolts of the songwriting process. He starts with general concepts, covering what exactly makes a good lyric and basic lyrical structures, then moves on to specific tips like setting up your lyric writing section, how to craft a memorable chorus, developing and expanding on verse lyrics, and ways to add thematic depth to your writing. If you’ve got something to say, and you want to say it in song form, join Cliff as he shows you how to paint concise, powerful, word pictures that enable you to genuinely connect with your listeners.
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Groove3 Seventh Heaven Explained

Plug-in wiz Eli Krantzberg presents comprehensive Seventh Heaven video tutorials! If you'd like to take full advantage of the dreamy, spacious reverb and delay effects possible with this Bricasti M7 emulation, this is the course for you. Eli walks you through the basics of both standard and professional versions and then demonstrates several creative uses on various sources! These videos are for new Seventh Heaven users.
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Groove3 Preparing and Working with Movies in Logic Pro

Logic Pro expert Doug Zangar presents a comprehensive series of video tutorials on working with movie files in Logic Pro! If you're interested in film scoring with Logic Pro and all of the useful features it contains, this is the course to watch. Doug walks you through the complete process involved, from file management to getting the most from your virtual instruments and much more. You also get the movie file so you can follow along and create your own score! These videos are for Logic Pro users that are new to using video.
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SkillShare Cinematic Film Music Compositions for Beginners through DAW

This course will help you to create your first orchestral composition using DAW and Virtual Orchestral Library. The following classes are great for those who want to start composing for an orchestra, wether it's for movie (cinematic) or just for the sake of music! We are going to use the modern technology music production software that'll help us make an amazing musical piece of art that will touch people's hearts!
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PUNKADEMIC Orchestration Masterclass, Part 3: Lines and Doublings

This course is certified 5-stars by the International Association of Online Music Educators and Institutions. 100% Answer Rate! Every single question posted to this class is answered within 24 hours by the instructor.
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SkillShare Synthesis 101 Ableton Live

In this course you will learn the principles behind the most common forms of synthesis.­ Most of the content covered is transferable to other synthesizers so you’ll be a synth ninja before you know it!
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Udemy Harmony and Chords 1 for Ableton & Push

Harmony and chords are probably the most complex part of music, even so this course will teach you some simple theory and tricks to get you composing chord progressions straight away.
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SkillShare Synthesis 101 Logic Retro Synth

This course is targeted at beginners and intermediate level students. It covers the fundamentals of audio synthesis.
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Udemy Audio Engineering and Music Production: Beginner to Pro

Hello, I'm Kushal Patil. I am an Audio Engineer, Music Producer and Entrepreneur based in India. As audio engineering is a 'Skill', it has to be accessible to everyone affordably. The main reason behind creating courses on this platform is to make every music producer, filmmaker, Voice-over artist, independent musician and aspiring mix engineer, familiar with the softwares, equipments and techniques used in the audio industry and develop the necessary skills that they need for their work to flourish.
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CreativeLive DaVinci Resolve: How to Use Every Page

CLASS DESCRIPTIONEdit Faster And More Efficiently Using The Pages In DaVinci Resolve 17 AFTER THIS CLASS YOU’LL BE ABLE TO:
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SkillShare Mixing Acoustic Guitar A Clear and Concise Method

Oh the wonderful instrument of acoustic guitar! Though a tricky instrument at times, it’s definitely one of my favorite acoustic instruments to play, record, and mix. We will focus on the latter for this course, the mix. The real challenge when mixing an acoustic guitar is to retain it’s natural sound, while most accurately treating it to fit the context of the mix. And in this course, we will assure that you gain all the skills necessary to do so with ease.
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SkillShare FL Studio Musical Theory for Dance Music Production

Welcome to this course on Musical Theory, specifically geared towards music production using a DAW. I will be taking you through some of the basic examples of musical theory related to dance music production.
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SkillShare Synthesis 202 Logic ES2

The software being used is Logic Pro X’s ES2 Synth, but the underlying concepts are transferable to the majority of other software and hardware synthesizers on the market.
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SkillShare How To Make Professional Tech House Track in Ableton Live

In this two and half-hour course, you will learn how to make professional-sounding Tech House track from start to finish. I will take you through the whole journey from synthesising your very own kick drum that you can tune in any key and retain the best quality possible. You will learn how to create a bass patch from scratch, drum groove, synths, FX, and more.
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