Groove3 KORG Collection Polysix Explained

If you're anxious to start using the KORG Collection Polysix virtual synthesizer in your productions, but all of those knobs, buttons, and switches have you a bit confused or intimidated, this KORG Polysix video course is for you! Softsynth expert Tyler Coffin takes you on an in-depth exploration of this phenomenal plugin, breaking down the controls and parameters in each section and demonstrating sound and function with many audio examples along the way. By the end of this course, you'll be on your way to confidently and quickly recreating classic synth tones and designing patches of your own in no time. These videos are for new KORG Polysix users.
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Udemy Complete Guitar Masterclass 2023 from Beginner to Advanced

Welcome to the COMPLETE GUITAR MASTERCLASS (over 9 hours of lessons in 88 Videos with PDF Attachments). What you'll learn
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Udemy Learn How To Play Drums With John Michael Sesay

From a beginner to an intermediate level What you'll learn
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Udemy Quick Licks For Rock and Blues Guitar Players

Spice Up Your Playing With These Ear Catching Guitar Licks! What you'll learn
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Home Of Sound Masterclass with Scalameriya

Sound synthesis & design Scalameriya, The Serbian born, Italian based DJ, producer and live performer Nikola Grebovic aka Scalameriya hosts this Home of Sound masterclass.
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Cinematic Composing Hollywood Secrets System Masterclass

The Hollywood systems masterclass course is instructed byMarc Jovani, Composer, Cinematic Composing Co-founder. It is a legacy course of cinematic, and the information it contains are absorbed into several of the newer courses.
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Cinematic Composing I'm A Composer

Clearly, there's way, WAY MORE to being a composer than just having a whole bunch of sample libraries and a DAW to trigger them with!  No matter how much you've spent setting up your system, and how cutting edge your sample libraries might be, just having the right 'tools' won't get you very far.
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Udemy Learn Piano From Scratch 01

This is a music/piano course for beginners. If you are new to music world and have 0 experience in music, then this course is for you. In this course you will learn how to read notes, discover about intervals, chords, scales and rhythm. By the end of the lectures, you will be able to sigh-read and play short melodies.
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ProducerGrind AURORA One Shot Collection

AURORA is an Elite One Shot Collection and Producer Training Series Premium instrument one shots, accents, percussion loops, phrases + instrument loops that make creating great vibes easy and fun!
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Cinematic Composing Modern Harmony

What drives us to spend so much of our lives stuck away in our studios? What is it that we're trying so hard to achieve? I believe for most of us the answer is simple. We want to fulfill our need to connect!
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Udemy Mixing Vocal To A 2-Track Beat Instrumental

Are you tired of your vocal tracks sounding flat and unbalanced in your music? Do you want to take your songs to the next level and make them sound professional and polished? If so, this course is for you.
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Udemy The Ultimate Piano Course for Everyone

This Beginner Piano Course has 11 lessons, 14 videos with 2.5 hours, and a 75 page workbook with pictures and charts to follow along. Lesson 1 - Notes - starting off from the very beginning on how to name and quickly find piano notes
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Alexander Publishing Visual Orchestration 1 Spectrotone Course

The Visual Orchestration #1: Spectrotone Course is a short course in orchestration giving you valuable professional scoring information over seven Video Lectures that's rarely, or if ever taught, in orchestration courses.
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Cinematic Composing Mastering Orchestral Music

You know the feeling.  You've spent way too many hours getting a really sweet mix on your new orchestral track and you're pretty happy with the result so you bounce it down and take a break for a while so you can listen to it later with fresh ears.
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Home Of Sound Masterclass with D.Dan

Breaks Sequencing for Optimal Groove + Midi Workflow for Live Sketches Next up in our teacher's virtual booth we have D.Dan, who will show his tips on how to use Ableton to add funk and swing to your tracks, as well as his own way to process breakbeats. Further, he will share some of his midi techniques for sketching live takes and adding human touch to your arrangements.
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